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Newly Christened Avengers Tower

The Week After the Press Conference

Tony Stark was a billionaire playboy philanthropist. He was a futurist, always intending to do what would happen next. What would be best for the world, next. And seeing this, the Avengers, being something that could very well happen now, he was all in. Even before the press conference, he had removed his own name from the tower, and left the "A". The Avengers were trending, after all. Now all he had to do was convince people to stay and make this team work.

However, there was no team to be had. Everyone was just willing to be there for the press, Spider-Man hoped it would help his image, and Wolverine was just curious to see if he could get a ride, by the time he had finished showing everyone around, even Ms. Marvel had abandoned him and left him there alone. Leaving him with only Captain America and Thor as people who chose to remain with him.

"I think this can work son." Steve said simply, smiling at Tony and placing his hand on his shoulder. He knew the need for teams like this, without the Invaders, Hydra would've conquered the planet. He could see that Tony had good intentions, and couldn't be like anything he'd heard about on the way back from the press conference. After all, he was a hero.

"Aye friend Stark, your plan is quite brilliant." Thor chimed in, setting his hammer down on his back. He crossed his arms as he watched Tony with a gentle smile from the large Asgardian.

"I can't believe this." Tony sighed, seeing that he was left with only two people. This wasn't in his plans, this wasn't what he was intending for the Avengers Initiative.

"Why does this matter so much to you?" Steve found himself questioning, according to the "internet", Tony never gave anything this much effort. Period.

"Before this…before I became Iron Man….I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They told me I'd have six months, max. And then I was captured, and there was shrapnel in my heart. I made this to save my life." He opens his shirt, and shows them his arc reactor. "I built a suit, and I escaped. I came back to America, and I built a better suit. All I'd done for this world…was hurt. I made weapons that killed. Iron Man was the first weapon that saved. Every time I put on the suit, I risk my life. I could die any day. From this tumor, some nut job killing me, or my suit failing and my heart giving out. I want to do good things for this world, and I'm going to do it."

Both of the men were silent, only exchanging looks of sorrow and remorse. Because they could see that the playboy was a fad, Tony Stark was something else entirely. Someone with bigger goals, and they respected him for it. They were happy to follow him, wherever he went. Finally, Steve spoke up with a smile. "We'll follow you Tony, wherever this goes."

"Where is everyone else?" Tony questioned, sighing at the fact that there were now only three of them, opposed to the original 7 who had saved New York from Loki. As he began to ponder this, Jarvis, his faithful butler walked into the room.

"Spider-Man left as soon as you stopped talking. He said something about his spider-sense. Then Ms. Marvel and Wolverine decided to go to a bar. The Hulk managed to make it to the door, but Dr. Banner said that the Hulk could not be trusted after what Loki did to him, especially if Loki was in this very building." Jarvis explained, as he pulled out his tray with 3 cups of tea, Thor and Cap graciously taking it.

"So, they went to acquire mead?" Thor questioned, downing the cup immediately.

"That is correct, sir." Jarvis replied simply.

"That was a good idea." The Thunder God admitted with a small smirk.

"What time is it?" Cap questioned, knowing it was still relatively early, who could be drinking already?

"Doesn't matter Cap, we need to get them back." Tony said simply, asking Jarvis to send his armor down so he could go assemble the Avengers as he always intended.

Loki's Cell in the Avenger's Tower

Loki had been bested by mortals. He couldn't even bear the idea of being bested by them, in his mind he tended to blame the loss on his half brother, Thor. Now he was in shackles, of his brothers own design limiting his use of magic. He was beaten and humiliated by mortals, and he hated it. But he would have his revenge, he would have his day.

Loki was the god of tricks after all; it wouldn't be too difficult to cast even a remedial spell in order to fool his idiotic brother. And then he would continue to play his tricks on the world, controlling the Hulk had to be his favorite. Painting the gentle creature as a villain, such a shadow cast over public eye was brilliant. It was tragic. And he loved it.

"Leave me be..mortal." Loki let out with a small smirk, whoever this other magician was; he thought that he could sneak up on Loki, it was impossible to trick the god of lies.

"I can help you." The figure spoke out softly, garnering Loki's attention. "I can free you from your binds."

"I do not need help." Loki replied, angrily standing. He was a god! There was no mortal who could talk down to him.

"Your current situation says otherwise. But don't worry, I'm a kind person." The figure replied, waving his hands to remove Loki's bonds. Leaving the Norse God shocked by what just happened to him.

"What are you?" Loki questioned, intrigued by this figure.

"I am a friend." He replied simply, supplying Loki with the armor that was confiscated from him.

"I have no friends." Loki replied callously, waving his scepter around.

"Of course you do not. You are a leader, and you will force the world to submit to you. As you should. I just wish to help move you along. You are a force of nature, and I am eager to watch you. Now, go forth, and conquer." The figure said as he and Loki suddenly disappeared into thin air, and the alarm began to go off, alerting the Avengers to what was happening.

