Big Brother O.C - Season 1; Episode 2


The intro opens; a postcard appears that says "Expect the unexpected."

Scene switches, presenting the houseguests.

Pierre points to the screen with a pen, Nalia putting her hands on her hips and does a peace sign.

Shauvon in the "come at me" pose, Reed doing a salsa dance.

Chris without a shirt on doing a dance, Louisa wipping her hair out.

Alexa doing a little dance in her bikini, Oliver drinking a cup of coffee.

Denis crosses his arms and smiles, Julia throwing a kiss.

Janey waving her arm while smiling, Michael taking off his bike helmet and puts it between his arms.

Justin with a walkie-talkie on his hand, Jennie looking at the camera, showing off her dress while smiling.

Linda putting her hat on, Aaron adjusting his shirt while looking at the camera.

Mason rubbing his hands, Alexis throws a kiss and wiggles her hips.

And here end's the presentation, the ending showing the "Big Brother" logo.

"Welcome everybody to Biiiiig Brother!" Jouseph said while smiling at the camera inside the house.

"A bit ago, we just introduced our eighteen new houseguests to the house, they all met each other and got along, except for two certain people. The HoH competition went on and the winner resulted to be Janey. Janey had no idea who to nominate in five minutes but she quickly catched up on who to nominate. Alexis and Lou we're put up for nomination.
Now, let's tune in to the houseguests." Jouseph said, and then the camera zoomed into the monitor.

[Day 1]

The houseguests walked around Julia entered a bedroom room along with Justin and Aaron.

"Oh my god." Julia sat down on the bed.

"I can finally rest. Dear god." Aaron ran and jumped into the bed and layed there.

"You seem comfortable already." Justin chuckled.

"Who wants to see my HoH room?" Janey asked Shauvon and Alexa.

Shauvon and Alexa we're the only ones on the second floor, they both said "Sure." and went into Janey's HoH room.

"Wow. This is couture." Shauvon saw Janey's room with balloons everywhere and pictures of her relatives.

"Hmm." Alexa picked up a picture of Janey with her mother.

"That's ma mom and me." Janey said.

"I can see that." Alexa said.

"So how do you feel being the first HoH?" Shauvon asked Janey and sat down on a seat.

"It feels good, but I feel like. I'm unsure of my nominations. What if they're after me now?" Janey said.

"Nah they won't be." Alexa said.

"How can you be so sure?" Janey said.

"I can go around asking people who they want out more. But. At least you went along with what I wanted." Alexa said.

"I know this is quick to ask but. Do you both want to like. Work...together?" Janey asked them.

"Sure." Shauvon gladly accepted it.

"Sure we can." Alexa smiled.

[Diary Room]

"I know working with Janey will guarantee me safety for the week." Alexa said.

[Diary Room]

"First alliance of the summer?! Heck yes!" Shauvon said.

"What should we call ourselves?" Shauvon asked the two of them.

"How about the Three Musketeers?" Janey suggested.

"What about... Trio of Power?" Alexa suggested.

"I like that one better." Janey said.

"Same. So Trio of Power it is?" Shauvon put her hand in the bed.

"Trio of Power!" The other two said putting their hands on the bed as well and raising it up.

"Let's keep this low-key for now. Can't let anybody know we work together." Janey said.

"That's true." Shauvon said.

Lou was playing chess by herself on the second floor, she was all alone up until Linda accompanied her.

"Why ya alone honey baby gurl? Mwah. Mwah" Linda greeted her with a hug and sat down on the table with her.

"Just thinking about my fate this week." Lou said.

"You sure you just don't have any company in this house?" Linda asked her.

"I'm fine." Lou said.

"Look gurl. I genuinely don't want you leaving this week." Linda said.

Lou only raised an eyebrow wondering if she was genuine.

"I mean it. I remember seeing your pageants gurl, they're so good and you slay them all." Linda said.

"Do you really...think so?" Lou made sure if she was being serious.

"Of course!" Linda hugged her again.

"Thank you so much." Lou smiled.

"If you want we could work together, I can win the veto and pull you off hun." Linda offered her.

"Yeah that'll be fine actually. I don't have any friends and you're my first." Lou chuckled.

