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"..." Talking

'...' Thoughts

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["..."] Talking through the Sacred Gear

['...'] Talking in the Host mind

[...] Sacred Gear Actions and modes

{..} Sacred Gear Mentions

"Does Buchou like me?" Issei thought to himself, hoping dearly that she is.

"N-No! There is no way! She's my master! I'm her servant! Her servant devil! I'm Rias Gremory's [Pawn]!" He thought after he came to terms that he is just a [Pawn] in her peerage and nothing more.

"B-But. But! I-If Buchou does indeed like me, then….?" Issei started to ponder.

"I like Buchou. Also as a master, but more than that as a single girl! During these six months, I have seen many sides of Buchou." Issei thought while he started to reminisce about his time as a Devil in Rias peerage, remembering the many sides of the crimson-haired girl.

"Her magnificent side, her noble side, her glamorous side, her gentle side, her angry side, the part where she has big breast, her cute side, the part where she has a smooth skin, her spoiled side, and the part where she is like my Onee-sama yet she acts as the same age as me, and then I started see her as a normal girl and for me, she is the ideal woman. I want to go out with her. I want to go past the master-servant relationship, and date her as a man and woman! If I can wish for it, I want to be with her even in the future!"Issei said with determination, a small smile evident on his face.

"But is it true that she likes me? If that's true then I would be in joy where my body would shake with happiness. Instead, I am the one who wants to confess this feeling I have which is increasing day by day" Issei asked as his determination started to be replaced by doubt.

"I'm in love with her! I love her! I always loved her! I just love Buchou and I want to confess to her...But, what would I do if I'm wrong? The relationship we currently have will end and I don't want that!" Issei wondered, hoping that he wasn't wrong.

"When I think like that, the one which passes my mind is…..her." Issei said while conflicting with himself if he should confess to the Gremory Heiress who he loves dearly or not.

Fearing his confession might end their relationship.

Many feelings were flooding him at the moment. Panic, Happiness, Hope, Anxiety and Dread.

Issei started to have weird sweat coming from his face. his hands were shaking as well. At the same time, the hot feeling he had until just now started to cool down.

"No, like I thought, my relation with Buchou is just a fantasy. If I ask for even more the relation we have right now will definitely end"

Issei said sadly to himself after he came to the somber realization that it might just be a fantasy.

"Then what is that attitude of Buchou… Damn it, the heart of a maiden sure is complicated…" Issei muttered to himself before he heard the door open and saw Akeno coming inside wearing her miko.

"Ufufu.. Maybe it does seem like that from a man's perspective" Akeno said after giggling.

Akeno approached Issei with her usual smiley face with Koneko in tow.

"Akeno-san! And Koneko-chan! You were listening to me?" Issei asked frantically as panic started to fill him.

"All of it." Akeno deadpanned while continuing to smile her usual smile.

'They heard all of it!' Issei thought in bewilderment as he saw Koneko lifting her thumbs up in confirmation.

Realizing he was heard Issei sat down on the tatami with his shoulders down.

"I really haven't thought about Buchou's feelings that much huh" Issei asked sadly.

Akeno sat next to him before she spoke

"Yes, that is true. You also haven't taken concerns about me, Asia-chan, Xenovia-chan, and Koneko-chan who is right here as well" Akeno said which took Issei by surprise.

Koneko also sat near him.


Issei was silent and instead started to think for a while.

'Seriously? I really didn't take any concerns for the girls…? I'm always lecherous and always imagining about women's naked bodies, and I always dreamed about perverted things. But the truth is, I really didn't think about the girls…? That may be true. I really didn't try to understand the heart of a maiden' Issei thought to himself in astonishment, he never knew that he did not take concern about the girls.

'If I think like that, not just Buchou, but I also haven't thought about the other girls in the group…' Issei came to a conclusion after examining the situation carefully.

"Though, we possibly didn't try to understand Ise-san as well."

A sudden voice that Issei instantly recognized was heard and when Issei looked up, Asia who apparently came in without him realizing it was standing there. Asia approached him and sat down next to him.

"About me?" Issei asked perplexed as to what the timid [Bishop] meant.

"Yes, that's right. That's why we thought about it. Rias is important but more than that we have to heal Ise-kun first." Akeno said.

Healing me? Issei asked in confusion.

Akeno did not respond and instead just started to take off Issei's clothing much to Issei surprise.

Ho-Hold on a sec, Akeno-san! What are you trying to do by making me naked!?" Issei asked in shock.

"Ufufu, I will suck your dragon power right here." Akeno said in a sultry voice before she started to remove her clothing as well.

"Here!?" Issei asked in astonishment.

"I will also do the healing with the senjutsu along with it. Please lift me." Koneko asked Issei shyly while blushing furiously.

'Koneko-chan hugs me from the front! She turns into cat-ears mode inside my arms and she started releasing her senjutsu!' Issei thought in amazement.

'Aaaah, it feels like I am receiving a warm 'ki' from Koneko-chan's small breasts...And also the two soft breasts I can feel from my back is making me more...!'



