Voldemort had sat at the table, he was glaring at Bellatrix as she danced around the table singing that she poisoned Harry Potter. While she waved the strange bottle in people's face, the Dark Lord sat up and looked at the bottle in her hands it was a purple potion bottle with off colour gold snakes. "Bellatrix where did you get that bottle?" He asked, she stopped and grinned him

"I borrowed it from Snape." She said, Voldemort nodded humming as he watched her

"And was it empty when you 'borrowed' it?" He asked, they all knew that Bellatrix liked to take things anything that catches her eye.

"Oh no, it had one of those poison potions he likes to play with, I didn't think he would mind if I took it. But I hadn't had the chances to use it until earlier when I poured it down Potter's throat." He crackled in delight, Voldemort's eyes widen as it dawned on him what she had done. "You should have heard him scream as he curled up into a little…"


Bellatrix fell to the ground dropping the bottle letting it smash everywhere as she writhed on the floor screaming in pain, the others froze and looked stun at their master's anger, they all thought he would be happy that Potter had been hurt. Once he pulled his wand off her he looked down at her and growled at her "I crucio Severus for nothing." He snarled "Do you understand what you have done? No of cause you don't!" He turned to Lucius who was stood frozen to the spot "Get Severus." He said,

"Yes my lord." The blonde bowed, and then left the room. Bellatrix let out a choking sob as she reached out to grab Voldemort's leg.

"M...My Lord…" She sobbed, he sneered down at her and kicked the dark haired woman away from him.

"Get out of my sights Bellatrix."

Severus arrived at the Malfoy Manor with Lucius "You sure it was the same potion bottle?" The potion master asked, as they walked quickly though the hall heading towards the private chambers of the Dark Lord.

"I was shocked when I saw it again, he isn't happen Severus she used it on Potter." He said, the dark haired man nodded, remember seeing Harry curled up in the bed of school hospital covered in sweat and crying out in pain. "Has it started to affect him?" He asked as they stopped outside the door to the dark lord's chambers. Severus looked up at him as he placed his hand on the door handle.


They walked into the chambers to see a different looking dark lord, he stood there with his blood red eyes and in a robes of a pure blood. If anyone were to look at him they would see a handsome pure blooded wizard with black slicked back hair and slight tanned skin. "You told him?" Voldemort asked

"I did my lord." They close the door behind them and stood still.

"Well what is happening?" He asked, as he waved them towards chairs by the fire place. They took their seat and looked at the Dark Lord,

"Potter is in the infirmary he has a fever and curled up into a ball holding his stomach, it seem the potion is working quicker than I thought. At the moment I have them believing that the potion Bellatrix used is forcing his body into his creature inheritance, Dumbledore isn't thrilled by the idea but it's better than him finding out the truth." Voldemort nodded and leaned back in his chair pressing his lips to his fingers.

"How long before they find out?"

"We have a little while, the potion does bring out the creature inheritance, it could take months before they realise what is happening." He said, Voldemort looked at him as he let his fingers drum on the chair's arms rest

"Still I am uncomfortable leaving him within Dumbledore's grasp, that man has already caused enough problems in everyone lives. What is happening with him over the summer?" He asked, Severus rubbed his eyes and looked down at the glass of fire whisky nudging his hand. He took it and then took a sip

"I understand." He said as he rubbed his head

"Is he returning to his muggle family?" Lucius asked, he was calm, calmer than Severus has ever seen him…that's because he didn't have hand over his son…he thought.

"No, not this year it turns out that his Uncle has been…" He stopped and let's his lips hoover the rim of his glass "Abusing him." He then down his drink "And since Black has been killed, he is living with Lupin."

"Abusing him?" Lucius asked "I thought he was a pampered prince?" He nodded, and sighed

"So did I, until I got his patronus, I got the wolf and we found him in the back garden laying on ground." Voldemort looked at him as he tilted his head.

"Bring me to the wolf and the boy."