[Diary Room]

"I genuinely like Lou as a friend! That gurl looks like she can get drunk and high in five minutes, I need me some crazy gurls in my life." Linda said.

[Diary Room]

"At least someone can be likeable in this house." Lou said.

"So we Divas then?" Lou suggested her final two name with Linda.

"Our final two name?" Linda said.

"Yup." Lou said.

"I like it." Linda said.

"Yay!" Lou said.

Justin, Aaron, Julia, Denis, Michael and Oliver we're in one of the bedrooms discussing game. Julia was pretending to sleep in in one of the beds with her eyes closed. Even when the guys we're whispering she could hear them.

"So are we sure this is going to work out?" Michael asked Justin.

"An all-guys alliance?" Oliver was intriguied.

"Yeah. I want us guys to have an all-guys alliance. You know." Justin said.

"I'm down for it." Aaron said.

"Same here." Denis said.

"I'm in." Michael said.

"How about just us five? What about the rest of the other guys? What if they don't want to?" Oliver said.

"That's right. I've been seeing Mason and Chris spend a lot of time with Nalia in the backyard since we got here." Aaron said.

[Diary Room]

"What was I thinking? An all-guys alliance would be terrible. It's true only one person is going to walk out of here with that cash." Justin facepalmed.

"Reed and Pierre could join us. But where could they be?" Michael asked about them.

"I'm unsure." Aaron said.

"Should we just form ourselves for now? We have good numbers." Denis said.

"Yup. Can we have a name?" Justin asked them.

Suddenly Julia was pretending to wake up. The guys noticed her movements and stopped talking.

"Oh hey guys. I-I fell asleep in here..." Julia awkwardly giggled.

"Yeah you did." Oliver said.

"Oh sorry. I'll get going now..." Julia got up and went out of the door, she headed over to Alexis and Jennie who was in the kitchen.

[Diary Room]

"I have some information lying in my hands. I should. Keep this for myself for a while. Maybe if one of those two, (Lou, Alexis) take themselves off the block, I can throw one of the guys down the bus." Julia snickered.

[Diary Room]

"Julia is being weird...she was just sleeping and snoring a few minutes ago..." Michael said.

"As we were...saying...what should our names be?" Justin said.

"We should be...Fifth Harmony." Oliver suggested.

"That's so good. Oh my god." Michael said.

"Love it." Denis said.

"I hope no one else took our alliance name haha." Aaron said.

"I doubt it." Oliver said.

Chris, Nalia and Mason were in the backyard, Nalia in a bikini and Mason and Chris being shirtless, Chris and Mason we're swimming and playing in the pool and Nalia was staring at them from the ground, laying down while tanning. Pierre and Reed we're at the couches discussing topics together.

"Hey, stop that!" Mason chuckled as Chris was throwing water to his face.

"No, you!" Chris was laughing along with Mason.

"Why don't you join us Nalia?" Mason smiled at her.

"But, my make-up would get ruined." Nalia laughed.

"Come on, it won't be so bad." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm tempted to go in. Just to get more closer to Chris but, my make-up...It's such a hard decision in life..." Nalia said.

"Fine. I'm jumping in!" Nalia got up and jumped into the pool.

"Oh god, the pool is turning into cream." Mason was freaked out.

"I WARNED YOU!" Nalia screamed seeing her make-up fall.

"Haha it looks cool." Chris said.

"You're weird..." Nalia chuckled.

"Not really!" Chris splashed water on Nalia.

"Hey stop it!" Nalia did the same back to him.

Jennie, Alexis and Julia we're at the kitchen making food.

"Hey Julia what's up, just woke up?" Alexis asked her.

"I wasn't actually napping. But. I do have some golden information with me." Julia said.

"What is it?" Jennie asked her.

"Basically. Justin wants to make an all-guys alliance. But he wants to exclude some guys from it." Julia told them everything.

"Really?!" Jennie was shocked.

"Hmm, who are in that alliance?" Alexis was chopping down some lettuce with a knife.

"Justin. Denis. Michael. Aaron. Oliver." The camera pans to each one of them.

[Diary Room]

"This is good information to keep. If Lou wins the veto and stays for another week, I can sabotage someone else's game..." Alexis said.

"What about Pierre, Reed, Mason and Chris?" Jennie asked her.