The Main Hall

The alarm was going off like crazy, Tony couldn't believe it, he designed that cell himself, his tech was years ahead of everyone else, how could anyone else break Loki out? Tony soon assembled his armor, putting it back onto himself as he looked from Jarvis, to Thor and then finally to Captain America, as if willing to let him make the play. As if willing to let him make the move.

"We need to get down there, and check it out." Steve said simply, putting the helmet Tony had made for him back on. He'd never gotten to say it, but he appreciated the revamping of his costume. The helmet covered his head and came over his face, though it did not cover his nose. It had a large A on it, and the design of wings on the side. His wore a white Kevlar suit, with blue chain-mailed armor on top, stopping at the red and white lines that appeared just before the belt. His boots and gloves were armored and red. He kept his shield on his back, and then moved out.

"Loki couldn't have gotten far, he used to much magic controlling friend Hulk." Thor explained simply, running behind Cap as he headed toward the Cell-block level, hoping they could stop Loki from causing more trouble in this fare city. Loki was his responsibility; he had to be his brother's keeper. And he didn't seem to mind.

"Alright then, let's go team. Jarvis, you'll be safer up here." Ironman told his butler as his face-plate came down, and he sped behind the two living myths, ready to do whatever needed to be done. He promised Bruce that no one would use him again, and he meant it. He needed to do this, and he needed to do it now.

Loki's Cell

"How did he do it?" The Black Widow questioned, she had broken into the tower in order to test the Avengers, but instead she found that there one prisoner had escaped, and with help. She knew she had to call this in to Nick Fury, and tell him what was going down. After all, he was in charge, and he was supposed to be the one policing the world, after all.

"Stand down." Captain America called out, breaking the Russian Super-Spy's concentration; she turned around to see The Sentinel of Liberty, the Norse God of Thunder and the Invincible Armored Iron Man standing before her, as she prepared for a fight. A perfect time to test them.

"Have at thee!" Thor called out, moving in to go at her with his hammer. As Black Widow pulled out his twin pistols and began to fire bullets at him, he was certainly bullet proof, as she had been told.

"Thor stand back!" Cap called out, he could already tell they were fighting a soldier. He was the tactician of the team after all. He needed Thor to move to give him a clear shot with his shield, but he did the calculations, and hurled it anyway.

Black Widow saw the shield coming for him, reaching out her hand and letting it slip onto her arm, before saying. "Nice toy boys." The Widow smirked, using her new found 'toy" to block a blow from Thor's hammer, the lightning bouncing off of the shield and hitting Tony.

"[What the hell?]" Tony questioned, feeling the lightning ripple and shock his systems, he'd never felt such power surge through the suit, luckily his arc reactor was able to handle the power. But it was nearly mind blowing nonetheless. Widow pushed Mjolnir out of the way and bashed Thor across the skull with it. Jarring him and sending him spiraling back.

"Catch, Stark." Black Widow said simply, throwing the shield at Iron Man. Though, unknown to all of the heroes, she had tied the shield to Thor's hammer, so after it hit Tony, it ricocheted back and struck Thor in the head, nearly incapacitating the two, as Cap moved in to take his shield back.

"That's enough." Cap said simply, standing there. Not moving to attack, Black Widow was mind blown. They'd met before but right now…she could see why so many people looked up to him. There were no openings for her to attack him. And even if she did, no weaknesses for her to exploit.

"You're right, Captain." She replied, moving out of her defensive stance. She respected him, unlike the other two. So she had no problems laying down and no longer fighting, it meant submitting to him. "I just came here to confirm Nick Fury's suspicions; you're not ready to defend the Earth. You're not ready to stop Loki. You got lucky."

"[You…you work for Fury? Why aren't you in the database?]" Tony questioned, swearing he'd committed all of the members of S.H.I.E.L.D. to memory.

"I am a spy, Tony. You're not supposed to know who I am. And it's going to stay that way." She said simply, crossing her arms. Knowing Captain America might recognize her.

"You pack quite a punch." Thor said with a smile, Black Widow reminding him of the warrior women of the Valkyrie's.

"Thanks, Blondy." Black Widow replied with a confident smirk, Tony still wasn't happy. But Steve got him to hold off.

"What's happening?" Steve questioned, looking her in the face in order to be sure that she told him the truth.

"Fury has detected more…sightings of strange creatures since Loki was captured, and he's decided you may be needed. But if you can't handle it…" Natasha began, as Steve cut her off.

"We'll take care of it. Tony, you need to go get Spider-Man, convince him to join us. Thor, make sure that Wolverine and Marvel aren't incapacitated and are still able to help, and be sure we're all ready by the next time I need to be thawed out." Steve said simply, as Iron Man moved him back to his room, back to where he needed to be frozen. It was a prison of sorts… but also a lifeline. Tony knew he had to make this work, he had to be better.

