Big Brother O.C - Season 1; Episode 4


The intro opens; a postcard appears that says "Expect the unexpected."

Scene switches, presenting the houseguests.

Pierre points to the screen with a pen, Nalia putting her hands on her hips and does a peace sign.

Shauvon in the "come at me" pose, Reed doing a salsa dance.

Chris without a shirt on doing a dance, Louisa wipping her hair out.

Alexa doing a little dance in her bikini, Oliver drinking a cup of coffee.

Denis crosses his arms and smiles, Julia throwing a kiss.

Janey waving her arm while smiling, Michael taking off his bike helmet and puts it between his arms.

Justin with a walkie-talkie on his hand, Jennie looking at the camera, showing off her dress while smiling.

Linda putting her hat on, Aaron adjusting his shirt while looking at the camera.

Mason rubbing his hands, Alexis throws a kiss and wiggles her hips.

And here end's the presentation, the ending showing the "Big Brother" logo.

"Welcome everybody to Biiiiig Brother!" Jouseph said while smiling at the camera outside the house.

"A bit ago, we just introduced our eighteen new houseguests to the house, they all met each other and got along, except for two certain people. The HoH competition went on and the winner resulted to be Janey. Janey had no idea who to nominate in five minutes but she quickly catched up on who to nominate. Alexis and Lou we're put up for nomination. After that a twist was revealed, It was called the Secret Comp, a comp If you win you get to choose a third nominee. Chris resulted in being the winner. Justin was put into nomination. The veto competition took place, six houseguests battling for the veto,
Alexis turning up for the win. Alexis took herself off, Aaron taking her place in the nominations. Today, Either Lou, Aaron or Justin will be going out the door. But do not worry, there is still one more twist to come tonight!" Jouseph said as clips of the houseguests showed.

"But first, before we begin our live eviction. There has been lots of sauce going on, Julia exposing an alliance, majority of the house aligning together, there's lots of dirt going on, in the Big Brother house." The camera quickly zoomed after the veto ceremony. A new scene appeared.

[Day 5]

Janey, Alexa, Shauvon and Julia we're together in the HoH room.

"Man. It sucks in two days I won't no longer be HoH." Janey said.

[Diary Room]

"It's like. When you're HoH. You have all the power in this house to cause AT least one person's game to end. And next week, you don't get that priviledge again. It kinda sucks." Janey said.

"Yeah. It's sad you have to pack up your things now." Shauvon said, noticing Janey was packing up her clothing.

"Hm. I really hope any of you win HoH." Janey said.

"I hope so as well." Julia said.

"Isn't it weird nobody has bothered to come up here except us?" Alexa said.

"Nah, everyone seems to be busy enjoying this week knowing they're safe. It's gonna be like that for a while." Janey said.

"Yeah. It would be weird. If I was HoH you guys would probably only be here." Shauvon said.

"Maybe a few others would join to try to protect themselves off the block, but as long as it isn't any of the boys." Alexa said.

"True true, the boys are so fishy..." Shauvon said.

"This is why you don't trust them." Julia giggled.

"Yeah. Kinda glad you told us about their alliance." Janey said.

"But if It's only five guys, what about the other four?" Alexa said.

"Don't know. But all I know Justin is the leader of the pack, Aaron and Michael are pretty close to him, Oliver and Denis are just there." Julia said.

"Hm. I see." Alexa said.

Denis, Oliver, Justin, Aaron and Michael we're inside a bedroom discussing their fates this week.

"Well. One of you are going home this week..." Oliver said.

"HOW can you BE so sure?!" Justin said.

"I've been going on and on with other people, been trying to see if they're wanting Lou out. Not many people do apparently." Oliver said.

"Damn it...One of you fuckers are a RAT." Justin bursted out.

"Eh?" Oliver said.

"One of you in here ain't loyal- I can't. Only Aaron is the real loyal guy in here." Justin yelled out.

"OH? So we don't MEAN SHIT?" Michael felt offended.

[Diary Room]

"Is Justin...does he really not trust us?" Michael said.

"You PROBABLY have an alliance with someone else!" Justin said.