"They're excluding them. So they're practicably trustable for now..." Julia said.

"Are you gonna tell Janey about that?" Jennie asked her again.

"I think It's better to tell her If one of the two nominees take themselves off the block... Including myself." Alexis suggested.

"That's true..." Julia said.

"How about we just, keep it to ourselves until this next competition." Alexis said.

"The secret one?" Julia said.

"Yup. If one of us, or any of the other four guys win it. We tell them about Justin's alliance." Alexis said.

"Good idea." Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"An all guys alliance? Really? That's so boring. Might as well start an all female alliance..." Jennie said in a sarcastic tone.

After a few hours...

"Hey everybody! It's time to see the have-nots for this week and time for the competition!" Janey said getting out of the DR room.

The houseguests heard Janey and went downstairs and sat down on the living room couch and a few of them sitting on the floor.

"Oh god...I swear to god I'm a have not..." Shauvon was worried.

"Don't worry hun. It's probably me." Alexa said.

"Alright everybody. As informed from Big Brother, the have-nots for this week are going to be the people who scored the least on the first challenge, These people are..." Janey was reading the envelope on her hand.

"Michael." "Linda." "Aaron." "Reed. "Shauvon." "Mason." The camera panned to their reactions.

[Diary Room]

"Are you kidding me?" Michael said.

[Diary Room]

"Oh my god. This is horrible..." Reed facepalmed himself.

[Diary Room]

"THANK YOU LORD!" Oliver cheered for not being a have not himself.

[Diary Room]

"Aw man, I wanted to not be a have-not this week. But I saw it coming." Shauvon said.

"As you know, have-nots are forced to eat solely "Big Brother slop" and food selection chosen by producers, take cold showers and sleep in the bumper car room. Big Brother will inform the have-nots slop food after the Secret comp." Janey said.

[Diary Room]

"God damn it. This have not slop betta have some beer!" Linda said .

"The secret comp will be inside the room next to the DR one! One by one everyone will enter the room and will be doing the secret comp assigned on the wall, everyone will be doing the same comp as everyone else, as you know, once you win the comp you will be given the rights to nominate one person that is NOT the HoH this week, but you aren't one hundred percent immune. You can choose not to reveal yourself you're the winner. But if you do, try to be careful! The comp begins now. As current HoH I am going first." Janey said as she closed the envelope and headed to that room.

"Oh my god...It begins." Aaron whispered to Justin.

"I hope I can win this." Justin whispered to Aaron.

Julia noticed their shady moves and kept staring at them.

Secret Competition #1 - Darts

"In this comp you're going to throw 3 darts on the wall, the dartboard having the numbers 1-30 in them, you have to land on the highest numbers in order to win." Janey read the letter taped on the wall.

[Diary Room]

"They weren't kidding when they said Secret comps will be minigame based." Janey was shocked.

Janey grabbed the darts, she threw a dart every five seconds in between, a dart lading in 24, another dart landing in 2,
and another dart landing in 28.

"That two doesn't look pretty..." Janey facepalmed seeing she already screwed up.

[Diary Room]

"I'm hoping Lou or Alexis does NOT win this comp." Janey said.

Janey took off the darts and put them back where they were, she left the room and the scene switched to Aaron entering.

Aaron threw the darts, each landing in 20, 30 and 5.

"Oh man..." Aaron saw the mix of numbers he had hit.

[Diary Room]

"This ain't winning me shit. But. Christ I'm hoping my alliance pulls this off." Aaron said.

Aaron left the room, following up Denis who was next.

Denis threw his darts, landing each in perfect 20's.

[Diary Room]

"60. The max points to earn is 90. I am HOPING to god this score doesn't get beat." Denis said

Denis left the room, Lou was up next.

Lou threw her darts, one landing in 3, another in 4 and the last one is 10.

"I'm bad at darts, come on!" Lou complained about her score.

[Diary Room]

"I am one of the worst competitors in this house, fuck." Lou said.

Lou left the room, Nalia was up next.

Nalia grabbed her darts, she threw them and one of them landed in 30, but the others did not land on the dartboard.

"Embarassing..." Nalia said.

Nalia left the room shrugging off her dissapointed face, Jennie was up next.

Jennie threw her darts, two of them landing in 22 but the other one landing in 16.

