A/N: My version of 'Blink' without Martha Jones.

Martha Jones was still adjusting to the fact he had deserted her back in 1913, leaving her for the matron of a boy's military academy to fend for herself yet at the end, he'd known what he'd done and had tried several times over to make amends but it had proved one thing - he didn't feel the same way about her as she did him.

Maybe it was time for a break, to decide if she still wanted to be his travelling companion and nothing else but she supposed it was all her own fault really, he'd made it plain the night of Leo's 21st birthday party that had turned into a disaster but after the day she'd had, it was hardly surprising but she'd got a shock when he'd been there. Of course, she'd had to open her big mouth and hint he'd been chasing her and tried to laugh it off by saying she only went for humans but in the last few days, she'd crammed in so much and now he was giving her a choice.

"So Martha, do you want a break to catch up with things? I know things got escalated somewhat and I can never thank you enough for looking after me while I was human."

"Comes with the job," Martha tried to smile, as if being a decoy with some monster chasing you wasn't enough, well that and the fact when her sister had got that job at Lazarus Laboratories he'd been about to dump her back home anyway and it was only the day after she'd left, talk about weird.

"Well, I think it was a bit beyond the job description. Tell you what, you have the day off, have lunch with your mother and talk about normal things and I'll be outside your flat in the morning, sleep in your own bed tonight?"

Martha thought about it, her mother would want an explanation as to what happened at the party and the lavish event they'd attended, as well as who he actually was.

"No, I'll give lunch with my mother a miss but I have a few errands to run, pay the rent to start with before I get kicked out."

"Right, here we are then," he said merrily, dancing around the centre console and putting on the handbrake. "I've not landed in your flat this time, sorry but it's quiet enough around here. See you in the morning then?"

"Yeah, what are you going to get up to while I'm gone?" Martha laughed, imagining all sorts of trouble he could get up to in 24 hours.

"Oh, you know me, always parts of the Tardis to repair and all that steam on that spaceship didn't do her any good. I think he liked you."

Martha blushed, thinking of Riley Vashtee whom she'd been trapped in an escape pod with, at least he'd shown some interest in her but she couldn't have stayed on that spaceship any more than the Doctor could have stayed as a teacher in 1913.

She said goodbye and he watched her walk to her front door then released the handbrake and drifted above the earth to take stock. He'd had a few narrow escapes recently but he knew that was nothing out of the ordinary for him. Martha had shocked him though, he'd been horrible to her back in 1913 and yet she had still defended him from 'The Family' and offered to explain to Joan Redfern what had happened.

He twisted a few dials and checked the monitor, picking up a signal from police in London that over a period of time, people had been going missing from a deserted house, leaving cars outside and never been heard of again. The Doctor smiled to himself – it was the perfect way to pass the time waiting for Martha to get over him rejecting her again but he had given her fair warning when he first invited her to travel with him.

He went off to get changed into his brown suit that had been neatly cleaned and pressed by the ship and put on his long coat then went back to de-materialise in front of the old house known as 'Wester Drumlins' and seeing on the monitor the chained gates but no cars anywhere, the police must have towed them away somewhere but a young woman had recently gone missing while exploring with her friend.

He exited the Tardis, which he'd parked out of sight and walked to the back door, admiring the garden statues that looked almost new. He had no reason to think why they should appear as such, maybe they were easily cleaned by the rain. He got his sonic screwdriver out and unlocked the back door and stepped inside, unaware one of the garden statues had moved.

He got no clues as to how several people had never come out, he assumed the police had done their investigations but since he had nothing else to do and he was here, what harm was there in conducting his own? He went up the grand staircase and peered out at the overgrown front garden and thought he heard something moving downstairs and just as he looked away, one of the statues had moved again when he looked back.

Thinking he'd been overdoing things a bit, he continued to look around in the bedrooms in what Rose would have called a 'creepy old house'.

"She would have just loved this," he said out loud. "This is what kept her going. Why did it have to be her that got taken away?"

He'd only been thinking about her when they had been in Manhattan, the Daleks had survived, well one of them had and was out there, somewhere and no doubt would turn up sooner or later, probably not alone. He'd even drawn several sketches of her in the journal he'd left behind in 1913, she had been in his thoughts even when he was unaware of who he was, that was how deeply he cared for her and all he'd offered her was a hologram of himself to say goodbye, not even being able to tell her he loved her back.

He shook off the thought and went back downstairs to the entrance hall, hearing noises again. Perhaps he should have also taken the day off? The noise was coming from one of the reception rooms to the left so holding his sonic screwdriver again, he went off in that direction though why he always thought his sonic was like some kind of weapon, he didn't know and it used to make Rose laugh.

He recalled how she used to tease him about it.

"Doctor," she used to smile at him as they'd explored somewhere. "What are you going to do with that? Assemble a cabinet?"

"You can mock all you want Rose Tyler," he had said back to her. "Just remember it's saved us a few times."

