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'Hollow speaking'

'Zangetsu or thinking'

Chapter 2:

Two hours later after he had arrived, Ichigo was waiting at Urahara's for the two men to be done.

"What's taking those guys so long? I'm ready to go."

"Calm down King, I'm sure they're coming"

"Calm down!? They woke me up at three in the morning, told me a ridiculous story, and now they're taking forever to get their stuff packed. This is ridiculous"

"But you have to admit that this sounds interesting. I mean wizards and witches, but the sad thing is that they all sound weak. Hopefully this 'dark wizard' will put up some fight. Maybe we'll actually get to kill something every once in a while"

"Now, now Shiro; we can't just go rushing in expecting to kill something. That might lead to a bit of a problem with the man who asked for help. He seems like a pacifist to me" the calmer part of Ichigo's soul intoned.

"Che. Be quiet old man, you're ruining my mood" stated Shiro to Zangetsu.

"He's kinda right Shiro; I mean we can't just go around killing stuff. But, hopefullythere will be a good fight, or I might have to go see Grimmjow.

"Now, that sounds fun"

Just then the two missing men showed up. "We're here Ichigo" said Kisuke.

"About damn time you two showed up" growled Ichigo hearing Shiro chuckling in the back of his head. "What took you so long?"

"Well, we were trying to find a way to get to London, which is where we have to meet the man that asked for our help. We're joining some type of order or resistance against this dark wizard." Shinji said.

"You mean that you didn't even schedule a way there" Ichigo said with a shocked look on his face.

"Well no, but we'll find a way there eventually" said Kisuke, covering his face as he saw Ichigo turn red. Then all of a sudden Ichigo smiled.

"I know a way for us to get there" he said to the two men, smirking.

"You thinking what I'm thinking King?"

"Hell yeah, go ahead Shiro. You're the only one that can do it" said Ichigo as he felt Shiro take over his body.

When Ichigo looked up he had an even bigger smirk on his face, except Shinji realized, this isn't Ichigo, this is his hollow. "You! I thought Ichigo had you under control, hollow" he spat.

"Chill out, King gave me control" Shiro said in his distorted voice.

"Why would Ichigo willingly give you control?" Shinji said practically snarling.

"You needed a way to London, didn't you? Stop being so mean to your method of transportation or I won't help"

"Method of transportation?" said Urahara curiously.

"Yep" Shiro said snapping his fingers. At the sound of his snap a garganta opened up in the middle of the room. "King can't open a garganta on his own, so he asked me to do it." Seeing Shinji still looking at him distrustfully he added "You don't have to worry, it does go to London."

"All right, let's go!" said Urahara as he stepped into the garganta.

The three men went through the garganta and at the end they stepped out and Shiro, once again, snapped, closing the garganta.

"Welcome to London, folks!" Shiro said right before giving Ichigo control of his body once more.

As soon as Shinji realized that Ichigo was once more in control he jumped at him saying "Why would you let your hollow have control? I'm surprised that he didn't attack us on the spot."

"Ahhh…Shiro is better behaved than that, he knows better than to attack allies and friends." Said Ichigo. "Besides, we're in London aren't we? Just like he said we would be"

And indeed the trio was in London. "All right, we need to get ahold of Dumbledore and find out where he wants to meet us" said Kisuke.

At this he pulled out a mirror and said 'Dumbledore-san'. An ice blue eye appeared and then receded leaving a wizened old man's face. "We're in London Dumbledore-san. Where do you want us to meet you?"

"Stay where you are, I will meet you" and with that he vanished as the mirror went blank once again. About five seconds later there was a pop and the man from the mirror appeared in front of them. "Hello Mr. Urahara, Mr. Hirako, and Mr…..?"

"Kurosaki, Ichigo Kurosaki" Ichigo replied.

"Mr. Kurosaki then. We will be heading to the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters using side-along-apparition so grab my arms." At this the three Shinigami grabbed his arms and apparated to their new destination.

"We're here"