'I slipped a sound from my mouth! I can't help it! That's because Akeno-san is sucking on my neck! And that's by moving her tongue giving me sensual pleasure! That's by sucking and licking! You are willing to suck my dragon's power like that!? Thank you very much! To the front is a Nekomata! To the rear is the Onee-sama! Amazing things are happening in a sandwich situatioooooon!' Issei thought, filled with excitement and lust while thanking every God in existence.

"I-I'm also joining!" Asia suddenly said before she started to take off her clothes and grabbed Issei's hand and placed it on her still growing breasts

'This is the power of healing. It's an amazing situation. I have my dragon powers sucked by Akeno-san, I receive the 'ki' from Koneko-chan's senjutsu which makes the blood within my body better, and my body gets warm with Asia's healing aura!' Issei thought in awe.

He was in a state where he couldn't take it anymore before he heard Akeno sadly mutter something to him that made him freeze.

"When Ise-kun looks at us, sometimes you look at us with frightened eyes. I didn't understand why at the beginning, but I finally understood why."

'Frightened eyes?!… I see, so I have been making such eyes without me noticing it' Issei thought in shock at first before he realized that he probably did make such eyes without him noticing.

Koneko lifted her head up from Issei's chest and looked at him with teary eyes.

"Probably, only those who know about that incident can notice it." She said which made Issei to instantly freeze.

"That incident" Issei mutter silently with sorrow in his voice.

Yeah, I realised it right away. ….So Akeno-san and Koneko-chan also…noticed it…?

The ones who know in detail about that incident are the group members that were already within this group when I joined.

"Inside Ise-san's heart…deep inside your heart…, does Raynare-sama still haunt you?"


When Asia asks him very timidly, a beautiful girl with black wings comes back to his mind. At the same time, her words come back to the brunette.

[Will you die for me?]

His first girlfriend, Yuuma-chan. No, the fallen-angel Raynare.

In that instant, he started to get nasty sweat coming out from his face.

He got a flashback of Raynare's vision and words.

[I don't want a filthy low-class Devil like you talking to me]

'At times, I wonder if it's okay for me to talk to everyone here who is a bishoujo' Issei wondered.

[Ahahaha! Yeah, you are right! It was a very royal date! Thanks to it, I was very bored!]

'When I go shopping with Buchou and the others, I start to wonder if they are actually bored by being with me'

[I don't want a rotten brat like you calling my name!]

'I also want to call Buchou by her name...' Issei thought to himself.

[Ise-kun! Please save me! This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much! That's why let's defeat this Devil together!]

'My first girlfriend begged for her life to me...and the woman I love killed that woman' Issei thought sadly as he remembered the events that took place on that same night.

'Back then, it was proper for Raynare to be killed. She did such horrible things to Asia, and she even killed her once. That's why I think it was a proper measure for Buchou to finish her off' Issei thought in anger as he remembered the horrible things that Raynare did to Asia.

'But, why is it?' Issei thought, his anger leaving him as he started to doubt the reason his first girlfriend had to die that night.

"These tears...which are dropping from my cheeks" Issei then muttered while wiping his tears away.

"She was my first girlfriend...And when I was confessed to by her, I was really happy." Issei said.

"When I dated her, I really did my best. I did so much planning for my first date. I even thought deeply about my future with her. I even imagined about Christmas and Valentines Day like an idiot, and I was fantasizing all by myself."

Issei blurted out everything he kept hidden inside of him, giving the girls a look into his broken heart.

"Even if I tried to make it as a story in which you can laugh at, I really couldn't laugh about it deep within my heart" Issei said in sadly.

"But, she was actually my enemy! And she killed me! She looked at me with cold eyes after I became a devil! And I found out she was acting the whole time... and even I was fine with that, she was really evil! She killed Asia, and I fought her! I snapped! I hit a girl for the first time, and that happens to be my first girlfriend! After that, she begged for her life to me, but she was killed by Buchou" Issei said frantically, recalling the events from that night from his perspective.

Raynare perishment. The black feathers which belonged to his first girlfriend spread within the Church. That scene is burned into his memories, and his brain freezes every time he remembers it.

"Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan….I'm scared. I'm actually scared of getting along with girls... Because it makes me think that the same thing will happen again! The girls in our group are being kind to me, but if I tried to take another step and try to get along with everyone, it makes me think everyone will reject me and laugh at me! I know that everyone isn't bad inside my head! All of you are good people! But, I still can't! The more I tried to understand everyone, the more it makes me stop!" Issei confessed to the girls in shame.

Issei hid his face in his hands, thinking he couldn't show such a pathetic face to everyone.

'I can't show this face of mine who is still dragging the past on my back...Even so, I told them my true feelings' Issei thought in shame.

"I don't want to taste...the same thing again..." Issei muttered loud enough for the girls to hear.

'I really am a pathetic guy' Issei realized, ashamed of himself

"I don't have the courage to get along with girls" Issei said, telling the girls the truth despite him claiming that he will become a Harem-King in front of the girls he get along with.

