Chapter Five


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Sakura sighed as she sat in the comfortable, black couch that was in the middle of her living room. It was reaching almost midnight and Sai was not home, again. When she had arrived back from the café and had not heard anything from the man, she just decided on making dinner for herself and not for them both. Sai was probably out screwing another woman and Sakura felt tears prick her eyes at the thought.

I thought he loved me, she thought in her head as she recalled all of the happy moments that the two of them had shared before. Sai had had his moments of being hot-tempered before they were engaged, but it was never like this. Where in the hell did it all go wrong? This was the second time that she had been cheated on, and it was at this point, where Sakura truly felt like she was problem of it all. Things had been perfect with Sasuke, and things had been okay with Sai, but that had all changed.

Sasuke was always the one to show up at her front door with roses whenever he would come to see her, while Sai, hell she was lucky to get a sincere kiss on the cheek anymore. Sakura laid her head on her left hand (that was propped against the couch) and began to think about all of the memories that she had with Sasuke. Sure, there were some bad, but man there were some wonderful ones.

When Sakura had turned eighteen, Sasuke had taken her on a vacation in the mountains for her birthday. They hiked, saw wildlife, and even made love for the first time. Sasuke was a couple years older than she, and even though the two had been dating for a bit, there was no way in hell they were doing anything sexual until Sakura was of age. The last thing that they needed was Minato and Fugaku to be breaking bones and faces.

Mostly Sasuke's.

Sakura felt a smile slowly kissed her lips as she remembered the hiking that they did. She could easily remember the sounds of the birds chirping everywhere, the tall, lush-green trees overcasting them, and thankfully, shielding them from the bright sun. Since they were so high in the mountains, the sun was much more harsher. But, it was more-or-less the animals that really did it for Sakura. She saw so many foxes, deer, and had even managed to glimpse at a pack of coyotes chasing down their prey before she descended off into the trees. She recalled telling Sasuke that she wanted to live in a beautiful house near the wildlife, and possibly, a lake.

Yet…here she was in a luxurious apartment with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Sakura never did like the place because it did not feel like home to her, but Sai wanted it, so she agreed. The smile that had kissed her lips quickly vanished as she recollected all of the times where she had wanted to go visit her friends and family, but Sai would either refuse or hide her passport. So when she saw Naruto in England that one evening, tears of happiness and relief had poured down the girl's face. Naruto had even come back to their old apartment, met Sai, and somehow managed to convince Sai for him and Sakura to move back home. It was not too long after, did Tsunade show up and talk about her job occupation.

The sound of the front door opening caused Sakura's daydreaming to stop, and she raised her head to watch Sai walk in. He wasn't drunk, and Sakura felt her body tense. He would be expecting dinner and when he would see that there was nothing made…

Sakura said not a word as she watched him walk into the dining room, then the kitchen. The heard the sound of the fridge opening and when an angry sigh left his lips, Sakura clenched her hands.

"Was there dinner even made?"

She heard him slam his keys down on the kitchen counter and she watched as he came around the corner like a bat out of hell. Sakura was instantly on her feet and she narrowed her eyes as he stormed towards her.

"You didn't tell me if you were coming home or not! And I figured that you were going to be drunk!"

Sai snorted and took a step towards her, but she took one back. His dark eyes narrowed at her, but Sakura found the courage to give him the same expression back. "I'm not going to waste food on a meal that is not going to be even eaten," she said in a cold voice as she stared him down.

"You don't have a choice, Sakura."

What the fuck?!

Sakura's mind was racing and her mouth was open in both shock and anger. "I do have a choice, because this is my life! Just like I have a choice to leave your pathetic ass!"

In a split second, Sai's hand was raised and palmed it against Sakura's cheek. Twice. Blood immediately poured out of Sakura's nose and the girl raised her hand to her injured cheek.

"You're going to leave me?! Remember what happened last time when you tried to leave? You whereabouts were ruined when your job in England contacted me!" Sakura felt tears prick her eyes at the memory. She had left Sai in the middle of the night, emptied her bank account, and ran to the airport. She had told her boss in England prior that day, that she was quitting and going home. Her boss had figured home with Sai, when in reality, Sakura was heading back to Konoha. So, when her boss had apparently contacted Sai, it didn't take the man even two seconds to realize what was going on.

Needless to say, Sai was there at the airport waiting to Sakura. And he took her home.

A punch to the eye brought Sakura out of her trance and the girl found herself falling to the ground, only able to see Sai with her right eye as he had punched her left.

"I'm going to bed, and I want you sleeping out here tonight!"

