Chapter Six (What the hell happened last night?)

Doctor's Office

"So just remember you can always call us if you need a medication refill or something of the like. But in the odd case that I'm away and you experience psychosis. Then you must check into the hospital right away."

"What is psychosis?" Judy asked her psychiatrist.

"It's a delusional state where animals feel paranoid and hear voices, they think they are being attacked or hear and see Jesus or the devil. It usually happens after a long period without sleep if you have bipolar or schizophrenia. "

Judy nods slowly as if she understood. However she was still confused. The idea seemed so ludicrous to her. She shook the thoughts from her mind as she gathered her things to meet Fanny, her aunt. She was coming to visit Judy for the day.

GDO with Fanny Hopps

"Hi Judy!" Fanny greeted her warmly as she stepped off the metro at downtown Zootopia.

"Hi Fanny!" Judy reached over and took her suitcase from her. "Here! Let me help you with that."

"Wow…"Fanny did a 360 scan around and sighs in amazement, "it never fails to amaze me how huge and glamorous Zootopia is as a city."

They decided to take a rest at a nearby coffee shop.

"You used to come to school here right Fanny? I think my parents said it was Med School?"

"Yup!" Fanny smiled shyly, "It was a grand adventure for me. I never thought I would travel to the big city one day. You know exactly what I mean when I say it's a world of difference from Bunnyburrow."

"Why didn't you stay?"Judy asked, "It's such a fun city."

Fanny shook her head with a frown, "You know how shy I am Judy…to tell you the truth, I used to hate group work projects in Med School; Whenever there was any sort of meeting I would escape to the woods behind the school as soon as it was over. This place is for extraverts and animals with big personalities…like you Judy."

"Oooh." Judy didn't know what to say.

"Did I tell you I started dating someone lately? His name is Jeff; he's in the carrot farming business."

"That's exciting!" Judy quickly nods enthusiastically. "Where did you two meet?"

"Our parents knew each other and introduced us at a family bowling night. My parents really like him; he's a nice rabbit at the right age with the appropriate job."

"Do you like him?" Judy asked.

Fanny shrugs and then looks out the window, "I'll probably marry him though…my parents think I should have bunnies sooner than later."

Judy doesn't know what to say, it seemed absurd to her to marry someone she didn't care very much about. Thank goodness her parents never bugged her about this matter.

The waiter appeared with their drinks and set them down on their table. A blueberry smoothie for Judy and an iced cappuccino for Fanny.

"Oh!" Fanny called after the waiter as he turned to leave, "Can you please add whipped cream to my drink please? I'll pay extra."

"Sure!" The waiter answered warmly, "It's on the house!" Fanny was a very attractive female rabbit with pink ears and big round eyes.

"Hehe." Fanny chuckled to herself at a fleeting memory from long ago. "Judy do you know any males who love sweets?"

"Sweets?" Judy smiled in return. She thought of Nick and his passion of blueberries. "I'm not sure if the person I'm thinking about counts…he likes blueberries."

"Blueberries?" Fanny grins, "Those are delicious. Although the person I'm remembering didn't like fruits too much. Their favorite drink topping was whipped cream with salted caramel haha! I warned him he would get diabetes but he never listened to me…oh thank you!" Fanny nodded to the waiter who returned with her drink.

"Who was this? A friend?" Judy asked curiously, she had never seen Fanny talk about anyone with such enthusiasm before.

"Too sweet…" Fanny made a face after a sip and then winked at Judy, "he was more like my student!"

Shocking Realization

"So where's Nick?" Asked Fanny suddenly.

"Oh he's at work. There have been lots of preys missing lately so the force is working extra hard on it."

Judy explained.

"Hey do you mind asking him if he thinks I'm cute?" Fanny cuts in.

A strange painful feeling hit Judy's heart.

"I think I like him…."

"R-really?" Judy squeaked out.

Fanny bursts out laughing at Judy's face. "I'm just teasing. My bias is for silver foxes."

