Peter Parker's Apartment in the Bronx

Today, July 4th. (Anniversary of the Birth of Captain America.)

4:30 PM.

This was a world of Marvels. A world capable of truly amazing things since the dawn of time. At first, these things were nothing more than myth, nothing more than legend. There was no proof, no evidence. There was nothing in this world out of the ordinary as far as the world knew. Not until he arrived. He was an android built by a brilliant scientist, but the android had a strange impact when it came onto the scene, it burst into flames. It was... a human torch.

And after it came to be, there was more of them every day. And they were a staple, the super powers of the world, they were called. Beings like Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch, and America's own Captain jumped into the fray, seeking to shape the world into something greater, something better. They walked among men, looking like them, talking like them. But they were different. Better. Stronger.

After the climax of world war 2, they disappeared. Many theorized that the invention of the Atomic super power was to combat the super-humans, that normal people were afraid, and that they were not alone in their fears. It was believed that it had ended that day, that things were normal again. Though every year, on the 4th of July, there is a second celebration. The birth of Steve Rogers, the birth of Captain America. But in a way, they celebrate his death as well. The death of, the superhero. The end of the Marvels. But then he happened. The world would come to know him as the Amazing Spider-Man, the first superhero of the modern age!

But before that...he was just humble Peter Parker, a boy raised with traditional values, and taught the single most profound lesson that the world has to offer. One he carries with him every day of his life. A lesson he never fully understood until the passing of his Uncle Ben, the lesson that with great power, there must also come great responsibility! Or so he thought.

"Damn it!" Peter cursed to himself, seeing that he was running low on chemical to make his web fluid with. "I don't know how most superheroes live but for me..this is my life. Years ago, I missed my opportunity with Mary Jane, so now I'm just your average single Spider-Powered photographer, who can barely hold down his job." He sighed at the realization, but tossed web shooters onto his wrists.

"[You have, one message.]" The phone beeped, causing Peter to use his Spider-Agility to catch the call he missed while he was in the other room.

"Alright, fate, whatadda got for me?" Peter asked with a confident smirk, he always felt ready to take on the world with a fresh batch of webbing. One message from, an unknown number? Who on Earth could be calling Peter right now?

"["Hey there, Peter, right? It's me, Carol. From the Bugle dating site. I know what we're doing is silly, but, with our love of junk food and all, I hope that you can make our date at 8:00! See you there.]" Peter had just remembered, in order to celebrate independence day, the idea of people coming together, the Bugle created a dating site, the same site Peter designed!

"I can't believe I nearly forgot! I have to get ready for the date, pick up some flowers." Peter sighed at the thought, he'd been saving up for this day, and even got the day off for it. Ever since he and MJ split, he hadn't even tried to find someone else. He threw himself into his "work", Spider-Man sightings had gone up dramatically, supposedly the streets were safer, but was he? "I just need to make sure this date goes well. Just open up about who I am, be myself. Like Aunt May always said."

Peter thought warmly about his Aunt, and what she had taught him. It was very true that she had always imagined he'd do great things with his life, better and greater than ruining a relationship and being a struggling photographer. But things had to get better, didn't they? He was a superhero, after all. Who knows, maybe one day he'd be like Captain America. People would look to him, and see something to aspire to. Wouldn't that be something?

The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

San Francisco.

Yesterday, July 3rd.

Wolverine was the name of a man of mystery. The name of a man who didn't know where he was going in life, or even where he had been. How old was he? Who were his relatives? It was those questions, the easy ones, he couldn't answer. And so it made the hard ones, like his purpose, even more difficult for him to answer. He thought that perhaps he could find his purpose here, in this building..?

He scoffed at the idea. Him, a hero? A teacher? It was as silly as it was stupid, at least, to the feral mutant it was. And he would've just walked away and forgotten about it, if he didn't see a silver briefcase marked "WOLVERINE" on the doorstep. He approached slowly, and picked it up. "What the hell is going on here?" He opened it, and stared at it.

A damn costume.

Another damn costume.

He closed the briefcase, and looked to the horizon. This could be it, a new start for the man called Logan, he just needed to decide where to go. He lit his cigar, curious. Of what he could remember, he'd been everywhere.


Logan answered the phone, he grunted. Knowing who it was. "What the hell do you want, Nick?"

"You've heard the rumors, Logan." Was all Fury replied to his old friend, they'd both had their connections.

"You mean..?" Logan seemed shocked. There was no way….it couldn't be.

"We have him." Fury replied solemnly, Logan then hung up.

"I'm there." The Wolverine smirked, grabbing his new costume and heading out back. The Professor told him all the equipment was his to use as he pleased, hopefully that went for the planes as well.

New York

New York City

6:00 PM.

They stepped away from the world. They were called Gods, beings of incredible power. But with that they had a responsibility, to shielding this world from harm. But things had changed since then. Thor had returned to Earth, wielding a mighty hammer-axe, known as Mjolnir. No one could wield the weapon other than him; some heralded him as the true son of Odin, returned to fix the world. And others saw him as some crazy superhuman, with an advanced hammer. Peter Parker had seen him in action first hand, and decided on the latter.