"Aw yeah!" Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm confident about this." Jennie said.

Jennie left the room, Oliver entering next.

Oliver threw his darts, one dart landing in 28, one landing in 10, another landing in 12.

"That's...meh. I'm over it." Oliver said as he picked up the darts.

Oliver left the room, Justin entering next.

Justin threw his darts, two of them landing in 30 and the other one landing in 8.

[Diary Room]

"Crap! I almost got another perfect..." Justin said.

Justin left the room, Linda entering next.

Linda grabbed her darts, she threw them all but none of them actually landed in the dartboard.

[Diary Room]

"..." Linda was speechless.

"GOSH DANG IT, FUCKKKKK." Linda screamed but quickly calmed down.

Linda left the room with an angry face and Michael noticed her and grabbed his darts.

Michael threw his darts, each one landing in perfect 15's.

[Diary Room]

"Man. Could of done better." Michael said.

Michael left the room, Shauvon entering next.

Shauvon grabbed her darts, she landed two darts in the 30's and the other dart landing in 29.

[Diary Room]

"I feel like I'm gonna win this. Oh my god." Shauvon smiled in joy.

Shauvon hid her joy face and pretending she did awful. Alexa entered after her.

Alexa grabbed her darts, she landed her darts all in 29.

[Diary Room]

"Big money, Big money. Come on come on..." Alexa said.

Alexa left the room saying "yes!" in a low-key voice. Alexis noticed her expression but shrugged it off.

Alexis grabbed her darts and threw them, one landing in 12, another landing in 25, and the other one landing in 20.

[Diary Room]

"Hopefully I win this and nominate one of the guys. Even if my goal this week is to get rid of Lou. That has GOT to wait for a while. I can't raise a bigger target on myself than hers." Alexis said.

Alexis left the room, Reed entering next.

Reed grabbed the darts, he managed to strike perfect 1's on this comp.

[Diary Room]

"Of course. Of course. If this was about the lowest numbers possible, I'd be a winner." Reed groaned.

Reed left the room after his turn, Pierre entered next.

Pierre grabbed his darts and one of them landed in 29, another one in 8, and the last one in 26.

"Well. Well...could of been worse. Whatever." Pierre said proceeding to take the darts off the board and putting them back in place.

Pierre left the room, Julia entering next.

Julia grabbed her darts, she managed to get a perfect 30 but one of her darts landed in 20 and 10.

[Diary Room]

"50 points? That isn't going to be enough..." Julia said.

Julia left the room, Mason entering next.

Mason grabbed his darts, one of his darts landing in 20, the other one in 28, and the last one in 13.

Mason was happy on his overall score.

[Diary Room]

"I could of gotten higher than that 13, but my score looks good." Mason said.

Mason left the room, he fist bumped Chris who was the last person remaining to do the comp.

Chris grabbed his darts, he focused his vision for a few seconds, Chris succesfully managed to land his three darts in the bullseye.

[Diary Room]

"That was perfect. Who knows If I won or not..." Chris said.

Chris left the room, being the last one to compete. He sat down in the living room along the rest of the houseguests.

After a few minutes, the houseguests we're called into the backyard, the houseguests headed over there and saw black briefcases scattered around.

[Diary Room]

"What are we...spies? Funny." Alexa noticed the pointless briefcases on the ground.

"Each briefcase is labelled with everyone's name. Once you've succesfully found your briefcase, you are free to open it and it will determine if you are a Winner or a Loser inside in this competition, you can choose to either conceal it, or not reveal at all. Good luck everyone!" Janey read the card given to her by the producers.

Reed and Pierre we're opening their briefcases, only for both of their cases to reveal a big "Loser on it." They both closed the briefcase.

[Diary Room]

"A big loser. That's hurtful." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"I lost. What a shame." Reed said.

Janey, Justin and Michael opened their briefcases, they we're all labeled with Loser.

[Diary Room]

"Damn it! I thought I had this. Kinda." Justin said.

Denis, Alexis and Julia opened their briefcases, they all had loser on it.

The camera pans to Mason, Linda and Oliver opening their briefcases, they all had loser on it as well.

[Diary Room]

"Imagine If I won...the power of nominate someone...I'm getting this one day!" Oliver said.