The Bronx

Spider-Man had left the Avengers scene as soon as he could. He never felt comfortable in that kind of situation, he never felt comfortable with being up there in the sky with people like that. Daredevil had taught him that they were at service to the people. Even if they were afraid, and didn't appreciate him, he would always be out here, protecting them. This was his gift, and it was his curse, he was Spider-Man.

He had just stopped his third mugging today. What was Iron Man doing while he was stopping muggings? "He Probably stopping himself from having another bottle." The Wall-Crawler thought to himself, he'd been there for two long. It was about time that he got moving. He had other things to do, after all. couldn't stay out there with the "Spider-Slayers" still roaming his otherwise friendly neighborhood.

"[Spider-Man.]" Iron Man called out, as he began to float down. It'd taken him quite a while to find the Wall-Crawler; he did tend to take care of all of New York, which made him a difficult man to track.

"Get out of here Stark, you're drawing attention." Spider-Man said simply, turning his back on the armored Avenger.

"[We need you, Spider-Man. To make this team work.]" Iron Man spoke out, pleading with him.

"I'm not a hero, like you. I'm a menace, don't you read the Bugle? I don't do this for the recognition. I don't do this for praise. New York is my responsibility. It has been since I received these powers." Peter replied simply, knowing that he needed to move on from this.

"[You don't have to be.]" Tony spoke out, as Spider-Man looked up at him.


"Stark, get down!" Spider-Man listening to his sixth sense grabbed the Iron clad Avenger and moved him out of the way, dodging the flow of bullets from a helicopter like robot began to reign down bullets on the two. The projectiles tore through the roof that they were on.

"[Man, you're fast.]" Iron Man spoke out softly, turning to blast the Spider-Slayer with repulsor blast.

"Don't you see? This is my world, being hated. I'm not complaining about it Stark, but you're going to need to find someone else for your little team." Spider-Man said simply, firing a web-line as he swung away, the Spider-Slayer followed. Leaving Stark alone with his thoughts.

A bar in Manhattan

Wolverine and Ms. Marvel were among the few Avengers who were in the military, they had seen things. Done things that they didn't even really want to think about. The two both understood that drinking away their problems didn't solve them, but it tended to help the two found, at least. Wolverine and Ms. M could both back them away, her alien physiology limiting the affect that alcohol had on her, and Wolverine would continuously heal in order to keep going.

"Sometimes I can't even get drunk." Carol boasted, knowing Logan was known for his drinking games. She was still disappointed Parker didn't work out, but she knew she didn't want to face Fury just yet.

"Sometimes? Lightweight." Logan scoffed, a friendly smirk forming on his face. Even if she was "just a dame", he needed a new drinking partner. Someone to hang out with when times were hard.

The two begin to drink, as Logan looks weary. Though not from alcohol, he hadn't had nearly enough, not even close. But Wolverine was more than just, as set of claws. He was a mutant, with heightened senses. And this included a sense of smell.

Sniff Sniff

"Sweat, the smell of oil and grease, the sound of electrical whirring and ticks." Logan thought to himself, he knew exactly who was approaching the bar. Camera men and reporters, he couldn't stand them. Logan swore under his breath; he hated being caught on camera. He didn't know what Weapon X did to him, but he didn't really want to know on some level.

"What are you?" The cameraman questioned, as he began to goad and bit at Logan with questions.

"A man bub, same as you. ell..not you." Logan said with a smirk, teasing the slender man as he downed his glass.

"You're a mutie, right?" The man questioned, once again causing Logan to sigh.

"Relax." Carol warned with a small whisper, knowing the feral mutant could hear.

"I am a mutant. Yes." Logan corrected, knowing that if Chuck was watching he wouldn't want him to make mutants look bad on TV.

"With the can openers?" He followed up.


Logan unsheathed his claws, two on either side of the man's face. Not raising the third claw, happy to scare him, even if just a little. He continued to down his drinks, smirking at the man. "I guess you could call them that…but…they tend to open different things."

"What are they made of.?" The man questioned, curious.

"An indestructible metal." Logan explained simply, not wanting to get into to deeply.

"And you use it…to kill people?" The man questioned, knowing that this was where it was going, Logan was prepared.

"I try my best not ta take lives, not ta be an animal. Just like anyone else, bub. But I'm only a man, I've been pushed. Been forced. I ain't ashamed of what I've done, and given the chance, yer damn right I'd do it again. But I am not a killer, I'm not a monster. I just do what needs ta be done. I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice."

"So every person that you have killed you would kill again? That sounds like a monster to me." The reporter stated.

"Then you aren't too smart. This is my life, I've made choices I'm not proud of, but those choices brought me to where I am today. Those choices have given me a life that I love. It may have it's flaws, but don't we all?" Logan explained. The reporter nodded in understanding before looking at Ms. Marvel.