"So is the flower shop open or...?" Peter questioned, the date wouldn't be long from now, he really had to hurry if he wanted to be there, on time for once.

"I know not of this "flower shop"." Thor replied, looking down at Peter, seeing as he was the shorter of the two.

"It's down this street, I don't want to waste my time stopping by if it isn't open." Peter tried to explain, holding his face in his hands at this. He'd seen Thor in action before, he doubted his origins, but no one could argue with his power.

"I am searching for something myself, mortal." Thor replied, seemingly ignoring Peter's comments.

"Alright big guy, I'll bite, what're you looking for?" The photographer inquired, figuring it was the easiest way out of this.

"Loki." Thor said simply, though his voice boomed as always.

"Your brother? The Norse God of Tricks?" Peter asked, figuring he could maybe at least get an interview out of this, make some money.

"That is correct, I sensed his magics in this city. His goal is not yet known to me, but I look forward to ceasing his tricks." Thor replied, placing his hammer down on the ground.

"Wonderful." Peter said, knowing that Thor wasn't giving him much. Maybe he was just some crazy guy with a hammer. "Think I could get a picture, Thor?"

"Ah, yes, a picture. Do as you please." Thor said, turning to survey the area, as Peter pulled out his camera, and went to work. After all, his date wouldn't mind if he was a little late, right?

The Triskelion

Tony Stark's Lab.

This was his day, all of this work, it was for him. Captain America was an icon in the eyes of the people, a hero to which everyone was compared. There was no other Captain America; he was one of a kind. A treasure. But right now, he was nothing more than a Popsicle. A man stuck in a block of ice, unable to interact with the world around him, beyond 24 hours at a time. Once that time was up, they had to re-freeze him, otherwise, he wouldn't survive.

And reviving him? That was Tony Stark's goal, his dream. His father helped to work on the machine that brought Captain America to life, which changed Steve Rodgers into what he was. It meant a lot to him. But he couldn't crack it, he just couldn't do anything other than prolong the 24 hour period. He couldn't do anything permanent.

"Can't crack it, Mr. Stark?" The blonde woman teased as she walked into the room, made notable by the clicking of her heels as she walked.

"I'd be able to if Logan would show up, his healing factor could be vital to the formula!" Tony replied in mock frustration, but looked up at her in awe. Her dress was astounding. The black fabric hugged her form beautifully, but left just enough to the imagination. At least, in Tony's opinion it did.

"Logan? You mean the Wolverine, you trust that guy?" Carol asked with a small smile, she hadn't had her powers for long, and it took quite a bit of time before S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.W.O.R.D. would even let her attempt super heroics.

"He was there. He saw Cap in his prime, even just his insight would helpful." Tony admitted, as he looked to the display. Where the suit he had designed Cap to wear hung proudly.

"I suppose that's something. Hey, do me a favor and tell Fury I'm taking leave." Carol said sweetly, turning to face away from Tony.

"Why, going somewhere?" Tony inquired, setting down his materials.

"Just on a date." She replied simply, leaving the Futurist with that. He didn't have much, he'd spent so much time working that he never even got to hit on her, and his Iron Man armor had been in AI mode, to keep up the illusion of him having a "body guard", as only level 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents knew his identity, Carol included.

"Don't tell me you have a date to?" Tony joked, looking up to the frozen icon of freedom and liberty, he'd help him. If it was the last thing that he ever did.


6: 45 PM.

Wolverine had ended up in New York City. The City of capes. He didn't like it, persay. There were too damn many superhumans for his taste here, the key word was human. The reason he went to San Fransisco was because he wanted to help the mutants, the minority. He wasn't needed here; at least he didn't think so. But it was no coincidence they were trying it again, today.

No surprise he was trying it again today. Wolverine looks up, staring at the billboard promoting Stark Industries.

"What a dick." Logan muttered, looking up at it.

"He is, isn't he?" The smaller man next to him questioned, he was covered up from what Logan could see, but obviously not a body builder.

I suppose that makes you angry, Dr. Banner. That Stark gets all of the credit, that he is the world's smartest man. Banner could hear the voice ringing in his head. The same one that compelled him to be here. He tried to stay out of populated areas but…for the possibility to see Captain America, today? For him, he just couldn't resist.

"Yeah, yeah he is. Gonna ruin the rest of a good friend 'O mine." Logan shortened the actual story, not wanting to bore the man.

Stark is nothing, compared to you. He has no real power, no real strength. You could show him the world. The real world. Banner clutched his head for a moment, this wasn't right. This wasn't who he was. It wasn't even Hulk. Who, who was in there with him?

"Sounds like him." The man replied, turning to walk away from Logan.

Sniff Sniff

"Wait, that scent." Logan reached over, pulling down his hood.

