Chapter 7:

When the day of Hogwarts came, there was great rushing. It did not seem to matter that they had been rushing about the day before, no one seemed prepared. Since the Shinigami were already ready to go, all they had to do was get their stuff and go downstairs. As they were heading down the stairs with the Weasley known as Ginny they were sent tumbling by some floating trunks.

"OI, WHAT THE HELL?!" Ichigo yelled as he landed at the bottom of the pile of humans at the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh sorry mate-"

"-We were just trying to-"

"-speed things up a bit."

Ichigo rubbed the back of his head as he got off the floor and said, "S'okay, no big deal, I have a hard head."

"Yes you do Ichigo, and I landed on it; at least you could have made a soft landing for me" said Shinji, rubbing his side and grimacing.

"Shut-up, you dickhead" Ichigo grumbled.

"That's enough, you two. Act your ages" Toshiro snapped as he helped Ginny get up.

"FRED! GEORGE!" a thunderous voice yelled as Molly walked in to see what the ruckus was about.

It was about ten minutes before Molly realized that they were running late and she quickly pushed them out the door, in quite the hurry. They walked to the station quickly and were soon right at the magical entrance to Platform 9 ¾; the Shinigami watched with slight apprehension as the wizards walked through the wall, but quickly followed with their trunks and animals. Ichigo was surprised that no one had noticed Kage yet, but had not mentioned it to anyone. They arrived in front of the great red steam engine and climbed into a cabin in the back, Harry and his friends following behind; there was a girl already sitting there reading an upside-down magazine that ignored them.

The train started moving forwards after about twenty minutes and the group sat back to enjoy the ride with Ichigo and Shinji falling asleep and Toshiro reading a book on defense; both of the other Shinigami had been slightly jealous of the fact that with Zangetsu and Shiro's help Ichigo had finished all of his schoolbooks and could now do most of the magic required of him as a fifth year. About twenty minutes into the ride, Ichigo was awaken by the door slamming open and a pompous blond strutting into the compartment, "Hey Potter, heard you were in this compartment."

Harry jumped up, "What do you want Malfoy?" he bit out.

"This looks interesting; this is the Malfoy boy that he told us about the other day; he seems like an ass"

"Definetely an ass, King, and from the looks of it, he's very weak as well; what a drag."

"Looks like he's trying to overcompensate for something" Ichigo thought when Draco started going into how he was better than Harry. Shiro started cackling in his head and Ichigo cracked a smile and turned to Shinji, "I'm in control of everything that's about to happen, so don't flip out on Shiro, K?'

Shinji's eyes grew wide but he nodded; Ichigo smirked and then all of a sudden he was in front of a sputtering Draco with a bloodthirsty grin. He could feel Shiro push him over and the mask start to form and Shiro spoke, "I don't care if your precious daddy is the goddamn Queen of England; he can't do shit to anyone under my protection, brat. I don't know if you're trying to overcompensate for something but you're pathetic; get out of my sight before you regret it."

Draco gulped at the demonic voice and mask and quickly made a beeline for the door, his two goons following close behind; Ichigo took back over and the mask dissolved before he turned back to the others who all wore shocked faces, except for Shinji and Toshiro who were sitting as if this happened every day. Ron spoke, "Blimey mate, how did you do that?"

"Do what?" Ichigo replied nonchalantly, sitting down next to Toshiro.

It was Harry that spoke now, "You moved too quickly to see and your voice changed, not to mention scaring Draco away so easily; he looked like he'd seen a ghost"

"Oh, that's just a special talent that I had; it's good for scaring away bullies."

Hermione gasped, "I hope that you can back that up; Draco's family is very influential in the wizarding world."

Ichigo gave a devil-may-care grin, "Oh, I'm quite capable of defending myself, I'm sure."

Toshiro snorted and Shinji grinned and spoke, "Oh yes, Ichigo is very capable at defending himself and so are we."

At this moment the little blond looked up, "I do hope that Mr. White can be nice."

The wizards looked at her strangely and the Shinigami whipped their heads around at the girl; Ichigo spoke, "Mr. White?"

"Yes; that is his name right?"

Ichigo nodded dumbly and Shinji and Toshiro looked at her suspiciously; she nodded and went back to reading her magazine. They spent a bit of time talking before Toshiro fell asleep against Ichigo's side; Ichigo and Shinji took the cue and took a nap as well. They didn't wake up until Hermione shook them awake to change into their robes. All the guys left and the girls changed before they switched for the guys to change.

The Shinigami got into their trunks and pulled out their robes and changed into them. Once they were done, they turned to see the others in the compartment were staring at them and were only half-changed, "What?" Ichigo asked irately.

Ron answered, "Bloody Hell, all of you could beat the crap out of Malfoy easily; you're all in perfect shape; you've even got abs!"

Ichigo nodded awkwardly and shifted slightly, "I told you I could defend myself; if you knew exactly what I could do then you would realize that." He turned away and slipped Tensa Zangetsu into the scabbard at his waist; the robes were baggy enough that they hid the Zanpakutou easily. They arrived at the school about five minutes later and disembarked, where they rode carts up to the school drawn by skeleton horses.

The welcome feast went by quickly and soon they were heading up to their dorms; Dumbledore stopped them as they stood, "There is separate dorms for the foreign exchange students and the new hands-on defense teacher; follow me and I'll show you where they are."

They nodded and followed the elderly man to their new rooms; they arrived at a portrait of a sakura tree and he told them that they could set the password by pressing a stone right inside the door. Dumbledore left and the password was set to 'Shinigami' before they went inside and prepared for the next day.


They woke up early the next day and Toshiro made rice again; they had discovered that english food did not sit well with any of them. When they were done they got their cloaks on, this time all of them had their weapons on them; Toshiro's was hidden underneath his cloak on his back, while Shinji had his in a scabbard like Ichigo's. They went down to breakfast only to get their schedules and were soon headed to History of Magic. History was boring and even Toshiro slept through it; Potions was next and they found the classroom in the dungeons rather easily and sat down.

They had arrived early and sat waiting for about five minutes. The class started pouring in and pretty soon only the teacher was missing; he came in about two minutes later and gave a speech before they got started. He walked around the classroom tossing insults and was soon at the Shinigami's table; he looked at Ichigo and Shiro made a noise of displeasure, "King, dat man's in here again; can I get rid of him?"

Ichigo sighed in irritation, "No maiming or death, but yes; I'll gladly have him removed from my mind."

"Good, you heard King; get out of his head before I make you"

Ichigo saw Snape flinch and smirked, letting his eyes turn hollow-like; Snape quickly broke eye contact and walked away towards Harry, where he took out his irritation at his failure.

Divination was crap and soon it was time for DADA with the ugly pink toad woman. They walked in and sat down on their side; the toad stood up and told them that they needed to put away their wands and copy the instructions on the board. This led to a long discussion in which Harry got detention and Ichigo got pissed; luckily, Toshiro held him back from killing the woman.

All in all, the day sucked and not a single hollow attack had occurred; the Shinigami were thoroughly bored with it all.