"So are you two a thing or…?" He asked. Receiving a variety of responses from both heroes there. Wolverine choked on the beer he was drinking, while Ms. Marvel looked a little miffed by the claim.

"Absolutely not. We are just acquaintances having a drink."

"So you're free?" Ms. Marvel sighed, so that's where this was going.

"This conversation is over." She stated simply.

Avengers Tower

Tony returned to the tower, without Spider-Man, without Wolverine, without Ms. Marvel and even without Thor, who left the same time as him! Tony sighed, he couldn't believe how fast this all went down the shitter. He was supposed to be doing great things; he was supposed to be guiding the future. But he was failing. His father helped create Captain America and even designed Tony's arc reactor, though he finished it. What had he made? Iron Man. A hero who saved no one.

Tony was interrupted from his thoughts by Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Iron Man's unofficial boss, the one person who already knew that Tony Stark and his armored body guard were one in the same. He couldn't believe it, no Loki, no Avengers, and now Nick Fury was breathing down his neck.

"[What is it, Fury?]" Iron Man questioned, summoning Nick Fury to appear in the com-link in his helmet as he continued into his tower.

"[We're getting alarms, from everywhere.]" Nick Fury explained simply, causing Tony to question. What did he mean, everywhere?

"[The X-Men, the Fantastic Four, both of them gone in the blink of an eye. Nowhere to be seen. And now these ships have begun appearing in the sky over New York.]"

"[An alien invasion!? Right now?]"

"[I've found Loki.]" Fury revealed, shocking and blowing Tony's mind.

"[You found him, already?]" Iron Man questioned, he was tapped into every camera on the planet and he hadn't caught wind of him.

"[He's at the Triskelion. He knew we were having the press over here today, and he began his attack. He seems to have allied himself with those creatures Widow briefed you on.]" Tony sighed at the mention of the Russian red-head. But nodded.

"[I'll move out as soon as possible.]" Tony said simply, preparing to go, and hanging up on Nick Fury. As he was stopped by Black Widow.

She glanced at him, before saying, "We can't do it without him." She pointed to the room labeled project Rebirth, the room where Captain America slept. Where he remained frozen to time, unable to even sleep like an ordinary man. The living legend literally had to be frozen to even interact with them, some of the time.

"[He needs a full 24 hours to get 24 hours.]" Tony stated. As much as he hated it that was the best he could do. Cap's time unfrozen was equal to his time being frozen, but it capped at 24 hours.

"We don't have 24 hours." Black Widow called back, causing Tony to look at the room once again.

The Bar

Logan and Carol had done their best to be good patrons, when suddenly the bar doors were destroyed, flung open by strange alien creatures. It was obvious that the black coating around there body was armor, it glimmered in the light. Their right arms were blades that had a glowing blue line down the middle, there left arm turned into a small canon with a hold in the center that glowed blue. Their legs were small thin, it seemed impossible that they supported the bulky frames of the aliens. The heads had blue eyes that shined menacingly, one of the aliens mouths was opened: revealing the blood on it's teeth and the many flaps that kept it closed.(Kind of like how the arbiter's mouth is in Halo)Now, Wolverine may be a very violent person, but he was stupid either. He understood that you require a plan from time to time, but he could smell the human blood from the aliens mouth…and that….that wasn't right. He wasn't going to let something so savage happen. He was, after all, a hero. He was Wolverine. And even if people were afraid, even if they hated him. He was going to help. Because that's what heroes do.

"You picked the wrong bar, bub!" Logan growled, he unsheathed his claws and dashed in. One of the aliens raised their sword and brought it down on Logan's head with lightning speed. But Wolverine has fought faster enemies before and defeated them, this was nothing in comparison. Logan sidestepped the blade stabbed into the creature's neck, gray blood oozed out of the wound, and with a primal roar Logan dragged his claws down the alien's body; effectively killing it.

"My daughter!" He heard a woman call out, distracting him long enough for one creature to shoot him with their canon arm. The blue ball of plasma energy burned his chest and sent him flying out through the wall into the gym next door.

"I've got her Ma'am. Don't worry" Ms. Marvel said as she blasted the aliens focusing on the mother's daughter. Providing the cover fire necessary for the family to be reunited. Logan cried out in pain as one of the aliens impaled him.

"Leave my fur ball alone!" Ms. Marvel called out, having changed into costume as she rushes the aliens. Grabbing them and throwing them into one of the ships in the sky. Breaking their armor against the hull. "You alright, Wolvie?"

"Fine, Danvers. Ya gotta get up there, and get rid of 'em!" Wolverine said, he wasn't the best at planning on the fly. But if not her, then who would do it?

With Hulk

Bruce had left the Avengers. He had left people who had chosen to call him friend for the first time, in a long time. Because he couldn't trust himself. The Hulk was too dangerous, much, much to dangerous. Loki really rattled his cage. Loki, nearly made the Hulk destroy New York. He had never been so angry before. He'd never been so strong. And he was afraid; he was scared of what he could do.