Surely you remember him, Banner? The man who hunted you all over Canada, for no reason other than to kill you. He chose to do that to you. He decided to do what he did. Let him out, Banner. Release the Hulk. The voice cooed in his head, stimulating the anger. Remember? All those times he had the gall the attack you. All those times you were trying to e left in peace, ruined by him, the general, Stark, and everyone else. Banner grabbed his head with his head as his eyes glowed green. When he spoke his voice contained an animalistic growl

"Don't make me angry." He turned, the man revealed himself as Bruce Banner. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" Banner roared. His body began to grow and tear through his clothes, his flesh turn into an emerald green, and his muscles increased in mass. What stood before Logan was no longer the humble and meek scientist Bruce Banner, but the raging force of nature known as the Incredible Hulk.

"Shit." Was all Logan managed to get out, as he was suddenly sent flying by the green fist. "I forgot what it was like to fight the Hulk. How hard he hits, you don't even feel it at first. It's like an out of body experience. Nothing at first, but then you feel it. It's not like any pain of this world, and when you feel it, you realize he's not just a man. He's a force of nature. It's like fighting a hurricane. But right now, falling, is what's going to hurt like a bitch."

"HULK! SMASH! NEW YORK!" And so it happened, the green Goliath had waged war on the entire state of New York, and who could stop him? He was the strongest one there is, after all. The Hulk couldn't be stopped, he was a beast of pure rage. Pure anger.

"Ahahahah. All too easy." Loki cackled, he had to stay relatively close to keep their bond together, but using his magic he completely subverted the Banner persona, he was a mindless beast. A creature for him to control. A tool for his war on Midgard.



Thor had finally managed to get away from the press, as it had begun to storm. To everyone else, this was just the predicted weather. But to Thor, this was Loki, challenging him to do battle. But where was he? "LOKI! How dare you seek to fight me here, in this place of all places? Where are you, brother?!" Thor cried out angrily, before a small, buff man crashed through a building and into him. Logan bounced off Thor, causing him to stumble a little bit as the Canadian fell on the ground.

"Nice catch, blondy." Logan said gruffly, cursing under his breath.

"What manner of Ogre be he?" Thor questioned, pointing his hammer towards the Hulk as the rain began to pour down upon them. Summoning lightning to his weapon.

"Ain't one bub. That's the Hulk." Logan explained, as his torn clothes revealed his new costume underneath.

"HULK! SMASH!" Was the Hulks only reply, as he rushed towards the two, moving in for a punch, which Thor eagerly met with a punch of his own, causing a huge shock wave to be created causing the ground beneath the two to shake. As Thor followed up with an upward swing from his hammer, trying to move Hulk somewhere less populated. But Hulk dodged the swing with ease and countered with a vicious uppercut which launched Thor into the air.

"Have at thee!" Thor shouted as he regained his composure, spun his hammer and launched himself at Hulk. Completely ignoring Wolverine, who at the time, had been left behind. Forced to pick up the pieces.

Wolverine then removed what was left of his civilian clothes, using his claws to remove whatever remained on his person. Now he stood in a blue and yellow suit, the mask had two blow curves over his eyes, marked with 3 yellow claw marks each on his cheeks, it moved down to a yellow "X" which spread across the entirety of his upper torso, 3 blue claw marks on his shoulders as it evovled into short sleeves. The X pattern ran down his leg, curving before the blue boots of his, which each also had individual black claw marks, two on each side per boot, making a total of 4 each. He unsheathed his claws, looking out in the direction Hulk was with a small smirk. "You think Blondy's tough, wait till you try your luck against the Wolverine!"

An ally, two blocks away from CakeExtreme Cafe

7:00 PM.

"My name is Peter Parker. When I was 15 years old I was bitten by a radioactive super spider. My powers took a while to manifest, but when they did, I made mistakes. And learned the greatest lesson life has to offer. That with great power there must also come great responsibility. I always tried to do the right thing, but I needed direction. And it the form of a man without fear, named Daredevil." Peter thought to himself, as he walked along the alley. "This is where we met, where the life of Spider-Man really began, only fair it's where the life of Peter Parker resumes."


Suddenly Peter clutches his head in pain, his Spider-Sense was rarely this strong. This was a huge warning, the danger was against more than him, it was a danger to the entire city. His city. "I could ignore it. Let Iron Man or Thor handle it." Peter thought to himself, holding the flowers he'd bought for his date, as he looked to the ledge. The same ledge where he spotted Daredevil for the first time.

"No. I can't just walk away, no matter what is best for "me". Peter Parker is just a man. Spider-Man, he means something." Sealing his decision was a loud thunderclap and a body flying through the air with lighting surrounding it. Peter had made up his mind, changing into costume. Though, this costume was a little strange to what one might expect, his web-shooters and utility belt were exposed, both red in order to match his costume. He fired a web-line on the building, intent on following his Spider-Sense, and doing everything he could to help. Taking a leap of faith, that this was for the best.