'It's a situation where it can't be helped if they start to hate me or lose interest in me...' Issei thought, seeing no other option than those two.

He suddenly felt someone gripping his hand gently, lifting up his head he saw it was Asia who gripped it.

"I-like Ise-san very much." She said with a smile.


Issei got shocked at Asia's words.

"I want to stay with you forever. There is no way I will talk ill about you. I respect you. I admire you. You are the man I can depend on the most. I think deeply from my heart that I want to stay with you even in the future." Asia continued.

Asia's smile and words reached deep into the brunette heart...

"There is no way Rias-oneesama will hate Ise-san. I know that Ise-san likes Rias-oneesama. Ise-san is someone who can fight much harder than anyone for Rias-oneesama, and not only me but everyone knows that. Of course, Onee-sama should understand this too"

'Asia has been paying attention to me very closely. I thought I was the one protecting Asia, instead, she was the one protecting me...She made sure I can feel safe' Issei thought after hearing what the [Bishop] said to him.

"That's why, please have courage. It will definitely be okay if it's Ise-san. If it's Ise-san who has been able to work hard until now, then you will be able to break through the wall inside your heart." Asia said still with her innocent smile.

Having Asia say that made Issei cry before he suddenly felt someone hugging him, upon looking he saw it was Akeno who hugged him from behind.

"I also like Ise-kun very much as well" Akeno confessed as well while putting her face on his shoulder.

Koneko also says it while putting both her hands on his face.

"Me too. I like you very much. I think it is okay for you to forget about that fallen angel." The petite Senjutsu user said.

"She's right, if it's the same fallen-angel then I will be able to make Ise-kun happy. That's why please have more confidence. If you don't take another step with Rias, then I can't" Akeno said before stopping.

"I also" Asia said as well.

Asia also realized something as she shook her head.

"Yes, that's right. Everyone wants to get along with Ise-san even more."

'All of you are too kind...It's melting away...Asia, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan's words are melting something tangled inside me slowly' Issei thought after feeling a warm sensation in his body.

'Why is it? My heart feels warm...The words I just received from these three filled the hole inside me' He wondered.

"Asia...Akeno-san...Koneko-chan...I...I...!" Issei started to say. struggling to complete his sentence.

'It feels like I can get rid of Raynare's curse if it's now...The thing which has been grasping me feels like I can get rid of it now' Issei thought as happiness started to fill him.

"Onee-sama, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia-san, Irina-san, Rossweisse-san, Kiba-san, Gasper-kun, and I all love Ise-san. Can you not believe what I, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan are saying…?" Asia asked.

'Thank you, Asia. You really were watching over me. I really am a lucky guy. A kind girl like her promised me that she will stay with me forever...That alone would be enough for me to get rid of Raynare! Why couldn't I realize that till now' Issei thought, grateful for the young [Bishop] that managed to mend his broken heart.

Issei wiped his tears away and became emotionally stable.

"Yeah. Thank you. If everyone says that, then that must be true. Asia, I will promise you once again. We will always be together. Let's stay together even ten-thousand years later as well, Asia. I also like Asia as well." Issei said with a smile after regaining his composure.

"-! Y-Yes! We will always be together! I also like Ise-san very much!" Asia said while shedding so many tears.

"Ara, I'm also going to stay with Ise-kun forever."

Akeno said while pressing her breasts on his back, showing her face to Issei.

"I also will stay with Senpai forever" Koneko said much to Issei's joy.

"Alright everyone! I will go to tell Buchou how I feel then" Issei said with a smile on his face as he came to a decision.

"Goodluck Issei! You can do this" Everyone rooted for him while smiling at him.

Issei was on his way towards the ORC clubroom in order to finally confess his feelings for Rias after the girls helped him to get over his fears.

'I am so lucky that they helped me like that' Issei thought to himself, grateful that the girls helped him heal.

['I agree partner, they really helped you get over your biggest fear'] Ddraig suddenly spoke within his mind.

'Yeah...I just hope Buchou will reciprocate my feelings' Issei said while hoping with every fiber of his being that the girl he loved, the Switch Princess, will return his feelings.

['I don't see why she wouldn't, you heard what the girls said'] Ddraig said in an attempt to reassure Issei.

'You're right' Issei said in confidence before he increasing his pace toward the ORC, wanting to tell Buchou how he feels as soon as possible.

Issei stood right outside the ORC Clubroom, trying to calm down before he will face his biggest fear, confessing his feelings to Rias.

['Relax Partner. Everything will be fine, I am right here with you'] Ddraig said in his mind in an attempt to calm the nervous Issei down.

'Thanks Ddraig but still this makes me really nervous' Issei said as he tried to regain his composure before he entered the room.

['Just take a deep breath and get in there!'] Ddraig commanded his partner so he wouldn't chicken out all of the sudden.

'Ok Ok I am going' Issei said after he took a deep breath before he will go inside the room.

When Issei went inside the room he was met with a sight that made him pale and his heart to shatter.

There stood Rias, the one he loved dearly, kissing another guy who seemed to be a Devil.

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