"Wolves?" Judy didn't think someone as sweet as Fanny would go for someone as …wild.

" particular I have a thing for silver haired foxes." Fanny winks at Judy.


"So thanks for today!" Fanny hugged Judy before getting on the subway back to Bunnyburrow. "Good luck with Nick!"

"What do you mean?" Another strange feeling hit Judy's heart as she tries to smile awkwardly.

"Well…you guys are crazy about each other right?"

Judy turns speechless. Her mind turned blank.

"Listen," Fanny puts a paw on Judy's shoulder. "Don't lie to yourself and make excuses. And don't care what anybody else says. If you like him, who cares if he's a fox or a rabbit. "

"But I…" Judy starts to speak.

Fanny cuts her off again. "Or else you'll end up married to some rabbit you don't even care about and living your life for everybody else's sake. "

The subway starts to sounds its signal and Fanny quickly hops on. As though in a dream, Judy watches it pull away from the station.

What does she mean? Judy wonders, and why does my heart feel so many intense emotions right now?

Judy didn't sleep well for the past couple of nights so her walk was a little wobbly. She swayed back and fourth like a drunk animal as she headed down the street. Just as an antelope almost bumped into her, her left feet wrapped around her right side and pulled her to safety.

Huh? Judy blinks and stared at her left hand. It moved on its own and protected her…it was like it had a mind of its own. Judy looked at her left hand and waited…nothing happened. She shrugged and chalked it up to her tired mind.

As she walked home at the growing night, the streetlamps started to turn on one by one. She starts to think of Nick…and then tries to push him out of her thoughts as much as possible.

Nick is my best friend. "Yes…he is the best friend anyone can ask for…he's kind, patient and supportive and I totally want to date him…what?! NONONONO!"

Judy pounds her forehead and pulls down her ears. "This is crazy talk Judy…just go home and get a good night's sleep." She climbs up the stairs, unlocks her door and falls on her bed.

However, sleep does not come for Judy. Every night for the past week she has grown more and more afraid of going to sleep. As soon as she closes her eyes she feels the pressure of having to fall asleep…which makes her even less tired.

Also…she hears a weird scratching on her wall, at first she thought it was just her neighbors…but it feels more and more like a deliberate action.

You're being watched. A thought pops into her mind and sends her body in to panic mode. Her nose twitches and pupils dilate. She bolted out of her bed and flings open her door. To her amazement she sees her landlord sweeping up the stairs.

"Mrs. Ants?" Judy asked her landlord, who glanced in her direction before continuing what she was doing.

"Mrs. Ants? Why are you sweeping so late in the night?" Judy asked in a wavering voice.

"The stupid zebra couple on the third floor…" Mrs. Ants sighed and beckoned above her, "They always go running in the Sahara Square and then bring a whole buncha sand back with them. I'm just doing a little cleaning before I head to bed…"

She's lying. She is going to do you harm. A voice spoke to Judy firmly. She's going to drug you and sell your organs….

A tremendous fear grasped Judy, and without even thinking about it she reached out and punched Mrs. Ants in the eye.

"Omg I'm so sorry!" Judy gasped and put her feet to cover her mouth. "Mrs. Ants are you ok?!"

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You're crazy lady!" Mrs. Ants shouted from the bottom of the stairs. She was flung on her back and was balanced on her back shell(Mrs. Ants was an armadillo).

"Omg…Omg…Omg…Omg….." Judy muttered to herself as she found a stair step to sit on. (Mrs. Ants was still swinging on her back and shaking her little fists up at the ceiling).

When you start hearing voices, go to the hospital and admit yourself. Her doctor's voice floated into her head, you don't want to stay too long like this without proper help. You could seriously hurt somebody like this.

"Ok Judy…it's time to go to the Mental Ward." Judy slapped herself across the cheeks lightly and then ruffled her ears. She walked down the stairs, pulled Mrs. Ants up, apologized and then went out to catch a taxi to go to the hospital.

End chapter six