The Talks


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Marco's eyes followed Star as she made another circuit around her bed, lost in thought. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" Marco asked in concern as he sat on a beanbag by the window. He grabbed another handful of cheesy nachos and shoved it into his mouth.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thanks for the offer though," Star replied, a hint of desperation clearly in her voice. While she would have love Marco's help, her current concern was about him and it left her confused on what to do.

Marco's brow furrowed in worry. "I-"

"Knock! Knock!" Angie said as she stood by Star's open door. She had a tray with tall glasses of iced tea. "Are you kids busy?"

"No!" Star said hurriedly as stopped her walk beside Marco.

"Yes," Marco replied.

Both teenagers looked at each other in surprise, not used to being out of sync with each other.

"I thought we were trying to figure out what's bothering you?" Marco whined.

"It's OK, Marco, I'd like to figure this out without Marco PhD's help," Star smiled wanly as she reached out and ruffled Marco's hair. "What can we do for you Mrs. Diaz?"

"I'd like to have a chat with you, Star," Angie said as she entered the tower and placed the tray on Star's bedside table. "Marco, your Dad needs some help in the kitchen," Angie smiled at her son and clearly wanted the boy out of the room.

Marco had a sick feeling in stomach as he quickly realized what was about to happen. With a sigh and a determined expression, he took a glass of iced tea and went to look for his father.

Star noticed Marco's expression. "What's that about?" Star asked as she sipped from her glass

"Star, do you know how babies are made?" Angie asked bluntly after she was sure that Marco was out of earshot.

Star nearly choked on her iced tea. "Mrs. Diaz! That's not something you talk about in polite company!" she cried out in mortification.

"So your mother didn't talk about it with you?"

"Not really, it's something I kind of understand. I often overhear the maids talking. And I've been planning on raising warnicorns so I've watched them being bred and helped in the foaling. I guess the, um, principles are the same," Star said with a bit of a blush.

"Well, then that will make this go easier," Angie said with a parental smile.


Marco found Rafael standing nervously in the kitchen. "Hello, Marco, mijo."

"Mom said you wanted to talk?" Marco said as he put down his glass of iced tea and took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Ah, yes," Rafael nervously. He bent over to pick up several painted canvasses.

Marco groaned and raised his hands to stop his father. "Dad, stop please. You don't need to. You signed my permission slip to go to Sex Ed class at the start of High School."

Rafael gave a sigh of relief. "That's good! I didn't really feel comfortable discussing this."

Marco smiled. He also didn't feel like having the talk with his dad. "Want some frozen yogurt?"

"Yes, please," Rafael cheerily replied. "Oh, and you should keep this."

Marco looked aghast at the box of condoms his father placed on the table. "I don't think I'm going to need that."

"Hey, better to have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Oh, and this is in no way explicit or implicit approval for you to behave promiscuously," Rafael said severely, albeit in a tone that hinted he had practiced the line several times.

"Er, thanks, I guess." Marco quickly snatched up the box and made it disappear into his pocket.

"Do you want to keep the paintings?" Rafael asked as he displayed one canvass.

Marco blanched. While being very explicit and not leaving anything to the imagination on the mechanics of sexual intercourse, it was tastefully rendered. He just had a bit of issue with the female figure having a passing resemblance to Star and the male figure… "I don't think Mom, will let me keep them," Marco replied as he tried to hide his blush by being busy looking for the Banagic Wand.

Rafael shrugged his shoulders and put down the canvas while waiting for his serving of frozen yogurt.


Marco looked up from the magazine he was reading when Star entered the kitchen with a dazed look. "How'd it go?" he asked off hand as he closed the magazine. Rafael had already gone to his workshop.

"Earth sex is weird," Star said as she sat down at the kitchen table. "There's a lot of rules and preparation and it's not just to make babies."

"Do you want some Banagic?" Marco asked sympathetically.

"Yes, please," Star groaned as she lay her face down on the tabletop. "At least I now understand what Hope meant when she said she ships Ferguson and Alfonso."

Marco made a choking sound at the reference to his friends.

"Whoops!" Star lifted her head from the table. "That's supposed to be a secret, Marco! You're not allowed to tell them!"

"I won't!" Marco exclaimed defensively as he placed a banana into the Banagic Wand. Star rested her chin on her hand as she watched Marco extrude the white substance from the long, curved object. Her cheeks slowly flushed as she realized that the spurting action was similar to what Angie had been discussing with her just a few minutes ago. Star fidgeted in her seat and accidentally kicked over some canvasses that had been propped against the table leg.

"What's this?" she asked Marco as she picked up one of the canvas. Cowgirl, her mind immediately labeled as Angie had been quite descriptive about the common sexual positions. She looked at the naked female figure that had a look of ecstasy upon its face. A face that was kind of familiar. Her eyes were unconsciously being drawn to where the two figures were connected. She quickly committed the scene to memory. Star picked up another canvas. Missionary. She tore her eyes away from the decidedly explicit painting and saw that Marco standing beside her, a bowl of frozen yogurt held in his hands and obviously avoiding looking at her. With shaking hands, Star reached for another canvas-

"Star, may I have those paintings?" Angie asked sweetly as she stood by Star's chair.

"Oh, sure, Mrs. Diaz," Star said in embarrassment as she handed over the stack of paintings. Angie grabbed the paintings and went off to look for her husband so that they can have a little talk.

"Here you go," Marco said as he handed Star the bowl of froyo. Both teenagers flinched and quickly pulled back their hands as their fingers touched. The bowl dropped but Star quickly grabbed it from the air with just a bit splashing onto her fingers. Star absently licked the white goo from her fingers and noticed that Marco was looking at her. She gave him a sultry look, their eyes met as she continued licking the yogurt until her finger was clean. And then the moment passed and she could feel her face burning with embarrassment at her brazenness. Marco cleared his throat that was suddenly as dry as a desert, "Well, that was interesting isn't it? I'm not sure whether my Dad is a gifted artist or a creepy one."

"Both, I guess?" Star said as she spooned some froyo into her mouth, the chill doing much to alleviate the heat in her body. "Though, my breasts aren't that big." Star was a bit horrified, not sure what made her blurt out that comment.

"I think he had to age up the look a bit, because of some laws about depicting…" Marco sweated a bit, not sure why he was continuing the conversation. "Any way, I don't think you'll have to worry about that. I'll like you anyway." Marco made a full stop. It was a foot-in-mouth moment.

"Aw, that's sweet, Marco," Star said a bit uncomfortably.

"I think I need a cold shower now," Marco confessed as he wiped the cold sweat from his brow.

"Me too," Star admitted and stopped at Marco's horrified expression. "I mean, later, not at the same time with you!"

Both laughed at the same time, breaking the awkwardness between them.

Star watched as Marco went up the stairs and caught him glancing back at her. She smiled and ate her frozen yogurt. In the distance, the buzz of the wood-chipper could be heard.