[Diary Room]

"Shoooocking." Linda said.

Lou, Aaron and Nalia opened their briefcases, also labelled with loser on it.

[Diary Room]

"I'm hoping to god Alexis lost this. He doesn't need to target two people." Lou said.

Jennie and Alexa both opened their briefcases, they got loser as well.

[Diary Room]

"That's fine." Alexa said.

Shauvon opened her briefcase, the camera was in suspense for a bit, until it was revealed she was a loser.

[Diary Room]

"SOMEONE BEAT ME?! Someone actually got all" Shauvon said.

Chris was the last one seen to open his briefcase. As soon as he opened it he saw green letters labelled "Winner" on it.

Chris pretended he lost and closed his briefcase, he did not realize Julia was looking from far away and saw Chris was the Secret winner. Mason also noticed Julia's suspicious movements, pretending to not look at people's briefcases.

[Diary Room]

"BEAT THAT? HA! I knew I was going to win this, I wasn't worried and I was not shocked I'd be a winner." Chris said.

Everyone put the briefcases inside the Secret Room and resumed their day in the house.

Janey, Shauvon and Alexa we're in Janey's HoH room. The three of them we're in bed discussing gametalk.

"So did any of you win this?" Janey asked the two of them.

"I almost...won..." Shauvon was dissapointed.

"Really?!" Janey said.

"I scored an 89. I truly thought I'd win." Shauvon said.

"Aw, don't worry hun. Maybe next time." Alexa hugged her, even thought she hated being nice towards people.

"I still have no idea about the veto, what if Lou or Alexis pull themselves off and win HoH next week and get me evicted?" Janey was wondering about next weeks plans.

"We shoudn't think about that yet. Hopefully you pick one of us to play. I woudn't use the veto If I won." Alexa said.

"Me neither. Whatever Alexa votes I'd vote too." Shauvon said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot HoH can't vote unless It's a tie." Janey said.

Jennie, Alexis and Julia we're inside one of the bedrooms.

"I know who won." Julia said.

"Who did?" Alexis asked her.

"Chris did. I saw his briefcase pretty clearly. He didn't notice I was staring at his direction." Julia said.

"Oh thank god Lou didn't win." Alexis said.

"But who is he going to nominate?" Jennie asked her.

"I have to...oh, right...If I tell him alone who to nominate, He'd grow suspicious of me." Julia said.

"We should all go together actually. We tell him that there's an all-guys alliance gunning for him." Alexis said.

"That's pretty smart." Jennie said.

"So. Are we an alliance or something now? We should have a name." Julia said.

"The Princesses." Alexis suggested.

"That's a good final three name." Julia said.

"I'm gonna bring you two to this final three so hard...!" Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"That's two less votes going against me. Woot." Alexis said.

"So let's try to find them and discuss the nominations plans with them." Julia said.

"Yeah. Right behind you two." Jennie said.

Nalia, Chris and Mason we're inside the storage room, celebrating Chris' win and dancing.

"I'm so happy for you Chris!" Nalia hugged him

"The three of us are so good. Have we not decided an alliance name yet?" Chris said.

"We can call ourselves something cliche." Mason said.

"Something cliche huh..." Chris said.

"Tri-force. Wisdom, Courage and Power!" Nalia suggested that alliance name.

[Diary Room]

"That's good enough, right?" Nalia said.

"Who's wisdom?" Mason said.

"I can be." Nalia said.

"I'm power obviously." Chris said.

"So I'm courage..." Mason said.

"Good enough." Chris said.

Eventually Jennie, Alexis and Julia walked into the storage room and saw Chris, Nalia and Mason inside. The three of them stopped talking as soon as they got in.

"Hey guys..." Alexis said.

"What's up?" Nalia asked them.

"Nothing much, but we we're told Chris was the Secret winner due to a secret alliance out there in the house." Julia said.

Chris gasped and Nalia raised one of her eyebrows. Mason knew they we're bullshitting already but went along with the flow.

"Who told you I won...?" Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"This makes me question If I can trust Nalia and Mason. But at the same time...I just told them I won...nobody could have known I had won unless..." Chris said.

"...Justin." Julia said.

" can I be so sure it was him...?" Chris said.

"If you didn't know. Justin has been trying to make an all-guys alliance." Alexis said.

