I hope that this does not end up becoming the actual Title of the story. I really hope so. This story was inspired by "Black Butler," an anime I happen to adore. If you have seen it, I am hoping that you know the dynamics of their relationship. But this story is a little different. See how it is marked as a Romance? Yeah. Also the Title. I like Sebastian a lot, okay?






Another down.

"You demon!" someone screamed as they crawled away from him. "What are you?" the man shrieked. He cocked his head to a side with an amused little smile.

"Excellent observation skills, kind sir." The words sounded like sugar and cinnamon rolling from his tongue. "I don't have the inclination to devour your soul this evening," he grinned, his knifelike teeth on display, purple eyes gleaming with joy.

"Please, mercy," the sobbing man pleaded.

"Your order, my lady?" He looked over his shoulder, his eyes fixed on her naked form. She stared at the heap of men lying around her, soaked in her blood—in their own blood.

"I, Isabella Marie Swan, command you to execute my abductor in the cruelest manner possible." Her mismatched eyes had anger in them that pleased the demon like no other.

He raised his hand, bowed down reverently.

"Most certainly, my lady."

He turned, his eyes fixed on his prey. "The pleasure is all mine," he sang as he sliced through the man's body with a stroke of his hand. He leaned forward and grabbed onto his heart and ripped it out. He grinned at the horrified look in the dying man's eyes, sensing the last shred of sentience leaving the body.

"Such a waste," he clucked his tongue.

"You may help yourself to their souls... Edward." His eyes glittered as moved towards her, slipping a long cloak from one of the dead bodies.

He had finally been named by his master.

"Thank you for the honor, my lady." She gave him the quick nod and then went back to scrutinizing the bodies on the floor. As he slid the fabric over the body, she heard him whisper, "I want no other soul than yours."

"I'd rather you be well fed and at my disposal, servant. I don't want you distracted because you are hungry. I am certainly not a cruel master."

"You are most kind, my lady."

He watched her secure the cloak around herself. He could see that she was avoiding looking at his naked body, the body that was constructed to fulfill every command she would utter.

"Let me help you with that, my lady." She whipped around, fear gripping her heart at the shock of his sudden arrival. "Fret not, my young mistress, I will always be at your side... as your shadow. Nothing will ever hurt you again." He extended his arm towards her, willing her to take it. "I promise."

She looked him right in the eye.

"You'll suffer my wrath if you betray me, demon."

She took his hand and let him lead her home.

What a wonderful mistress I have acquired, he thought gleefully. Indeed, it would be interesting to see this caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly.


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