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Let's go!

Marinette and Alya were chatting and laughing as they walked into the classroom. All of a sudden, Alya felt a wave of heat overflow the classroom. "Oh my lord, it's so hot!" They walked over to their seats and they sat down. "Mari, I'm gonna die of heat." Alya whined. Marinette pondered in thought and her eyes lit up.

"You can borrow my hair tie." Mari took out one of her hair ties and passed it to Alya. Alya grinned and tied up her hair. "Thanks girl! Hey, you should tie up your hair too." Alya shook off her plaid shirt and was wearing a white undershirt underneath.

Marinette took off the other hair tie and pulled her hair into a high ponytail and took off her grey jacket, wearing just her white flower printed shirt.

"Girl! You look hot!" Alya commented. Marinette giggled and Adrien and Nino walked in. They froze as they saw both Alya and Marinette had different hair and wore the shirts they usually don't show. We're screwed…

"Dang, Alya looks good today." Nino breathed out, in awe. Adrien was drooling at Marinette. He never saw her hair up (or out of the pigtails for that matter.) and it found it adorable. He couldn't stop staring at her.

Nino looked at Adrien and nudged his arm. "Hey bro, I know you like her look, but we need to sit down now." Nino whispered. Adrien snapped out of his daze and sat down quickly.

The teacher walked in and smiled. "Bonjour class! Today we will be talking about debates! In this lesson…"

Adrien tuned the teacher out. All he could think about was Marinette's look. He fought every fiber in his being to not turn around and stare at her beauty. He didn't really notice how cute she really was until he saw her hair up. It shows more of her beautiful face and eyes…

...Dang, he has a problem.

Later on, the bell rang and Adrien stood up, gathering his things. He saw Marinette get up and as she passed by him, he grabbed her wrist on impulse. "Hey Mari, I think you look really cute today." He winked at her.

"R-r-really?" Marinette stuttered out. She was turning red by the minute. "Really. I think you should wear your hair up every day. It really brings attention to you."

He let go and walked away, not seeing Marinette faint on the floor. "Adrien Agreste called me cute…I can die happy now…"

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