"No..." Michael was being honest.

"Oliver?!" Justin asked him.

"Not at all." Oliver said.

"Denis-" Justin tried to accuse him.

"Don't even start. None of us are rats. It's probably just. Someone. Probably has been stalking us." Denis said.

[Diary Room]

"Kid is losing his mind because he's nominated." Denis said.

Oliver suddenly remembered Julia was here before, but Oliver decided to keep that information to himself.

[Diary Room]

"I can throw Julia under the bus. But that ain't good for my game just yet." Oliver said.

"Sorry for going off, but two of us have a 66.6% chance of probably leaving." Justin said.

"Eh, I woudn't worry. Lou was the target Day 1" Oliver said.

"But you just said-" Aaron said.

"Look. I'll try my best to get you two safe alright? I'll try." Oliver said.

"T-Thank you..." Justin and Aaron said.

[Diary Room]

"I shoudn't of went crazy on them. Man. What am I thinking?" Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"Justin needs to calm down if he does NOT want to leave this week." Aaron was feeling worried about his mental health already.

Mason, Chris, Nalia, Jennie, Pierre and Reed we're at the living room. They we're sitting there waiting for Alexis to come out of the Diary Room.

After a few minutes. Alexis came out of the Diary Room. She stood in front of the living room.

"So as you all know, I've invited you six to come into a barbecue party with me, This barbecue is a class five-star rating. The barbecue party will contain drinks, food, chips, dessert, many many things more! Now who are the people that I've invited?" Alexis was reading the letter she was given.

"Jennie. Pierre. Reed. Nalia. Chris and Mason. You've all been invited to my party!" Alexis said and they all cheered.

The backyard opened up and everything lit up.

[Diary Room]

"Four days of constant hell and I finally get a day to RELAX." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"It's so nice for Alexis to invite us all for a party." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"Out of the seventeen people to pick, Guess us two we're the last choices left probably. But I'm grateful." Reed said.

"Who's ready to party!" Alexis ran into the backyard along with the rest of the invited houseguests. The backyard then locked down again, the seven of them being inside.

Lou and Linda we're playing chess at the second floor again.

"Man. That stupid bitch does not deserve that party..." Lou sighed.

"Don't worry boo. We still have each other." Linda giggled.

"Yeah. But who knows my chances of staying." Lou said.

"Don't worry. I've already talked to a bunch of people, apparently there's an all boys alliance that's been exposed." Linda said.

"Oh really?" Lou asked her.

[Diary Room]

"How is this girl oblivious to that?" Linda said.

"Yeah. Michael. Denis. Oliver. Justin. Aaron. They all think they slick trying to target the girls out of the house." Linda said.

"I see." Lou said.

"So If I was you. I'd keep it down this week. Don't. Even attack Alexis at all." Linda said.

"I won't." Lou said.

Alexis, Jennie, Chris, Nalia, Mason, Reed and Pierre we're inside the backyard. They all looked around, the whole place being designed and looked like a real restaurant. They all saw the tables at the end and headed over to them and sat down.

[Diary Room]

"There's a barbecue stand, there's fancy tables, there's a bunch of plates, music, lights, my god. This place looks beautiful and delicious." Nalia said.

Everyone sat down on the seats next to a giant table. They all waited patiently for their food to arrive.

Until suddenly someone came out of one of the backdoors, It was the famous chef...Rick.

"Ello, everyone. I'm your host for your party today." Rick brought a bunch of steaks, pork, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, and dessert.

[Diary Room]

"We have our own chef? Hell yes!" Pierre said.

"I hope you all enjoy the food today. This was all hand-made by me. Delicious five star rating I will say, haha. If anyone needs anything else, don't be afraid to hit me up." Rick said as he winked and walked away.

Everyone clapped and cheered with drinks in their hands.

Despite Reed and Mason being have-nots, they we're allowed to assist this party.

"Awwww yeah! This is great." Jennie was chugging down the drink.

"Man. Haven't tasted ANYTHING greater than this, HOLY FUCK." Mason said as his mouth was watering each bite he took out of the steak.