"It's a real shame, I bet that date would've been fun to. Nah, knowing my luck, probably would've gone bad anyway." Peter sighed, swinging closer to the scene of the battle. With his luck, there was another reporter down there, covering the battle already. According to the scanner in his mask, Jameson was already barking about it.

An ally in the opposite direction, two blocks away from the CakeExtreme Cafe

7:00 PM.

"Carol Danvers, crackpot pilot. That's who I am. That's who I've always been. Mean Ol' Carol, the other pilots called me, because there was no nonsense with her. But she, like anyone else, liked a good time. She liked a guy who could stand with her, but offer a bit more than just another "strong" man. Hopefully this "Peter Parker" guy was like that." Carol thought to herself, she resisted the urge to just "Google him" interested in being surprised by him.


"What is it?" Carol question, activating the communicator she was wearing in her ear, part of the deal she made when she became a superhero.

"He's here, Carol. In New York City." Nick Fury informed, leaving Carol a bit confused.

"He's here..?" She repeated, confusion evident her voice.

"The Incredible Hulk, gamma readings are off the charts. It seems like it's an Omega Level threat, Ms. Marvel. He's never been this strong!" Nick Fury informed, Banner was a prime example of an experiment gone wrong, Carol nodded.

"What're the coordinates? I'm on my way!" Carol replied quickly, throwing off the dress as she created her Ms. Marvel costume. This one was quite a beauty to Carol, starting off as a dark blue, which was met by the yellow "Marvel symbol", the edge forming her "S", as he broke the blue just above her breasts and her shoulders. The rest of the costume was red, until it got to bottom, which was blue as it wrapped around her her thighs, and she wore blue thigh high boots. She hung up once she was given the coordinates, then muttered. "Sorry Peter."


By now, knowledge of what Thor was doing was common, every S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent was on high alert. The Helicarriers weren't operational yet, they had no defenses to stop the Hulk, especially considering that the Hulk Busters had been decommissioned, by Tony Stark. Who still sat in his lab, staring at Captain America. Could he really do this, just sit there while everyone else went to fight the Hulk? On the birth of the Sentinel of Liberty? No he couldn't, he wouldn't.

"Jarvis, get the AI running." Tony said, deciding that what was happening was bigger than him. Bigger than his own goals.

"Yes sir." Jarvis replied, the timid butler activating the currently unnamed AI, replying to the com-link.

"Time to show the world, Iron Man!" Tony said proudly, as he walked over, the armor placing itself around him. Being much more efficient as it was guided by the AI. The armor shaped into place around his arms, legs and torso. Creating the golden plated armor around his legs and arms, as he puts on his helmet, his faceplate snapping down into place.

"[All the functions are fully operational, sir.]" The AI said to Tony as his suit came online.

"[Great. Now it's time to show the Hulk why I'm the smartest man on Earth. Excluding Reed Richards, of course.]" Tony smirked under his armor, as he turns to face Captain America. It was the Hulk after all…could he really do it alone? "[One more command, wake up the subject. Project Rebirth is a go.]"

Abandoned Ruins of Oscorp, Lower West-Side

This was truly a match centuries in the making, Thor and the Hulk began to collide . Trading punches with one and other, the power of which was nearly beyond human comprehension. Thor waved his hammer around, bringing it down onto Hulk's head, slamming it down with enough force to create a tremor, causing the land to shake. Luckily, Harry Osborn had no interest in this business anymore, so they were alone. Except for the poor camera man trying to capture the battle between the two titans.

"Fight him, Hulk!" Banner yelled, but to no effect. The chains in his mind were new, they surged with magic, and these weren't a product of the Hulk. Loki was holding him down, preventing him from talking to the Hulk. The Hulk always wanted to be left alone but…he needed Banner, to keep him in check. The yin to his yang.

"Foolish mortal, it was simple to command such a dull creature." Loki cackled from his position as he watched the battle, letting the Hulk fight a freely a little. Only to increase the power stemming from his rage.

"Odin's beard!" Thor thought to himself in anguish, using his hammer to knock the Hulk upward. Hearing the loud clap of thunder as he did so. "You're quite strong, creature."

Hulk responded with a roar and a leap into the air. Thor met him with a swing off the hammer side of Mjolnir into the side of the Hulks face. A smile formed on Thor's face as he was about to taunt the monster, before he noticed the object missing from his hands. "No…." Thor muttered, normally, his enchantment would prevent this. But the hammer was different, it changed. Now it was just a weight, pure strength was enough, and the Hulk had plenty. The Hulk charged at a Thor who's only defense was his hands.

"HULK, SMASH!" He yelled as he prepared to bring Thor's own weapon down upon him, until he was cut off by a motorcycle exploding in his face, as the Wolverine landed beside Thor, a smirk on the feral mutants face. Hulk dropped the hammer and stumbled away as flames burned his face.

"Another Warrior?" Thor questioned, grabbing his hammer.

"A killer, bub." Logan corrected, he was there to scrap. Not for honor.

"Have thy a weapon?" Thor followed up, clutching his hammer as lightning began to flow from it.