He had gone to see the one woman who he knew would even given him the time of day. His cousin, Jennifer Walters. A lawyer, though if her rants were any indication, she had quite the competition going with some blind guy from Hell's Kitchen. Not that Bruce really cared, but she was family. And that did matter to him. Bruce's head turned to the TV.

"Oh my god…" Jen whispered under her breath at the sight of what was unfolding.

"The people…" Bruce whispered as well, he couldn't get to emotional. Or he'd let the other guy out.

"It looks like Iron Man's out there. I guess they all are." Jen said, watching the screen.. "Except for you." She finished, glancing at her cousin.

"I can't. I can't trust the Hulk." Bruce tried to make her understand.

"But that wasn't you was it? It was Loki." Jen said. Bruce was well aware of how good of a lawyer his cousin was, he had lost many arguments with her, but this was one that needed to happen.

"Me and him are one in the same. It's just as much my fault as it is his."

"Nobody died when Loki took control." Jen stated.


"Our economy didn't crash."

"Surprisingly." Jen sighed in response, this approach wasn't working…Bruce was too stubborn. Jen then turned her back to him.

"Do you understand? What it feels like to have someone close to you turn their back on you and leave you alone. I will not help you if you don't help them. The world needs Banner and the Hulk, and now…*sigh* now you are just like you were before. Doubtful, frail, weak. You want to help others, so use the powers you were given to help. Otherwise no one will help you in return."


Captain America was the hero of the people, the hero of just that. The people. And that's who he went to. Who he jumped to protect without question or hesitation. The moment Tony thawed him out, he didn't know what would happen or how. But he knew what he had to do, and it was protect them. He had a smile on his face while he did it. They were his true strength, the serum had nothing to do with it.

"No!" Steve heard a young man call out as he covered a small girl, the black male was wearing a pair of glasses as he went to use himself as a shield. The aliens were armed and taking aim.

"You did good soldier." Cap called out, jumping in to use his shield to deflect the blast, before disarming the alien himself. He then hurled his shield, tearing through several aliens with it. But Cap left himself defenseless for a moment.

"Look out!" The man called out, pulling Cap's gun from it's holster and shooting an alien right in it's eye, taking it's life. And saving the Sentinel of liberty.

"Sharp shootin' there Buck." Steve commented, as he rubbed his head for a moment.

-Flash Back-

Steve was fighting the newest allies of Hydra, the newest threat they had to face. Aliens. Things not of this world had decided that Hydra was right, and Cap wasn't having it. He wasn't going to put up with it, so he, and the Howling Commando's went to such them down. To stop them from ruining their world and taking their freedom from them. Cap stood out among the rank soldiers, and even among the Invaders. But Bucky shined more than all of them.

"Be on guard." Namor warned, picking up a tank hurling it into the the doors of the castle they were storming.

"Always." The Human Torch called out, melting the weapons of the aliens who approached him.

Steve had a small smirk on his face, he was proud to fight with them. Hurling his shield as he fought the army of aliens. Namor and the Human Torch were focused on finding and destroying the device, but Cap couldn't help but keep fighting. He couldn't stand bullies, and he didn't care where they came from. He uppercutted one, but he was running low on power.

"Look out, Cap!" Bucky called out, slamming his shield onto the aliens, using a string to slash the aliens apart.

"Good shot, Buck." Steve said with a small smile.

-Flash BackEnd-

"Hey, thanks man. For all of this. For helping us." The man said with a smile.

"No problem. What's your name?" Steve asked with a smile.

"Sam." He said simply.

"Steve." Cap replied back, and he began to move on. It was good to help out, but Harlem had a protector now.

With Iron Man

Tony was headed to the Triskelion himself, using his armor in order to fly through the hordes that were airborne. According to the police scanner, they were doing their best, but they could be doing more. The odds were that they needed help. That they needed his help specifically, and who was he to ignore them? The Baxter building space was a launch site, he had to do his best to contain it.

"[Damn there's a lot of them.]" Tony thought to himself, using his armor to fire an array of missiles at them. Trying to keep them away from the people, it was his best bet. All his talk about change, and his greatest gift, Iron Man, was still a glorified weapon.

[More approaching sir.]

"[Got it.]" Tony replied to his AI, turning around to fire several blasts at the sky borne enemies. It was helping, but he certainly wasn't doing anything about those ships. Did he even have the weapons to deal with something like that?


Tony didn't really have time to think, he was knocked out of the sky. And the aliens began to pour on the attacks, constantly blasting and attacking his armor without any mercy. He did his best to cover the arc reactor, but things weren't exactly going well for the armor Avenger, no, not one.

[Shields down to 5% sir, we can't take much more than this.]