"You aren't...kidding..." Pierre said, having the same expression as Mason.

[Diary Room]

"I hope this food outside the house isn't expensive. I'd be willing to eat this for the rest of my life." Pierre said

"Boooy!" Chris was already eating dessert.

[Diary Room]

"I'm in heaven!" Chris said.

"Hey man- Calm down ya gonna get sick!" Reed said seeing how much Chris was digging down.

"Let him be honestly, we're all gonna get out of here twenty pounds more." Alexis chuckled.

"'re right..." Reed resumed to eating.

[Diary Room]

"Even if I'm an Animal Breeder, I know diets for humans. And this diet won't be pretty after I get out." Reed said.

"Haha! So does anyone have any funny stories to tell now that we're here enjoying this lovely night? We can't all just be glorifying the food twenty four seven." Nalia suggested.

"Hm..." Chris agreed to that.

"I remember once in kindergarden we we're going to have a party like this. But to make the story short, Imagine a party like this. But with milk and cookies instead. We we're all like drunk babies, we talked about hot wheels, favorite crayons and our favorite Go Diego Go! Episode. It was craaaazy. " Pierre said and chuckled.

Everyone laughed at Pierre's short story.

"I remember before entering this house, I was going to take care of some patients parrot. But that parrot had the weirdest mimick ever. That parrot, I swear to god knew every single swear word in the dictionary." Reed said.

"Like, shit, fuck, dick, tits?" Mason laughed.

"Yeeeah. Like no kidding." Reed laughed. The other houseguests laughed as well.

"Hm. I can't really think of any stories besides that one time I was too drunk that I accidently bought orange juice for make-up. Like holyyyyy, I don't even know how I could get that drunk." Nalia said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm not even kidding! Seriously...that day was so embarassing my friends wondered why I smelled like orange juice..." Nalia said.

Everyone laughed anyways at her story.

"Man...those times. I remember I went to school in just a shirt and underwear for 'bout...more than 20 times. I was soooo sleepy and always on a rush that I'd show up to school in just underwear and a shirt. Everyone made fun of me, but the older they got the more they feared me over my appereance." Chris chuckled.

[Diary Room]

"Ooo, ooo I need air!" Nalia was breathing heavily, dreaming about how Chris looked like on his younger days.

Everyone we're interested in his story and laughed a bit.

"Well the most funny one I remember was blasting dubstep inside the school, the principal got so mad he had to suspend me for the rest of the day, most of the students rioted sooo badly the principal was about to have a breakdown but he just locked himself inside his office." Mason laughed.

Everyone laughed at his story.

"My god. I remember once when I was modeling I tripped in one of the runways and I broke my nose. Legit ten of my managers had to come get to help me and I was just there knocked out saying 'I see butterflies, I see Jesus flying'. I was sooooooo knocked out that I thought I was legimitedly seeing Jesus!" Alexis said.

Everyone laughed at her story and went along with it.

"I remember once I called one of my teachers a bitch because she looked like a Pitbull." Jennie tried to tell a funny story, but in reality nobody even laughed.

[Diary Room]

"Why did no one laugh?! I thought my story was funny..." Jennie crossed her arms.

Shauvon, Alexa, Julia, Janey, Lou and Linda we're all inside the HoH room now.

"Man. I can still hear them from outside." Alexa said.

"Yeah...It's getting annoying." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"THAT was MY veto win and MY barbecue party." Lou said.

"That should of been our party, I wish I had won that." Janey said.

"Yeah. It would of been nice." Shauvon said.

"I would of invited the five of you to party!" Janey said.

"Who'd have been the sixth one?" Linda asked her.

"No idea. But It woudn't had mattered anyways since I lost." Janey said.

"I see..." Linda said.

[Diary Room]

"That's a bit shady hun." Linda said

"Anyways. We can have our own party in here again! Just us six girls, no one else to disturb us." Alexa said.

"That's right! I actually feel like making something." Shauvon said.

"So do I!" Alexa said.

"We can all cook something up. We have nothing to do anyways." Lou said.

