It was probably weeks before he could bring himself to leave this room, but not after he ordered some clothes, he had none and it was the last of his money so the moment they arrived he changed, threw his old clothes in the trash before finally looking at himself in the broken mirror once again. He had purchased a long black coat, everything was black, shoes, trousers, gloves. People would be terrified of seeing him, even now that he was in a solid state.

Necessitas irte.

And with that he took his leave, walking out of the motel room in the dead of night, it had been so long since he'd been outside that leaving with sunlight would just make things worse for him, not to mention the full black outfit he wore that would make him boil.

Walking outside felt somewhat surreal, people were living their normal lives, he saw cars on the freeway transporting families, lovers, a single person, just people doing normal things and not having to deal with the idea that they had ruined everything they once knew over jealousy and hatred over someone he had once considered his best friend. His only friend.


After hours of walking, just before sunrise the man found himself outside what seemed to be a very beat up, old city, this was fine, he could probably find somewhere to crash for a while and soon enough he did. It was an old abandoned building, but apartment he broke in to was furnished, it seemed that the owned left it, abandoned it, which was great because there was canned food and money in some places. It belonged to drug dealers.

Being in an actual house was great because he could actually cook and not eat crappy motel food, not like his taste buds were any good anymore. His throat had collapsed and Angela's handy worked had managed to make him able to breath but not do much more than that. Being here felt normal, he could at least pretend for a while. He made some beans and eggs that he found, he hadn't ever been the best cook and it didn't matter anymore as long as he fed himself, though he doubted he needed food at this point. No matter how much he fed himself he could feel his energy drain faster and faster, making him feel weaker. He needed to learn about his body better.

After some time of just sitting on the couch he had fallen asleep. But it wasn't peaceful, it hadn't ever been since he first regained his consciousness after the explosion. He could see everyone's face, everyone that had been there on that day, he saw a lot of blood, all over, on his hands, it was his fault everyone he knew was probably dead. Morrison was dead. That wasn't the plan. Not to murder. But it had happened and now it haunted him in his sleep. He could hear them all "you killed us. Left us for dead. You're a disgrace."

But it wasn't until he saw Jack's face, or at least what was left of it in front of him that Gabriel gasped for air and tried his hardest to grab on to something, but he couldn't he was a spectre again, smoke. In anger, he let out a pained yell, he hated this, hated not having his body, not being able to control this properly.

Gabriel's scream however lead to something unexpected or better, to someone unexpected. In through the open window dropped a woman, skin blue, hair navy and long, in heels with a sniper rifle the size of his leg.


There was no denying who this was, that face, those features were hers and her alone. "You're alive…" He said softly, she had disappeared after the death of her husband, they assumed taken by Talon and killed but apparently, she hadn't been, she was alive.

The look on the woman's face broke the other though, she looked horrified, disgusted as if she were looking at a monster. He was a monster. "Gabriel?" She asked, her French accent still thick. "Mon deiu." She whispered, looking over him, walking slowly around. "Was this what happened? After ze explosion?" She asked, curious.

Gabriel had anger in his eyes again, glowing red in this ghostly form. "." He replied honestly, looking down at himself in equal disgust at what he had become. "Angela, she tried to save me… But This was what happened instead." His explanation was shot, but by the looks of it she didn't need more.

"Talon… It can take you in." Amélie said, setting her rifle by her side, there was no need in using it now, not with him. "But first, I must know…. Was it you?" She asked, referring to nothing other than the large explosion in the swiss base. However, she wasn't given a reply other than a grunt and Gabriel floating away from her into what appeared to be the kitchen. "You know... You're very welcome, for ze apartment… I cleared it out."

"You mean you killed people." Gabriel replied, looking at the sniper as he tried to bring himself back into his physical form, trying to keep the impulse to pounce on her at bay. "What… do I have to do?" Gabriel asked, voice rough and raspy because of the damage to his throat.

Amelie smirked and walked over, leaning over the kitchen counter and looking over him, "first, allow me to tell you what good will come to you. You will learn how to control zis." She said and waved over the smoking figure. "Zey will learn about you, make equipment for you… Anything to make you feel more comfortable with your new self."

Those words hit him hard, that was exactly what he needed, some control and to learn about this new body of his, he'd do anything at this point. But it was such as shift, from Blackwatch, saving the world, even if it came from negative means, to Talon where he would cause a lot of harm. But it wasn't like he hadn't by this point. "What do I have to do?" he asked, voice stern, wanting a definitive answer now, no matter what it took.

In truth, Amélie had been tracking Gabriel down since the explosion, they wanted him because they all suspected the truth behind the explosion, and if their suspicions were confirmed then they'd have an insane amount of work to do on their end, which meant an amazing pay check.

"Well… all you need to do is answer one simple questions." The blue woman said, that dark glint in her eye still there, curiosity building in her.

"Was it you?"