AN: Hello everyone, this is a new story from me set in an alternate universe. Each of the chapters have been inspired by a song which I will tell you at the start of each one. I welcome you to listen to the music that has inspired this MISA fic and also I do love your feedback. Speak soon.


'Leave your message after the beep'

"Michael, erm…its me, Sara. Of course you know that, God I shouldn't babble, not now, I don't have the time, not where I am."

Sara took a pause as a tear rolled down her cheek leaving a trail on the faint layer of foundation on her face. She didn't want him to hear her cry.

"I'm so sorry Michael, I wish I had given you the chance to explain, I should have given us a chance, I was so scared which is stupid 'cause now I'm so scared and now I know what real fear feels like."

Sara choked on a sob and coughed it away, she had to do this and get it out, he deserved this.

"You may watch this on the news and its why I had to ring you, why couldn't you have picked up Michael?"

Sara's voiced lowered even more as the figure outside passed the room she was locked in, a looming shadow outlining the ward walls.

"Oh God"

"Okay Michael, I want you to know that I'm not scared of dying in fact the thought of our memories from our very brief time together is still making me smile even now." Sara felt like her brain, whilst in fight mode, was flipping through every memory she had of him, she had known him for all of a month but it was enough.

"The thing I'm scared of most Michael is not getting to stay with you or telling you what I should have told you that night in the field, do you remember? I felt it then so strongly and I should have just told you."

Sara took a breath and tried to ignore her equally scared companions in the room, a bunch of strangers who would be connected from this day forward even if no-one survived. In a whisper she continued.

"Michael I love you, I pray you get this message."

Sara finally let go and openly sobbed. "I wish I could hear your voice one last time, bye Michael, I love you."

Sara hung up and slid the phone back into the pocket of her white lab coat, she wiped her eyes and pinched the tip of her nose. Still crouched down she finally lifted her head, her eyes meeting the door handle that now started to twist.