"Sure, we let's all head down and do stuff." Alexa said as she got up from the bed, heading out of the HoH room, everyone following up from behind.

After a few hours passed, Alexis, Jennie, Chris, Nalia, Mason, Reed and Pierre we're all drunk. They had ate a lot and drank a lot.

"Hey everyone! I have an announcement to *hic* make..." Alexis said as she stood on the table and banged a fork on a crystal cup.

"W-What is it? *hic*" Nalia said.

"How about we make a final seven?" Alexis whispered to them.

Everyone was murmuring around while hiccuping.

[Diary Room]

"Getting more deals for finals, Of course I'll take them." Mason said.

"S-Sure. *hic*" Chris said.

"R-Really?" Nalia said.

"Yeah, I'm down for it." Mason said.

[Diary Room]

"Me and Pierre have done nothing productive this week, but at least It's going great game-wise." Reed said.

"Sure!" Reed said.

"Alright." Pierre said.

"Sounds great." Jennie said.

"Sweet! We shall be the *hics* Lucky 7's then..." Alexis was still whispering, not trying to yell out things.

[Diary Room]

"My plan to at least increase my chances of being safe this week is going great..." Alexis cheered for herself.

After a few minutes...

"How was everything?" Rick arrived.

Everyone complimented on Rick's cooking. Rick was flattered and bowed down. "Thank you for the compliments." Rick began cleaning up the table along with the ground.

"Thank you for, everything *hic*, Rick." Mason said.

"Yeah, Thank you!" Reed said.

"Thanks for everything." Alexis said.

"No problem, t'was a pleasue." Rick smiled.

The houseguests began getting out of their seats and tried to walk normally but we're about to pass out and we're struggling to walk. They got out of the backyard, the backyard being on lockdown again to clean up things.

[Diary Room]

"I feel like I'm about to throw up. I think I ate too much." Chris gagged.

[Diary Room]

"I can barely walk. I shoudn't of gotten so drunk..." Jennie said.

They all headed to different bedrooms, each waving goodbye, seeing how late the time was. Most of them bumping into walls. Reed and Mason headed to their have-not rooms.

[Day 6]

Alexa & Shauvon we're both cooking at the kitchen.

[Diary Room]

"Nothing like cooking with one of my best friends in the house!" Shauvon giggled.

[Diary Room]

"Everyone seems to be sleeping, so I guess I'll just try to improve my cooking." Alexa said.

Jennie and Alexis we're both inside a bedroom.

"I forgot to ask you today. Why didn't we invite Julia to our final 7 we made yesterday?" Jennie asked Alexis.

"We just have Julia as extra votes. Sure she may have helped me get through this week safely. But don't you think she's a bit, shady lately? She's been hanging out at the HoH room a lot now. She didn't even defend me against Lou." Alexis said.

"Yeah, I guess so..." Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"I kinda trust Julia. But, I'll do what Alexis' wants for now." Jennie said.

"Do you think our final 7 will last?" Alexis asked her.

"No idea. But we need to have each others back until the end." Jennie said.

"Yup. I will always." Alexis chuckled.

Mason, Reed and Pierre we're inside the have-not room.

"Hm. We have a final 7 deal. We gotta keep that for a while." Mason brought that up.

"Wait we made a final 7 deal? With who?" Reed already had forgotten everything because of how drunk he was.

"We made a final 7 with Chris, Nalia, Jennie and Alexis." Mason said.

"Oh. Right. Now I remember." Reed said.

"So we're still working mainly with Chris and Nalia?" Pierre asked him.

"Yup. We're going to keep our trust with Alexis and Jennie too thought. We are not working with Julia either if she shows up. I know Julie, Jennie and Alexis have a final three by now." Mason said.

"Hmm, I see. We'll keep this in mind. Hopefully they keep us safe next week if they win HoH." Pierre said.

"Yeah I hope so too." Mason said.

Janey, Julia, Linda and Lou we're inside the HoH room.

"Oh my god. You we're that close to winning a pageant?" Julia asked her.

"I came in as the runner-up, due to accepting to participate in here. If not I would of won." Lou said.

