Issei brother of Natsu 7

In the human world one day had passed since Ophis and Kuroka left to follow Issei. Murayama hasn't been the same since she was told about what happened to Issei and how his life was. She honestly felt genuinely bad for him.

His life genuinely must have sucked. To have to play the villain to not be forgotten. To be forced out of the house without his parents being there for him emotionally. As time went on she spent longer and longer about him. She started missing club practice and that got Katase concerned. We join the two at lunch time the day after the girls left.

"Muri what's going on? You have been skipping on club lately and I am getting worried." Katase asked. Murayama sighed. The room was silent as they too were wondering the same question.

"I woke up to what is going on and I knew too much." She answered looking back outside at the sun.

"What do you mean?" Katase asked. Murayama just walked outside to the roof with the packed lunch in hand. Katase quickly ran up behind her and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"What do you mean?" She asked intensely.

"I mean Issei. I went to school with him since elementary school." Murayama said getting a look from Katase.

"Wait he went to our school?" Katase asked quite shocked.

"He was also in our classes too. I checked our grade books for who was in what class and it was there." Murayama. "I also found about his home life wasn't that great either."

Katase not buying this leaned on the guard rail for the roof. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"Apparently Issei was ignored at home too. He was fed well from my resources but he was ignored more often than not. It wasn't until he started acting like a pervert that he got any notice." Murayama said.

"I feel like you know more than that." Katase said.

"But that is all I can say because the rest of the story is a part of a big secret that can't be put out." Murayama said. 'Telling her about the devils and angels at the school might cause some problems. I got to protect her for as long as I can.' She thought resounding her thought in not telling everything. "He was in love with me and I brushed him off."

Katase laughed. "So what about the other two. Do you feel pity for them?" She said smiling.

"No. Issei was different. You said it yourself that he has no talent with his perversion and has been acting calm for a while. Those whore-bags couldn't act calm if they actually had sex." Murayama said kinda pissed that she was being laughed at.

"I get your point. So does that mean you like him back?" Katase asked with a smirk on her face.

"I think so." Murayama said smiling for the first time since she learned his feelings.

"Ok then when he gets back you tell him how you feel." Katase said.

Murayama filled with new energy and determination. "Let's go train." She said.

Katase laughed. "Lets eat lunch first."

At the Fairy Tail guild Issei was napping on the second floor taking a short nap. Most people would ask how he sleeps so much and yet is so fit is simply because he trains inside of him self where he can finally cut loose. We join him inside as he is making a particular weapon.

"And done there she is." Issei said sitting in front of an avail with a hammer in one hand and a sword with red and white mixing in the sword. The two dragons were behind him watching.

"This is good. Hopefully it can use my powers well." Albion said.

"I know it will work fine with mine." Ddraig said proudly.

"Well this S-class mission will be its test. To see if it can Peirce and Reflect." Issei said proudly picking up the sword and slashing at an artificial scarecrow that he just made.

"It's balanced and slices nicely. It will be our very first test weapon. Now to make it appear in the physical world." Issei said as everything started to fade to white.

The next thing he heard was Laxus's yelling. "Why don't you come up here and make me. Face it! I am the strongest one here." He said.

"Natsu do not go up there! You aren't an S-class mage." Makarov said. Issei stood up.

"Actually, Natsu come up here. I did promise we would go on a mission you think you can handle and Laxus." Issei said pausing to look at him. "I am stronger than you, you weakling." Issei said summoning his new red and white sword and pressed the dull side against Laxus sending him flying. You could hear Laxus going through multiple buildings.

Natsu walked up to the second floor to look at the quests. "Nice one bro." Natsu said fist bumping him before going to the board.

Everyone already had the same thought. 'Let's not piss Issei off EVER.'

"Here what do you think?" Natsu said showing him a the quest that was a curse removal on Galuna Island. It paid well and had a gold key he could give to Lucy when she officially joined in the family.

"Alright go home and pack. While there tell them that when we return we will have a family meeting upon our return." Issei said getting his brother to run down and leave the guild. Issei went down and went to Raynare.

"Hey love can you u check this out for me." Issei said. Getting a kiss in return she ran back to the back room to verify it.

"Are you sure about this?" Makarov asked him sitting on the bar.

"I think my brother has proved himself capable for s class missions. Besides the more S-class missions he goes on means he will take fewer jobs and that means less damage I have to pay for." Issei said smiling.

Makarov smiled, "Looks like you learn fast my boy." He said before taking another drink. Raynare came back.

"Ok there will be a boat that is docked at Hargeon waiting for you." Raynare said.

"Ok and when I get home we are having a family meeting. Mira has been bugging me about that so it is your girls turn." Issei said to a now blushing Raynare. She leaned onto the bar to whisper to him.

"Really?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah." Issei said just as quiet.

Raynare got up from the bar as her breast jiggled and a smile on her face. "All right then come home quickly all right?"

"All right then." Issei said getting up from his seat and leaving with his blade still in hand.

"That's Issei for you. All you need is to say a few things and then he's yours." Raynare said lightly.

"You may be right, you may be right." Makarov said thinking thoughtfully. Suddenly a spark came from the upper floors.

"Where is he?" An enraged Laxus said.

"He is gone. You just missed him." Makarov said grabbing his beer again. Laxus calmed down.

"More like that wimp ran away." Laxus said pissing off Raynare who wanted to reveal her fallen angel wings and stab him with a light spear but chose not to and leave it to Mirajane since she knew the best way to get back at him.