"An all-guys alliance?" Mason asked her.

"They have already made an all-guys alliance, but without You, Mason, Reed and Pierre." The camera showed each of their faces while Alexis discussed this.

"Are you serious?!" Chris said.

"Keep it down! Yes..." Julia said.

"Why would they make an all-guys alliance and not tell us..." Chris said.

"I was pretending to sleep in one of the bedrooms, they all got inside the bedroom I was pretending to sleep in and I heard Justin making an alliance with. Oliver. Denis. Aaron and Michael. Justin also said he saw you winning the competition. So I thought we should tell you about it. Justin mentioned he wanted to take you down next week for winning the comp, But again, I'm not telling you to nominate him, but whatever is best for your game." Julia said.

"Hmmm..." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"They're probably being legit. I kinda trust them." Chris said.

"EWWW!" Michael screamed from outside.

"Whoa what was that?!" Nalia heard the screams coming from the kitchen.

"Let's...check out what's happening but. Remember, Justin is gonna try to use his alliance to take you guys down. So If I we're you, I'd consider talking game now." Jennie said leaving the room with Alexis and Julia.

"That was so suspicious...don't you think Julia is a little...?" Mason said.

"Nah, I feel like they are legit. We could work with them if you guys want." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"Chris...ugh. I know he has the power to nominate someone, but It's his power." Mason said.

"It's a little early for that..." Nalia said.

"Plus, you have the power to nominate someone in this house." Mason said.

"Hmmm. I'll go with my gut." Chris said.

"Chris. Please come to the Diary Room." The Producers called him out.

"Well that's my cue." Chris said as he left the room, heading to the Diary Room to pick his nomination.

Michael, Aaron, Linda, Reed, Shauvon we're at the kitchen, seeing the Big Brother slop this week being "Sugar Pastry." Alexa, Janey, Justin, Denis, Oliver, Pierre we're accompanying their friends.

"Are you kidding me? This is disgusting!" Michael was about to throw up.

"Do you not like candy?!" Reed asked him.

[Diary Room]

"I can't eat candy. It makes me want to throw up." Michael said.

"This is going to get us diabetes." Linda said.

"I can make a good meal out of this." Shauvon giggled.

"You guys are lucky..." Oliver said.

"You guys have better food in the fridge!" Michael said.

"That's true..." Janey said.

"I wish I was a have not this week." Justin said.

Chris walked over and glared at Justin until he got into the Diary Room.

[Diary Room]

"I'm considering targetting Justin this week, I really am." Chris said.

"Swap with me!" Michael begged him.

"No can do." Justin said.

"Unhealthy, gonna give y'all cavities but, oh well." Denis said.

"Ah, I'm gonna eat a bit of this." Aaron grabbed a giant plate of doritos.

"Hey! Give me some!" Oliver wanted a bit.

"No mine!" Aaron was running away from Oliver who was starving for some chips.

"Oliver, there's freaking chips in da cabinets!" Linda opened them and told him about it.

"Oh right..." Oliver chuckled.

"Janey, please report to the Diary Room." The producers called her out, Chris was getting out of the room.

"Oh...What do they want now?" Janey headed over to the Diary Room.

"I'll be heading off now." Reed was going with Pierre inside one of the bedrooms.

"Jeez. Those two are closer than brothers." Linda said.

"I wonder what got them so close..." Shauvon said.

A few Hours before the Secret Competition...

"Did you really write a book about puppies...?" Reed was intrigued in Pierre's books and skills. They we're both in the backyard sitting down in the hammocks.

"Yup. I like to write books about animals." Pierre said.

"Wow. That's so good. I'm a veteninarian and I like to care of animals." Reed said.

"I love animals so much! You're so lucky...but I'm allergic to certain animals." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"I feel like I found my long lost brother." Pierre said

"Ah...I feel ya. I'm blessed to not be allergic to any." Reed said.

"What's your most favorite animal? Mines is dog." Pierre said.

"SAME!" Reed smiled.

"That's great! Man. I really enjoy talking to you." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm starting to become besties with this man." Reed said.

After Secret Competition...

Alexis, Jennie and Julia encountered Lou on the bathroom, Alexis making her hair there, Julia on the bathroom and Jennie taking a shower.