"What we're th' prizes?" Linda asked her.

"10,000$, and a year supply of make-up." Lou said.

"Oh, don't tell that year supply of make-up to Nalia, she'd go crazy!" Julia chuckled.

"Wow, Anyways... I've been wondering. Why do you like Alexis' so much?" Lou was asking Julia.

"I don't like her. Well a little. She get's annoying sometimes. But I need some time away from her." Julia said.

"Is that why you're here?" Janey asked her.

"Yeah. I like you guys better than them." Julia said.

"Well that's cute." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"That's so sweet, but I don't believe a thing that rat says." Lou said.

"Yeah, I'd understand why you'd like us more." Janey crossed her arms.

"I'm being serious." Julia said.

[Diary Room]

"I think I need to be a little...less honest towards other people..." Julia said.

Justin, Aaron and Michael we're sleeping at one of the bedrooms.

Oliver was walking around the house, until he decided to enter the have-not room and decided to chat along with Reed, Pierre and Mason.

Chris, Nalia and Denis we're at the backyard.

"Man. It's not everyday I get to swim." Chris said while rubbing his feet with the pool.

"It kinda is. Six days in here and you're obsessed with this." Nalia said.

[Diary Room]

"Also, I'm still wondering why Denis is trying to hang out with us a lot." Nalia said.

"I don't know. I just like swimming a lot for some reason. It's fun." Chris said.

"Just do whatever makes you happy man." Denis smiled.

"True that." Chris smiled back. The cameras then zoomed out of the monitor.

[Day 7]

"So, now. Today one of our three houseguests is going to be evicted today. Either Aaron, Lou or Justin. We've seen everything that's happened this week, and now. We shall proceed to our live voting, who will be evicted today? Find out now. And let's reveal another twist tonight. And a new competition for HoH awaits. Let's see now our houseguests." Jouseph smiled.

"Hello, houseguests." The monitor turned on.

The houseguests greeted Jouseph and we're all sitting together in the living room. Nobody was sitting on the floor this time. Aaron, Justin and Lou we're sitting in the nomination couches.

"It is now, for the first live vote, and eviction of the summer, In just moments. Aaron, Lou and Justin. Your housemates will cast their votes to evict. But, before they do, you all have one, final chance to sway their votes with one final brief statement. Aaron. You're up first." Jouseph said.

Aaron got first up from the seat.

"Hey y'all I hope you all keep me, I am loyal, I am honest, and I feel like I've been good with everyone in here. If you get rid of me, It'll be a waste, just saying." Aaron said and sat down.

"Thank you Aaron, Lou." Jouseph said.

Lou got up next.

"Hey everyone. I know It's been a rough week but In the end, you all see Alexis' over there? That girl is TROUBLE. If you keep me. I will go after her. If you get rid of me. That's fine. Pointless getting rid of someone who's playing this game and having a target on their back." Lou giggled and sat down.

"Thank you Lou, Justin." Jouseph said.

Justin got up next.

"Hey, I really enjoyed my summer. I had so much fun and it was a pleasure making friends in here and spending my time in this house. In the end I hope you all vote to keep me, I'm pretty honest and I like to play around games with everyone. Love you mom and dad! " Justin said and sat down.

"Thank you Justin. Thank you all, alright everyone It's time for the live voting to begin. The two nominees and head of household cannot vote, Janey, in the event of a tie you will have to break the tie by evicting someone out. One by one each one of you will enter the diary room to cast your votes. Julia, you're up first." Jouseph said.

Julia got up from the couch. She headed over to the Diary Room to vote and all the houseguests we're talking to each other in the background.

"Now, Julia's vote should be obvious from the beginning." Jouseph said.

Julia sat down on the Diary Room.

"Now, Please cast, your vote Julia." Jouseph said.

"Hey Jouseph. I vote to evict...Justin." Julia said.

Julia got up and left the Diary Room, Michael entering next.

"Michael, please cast your vote." Jouseph said.

"I vote to evict. Lou." Michael said and got up and out from the Diary Room.

Michael fist bumped Denis who was entering after him.