"I am a weapon." Logan answered simply, as he unsheathed his claws.


"Aye." Thor replied with a confident smirk, he then rushed forward and brought Mjolnir down on Hulk's skull with enough force to crater the ground. While the Emerald behemoth was momentarily distracted Wolverine began to hack away at his tendons and vital organs, in a desperate attempt to slow the Hulk down even further. The monster threw a wild haymaker meant to take the Canuck's head off his shoulders, but was easily dodged and countered with a stab to the armpit by Wolverine.

"He's sloppy, all that's left is rage. Where's Banner?" Wolverine questioned, once again aiming for his arm when his hand was caught, shocking the feral mutant.

"Hulk smash puny man." Loki said through Hulk, doing his best to imitate him. He then lifted Logan upand smashed him into the ground a few times before chucking him into the building behind him.

"Loki."Thor had finally put things together, it wasn't the Hulk's doing at all. It was his brother, the entire time!

"Hello brother!" The Hulk replied with Loki's voice. The monster then punched Thor in the stomach lifting him off the ground. Before throwing a hammer fist into the Thunder God's back, causing him to crash into a Earth with a sound that would make heavens jealous.

Live Daily Bugle Broadcast, brought to you by your ever lovin' Jay Jonah Jameson!

"This is an outrage!" Jonah cried out, pointing to the footage above him of the fight going on between Thor and Hulk, which was being filmed by a part-timer, similar to his star photographer, who apparently didn't bother this time. "These…fools, are making a mockery of an American hero, a icon! Today is the day to celebrate when real heroes existed, not menaces like Spider-Man! Or false prophets, like this Thor fellow! Why, I bet they're all in cahoots, putting on a show in an attempt to outshine the real deal. The hero. Steve Rogers."

The screen transitions to an image of Steve Rodgers from World War II, leading the charge against Hitler directly. Followed closely in tow by Bucky, his former sidekick and the Howling Commandos, a group of incredibly skilled, and gifted soldiers who were worthy to serve under the Captain himself, and then in another moment, it panned back to the fight.

"He was a hero. The last hero in history I'm afraid, because this world is going downhill! And Heaven help us if the military and police cannot handle this monster, because if they can't, I don't know who will!" The Publisher was yelling and ranting as usual, ever since the DB went digital and began to broadcast itself in Times Square. The screen then transitioned to Betty Brant, amateur reporter.

"The creature known as, "The Hulk", has been more myth than anything else. Reports from all across the country have been around for years about his existence, there was even a debate among people over whether his skin was grey or green. It seems we have our answer, as the emerald behemoth will surely tare through New York. At the moment, the man keeping him at bay is former heart-surgeon, Dr. Donald Blake. Who, for reasons unknown bulked up, got a giant hammer, and began to claim he was the son of Odin. Ridiculous as this sounds, if he doesn't stop him, our chances are slim to none. Good luck New York."

Abandoned Ruins of Oscorp, Lower East-Side

Spider-Man swung through the air, with the same grace as a master acrobat, were it not for the webbing, one could've sworn he was flying. He was so quick and free, he could almost forget his worries. Forget that they were fighting the Hulk. Well, he hadn't arrived just yet. But he really had to get moving if he wanted to arrive, using his spider-speed to increase the rate while swinging. When suddenly he saw Wolverine go zooming by; while at the same time, a masked Marvel of a woman slammed into the Hulk.

"Odin's beard!" Thor cried, as Ms. Marvel slammed into the Hulk, throwing a punch at super-speed and upper-cutting the Incredible Hulk, intent on ending things quickly.

"Relax pretty boy, I got it covered." Ms. Marvel smirked, finally she could show what a disciplined hero was like.

"Logan, you alright?" Spider-Man asked, grabbing Wolverine with his adhesive hands in order to prevent Wolverine from moving forward but the moment that currently had Logan in its grasped was too much for Spider-Man. Both of them flew into the ground. "Remind me to never ask you for a ride again."

"That's a good thing, I tend to stab those that annoy me." Logan replied as he stood up and cracked his neck. For some unholy reason he could never wander into New York without running into Spider-Man. And he hated it. He didn't have time for this today, he was going to show Hulk he was the best there is at what he does, and why what he does isn't t nice.

"Don't' lie…you like my company." Peter rebuttal-ed, electing a grunt from Logan. He and Logan would need an opening if they wanted to do anything significant. "Why am I so damned useless? That spider bit me and gave me these powers. The least it could've done was make me useful!"

Suddenly, the Hulk slammed his fist into Thor's face, causing Spider-Man to fire a web-net in order to capture the Norse god of thunder. Seeing this as his opportunity, he rushed forward, landing a barrage of punches and kicks, using his spider-sense to remain ahead of the Hulk, while Ms. Marvel did it by carefully studying his moves to anticipate them.

"Wait, you're real?" Ms. Marvel questioned with an interested look, firing a blast from her hands to knock the Hulk back.

"Of course I am." Spider-Man replied, slamming a kick into the Hulk's face. His lenses moving to convey a sense of shock. "I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Love of many, hero to all!"