"Hey boos." Lou said sitting on the bathrooms seats, waiting for Jennie to finish showering.

[Diary Room]

"Hurricane Category Annoying Ass has arrived." Alexis said.

"Shut up." Alexis was sick of hearing her.

"I was just saying hey." Lou snickered.

"Shut up. I mean it." Alexis was threatning her.

"Aw are you mad you suck at beauty? Your hair looks awful." Lou said.

"Lou. I swear to god." Alexis was near to hitting her with something until Jennie told them both to stop fighting.

"Aw, you're so mad. It's funny." Lou chuckled.

"Shut up Lou, just leave Alexis alone, she hasn't done anything." Jennie said.

"She told me to shut up!" Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"Is Jennie really defending this hoe?" Lou said.

"Who cares. Just let her be. She's not in the mood." Jennie said.

"You Alexis' bitch or something?" Lou said.

"No. But you should really shut up. Nobody cares about what you have to say." Jennie said.

"Hey hey. Stop fighting you three." Julia got out of the bathroom.

[Diary Room]

"No wonders Alexis doesn't like Lou..." Jennie said.

"I'm done." Jennie cleaned herself up and put on her clothes. She went out of the bathroom and inside one of the bedrooms.

"So am I." Alexis said finishing her hair, heading out with Jennie.

"Wow. Those two are in theeeeir periods." Lou chuckled.

Aaron, Denis, Oliver, Justin and Michael we're inside one of the bedroom's as well.

"I'm still surprised none of us won." Michael said.

"So am I..." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm dissapointed I lost. None of my buds won either, But there's nothing we can do about that now." Denis said.

"I felt like I was close to be honest." Denis said.

"Who do you think won?" Oliver said.

"No idea." Aaron said.

"Ugh, I just hope none of us get's picked." Denis said.

"Yeah I hope so as well." Michael said.

"If one of us wins next week...who should we go for?" Aaron was wondering.

"We should go after...Alexis or Lou again. But...Janey wont be immune next week. We should get her as well." Oliver suggested.

" Janey. How about someone like...Chris?" Justin said.

"True. We should be the last guys standing." Michael said.

"Not bad, not bad." Denis said.

"We should think this through this and next week, If we pull it off this week." Justin said.

"We should try dragging Pierre and Reed with us. For more power." Oliver said.

"Hmm...that would make us seven." Justin said.

"Enough votes to get rid of someone." Denis said.

After a few hours have passed...

"Hey everybody! It's time for the secret nomination ceremony." Janey said as she called everyone who was sitting on the backyard seats.

Everyone got inside and sat down on the couches, some sitting on the floor. Alexis and Lou we're in their nomination seats.

"As you all know, one of us was the Secret winner and we get to nominate someone this week for eviction. As you can see on the screen, everyone up there is not safe. One of you will get nominated by the winner this week for eviction. So now,
shall we see who's the third nominee?" Janey said as she was looking at the screen along with the houseguests.

Everyone but Janey's picture we're going in circles, music was in suspense everyones pictures still going in circles, until a few seconds...Justin's picture was highlighted.

Justin noticed he got nominated for eviction, he got up and sat down on the nominations seat along with Lou and Alexis.

"Justin. You have been anonymously nominated for eviction along with Alexis and Lou. Now, this secret nomination over." Janey said.

Everyone got up from the couch and began hugging each other, everything turning into slow-motion and the camera zooming into certain people.

[Diary Room]

"Safe. Again. Thank you god." Oliver said.

[Diary Room]

"Still on the block, but I'm going to win and rub that veto on Alexis' face." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"I got nominated out of everyone else?! Come on! Now I have to definitely win this veto." Justin was a bit nervous now.

[Diary Room]

"One of my closest allies are up for eviction. I'm going to find out who did this and I'm going to hunt them down." Michael said.

[Diary Room]

"I hope picking Justin for nomination is good for my game. I'm going to trust Julia for now." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"Veto, here I come baby!" Alexis said.

The camera zooms in and out on houseguests still hugging and talking about this week in slow-motion, the credits start to roll.

Episode 2, END. *18 REMAIN*

Week 1 HoH; Janey

Week 1 Secret Winner; Chris

Nominees; Lou, Alexis & Justin