"[Understood, divert all shield power to the Uni-Beam, we're ending this is one go.]" Tony said confidently, if he had to go out. Then this would definitely be how he did it, and just as he was about to fire, he was distracted by...a second Iron Man?

"[Going to need you to not kill yourself.]" His friend replied, smiling under the armor.

"[What are you doing?]" Tony questioned, knowing that was the mark with added weapons systems.

"Figured you needed this." He replied, stepping out of the armor so that he could exchange armors.

The Skies of New York

Thor had left the Avengers in all the chaos, but he knew that there were things amiss. He could feel a change in the wind patterns, things weren't the same on Earth, there was another presence. And Loki's magics seemingly weren't to blame. He didn't understand what was happening, he didn't understand why these things were happening. Was it the work of his father? Was Odin punishing him?

"Odin's beard." Thor managed to whisper as suddenly portals opened in the sky, was it the rainbow bridge? Unfortunately not, as the sky suddenly filled with alien space ships. Ones even Thor did not recognize. He was raised his hammer, naturally ready to throw down with the creatures.

"Watch it, Thor!" Ms. Marvel called out, firing two blasts from her hands with a smirk. The blast bounced off the hull of the ship. An embarrassed blush formed on her face. "I swear this has never happened before."

"Lady Mar-Vell…" Thor muttered, Lightning flew to the Mjolnir and wrapped around it. He brought the magical crashing down onto the ship, crushing its exterior plating and forcing the ship down.

"We need to take down your brother." Ms. Marvel warned, blasting the aliens as they flew out of the ship.

"The people!" Thor called out.

"I have it." Ms. Marvel suddenly flew down at super-speed, going to catch the ship before it hit the ground, and before it crushed a young Muslim woman and her daughter.

"Thank Allah." The woman whispered softly, as Ms. Marvel had saved them.

"Are you alright ma'am?" Carol questioned, setting the ship down as gently as she could.

"Yes, thank you for saving my daughter Khamala." The woman said, holding the scared little girl in her arms.

"She's stronger than you think." Carol smiled, wrapping her sash around the girl to replace her own lost garments, as Carol left to return to the fighting.

Back with Iron Man

Tony was doing his best to clean up the streets, the task much easier with his new armor. But he could tell he wasn't doing much damage, he needed to move this along. And he needed to make an actual dent in these forces, he knew that Loki was the source, but could he really just leave these people alone. After all he was Iron Man. He was a hero of the people. He looked up, he was about to die.

"[Shit.]" Iron Man cursed, things were coming full circle. The Avengers were spread too thin, Thor wasn't even bothering to worry about what taking down the ships was actually doing.

"I've got your back, shell-head." Spider-Man swung in, creating a web-net in order to catch the ship. It took nearly all of his webbing, though.

"[Thanks S-Man.]" Iron Man said, as the fleets grew thinner.

"We need to take this to the source. We need to stop him." Spider-Man summarized, as he began to replace his empty cartridges.

"[But..the people.]" Tony began to argue, but was stopped by the Wall-Crawler.

"They have it covered, trust me." Spidey said, knowing that the Knights could care for the city. He flipped up dodging the blast that was directed to his back. But Tony was nearly as quick as Spider-Man, mean that the energy ball slammed into his suit. The force pushed him back a bit, but other than that no real damage was done thanks to the new and improved shielding of the armor.

A construction Site

Thor had dived down after a hoard of aliens that had targeted where they intended to build, perhaps they were trying to be poetic, Loki was strange like that. Thor landed on the construction site with a boom. Then using the dust cloud his landing formed, began throwing his hammer at then aliens that were falling from the sky. Understanding that he wouldn't be a able to stop them all with just his hammer, he created a lighting storm that would add to the onslaught that he created. But all of this required energy, energy that he simply could not refuel at a fast enough pace to keep up with the swarm currently heading for him.

"By the All-Father..." Thor muttered, he had missed a few and they were headed right for him.

"Look out!" A tall blond construction worker called out, using a metal pole on a concrete slab to knock them away.

"Nice swing." Thor comments with a smile, twirling his hammer and heading out to continue the fight.

"Damn..." The man comments, he'd just met his hero.

Back with Hulk

His cousin's words were pushing him, driving him to be better. But it was the final push of them attacking his cousin, that he could not contain his rage. He couldn't hold the Hulk back, not any more. People were getting hurt because he was afraid, because he wasn't willing to do what needed to be done. Bruce Banner was afraid, but the Hulk, was not!

"HULK SMASH!" Hulk raised his arms and crushed the aliens currently in front of him. A storm of plasma balls hit him from all directions, burning his skin, hurting him….fueling his anger. With a ferocious roar Hulk leaped at one of the aliens and grappled it by it's skull before throwing it with such force that when it collided with it's ally both exploded from the impact. Claws exploded out from the chest of another alien as Wolverine lifted up the alien and tore it in two.