She felt the tears run down her face as she watched him walk down the hall and enter their room. She stayed still for the longest time until she was barely able to hear the shower in the bathroom running.

She couldn't stay here; she had to leave.

Sakura rose to her feet and started to grab her phone, but paused. If she were to send a message or call, Sai could easily track her whereabouts and bring her back. Again. With a shake of her head, Sakura walked to the door, slipped on a pair of sneakers, and barely opened the front door. As she heard the shower continue to stay on, she slipped out the door and quietly closed it shut. The pink-haired girl stayed still for the longest time, before adrenaline shot through her body and she ran.

Sakura didn't even bother taking the elevator as she stormed down the stairs and out the front door. Bright lights from signs and cars blinded Sakura for a split second, and she held her hand up to shield most of it. Her Honda Civic was in view, but she couldn't take the car, either. Sai would be able to find that, too. Where the hell would she go? She couldn't tell her family; she didn't want to sit in the living room as her mother cried, her brother and father screamed, and one of them calling the police. Sai would just lie and say that she had fallen in the bathroom floor; he always did lie.

A figure flashed in Sakura's mind and before she could think to stop, she ran in the direction of the house. It took about twenty minutes of running, but when Sakura finally reached the porched of the individual's house, she banged on the door. She knew that the person wouldn't be sleeping. Not this late, at least.

It took a few seconds of banging, but eventually, the door opened and a blond-haired individual opened the door to stare at the girl.


Ino stared at Sakura's state and not even a second later, pulled the girl in and shut the door with a lock. She didn't ask anything as she brought Sakura to the bathroom, forced her to sit on the toilet, and ran water over a cool rag. Ino knelt down in front of Sakura and slowly began to wipe the blood, sweat, and tears from her face.

"What the fuck happened, Sakura?"

Sakura gasped as she gripped onto the sides of Ino's toilet. Ino had no idea about Sai acting this way to her, in fact, no one did but Sai and she.

"S-Sai," she was barely managed to voice out, and the look of horror and shock came across her best-friend's features.

Ino paused at dabbing the girl's wounds and threw the rag to the ground, before she grabbed Sakura's hands gently. "You need to turn him in," she said and Sakura's wide-eyes and loud slurs of crying caused her to frown.

"I-I can't, Ino. He'll still find me. It takes forever for cases like that to end, and half of the time, the people are dead before it ends."

"You'll be dead if you stay with him any longer!"

Sakura lowered her head and gasped out again. "Ino, I can't sit in the room and explain everything that he did to me. It can take up to a year for them to finish, and…I can't see the looks on my family's faces if they hear about this."

"Or the Uchiha's faces," said Ino as she grabbed the rag again and began to tend to the blood on Sakura's face one more. The confused look on Sakura's face was enough for Ino to continue. "You and Sasuke may not be dating, but remember that the Uchiha's saw you as their daughter. And even if Sasuke- the bastard- hurt you like he did, you know damn well that he would kill Sai. He and Itachi were raised to not hit women."

Sakura did not say a word as Ino continued to wipe the access stuff on her face, before she finally finished and tossed the bloody rag into the sink. Ino leaned against the sink as she stared at her best-friend. Her eye was swollen and bruised, her eyes were red from tears, and her face had obvious swelling. "You need to do something, Sakura."

Sakura bit her bottom lip that was quivering and sat there in thought. She knew that she did have to do something, but what? She raised her hands and combed her fingers through her long, pink locks before pausing slowly as an idea crossed her mind. "I can run away," she said and the look on Ino's face was a definite no.

"Sakura, you just got back home, and now you want to run away?"

"Well, what else do you want me to do, Ino?!"

"Turn his fucking ass in."

Sakura just stared at Ino for the longest time and she slowly shook her head. Part of her wanted to leave Sai, but the other part of her knew that Sai would somehow find his way back. If he even did find her again, if she were to run away, he would surely kill her.

Ino sighed heavily and knelt down to her best-friend's level, grasping her hands again and stared at the girl right in the eye. "You can stay here. You know that there is an extra bedroom down the hall. I will let you live here only if you turn him in. Your family will be upset, but not at you. All they may do is ask why you did not do anything sooner. Sakura, please, as your best-friend I can't see you like this again…"

Sakura choked out a sob before she nodded her head, her pink hair falling in front of her face as she slowly lowered it. Ino held onto her best-friend tightly as the pink-haired girl cried her eyes out in the bathroom.



A phone call was 2:00 AM was something that Sasuke was not expecting, and as he reached over to pick up the phone, he told the person on the other end that it better be important, or someone was going to die.

