A/N: This is the first part of the Brothers Adopted series, if you want to read the rest of the story, they are found on my page.

Part 1: A Friendly Neighborhood
Part 2: Family Ties
Part 3: First Hunt
Part 4: Garlic and Cold Spots

The day was as beautiful as a day could get. The warm sun above, birds chirping in the trees.

Children gathering by the ice cream truck.

Celeste contented herself watching from a distance. Her glamor was perfect, and she could spy on all the children around the area like this with ease. The baby carriage in front of her sealed off the disguise, blending her in with the other moms that hovered around, watching their children run to get sweets from the ice cream man.

After ten years of waiting for that other child to resurface, Celeste had her eyes on a new target.

Her failure to catch both Winchester boys still stung at her. That day, more than any other day in her long life, stood out. The punishments alone left scars that no one would ever see.

But her master knew, and that's all that mattered. She couldn't fail again.

She grit her teeth, meandering so she had more distance from the mothers that cooed over her 'child,' a creation of air and light that appeared real enough to any untrained human eyes. She wanted to focus.

Her target was a little old for her normal tastes. Normally, she'd go for a younger kid. They were more adaptable. They had more opportunity to grow into the benefits the magic would give them. These humans thought it was a curse, to end up so small, but if they realized the potential…

Of course, not everyone got abilities that were useful. Without seeing Sam for herself, she had no way of knowing what gift he'd been given. Children were so adaptable, but had they chosen wrong when they'd targeted the Winchesters? She had been certainthose brothers would be the ones, but they she'd failed to curse them both, and been chased out before seeing how Sam had made out.

Maybe today she would find out. See if her experiment had been successful, or if she needed to find new victims in yet another town.

The kid hovered at the back of the line. He was the tallest one there, and with a lean, strong build. She looked forward to seeing what became of him, though she doubted he'd appreciate the gift. His hoodie on during the warm day made him stand out. Easy to track and watch.

When at last he had his ice cream, she marked the motel room he vanished into. She wondered at her theory, that there were others of the little people in the walls. Perhaps today she could prove that theory, once he was given his gift.

A cruel smile crossed her face, and she strode deliberately across the parking lot. One elegant hand reached up to knock on the door.

He would be hers, just like Sam and so many others had before him.


This is the official 'start' to Brothers Adopted, though we wrote it long after! You can see the origin of Jacob's curse, and Sam would be the first one to tell him that sometimes you shouldn't answer the door. It was originally done during the prompt-a-thon, and the word was 'ice cream,' with Celeste chosen for nightmares06 and Jacob chosen for PL1, a perfect combination.