I was in doubts and made a sigh, and Rias who was about to leave the room unsteadily on her foot appears within Issei's sight. "….Bu….Buchou, where are you going?"

Rias stops, and she mutters without turning around. "….Ise, will you protect me?"

"Of course, I will protect Buchou!"

"…And Asia?"

"Eh? Yes, I will also protect Asia!"

"And Akeno?"

"Akeno-san? That is obvious. But….. What happened, suddenly asking me such a thing?"

I don't get it. I don't get what Buchou's intention are at all.

But, Buchou asks with a lower tone. "…Hey, Ise."

"Y-Yes…" Issei said

"…To you, 'what' am I? 'Who' am I?" Rias asked.

"….Ummm, to me Buchou is Buchou and-" The moment I started that everyone got pissed.

"-! Baka" She scolds me mixed with a sound of her crying. Buchou rushes away from the spot, and she left the clubroom.

"Rias-oneesama!" Asia goes after Buchou.

Asia turns to me after she reaches the door. Her eyes…are soaked with tears. 'Why is Asia crying…?' Issei thought.

"Ise-san! You are horrible! It's too much! Why can't you…! Why can't you understand Onee-sama's feelings!?" Saying that, Asia goes after Buchou.

Having Asia also say that to me, I just stood there dumbfounded.

'Wa, wait a sec! What's the meaning of this!? Why is Asia also mad at me!?' Issei thought

"That wasn't right, Ise-kun." Kiba makes a sigh.

"…N-not right as in what?" Issei said confused.

"That, precisely. Geez, you are so… I can understand very well what the girls are going through." Kiba said.

"Exactly. It's natural for Rias and Asia-chan to get mad." Akeno-san also sounded mad. Even Akeno-san….?

"Even I, who is dense at these sorts of things thought you were a bit off, Ise." 'Even Xenovia looks at me with her eyes half-closed!' Issei thinks.

Ddraig is getting pissed. He has had enough of hearing Raynare every so often and hearing Issei loose his mind in his insecurities. It wasn't the Oppai Dragon driving him mad it was the voices inside of Issei that was causing him to go mad.

"Mou! Ise-kun, sure is a no-no! Poor Rias-san!" Even Irina was mad.

"…You are the worst." Koneko said.

'Ooooooo! I just received the coldest "You are the worst" quote from Koneko-chan!' Issei thought.

'I don't know what I did wrong! I just don't know! To begin with, maybe I should go after her?' Issei thought as he tried to leave, but he was stopped by Akeno-san. "The current Ise-kun will just hurt her more even if after her, so don't."

'...Seriously? Is it that serious? B-But… It's my fault right? My fault… I really don't know. No, I actually have a 'maybe' kind of guess, but inside me that possibility is very unlikely…..' Issei thought aas he held his head.

'It's basically impossible, that's why I don't understand… Shit!' Issei started to get confused even more thinking about it!

"…Hey, Gasper. Am I really bad here?" I asked my junior.

Gasper says it in apologetic manner while twitching his body. "…Umm… Yes, I think you are very bad…" Issei felt down.

Then Ravel asks while panicking. "U-Umm…this is my mother and my fault, right…? I'm sorry…"

Akeno-san places her hand on Ravel's shoulders. "Ravel-chan doesn't have to worry about it. Ise-kun's the most at fault here because he never tried to think about the crucial thing between Rias and himself until now." Akeno cheers her up as they walked out of the room. They all left Issei inside of the occult research club room.

Issei falls to the ground crying. "Why won't they see it? Why can't they see my pain? Do they not love me? Am I just there for them to show off" Issei said. The red dragon gauntlet appeared by itself.

[Issei I have an idea but I can't tell you what I am about to do.] Ddraig said. [I will have to make your body a full dragon though and I will seal your memories] Ddraig said making Issei think about it.

"Alright Ddraig I will trust you." Issei said before fainting and having Ddraig take over.

"First to record this message, send it to the leaders, and done." Issei said even though it was Ddraig saying it through his mouth. He sent a written message and a voice one to the leaders and left one hard copy for Rias. [Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Boost. Dragon Gate.] Ddraig boosted up and made a gate only dragons use to go anywhere and everywhere even to a new universe.

Line break

Meanwhile everyone else had left the old school house they felt the menacing aura Ddraig was giving off and had made them bend to its power and the next second it was gone. 'That came from the old school house.' Rias thought, 'Issei is still in there.' She rushed in to find that there was only a note. She had the whole occult research club come immediately before she even opened it.

"So what is important Rias?" Irina asked.

"Rias-Oneesama what is that letter in your hand?" Asia asked noticing the letter.

"Well I felt an incredible power coming from this room which I am sure you all felt too. When I was able to get in here this was all that was left. A folded piece of paper with occult research club on it." Rias said opening up the letter and reading it out loud.

"Dear Rias Gremory and friends. This is Ddraig speaking or writing. You all are terrible friends. First you let him die and then you play with his heart. Today's attack on my partner shall not go unpunished. I am taking Issei to another universe to be safe from you all and I am going to seal his memories so he will not have to be tortured by the voices again. We may return to settle things. We may not. Don't expect any forgiveness from me when we do get back. I want to say thank you to the three leaders for trying to help my partner. Goodbye, Issei and Ddraig." Rias said making tears come to her eyes. "Oh my goodness I didn't expect this to happen."

