Pokemon Hoenn League: Road To Reuniting Chapter 1 By CorruptedStorm56

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.


Brendan: 19

Lock: 19 Year Old ginger who is 6ft

Brendan was sitting on boat to Kalos. He had a flashback to just a couple hours ago, when he left the docks of Johto, and started his journey to a new reigon.


Brendan was walking with Lock, his only friend after the rest all left for Kanto, Sinnoh, Kalos, Alola, Unova, and Fiore and Brendan said "I'm sorry Lock, I am moving

To Kalos." Lock shouted at him "What? My Only Friend? Get out of my sight, and never come back!". Brendan had a sad look on his face as he saw his best friend Lock

walking away with tears in his eyes. If only Brendan knew what a burdon Lock would be... Brendan went back to his Hometown, and when he got in to his house, his Mom said "Hello Brendan, I just saw Lock crying? Is

He Ok?" Brendan just shook his head and ran upstairs to his room. He got out his Holodisc out, and called Link, who is other best friend that left for Kalos. Link

looked suprised when Brendan said he was moving from Johto. Link said to call Red, then Lewis, to give the news. After that was all done, Brendan said goodbye

to Lock, and got a snort in return, packed the last of his stuff, said goodbye to Prof. Elm, and left.

The Present:

Brendan got off his chair, and went to his room for a nap. He then realised he didn't realise how he would get his Pokemon apart from Cyndaquil from Johto, and that they would be

in Bill's PC, and that he would have to get his Pokemon again. He wondered how, and drifted off to sleep, thinking about his journey in Kalos, or so he thought.