Then wherever they had been, they would loop arms and carry on, him slightly out in front of a still grinning Rose Tyler. He missed her, his two hearts were still heavy from her being literally snatched away from him as he'd hung on from the back-draught of the void but she was safe. That was his only consolation and he didn't want to dwell on it or the fact he'd been delayed in trying to find a way back to her but it had only been a few days since he'd allowed Martha Jones a few trips and she'd taken it as something else when all he wanted was to get Rose back, somehow.

He was so wrapped up in remembering he should get back to working on a way to go find her, he had no idea another of the garden statues had crept inside the house as he entered a room with wallpaper hanging from the walls and some sort of message was underneath, which he put his glasses on to read. He pulled at the pieces of wallpaper, revealing a green painted wall behind and several words under each other so he moved to the next piece, which peeled quite easily away and once he'd removed the third strip of wallpaper, he stared at the words.

'Beware the weeping angels,

whatever you do, don't blink,

signed Sally Sparrow.

PS, duck, duck now!'

He heard a rustling noise behind him and saw a shadow on the wall then took the graffiti artist's advice, just in time for a ball of clay to crash into the wall.

"Where the hell did that come from?" he wondered out loud, putting his glasses away into his pocket and also wondering who this Sally Sparrow was and if she'd been the last person there and remembering that the two women must have been there recently, one of whom had gone missing.

How had one got away and have time to write a warning, that was now covered up but maybe she had meant it to look like the wallpaper hadn't been disturbed?

Whoever it was had lost her friend and didn't want anyone else to go missing but how were they going missing? More importantly, where had that lump of clay, now splattered all over the wall come from? Pocketing his sonic screwdriver, he turned as he heard noises and the doorbell rang.

"Funny," he thought, "Who'd be actually ringing the doorbell of an empty house? Those annoying canvassers can't have anything else do."

He thought he'd do what everyone else did in such cases, pretend he wasn't there, Jackie Tyler used to do that when he called for her daughter, getting her told off by an annoyed Rose, who had opened the door and let him in but she'd kiss his cheek and say sorry. He often used to hope her mother would keep him waiting more often.

Now, there were no kisses on the cheek when he was kept waiting, only Martha Jones, wanting to make more of him allowing her to travel with him and he had to put a stop to it and get on with his mission, that of getting Rose back. He'd been able to tell that when he'd mentioned Rose a few times that Martha had a jealous streak, despite her protests she wasn't interested in him in that way but she was a human female.

He waited a few minutes until whoever it had been had got tired of waiting and ventured to the doorway. If whoever that person had been was being persistent and trying the back door, he could pretend he didn't live there and was thinking of buying it but at the rate people were going missing, they would probably be giving the place away.

He considered it safe to move around and continue his search for any clues the police may have missed and turned to face a door that he presumed led to the cellar. Perhaps they hadn't actually been down there but did he want to go if there was anything gruesome down there?

He let out a 'Brr' at the thought, this is what he lived for, the unknown and mysterious, Rose would be teasing him again at his hesitation and would have already dared him to go down and of course, to prove he wanted to go, he would be halfway down the steps with Rose above asking if he was scared yet. Then she would have crept down the steps and jumped on his back and shouted 'Gotcha' in his ear and he'd have spun her around and they'd both have laughed.

He hesitated for a few seconds, he'd never have hesitated with Rose by his side, she was his friend, no, she was more than a friend, she was the closest thing he'd had to a family. He'd told that to the runaway bride at Christmas, who had quite rightly turned down the offer to go with him when he'd wiped out an entire species, even though they would have devoured every living creature on the entire planet had he let them live.

He was getting dangerous, he knew it, going back to his old ways before he'd met Rose, the most brilliant and wonderful woman he'd ever met in his entire 900 and something years and when Martha came back tomorrow, he was going to tell her he wanted to be on his own for a while, before someone else got hurt or taken away against their will.

As he got his sonic screwdriver out of his inside jacket pocket, he felt uneasy, like something was behind him but he turned and of course, he was alone. He went back to what he was doing and if he'd been thinking straight instead of thinking about Rose, he would have already realised why the garden statues were so familiar. Then he stopped as the door knob gave a 'click' and suddenly realised what he'd seen outside.

He slapped his hand against his head.

"You idiot, those are the weeping angels, not just garden statues, that's where everyone has gone, back to a point in time before they were born. How could I not have realised?" he asked himself, wondering if he should go down to the cellar or just go back before they tried to get into the Tardis or were they already trying?

He had another uneasy feeling he was being watched, this time knowing he wasn't imagining it and he shouldn't have ignored it last time. The best thing he could do was sonic both doors shut and hope anyone else wasn't stupid enough to smash the windows. He sealed the cellar door again and hoped he could dodge any of the statues if they'd got inside, which he suspected that had been the noises he had heard but he'd been so engrossed thinking about his best friend, he'd ignored all the signs.

He was just pocketing his sonic screwdriver again when he felt a draught behind him and the dreaded feeling something was about to lay its hand on his shoulder and this time, it wasn't going to be Rose playing games with him by creeping up behind him. He was just about to take the advice written on the wall again and duck but he was too late as he felt a slight touch then everything went black before he had the chance to turn around.