Chapter Twenty Seven


The world restored around them and she was back in her binds, the pain of being ripped apart present. She looked the demon dead in the eye and gave him his first command.

"Unbind me." Instantly, the binds gave away.

Confusion filled the room.

Who was the naked man in the room? How was Isabella Swan still alive?

"Kill the doctor," she said dully.

"As you wish, my mistress."

He leisurely strolled towards the man, excited that he would get the chance to kill the man. The Butcher had put his mistress through a lifetime of pain, how could her faithful demon let that slide?

He placed one hand on the doctor's shoulder and the other on his hair. He made a fist in the scarce hair on the man's scalp and took great joy in inducing the memories of Isabella's pain into his mind.

The human's eyes rolled back into his skull, but the demon took his time.

When the piece of scum tried to beg for mercy, the demon scoffed and slowly ripped the man's head from his body.

Humans are such violent creatures, he thought.

The men screamed in horror, the one who was closest to the demon shrank away trying not to be the next victim. Alas, they would not be seeing another sunrise.

He shrugged and began his killing spree.


This is the end of the background.

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