It had been Kiba explaining to Sasuke that it was urgent, and judging by the sound of his voice, it was serious, too. Kiba had only told Sasuke to come to the station, and fast. Sasuke had asked him what was going on, but Kiba had only replied with: "You'll have to see for yourself" before hanging up on the chief.

Now, Sasuke was racing to the station, practically going twenty over the speed limit as he weaved through the cars. Did something happen to his mother? Suki? His family? Or maybe Naruto? What in the hell was going on?

As Sasuke parked the car in the parking lot, he nearly ripped the seat belt off of him. He then closed the squad door with a slam, and ran towards the front doors of the station. The second that he entered it, he could see Ino, Kiba, Neji, and Shikamaru standing outside of his office. Ino's eyes were red and puffy, so she had obviously been crying, while the three men's expression held a mixture of pain and anger.

What in the hell was going on?

"What the fuck is going on here?" Sasuke asked as he looked at the four individuals who all held the similar expression.

Ino opened her mouth to respond, but quickly closed it shut and lowered her head. "You need to go in that room and see for yourself," said Shikamaru. Sasuke turned to look at him with his eyes now narrowed. If this was some joke, Sasuke was making sure that badges were being taken, jobs would be lost, and positions would be demoted. Joking (especially at 2:30 AM) about serious altercations in a police station was not okay.

Sasuke glanced at all four individuals once more, before he opened the door and peered inside. The second that he saw long pink hair, his body jerked and his expression furrowed. Why was Sakura in here? As he was about to address her name, the pink-haired girl raised her head and that was when Sasuke lost it.


"What in the fuck, Sakura!?"

Sasuke had been screaming the same thing for at least an hour, and though it may have been a question, Sakura was never able to voice her response before Sasuke was screaming again. The second that he had noticed bruises and dried blood, he had ordered everyone to go. They bickered for about thirty-minutes, before they all agreed and finally left. Sasuke had then shut the office door shut and let his anger loose.

"There better be a fucking reason why you have blood on your face, a bruise on your eye, and a welt on both of your cheeks!"

Sasuke took this time to sit down in his office chair and raised his hands, covering his face. He almost felt like all of this was his fault. If he did not treat Sakura the way she had been treated, things would be different, and Sakura would definitely not have any marks on her.

"Sai did this to me," she said softly and Sasuke raised his head in completely fury. "What!" He swore that if it wasn't so late at night, he would have gone to the man's apartment and beat the shit out of him now. How could someone beat someone so small, fragile, and beautiful?

Sighing, Sasuke reached into his desk drawer and grabbed a yellow notepad, before grabbing a pen from his utensil holder. He slapped the notepad on his desk and rubbed the bridge of his nose, not sure if he was ready to hear the things that Sakura was about to say to him.

"Let's start from the beginning…."


Sasuke watched as Naruto rubbed his younger sister's forearms slowly. From where he was standing by the main doors of the police station, Sasuke could easily see that Naruto was trying his best not to go kill Sai right now. He may have been staring at Sakura with a worrisome look, but the Uchiha knew his best friend better than that. Hell, even Naruto had commented how he was surprised that Sasuke had not gone to kill Sai.

He thought about it; he really did, but Sasuke decided that it would be better to send a unit to Sai's apartment and bring him in instead. Sasuke knew the second that he would see Sai, he would send a fist flying right into that sonofabitch's mouth. Maybe he would know how it felt to be hit then.

As Naruto opened his passenger side door for Sakura, Sasuke watched as the pink-haired look at the him for a brief second, and in that brief second, she mouthed "thank you" and climbed in the car. Sasuke shoved his hands in his pockets as he sighed heavily, watching Naruto climb in the driver's side and pull off to either their parents or his house. He was sure that when Minato would catch wind of his daughter being abused, that there was going to be a war between Sai and the entire town of Konoha.

The Uzumaki's were extremely well respected, just like the Uchiha's, so to hear about the youngest member of the Uzumaki family being hurt, well…let's just say that violence is a weak word compared to what will be done.

Sasuke watched the car drive farther and farther away, and he continued to stare at the road where Naruto had turned off, until Shikamaru's squad car pulled in. Sasuke watched as the man parked the car and stepped out of the vehicle. He was pissed. His lips were pulled back tight, his brows were furrowed, his eyes dark, and his body tense. Sasuke watched as he walked towards the back of his car, opened the rear door, and ripped out a figure who was wearing a simple black T-shirt and shorts.

Sasuke didn't say a word as he watched Shikamaru violently pull Sai into the station and take him into the back where he would be forced to change clothes, and shoved into a random cell. Sasuke had already told Shikamaru and the others that he wanted to be the one to talk to Sai, not Neji, not Kiba, him.

And boy was it going to be fun.