"Well Gremory family, What did you think would happen?" Azazel said angrily making all of them to look at him. "Issei suffers from PTSD. Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder. Do you know why he does? Do you know why Issei acts like a pervert yet he has yet to do anything even with you sleeping on him all the time?" Azazel asked knowing they barely knew the real Issei.

"What do you mean?" Koneko asked. Azazel put his fingers on his nose about how little they knew his segregate son and yet they claim to love him.

"As a child Issei was ignored by everyone even his own parents. He would act up and get their attention and still they refused to care about him and left him at home and at school he was bullied. He eventually fell in love with a girl named Murayamma." Azazel said. Everyone was starting to put the picture together.

"Then he turned to perverted actions to get her or anyones attention. Boy did he get it. He started getting noticed by everyone including his parents. But no one still loved Issei. So we skip ahead to this year. A girl asked Issei out. He was so happy that he could have someone who loved him that he didn't see the signs of danger. Before the date ended he told he loved her. She mocked him and then killing him. He was revived but his heart was never fixed. Then it went downward from there as Issei found that he was just a toy and then he found out he didn't have to die but did because of your selfishness. The reason he couldn't tell any of you was his insecurities. I hope that you learn from your mistakes and I hope you fix them when he gets back." Azazel said heading off to the door.

"Wait! How do you know he will be back?" Rias said still with tears in her eyes.

"If I know Issei like I know him he will be back. If it is in days, months, or years. He will come back. I trust him too." Azazel said leaving.

"Ok everyone we must get ourselves back in order. When Issei returns we will heal him even if we wait years. We owe him our loyalty after all that he has done for us. As for school we will tell them he is on a self-journey and maybe tell Mayamma the truth since Issei loved her before we even came into the picture. As for his parents let's be honest with them and support them as they lost their son for now." Rias said. The others nodded and they all went home thinking about how they screwed up that day. The day they lost their best friend.

Line break

With Issei. It was July 6, 774

Issei woke up he realized he was 9 years old wearing a school uniform that he didn't know about in a forest that didn't look familiar to him. 'Ddraig?' Issei thought thinking of the only person he could think of. "Here partner." Ddraig said. 'Where are we?' Issei thought. "Well we are in a new universe so you can live your life again." Ddraig said

All of a sudden a boy with pink hair came out of the trees. "Hey. Who are you?" The boy asked.

"Go with him." Ddraig said. "My name is Issei, I can't remember anything else. I don't know where to go or where am I?" Issei said starting to cry as he was not able to remember anything from his parents to anything else. He could only remember Ddraig and what he can do with him power wise.

"Ugh why are you crying?" the pick hair boy asked.

"I have no where do go." Issei said sobbing.

The boy looked at Issei. "Why not come with me then? Igneel would likely take you in." The pink haired boy said. Issei stopped crying.

"What is your name?" Issei asked.

"My name is Natsu. Natsu Dragoneel. Nice to meet you." Natsu said stretching out his arm to help Issei up. Issei took it and smiled.

"Same to you so where is this Igneel." Issei asked.

"Up on the mountain." Natsu said picking up Issei over his shoulder scaring the poor boy and running up the mountain.

"Igneel!" Natsu said when they got to the cave.

"What do you want brat?" A booming voice said coming from the cave.

"I found someone who wants to join our family. He can't remember his family or anything so I told him he could join us." Natsu said. A red dragon came out of the cave and meet the two boys. Issei wasn't scared which surprised Natsu since he has only seen Issei cry.

"Wow you look just like Ddraig inside of me!" Issei said making the two look at him. "Ddraig is a dragon who lives in me. He is the only thing I can remember. Boosted Gear!" Issei made the red gauntlet appear.

[Hello fellow dragon] Ddraig said.

"Hello Ddraig I am Igneel the fire king dragon. This is my disciple and adopted son Natsu." Igneel said introducing himself and his son.

[I am Ddraig the red heavenly dragon and this is Issei who got my powers and soul due to a monster in our original universe.] Ddraig said.

"So that is why nothing here seems familiar to me." Issei said.

[Fire king Igneel can you take care of my partner for me? We have nowhere else to go so can you take us in and take Issei as one of your own?] Ddraig asked in a pleading tone.

"I will take him in. He will be Natsu's older brother and will learn my magic." Igneel said.

[Thank you. Issei I will be asleep for a while. Getting us here took more out of me than I thought.] Ddraig said deactivating the boosted gear.

"Good night Ddraig. So I take it I can stay here?" Issei asked.

"Yes now come here." Igneel said cutting his finger. "Drink my blood and we will start your training as a dragon slayer." Igneel said as Issei sucked the blood. Issei immediately passed out. His hair changed from his brown hair to a pink tone.

"Hey Igneel why is he asleep?" Natsu asked.

"His body needs to accept the flames of a dragon king normally..." Igneel stopped talking and looked at Issei wide eyed at Issei getting up.

"Wow that fire felt nice." Issei said looking at Igneel. "Is something wrong?" He asked.

"It took Natsu a whole day to adapt to my flames." Igneel said.

"It might be because of Ddraig transforming me into a humanoid dragon. He told me about it when we were on our way here." Issei said

"Let's start training." Natsu said getting Issei to follow suit.

Author Note. So when the poll ended this was the winner. Then I forgot to close it and the poll changed that the one in last place got in first.

Now onto some details. Issei is still a devil and has access to Trinina. Issei is the same age as Mira and Erza while Natsu looks the age of Gray and Lisanna. The main pair ing will be revealed in the next chapter.