"Denis. Please cast your vote." Jouseph said.

"Hey Jouseph, I gladly vote to evict Lou." Denis said and got out of the Diary Room.

"Now, let's see how Alexis' vote goes to, even if we know what's obvious." Jouseph said.

Alexis was entering next. She got inside the Diary Room.

"Alexis. Please cast your vote." Jouseph said.

"I vote to evict Lou." 'Please god let her be evicted.'" Alexis whispered to herself.

Alexis left the room, Shauvon entering after her.

"I vote to evict, Justin. Love you mom! " Shauvon giggled.

And so on, the rest of the houseguests voted one by one, entering the leaving the Diary Room.

"I vote to evict...Justin." Jennie said.

"I vote to evict Justin." Alexa said.

"I vote to evict Justin. Sorry man." Chris said.

"I certainly vote to evict Justin." Mason said.

"I'm sorry to evict, Justin." Nalia said.

"I'm voting to evict...Justin." Pierre said.

"Aye! I vote to evict that Justin guy." Linda said.

"I vote to evict Justin." Reed said.

"It's official. By 10 votes Justin will be going home tonight, but let's see where Oliver's vote goes to." Jouseph said.

Oliver entered the Diary Room, Reed leaving after him.

"Hey Jouseph! Looking good. Oh, and I vote to evict Lou." Oliver smiled and got out of the Diary Room, he returned to the living room where everybody was waiting.

"Alright. It's time to reveal the votes to the houseguests." Jouseph said from the outside, the camera headed inside the house, Jouseph's face popped up from the screen.

"Houseguests...when I reveal the votes, the evicted houseguests will have a few minutes to say goodbye and gather his or her belongings. And, by a vote of 0. are safe." Jouseph said.

"It's down of Lou and Justin. By a vote of, 10-4." Jouseph was talking slowly, causing suspense and tension.

"Justin, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House." Jouseph said.

Justin was smiling after he heard his name, he got up from the seat and hugged Aaron, and then Louisa. Lou hugged Linda. Aaron was hugging Denis, Oliver and Michael. Justin then hugged Denis, Oliver and Michael tighly.

Everyone else hugged them goodbye, Justin headed and grabbed his belongings, he headed over to the door, everyone waving him goodbye.

"Goodbye bud! Good luck outside." Michael said.

"Say hi to Jouseph for us!" Shauvon said.

"Cya man..." Aaron was upset he was leaving.

Justin opened both doors and left the house, the camera showing some of the houseguests inside waving to the audience, but the camera followed Justin walking over to Jouseph, who was sitting on a seat. Justin sat down next to him.

Almost everyone huddled over to the facewalls. Staring into Justin's picture. The picture turning into black and white.

"I got so scared I thought I was leaving for a sec." Aaron chuckled, still feeling a bit upset.

"That was a plot twist alright." Lou said.

"Ah. The first eviction. Seventeen remain." Alexa said.

"Justin looks better like this, not gonna lie." Linda said.

"Oh you cruel!" Janey chuckled.

The audience was still clapping and cheering for Justin who just sat down next to Jouseph.

"So Justin. You're the first evicted houseguests of the summer." Jouseph was talking with him.

"Yes. Yes I was. No need to brag about it." Justin chuckled.

"You said you we're pretty safe inside the house. You felt you had majority of the house in your hands. What do you think happened to that?" Jouseph said.

"Well. To be honest I thought making a big alliance would help me advance into the game. I really thought that's how my game would go. But apparently. That was my downfall. Trusting people." Justin said.

"You did not campaign at all this whole week, why did you not?" Jouseph asked him.

"Well. I was really convinced Lou was going home. Everyone outside my alliance was telling me Lou was going home. But apparently only one person did outside that 4th person vote. Whoever that was. You're a great person!" Justin said.

"So how do you feel about your alliance still being in the game?" Jouseph asked him.

"I feel like as long as Lou and Alexis remain in that house, they'll make it pretty far. I'm convinced just because their leader is out doesn't mean their members will be out next." Justin said.

"Who do you think will make it the farthest?" Jouseph asked him.