"I thought you were Bugle propaganda. A hoax to bring supers out of hiding." Carol admitted with a little smile, amused with the idea.

"100% percent real, I promise. How about you girl, I'm at a loss, who are ya?" Spider-Man questioned, firing a web-ball into the Hulk's face, blinding him.

With Wolverine and Thor

"'Come on bub!" Wolverine yelled, as he used his claws to cut Thor down from the web Spider-Man caught him with.

"Fine weapons you have there." Thor commented, stretching his arms. Thinking he could've freed himself.

"All natural, Goldilocks." Wolverine said simply, looking out to the fight. The Hulk still wasn't himself. "Yer strong, right?"

Thor nodded, smirking as he spun his hammer. "There is no one mightier in all the nine realms!"

"That's just great. I need ya ta throw me at 'im." Wolverine explained, gesturing for Thor to put his hand down so he could use it to aim himself at the Hulk.

"You would shatter from the force." Thor said simply.

"Nah, Adamantium Skeleton. Unbreakable." Wolverine clarified, Thor shrugged, and did as asked.

"I'm a woman, for starters. But the name, is Ms. Marvel!" She replied proudly, as she rushed at the Hulk, Wolverine coming from close behind as he is thrown by Thor, the two having decided to do the fast-ball special.

"Well Ms. M, with legs like that I guess I shouldn't underestimate you. I bet you'll single-handily increase the sale of thigh high boots." Spider-Man managed to quip, and even flirt.

"Is now really the time-" Ms. Marvel began, as she was interrupted.


"Spider-Sense, danger!" Peter thought to himself, feeling the tingle, his body instinctively jumping upward in order to avoid whatever danger remained. "Ms. Marvel! LOOK OUT!" Peter called from the air, as the Hulk clapped his hands together, creating a shock wave which knocked Ms. Marvel, Thor and Wolverine away from the battlefield. Allowing Peter to land on the ground unharmed, with his comrades now laying on the ground behind him.

"Heh. Puny mortals." Loki spoke out through the Hulk, though he was still wrestling for control of the body.

"Don't let him control us, HULK!" Banner cried out in their physce, truly alone.

"Hulk Smash." Loki said under his breath, drawing out the moment to taunt Spider-Man.

"Uh..guys..?" Spider-Man asked, standing on the ground in front of the Hulk. His spider-sense tingling nonstop. He knew he was in danger, the power felt useless at the moment, but he couldn't think of anything he could do to stop the Hulk. Without doing the unspeakable, anyway. He grimaced, he had to try. "Really not a time to be holding back guys, Wolvie? Healed up yet bud?"

Josie's Bar, Hell's Kitchen
"And there you have it! This is obviously all being staged! Spider-Man is the only one left standing? Laughable! This is nothing more than a joke. Don't buy into this menace induced hysteria, folks!" Jay Jonah Jameson ranted on the TV in the bar. A simple one, home to all kinds of questionable people. Including Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Matt Murdock, secretly the costume vigilante Daredevil, man without fear! But it's a secret, so don't tell anyone!

"Spider-Man?" Matt questioned, he had been listening. Word is there was a fight going on with the Hulk, what did Spider-Man have to do with it. He turned to Foggy. "What's happening?"

"It's Spider-Man, Matt. He's..he's fighting the Hulk." Foggy said simply, as Matt listened to his heart-beat. He didn't sound worried.

"Should I...?" Matt asked again, wondering if they should leave Karen so he could become Daredevil and go help.

"No." Foggy said quickly, Matt knew as well as he did that they're out of excuses to ditch Karen.

"But.." Matt began, worried for Peter's safety.

"Matt. How would Daredevil be able to help them stop the Hulk?" Foggy said to his friend sternly.

"Fine. How's he doing?" Matt inquired next, hoping his friend was okay.

"Honestly Matt?" Foggy questioned, earning a nod from the blind lawyer. "Honestly, he's kicking his ass!"

Matt smiled at the news, he was doing it. Matt always knew Peter could do something he couldn't, fight in a way Matt couldn't. He could be in the light of day, show himself. And really doing something. Contribute to the world, beyond this kitchen Matt used to confine him to. "I knew you could do it, Peter. Show us your drive, your heart. Show them how you won't give up no matter what. I know you can give them hope that we'll make it out of this, and I trust you can do it. But it wouldn't hurt for me to pray, would it? And so God, I hope you help my friend Peter Parker. Help him win!"

Xavier Institute, San Fransisco

"Is he seriously just lying there?" Cyclops questioned, staring at the screen in the living room. Wolverine had just showed up, taken a suit and a Black Bird. Cyclops wasn't at all happy about that. But everyone else seemed to be pretty much over it. After their mission yesterday, he couldn't believe this was getting more attention than them.

"He's hurt Scott." Jean defended, hugging the arm of their mutant leader.

"He's always talking about being the best. but look at him now." Scott smiled softly.

"Scott." Jean glared at him.