"Big Guy." Wolverine let out, cutting down another.

"Little man." Hulk replied, casually slamming aliens away.

"You know where we gotta go?" Wolverine questioned, needing a lift.

"Hulk know. We go. Hulk smash." Hulk said with a smile, grabbing Wolverine by his leg, before throwing him at the Triskelion. Creating a very upset yellow and blue streak.

The Triskelion

Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America were the first to arrive. It wasn't easy to get there, because it was hard to do so. It was the most well-guarded, but Captain America understood their tactics, they were predictable and easy to manipulate in their attacks. He was happy to see that he wasn't alone, that their plan was working. They assembled, they were going to save the world.

"Loki is leading them, that means he's the only one keeping them here. Take him out, we end the attack." Cap explained, leading the charge as usual.

"You got it, Cap!" Spider-Man replied, heading straight for Loki.

"You don't stand a chance, Wall-Crawler." Loki replied with a little smirk, creating a spell to quite literally lift the building from it's foundation, intending to drop it on a reporter.

"….R-really. This seems a l-little much." Spider-Man forced out as he used the Spider on his back to hold the building together. It was capable of holding the building together due to it mimicking Spider-Man's own wall-crawling powers, so it wouldn't fall from it's own weight. But Spider-Man had to do the real work, holding the building up. It was draining for him, he'd never tried to lift something so heavy.

"Relax, Spider-Man!" Cap said, trying to encourage the web-slinger. There were so many people around him, counting on him.

"C-Cap, I can't." Spider-Man muttered out, visibly straining.

"Spider-Man, you're the only one keeping these people alive. You're the only person who can do this. I've talked to the firefighters, the policemen, the people you've helped. They know you're a hero. And so do you. Heroes don't give up. You can do it." Captain America spoke and he listened, Spider-Man would do his best.

"T-Thank you. I have a little girl at home." The reporter said with a hearty breathe, he'd have one hell of a story to tell after today.

Hell's Kitchen

Spider-Man had not been lying about there being other people out there, taking care of the people. Hell's Kitchen had it's own protector. He was known as Daredevil, and he had been working to protect people on the street level. He was doing his best save his city, but he was just one man. Only tonight, he wasn't alone. There was no way that the Punisher would be sitting this one out. Not when he had some new toys.

"You shouldn't be killing Frank." Daredevil bit out, glad he was running out of ammo, though it didn't seem to bother him.

"They aren't even human, Matt." The Punisher replied not saying much else.

"Life is life." Matt said simply, using his billy-clubs in order to hoist several of them in the sky.

"Hold off for a moment, I gotta get something." The Punisher heads out leaving Matt only to fight for a moment, until the Punisher comes back, suddenly driving a black tank with a white skull on it.

"My god Frank, is that a tank?" Daredevil questioned, hoping his radar sense was off from all the fighting.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use this." Frank replied, knowing he could hear.

"Where did you get that!?"


The Daily Bugle

The building had been targeted as well, but luckily there were some heroes hired to protect it. One of them was a tall black man, clad in a yellow sleeve-less shirt, with a v shape opening exposing his muscular torso. He was wearing blue jeans, along with metal bands, and a tiara. He was accompanied by a slightly smaller and thinner man, wearing a green jacket and green pants, yellow boots and yellow bandages around his fists, a dragon tattoo on his chest.

"This job isn't ours." The man said, knocking several aliens away as their weapons seemed to do nothing.

"You need to lighten up, Luke. You're not in Seagate anymore." The other man pointed out, punching a hole in an alien's chest armor, then throwing another in that exact spot knocking it out.

"Watch it "Iron Fist", you said we needed damn names. So call me Powerman." Luke corrected, continuing to fight through the waves of foes.

"Jameson hired us, so we fight." Iron Fist said simply.


There weren't many vigilantes in this area, other than Spider-Man. But today there happened to be one, a man hoping the Avengers would accept them into his ranks. A former criminal who had been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. The man who used a bow and arrow as his main weapon, clad in a purple costume. The archer known as Hawkeye said nothing, but he made a show of his work with trick arrows. Although, Moon Knight appeared, and was even upstaging him as he used odd moon shaped boomerangs.

"As Konshu wishes." Moon Knight said simply, turning to leave.

"You idiot, you stopped my arrow!" Hawkeye said with a glint of anger.

"I did as needed." Moon Knight replied, vanishing from plain sight.


Thor arrived along with the Hulk, Wolverine, and Ms. Marvel. The Avengers had assembled together, ready to finish Loki once and for all! Thor took hold of the Triskelion, moving it safely down so they could all focus their efforts on Loki. Thor decided to be the first to attack and fight his brother, engaging him physically, hoping to over-power him.

"This ends now, brother!" Thor called out, trying to electrocute his brother.

"I say thee nay." Loki mocked, discharging the electricity. He then slams his head into Thor's, knocking him back as he lands of the ground, his hordes of aliens playing device for him.