"I feel like Aaron would. He's my best friend after all." Justin said.

"If you had another chance to play this and re-do everything all over again. What would you do?" Jouseph asked him.

"I'd keep my mouth shut. Instead of making a big alliance. I'd pick a ride and die person with me, which would be Aaron. I'd campaign more and play a bit more dirtier than sleep all week." Justin chuckled.

"Well, due to your eviction. Your housemates have taped some goodbye messages for you. Let's give them a watch." Jouseph pointed to the monitor screen, Justin looking straight into it.

"Hey Justin, If you're watching this. I'm sorry you had to go. You pretty much had a big alliance in the house and we can't let happen now can we? Originally Lou or Alexis was supposed to see this message. But good luck outside of the house!" Janey was smiling.

"Man. It sucks seeing you go. I really looked forward to playing this game more with you. But sadly. You got evicted.
But don't worry, one of us will win this game for you! See you outside this house!" Michael said.

"Justin. I know you're probably wondering why you we're out today. But you know why. And I knew why exactly. You better watch your decisions next time, because this is the Big Brother house." Julia said.

"I can't believe you're gone. It sucks. It really sucks. You we're my best friend and you're gone. I'm sorry you're watching this but, just remember I'll always be your friend no matter what! And I'll be winning this game for you, alright? Take care." Aaron was about to tear up.

Justin was smiling. He felt touched by Aaron's and Michael's message. He was a bit confused at Julia's message.

"How do you feel watching this?" Jouseph asked him.

"I was looking forward to Denis' and Oliver's message but oh well. I feel happy that my friends still have a chance to win that half million dollars." Justin said.

"What If. What If...I tell you. You have another chance for that?" Jouseph said.

"For...real?!" Justin gasped.

"There's another twist this summer. It's called, The BattleBack competition. The first five evicted houseguests will have another chance of redemption and returning back to the house. Each week you will battle your way back into the house. So keep winning those comps." Jouseph said.

"Oh my god..." Justin said.

"So what do you say? Want to give another shot at half millions dollars?" Jouseph asked him.

"Heck yeah! I'd be glad!" Justin clapped.

The audience cheered him on.

"Haha that's great. Now stay right there. Up next the houseguests do battle for the next HoH competition, who do you think will get guaranteed safety for the week? Who's going to be the next houseguest evicted next week? Find out soon." Jouseph said.

The audience clapped, Jouseph and Justin we're talking a little bit. The camera zooming out of them.

After a few minutes the show was back. The cameras changed into the houseguests.

Head Of Household; Competition #2 - Merry-Go-Round

The houseguests we're all sitting in a Merry-Go-Round Carousel. They we're all sitting in it, holding tightly to it.

"Houseguests, welcome to your second Head of Household competition of the summer. Janey, as out-going HoH you are not eligible to play." Jouseph said from his mic.

"Aight." Janey was sitting in the seats, watching everyone participate.

"The rules for this competition are simple. This Carousel will be spinning and spinning until one houseguests remains on, but warning,
there might be lots of puke and lots of barfing, this competition might make you dizzy and sick. Sounds simple right? Now get ready, because this competition. Begins now." Jouseph said.

The houseguests we're all holding tight into their seats, the seats we're different types of animals everyone was sitting on.
The bottom of the Carousel had a matt for when the houseguests fall.

The Carousel spun slowly for the first few minutes...It was going very slow for a while. Until it began taking up speed,
everyone was shaking nervously and talking to each other.

"The battle for head of household is underway. There's more at stake than just power this week. Stay tuned soon for the winner of this competition,
the nominations, the veto competition and live eviction and more twists to come all this week. For now, let's say good night to the houseguests."
Jouseph said while smiling and looking at the camera.

The camera zooms in and out of the houseguests still battling for the competition. Rolling the credits, Thus ending this episode.

Episode 4, END. *17 REMAIN*

Week 1 HoH; Janey

Week 1 Secret Winner; Chris

Veto Winner; Alexis

Nominees; Lou, Aaron, Justin

Evicted; Justin (10-4)

Week 1 END.