"Go Spidey, go!" Iceman cheered with a smirk. Pumping his fists in the air and hoping that Spider-Man came out on top.

"His acrobatic abilities are a match for my own." Hank noted, as he analyzed the fight.

"Don't ruin the fight." Angel spoke out simply, flapping his wings to knock over Iceman's popcorn.

"Hey!" Iceman yelled, transforming into a snow-like creature.

"Bring it, snowflake." Angel taunted.

"No fighting!" Scott yelled, irritated.

The Baxter Building
Home of the infamous Fantastic Four! Originally believed to be a publicity stunt, they are a group of superhumans indued with the power cosmic by a freak storm in space. They usually spend their time discovering new planes of existence and such, but today, they're all in Reed's lab, monitoring the fight in order to figure out what is wrong with the Hulk.

"Fascinating." Reed said, remarking how incredible Spider-Man's speed was.

"How'd he take out Thor?" Ben questioned, staring at the screen.

"He's stronger than when you fought, Ben." Reed answered simply.

"We need to go, Reed!" Susan spoke up, tired of doing nothing.

"We need to get out of this first!" Johnny called out, currently they were in the mircoverse, trying to prevent it's collapse, joined by Ant-Man and the Wasp.

"They're like some sort of team." Janet pointed out, warding off their attackers.

"Ha. That'll be the day." Hank chimed in, finding it rather laughable.

Abandoned Oscorp Grounds

Spider-Man is suddenly batted away, having only been able to dodge for so long. Normally people dismiss the Hulk as slow, but that wasn't the case at all. He was actually incredibly fast, it just never mattered because of how strong he is. And now Spider-Man understood that, he hit the ground hard, skidding against it. Why was it always him.

"Damn it. I have to do this. Have to get up." Spider-Man struggled to stand, rising to his feet. "Hello. Wolvie. Thor. God. Anyone?" He questioned mentally, as he felt the Hulk loom over him, until he's suddenly stopped. A shield entered Hulk's face and as the creature turned to see his new aggressor, two repulsor rays sent him flying.

"You did good, soldier. Let me take it from here." He heard a voice call out, one he'd never heard, as he landed in front of him. His shield flying back into his hands. There stood Captain America, joined by Iron Man. Spider-Man swore that he'd lost his mind now.

"[Good show, Cap.]" Iron Man chimed in, floating down beside him. Having brought the American Icon with him. "[Good work Spider-Man.]"

"Alright, let's get this done!" Cap said proudly, as he rushed in. Slamming his shield into the Hulk's face, and then jumping over him, sending another attack with the shield to the back of his neck, pulling out his hand-gun and firing it into the Hulk's skin. Though, he was bullet proof. Iron Man laid down cover fire, protecting Cap from the Hulk's immediate attacks. As they did, the other heroes slowly began to rise, shocked to see the living legend fighting with them.

The Live Daily Bugle Broadcast

"This..this is not a charade people. Not a lie, not some kind of false anything. That, is, Captain America! I'd know his voice anywhere from the old tapes. Finally a REAL hero has shown up to deal with the problem. I don't know how on God's green Earth this has happened, but I'm glad it did!" Jameson yelled cheerfully, obviously happy for once. So much so, Betty did not feel the need for a second broadcast.

Back to the Fight

Captain America was holding his own pretty well, just what everyone would've expected for him, and when Hulk punched the shield, he didn't even budge! It was awe-inspiring for the people watching, and for the heroes who sought to fight alongside him. Spider-Man got up just as the others did, while Iron Man flew in close for a blow from his uni-beam. However, the Hulk knocked him away, his armor now on the fritz.

"Spider-Man, take care of Iron Man!" Cap called out, as Thor and Ms. Marvel rushed to his aid, Spider-Man swung over to Iron Man, checking on his vital signs.

"Armor's shutting down, damn." Spider-Man muttered, as his hands released tiny screw drivers and other tools sewn in on his fingertips, a feat taught by Daredevil, as he began to hack his armor, needing to do so to release the helmet so he could breath. Revealing his identity as..Tony Stark! Billionaire playboy philanthropist! Spider-Man stared in shock. "Well, that answers that."

"Awe, damn." Tony muttered, taking his helmet and re-calibrating his armor, as he got up, Linking all the coms in the room, so they could follow Cap's orders. He's the tactician after all.

"Thor, Marvel. You're both strong, hold him off." Cap said to the two, because they were right next to him. Ms. Marvel caught a green fist, and Thor repeated the action, as Captain America rushed him.

"Thor, what's up with Hulk?" Carol questioned, struggling to hold on.

"My brother Loki. He's controlling the monster. He is also protecting himself. Right now, he's distracted." Thor explained, as he head-butted the Hulk.

"Heard that, Wolverine? Find Loki, and shut this down." Cap ordered, blocking yet another blow from the Hulk.

"Yeah. C'mon Web-Head. Ya set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down." Wolverine told him, as he followed the mysterious scent.

