Pokemon Hoenn League: Road to Reuniting: Chapter 3 By CorruptedStorm567

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Red: 20


Unova Reigon- Gold League

Just after Lewis beat the trainer Paul, he saw his next contestant, and his jaw dropped a mile. It was Red. His old friend from Johto. He sent out Snivy, and Red

sent out Oshawatt. Their battle was a battle of the ages. Even though it wasn't very exciting, to the group it was a a tactic. He didn't stop using water gun, and slowly, #

Snivy's HP drained, and fainted. Red shooked Lewis' hand, and Lewis invited him to the Pokemon Centre to talk, and catch up.

Hoenn Reigon- Route 102

Brendan and May were chatting on the way to Petalburg City. Brendan was telling May about what happened yesterday.

Brendan and Cyndaquil was sleeping. Wally was awake. Cyndaquil woke up from noises coming from the was Wally. He had a knife. Cyndaquil started warning Brendan

about the danger, but was cut short by Wally and he hissed "Shut up you stupid Cur" and hit Cyndaquil. He brought his knife up to deal a finishing blow on Brendan, but

was blocked by Cyndaquil, who took the shot. He shivered a couple times, then stayed still in the unmistakeable trance of death. Brendan woke up, and his aura went crazy

with grief. Wally yelped and ran off in fear. Lucky for Wally, Brendan couldn't see him. Brendan picked up Cyndaquil, and ran to the Pokemon centre, and asked for nurse joy's assistance. Later that night he got

the news that Cyndaquil was gone. And he started to cry.

Sinnoh Reigon- Pokemon Legends Tower:

Arceus Palkia and Diagla were looking at this from the Legends Tower. They sent messages back and forth. They discussed Team Omega and Team Alphas's plans. They discussed

the fate of the earth. They discussed how one boy and one girl that can singlehandedly defeat two teams. One boy versus his former best friend, and new worst enemy.

Hoenn Reigon- Petalburg City

May and Brendan finally made it to Petalburg City after a suprisingly long adventure in Route 102. They met Lock in Petalburg where they were mocked and called a

cute couple. They just laughed and shrugged it off. After a while though, they got mad at them and made an attack om Lock, an, using Swampert and Torchic.

After the battle, Torchic was intrigued by Brendan's aura, and refused to go in his Pokeball. Brendan just let him out, and often talked to him about it at pokemon

centres after dark. Brendan got to Norman's Gym, and battled him. Brendan won, and got his first gym badge. One night, May came into Brendan's room in Rustboro city and asked to talk because couldn't get to sleep. They discussed alot of stuff and she said

he is her best friend. They left the centre later that week, to go into Rusturf tunnel, and encountered a wild Axew. May and Brendan argued who gets to catch it,

but Brendan gave in and let her have it. She caught it with ease, and decided not to give it a nickname. She went into Vendanturf City, where Wally was there.

Normally, Wally screamed at May for not getting there fast enough, but he didn't know that Brendan didn't know about his Pokemon's murderer, so he acted

all polite around Brendan, hoping not to cause any suspicion.

Fiore Reigon- Ring Town Ranger Station

The Special Head Pokemon Ranger, Serena was at her base. she got a call from her branch in Hoenn, and said the team known as Team Alpha has kidnapped a prisoner

called Lock Farenheit. Serena had to go to the Hoenn reigon. With the Go-Rock squad imprisioned, the Fiore reigon should be safe. She used a special T7 Turtle, which

she designed herself. She called the words "Kerriane? We got a situation"