"Big Guy, fast-ball special!" Logan called out, as Hulk throws Wolverine at Loki, though to no avail. He created a shield that redirected the mutant into the roof of the building.

"[Interesting.]" Iron Man said, doing his best to scan Loki for weaknesses, though he wasn't able to find much. Except that he didn't match what he recorded in their original fight.

"His scepter!" Captain America called out, throwing his shield at it, only for it to be caught. And then thrown at Ms. Marvel in order to absorb the shock of her power. Iron Man took note that Loki knew them, knew their weaknesses. But how?

"[He's not Loki. And that's not magic.]" Tony deduces, using his armor to fire a uni-beam at him.. Though this is only a distraction, as the Hulk tackles him. Grabbing the scepter and tossing it to Iron Man, as he begins to do his best to smash the villain. Holding him tightly in his arms. As Thor slams his hammer into the face of Loki.

"Tony, you need to shut this down." Ms. Marvel reminded, as she helped Spider-Man up, who was still recovering from the strain.

Spider-Man moved over, noting the power source. "It's like, an advanced version of your arc reactor."

"[You're right.]" Tony nodded, the tech was advanced -nothing like the technology in this time- nearly out of his league. Nearly out of his league. Gripping the ball in the center of the scepter, Tony set to work. Hacking and taking down the firewalls, trying to find a way to send the aliens back. After a little bit, he succeeded, reactivating the portals the aliens used to come here and modify them, using the to suck back in the aliens that were on the planet wearing their armor along with the ships that were floating above New York. He then hands the device over to Spider-Man, knowing that there was still a piece of the puzzle that was required before this would all be over.. "[It won't be over until we've gotten his helmet through as well, you've got Spider-Speed. The moment we manage, you tear this apart.]"

Peter nodded numbly. Wolverine propelled himself off the roof and into Loki, his claws digging in and scraping against the "magical" shield. Ms Marvel came zooming up to him, rearing back to throw a punch straight on but was intercepted by a shield. Thor threw his hammer at Loki's side forcing him to put up another shield to keep himself safe. With his attention divided between three Avengers he fail to realize what was going on behind him. Hulk ripped the helmet off his head and crushed it in his hands. Spider-Man fulfilled his part by breaking the scepter in two.

Revealing that the villain was not Loki, but instead a man clad in purple and green. He began to get up, obviously angry that they had no idea who he was. And what he stood for. "[Fools, Loki was a ruse. I am Kang, the Conquer. I hail from the future, and in that future. You destroy the world. But I will stop that by killing all of you! Nothing you do can stop me for I have already wo-]"For all his genius Kang forgot about the one thing that wouldn't let him talk trash for long, he forgot about the Hulk. Hulk hit Kang with a backhand that sent him into a wall, cracking it.

"[I will stop youuuu.]" Kang declared drunkenly.

"Stop this." Peter said as he knocked Kang out with a powerful punch.

Hours Later, the Triskelion

Nick Fury had met with Black Widow, the two were shocked. They'd lost Loki, their first notable prisoner. And worst, they'd allowed someone to mess with time. They had wanted the Avengers to prevent things like this, but they were far to reactive. They'd been to late to the punch, and they hadn't even figured things out rather quickly. Fury and Widow went to confront the now imprisoned Kang.

"We heard what you said. About the Avengers." Fury began, intending to interrogate him.

"You'll get no answers. I know you. Both of you." Kang looked upward at Black Widow, proving his knowledge by saying her name. "Right, Agent Romanaoff?"

"Then you know what we'll do if we don't get what we want. You can help us. Stop threats." Black Widow explained, crossing her arms.

"Oh don't worry. I already have." Kang said with a little smirk.

What Remains of Avengers Tower

Iron Man had invited the Avengers to meet back there again, though he wasn't taking part in the party himself. He felt defeated, like he'd failed. He had always wanted to save the future, but from the sounds of it, he and the Avengers, hadn't done anything good. They hadn't accomplished anything good for the people of New York. Because the people were fighting back.

"You're wrong, you know." Steve suddenly spoke out, walking in the room to keep Tony from drinking.

'What if he's right, Steve? What if I don't know what's going to happen." Tony said, looking at his Iron Man helmet.

"You don't know." Steve points out, looking at him while he sets his shield down.

"Thanks." Tony scoffed at him.

"That's not what I meant. Destiny isn't set in stone, I should've died decades ago. But here I am, for a reason. Our destinies are still our own. The safest hands, are still our own. The Avengers saved the world, and they always will." Steve said with a smile, prompting his friend to stand up. "Come on Tony, Spidey said we're playing hangman."

"You're on old man." Tony replied with a smirk, walking with him to the room filled with their comrades, with their friends. He was happy that he was making a brighter tomorrow, so bright in fact that they're enveloped in a white light. And the world around them changes. Vanishing.

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