Lara Croft/SG-1 Crossover Fanfic:


SG-5 approached the large stone temple with caution. It was a large stone building with pillars around it, sitting in the middle of a ravine. Cliff walls protected it, and the way down to the door had been paved from one cliff wall to the other.

"What is it?" the C.O. asked.

"My guess would be an Egyptian temple." His 2IC replied.

"And how do you know that?" the C.O. asked.

The 2IC chuckled. "Could be the hieroglyphs." He said.

The C.O. frowned, looking out over the steep embankment leading down to the temple. "We'd better go down and check it out."

He carefully climbed down the embankment, his team following, and onto the paved stones. "Be care." he began, before gasping in pain and crumpling to the ground.

A faint whirring filled the air. "Sir?" the 2IC began, but he gasped before falling to his knees. "Get back to the SGC." his yelled to the others, before falling beside his C.O.

But it was too late. The other members of SG-5 had stepped onto the paved stones, and fell down, gasping in pain. After a while the whirring stopped, and the planet was once again silent. SG-5 lay unmoving in front of the temple, a warning to whoever came near.