Chapter 1

"Excuuuuse me Sir!" Judy zooms up to a monkey in a bearberry suit and briefcase who had just thrown a used Kleenex over his shoulders.

"I'm afraid there's no littering in the park." She points to a sign that has a picture of a cat with a bottle on the ground and an x drawn over it.

Nick watches as the monkey and Judy argues. He grins as Judy tries to explain that she had left her uniform at home and that today was her day off.

"Well I've never seen a bunny cop!" The monkey crosses and then uncrosses his arms; looks to the side and then snaps his head back angrily at Judy.

"Sir!" Judy folds her paws together and thumps her bottom left foot like a drum.

"I have been on the Zootopia Police Department for a year and gave out over 73,000 parking tickets. Trust me…A LOT of animals have seen me as a cop!"

"It's true," Nick comes up behind Judy, "They weren't always happy to see her…but they definitely saw her."

Judy turns and throws Nick an annoyed look to which he winks in return.

"Urghh….What is it with this day…?" The Monkey looks up and turns his long shriveled fingers towards the sky. Then he bends to pick up the Kleenex.

"Thank you Sir!" Judy's face breaks into a grin, "for making Zootopia a better and CLEANER place for all of us!"

The monkey mutters under his breath and throws away the Kleenex. He stalks off with his long skinny legs trailing the ground.

"Alright!" Judy leaps into the air and does a paw pump. She then turns with her paws placed on her hips and glances up smugly at Nick.

"See? I told you other animals would eventually respect my natural born authority. Well what do you know? An upper class Monkey taking orders from lil 'ol me."

Nick looks at Judy in amazement and scratches his neck,

"I don't know what to say, maybe we should take this new found confidence and stake out at all the public bathrooms in the city! Maybe in a year you'll have caught 73,000 animals who have littered toilet paper!"

Judy 's smile drops as she puffs up her cheeks and squints her violet eyes up at Nick. Nick smiles his signature lazy smile back at her with eyes half closed.

"Hmm…" Judy mimics her partner's expression and cups her chin with a paw.

" Maybe if I hang around your apartment every night after you get the Super Spicy coco tofu Curry from Red Panda town I wouldn't even have to wait 6 months."

Nick pushes his eyebrows together and drops his jaws a little in annoyance.

"D' you forget why I went to Red Panda Town in the first place Carrot? If a certain rabbit didn't insist on going to that Sailor Bunny exhibition, I would've never set foot in the place..."

A flush of pink spread across Judy's cheeks as she reaches up and scratches her ear. She gives a little cough and swiftly turns to look at the setting sun behind her. Zootopia was being covered in a soft blanket of gold and pink. Judy felt a wave of peace and satisfaction wash over her from head to toe.

"Alright! Another awesome day! High-five partner!" Judy raises a paw at Nick and waits for his paw. Nick shakes his head but smiles; then pushes his paw against her paw gently.

END Chapter 1