"Just my luck." Spider-Man chuckled as he thought to himself, rushing forward he saw the man in gold on the building, he grabbed Wolverine, and swung the two up onto the building, kicking Loki in the head as Wolverine slashes across his chest. "Hey bucket head!"

"We hit him fast. Parker holds back. I don't." Wolverine thought to himself, as Loki grabbed him and Spider-Man by their throats.


"I thought he was the weak one!" Spider-Man managed to squeeze out.

"I may not be Thor, buy I am still a god!" Loki barked at them.

"Kinda wish he hadn't been so nice." Wolverine repeated, as the two are pushed through the building by the Asgardian Prince. "Bug is tough, and he can take it. Me? Healin' factor's kicking in. He's strong." Wolverine concluded, but now they were on the ground level, and their plan worked, they freed the Hulk from his grasp, and more importantly, freed Banner.

"Hulk!" Banner called out in their mind.

"Hulk can hear Puny Banner again." Hulk muttered, calming down.

"Smash the Gold & Green man, Hulk." Banner ordered.


"The Man in Gold Hulk!" Banner tried to clarify which one it is, and move on, but no such luck.

"Hulk Smash Loki!" The Hulk called out, as Captain America aimed his shield and hit Loki in the head, then Iron Man knocked him back with his repulsors. to keep it going, Ms. Marvel hit him with some energy, and Spider-Man webbed up his arms. Finally the Hulk rushed in, grabbing Loki and smashing him onto the ground, walking away. "Puny god."

Loki slowly managed to rise, as Thor chucked his hammer at his head, knocking him out. "Well fought." Thor said with a small smirk, twirling his hammer in the hand.

"Good job solider." Cap said a with a smile, standing triumphantly.

"[We're awesome. Mostly me though.]" Iron Man chimed in.

"Hulk, is Hulk!" Banner's other half said with his own smirk.

"Oh, man. Oh God." Was all Spider-Man could get out, nearly lost for words.

"Good scrap." Wolverine said with a smirk.

"You silly boys." Ms. Marvel added, crossing her arms, as they all stood together, the camera panning in on them, as the Hulk transformed back into Banner, eliminating the threat.

"Um….what the hell?" The camera man questioned, staring at the group of superheroes, specifically Tony Stark.

"[We'll talk press.]" Tony said simply. Suggesting each of the heroes leave, and meet again at Stark Industries.

Press Conference Held at STARK Industries

July 5th.

Tony Stark had called a press conference, to talk officially about what happened yesterday. He does most of the talking, explaining that the Hulk was being controlled by Loki, who was now in the custody of the United States government. Well in actuality S.H.I.E.L.D., but what Tony said was accurate enough. It is also explained by Tony how the Iron Man armor was created, and that this was his way of giving back. It was also explained how Bruce Banner came to be, but now it came down to it, the only explanation anyone cared about. How Steve Rodgers was still alive.

"It'd be easier for Mr. Stark to explain, but I'll do my best. When I landed in the arctic, the super-soldier serum allowed me to survive in the ice. A form of suspended animation, which prevented me from aging for decades on end. Tony invented a method of "thawing me out", but nothing permanent yet."

"What do you think about the men and women around you now?" Betty Brant question, holding up her microphone.

"The same as anyone who saw what happened last night. They're heroes." Steve replied with a kind smile. Of course, Jameson objected.

"You've been in the blasted ice to long!" He shouts, angry.

"I think you're mistaken, sir." Steve replied once again.

"No, afraid not!" Jameson yelled back, and began pointing at the heroes. "He's a menace." He pointed to Spider-Man. "A killer." He pointed to Wolverine." A monster." He pointed to Bruce Banner. "An alcoholic." He pointed to Tony Stark. "And she…she's fired." He pointed to Carol, who temporarily worked for him.

"I look at them, and I see brilliant minds." He looked to Spider-Man, Tony and Bruce. "Men and women who gave an all for their country..." He turned to Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man. "Those moved by tragedy..." He looked to them all. "Around me, I see America's virtues. It's values, standing before me. When Janet Van Dyne designed this costume I'm wearing, she said it was for the first Avenger. That's who stand with me today. Avengers!"

Jameson stares at him, unable to reply.

"Ya look like Hitler anyhow." Logan said gruffly, causing Spider-Man laugh.


This...wasn't planned, no one had set it into motion, no one had any stakes, or seemingly any motives. Loki just wanted to cause mischief, or so it seemed that was his only goal with controlling the Hulk and causing trouble in their city. Nick Fury was supposed to be in charge of this, he would be there when Cap was revived, he brought Spider-Man and Wolverine together when he needed to, but this, this team, it was unprecedented, he didn't account for it.

"And I see a bunch of reckless heroes teaming up to from an even more reckless bunch." Fury sated before turning around. "Widow!"

The Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff as a select few know her as, walked up to Fury. "Yes?"

"Go and investigate this so called team. See if their up to the task of keeping the world safe." Fury ordered as he went back to reading over the files of each hero.

"Yes sir."

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