Bernadette had another argument with Howard, as he begged her to take him back. She told him she'd think about it.

As she sat at the bar a familiar face spotted her.



"What are you doing here?" He asks.

"Just having a drink."



"Mind if I join?"

"I'd prefer if you did."

Bernadette tells him about Howard.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't be unloading on you."

"It's fine. What to get out of here?"



As they make their way to his apartment.

"Glenn. I just want to tell you, what happens is just for this night."

"Sure. Besides it looks like you need a good night. If you catch my drift."

Oh I do.

As Bernadette and Glenn are kissing.

"What to take it to the bedroom?"

"I'd like that." She says.

She strips out of her clothes revealing her large breasts in black bra and wide hips in black panties.

"I forgot how beautiful you were."

She goes to her knees and pulls him out.

Holy shit.

"Looks like I forgot how big you were."

His dick was big, but in her tiny hand it looks bigger.

She wraps her lips around it and starts sucking.

God I forgot how good she was at this.

Mmm. He's so big, I forgot how much. I missed this.

After several minutes he shoots his large load down her throat.

She strips out of her underwear.

He goes down on her.

"Oh Glenn." He was so good at eating me.

As she clenches the sheets as his tongue goes over her womanhood over and over again.

"Glenn. Ahhhhh!" As she cries out.

He slides in slowly.

Oh fuck. He's bigger than I feel. Hope he doesn't stretch me so much.

He starts thrusting as her moans become louder and louder.

"Oh god Glenn. Fuck. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Ahh! Yes!" As her orgasm hits.

Oh shit he's not done.

"Fuck me Glenn. Fuck me with that huge black dick of yours."

"Fuck my white pussy with your black dick."

"Give me your black sperm inside me."

Before long he cums inside her.

As she lays there exhausted she hasn't felt like sex in so long. Too bad this is just for tonight.

"Want to go another Bernie?"

"I think I must another." She jokes climbing on top of him.