They tried one more time. Penny gave Sheldon that if he interrupted her date with Stuart again, she'd hog tie him and if that didn't she'd call his mom.


Things were getting on heavy so they decided to drive back to her place.


"Want to come in for coffee?"

"Sheldon's not around is he?"

"Not if he wants to live."

As they got in and sat on the couch the kissing continued and before long she's leading him to her bedroom.

She undoes her dress and drops to the floor, leaving her in a pair of heels with a matching black bra and thong. By the look on Stuart's face he approves.

It's been so long since a guy looked like that at her. Penny thought.

Wow, she's so gorgeous and looking at her barely dressed body is amazing, I just hope I last long. The fact I'm here tells me I did something right in my life to deserve this.

As she slips out of her heels, she goes down to the floor and unzips him. As she pulls him out, she's pleasantly surprised, in a good way. She puts him in her mouth and starts sucking it.

My God Penny is giving me a blow job, this is the best day ever.

Mmm he tastes good. Penny thinks continuing to give him head. Several minutes later she feels him tighten up and moments later she takes him all in as he blasts in her mouth.

She wipes her mouth, stands up removes her bra and panties as she sits on the bed. Stuart goes to his knees pushes her closer and spreads her legs further and goes down on her.

Oh shit Penny says to herself as Stuart's warm tongue goes down on her pussy. Mmm like that Stuart, eat it.

Wow I'm eating Penny's pussy. She's so clean and shaven. As he continues to go down on her as her moans start to become more and more and start to get louder.

"Oh shit Stuart. Just like that baby. Oh God yes." Before long her orgasm hits.

"Ahhh." She lets out. As she finally catches her breath.

Stuart slowly slides his dick in her pussy slowly.

As Penny says it's okay he slides in more and picks up the pace, causing Penny to wrap her legs around him and arms as well.

Oh sit he's so good. Oh I'm not sure how long I'll have. Oh yeah Stuart that is definite the spot, keep hitting that. Before long she has a orgasm. Damn either he's really good or it's been too long, I'd say both.

Oh my I can't believe this is happening, I would hope for a good night kiss, but this? Not even in my wildest dreams.

As Stuart continues to fuck Penny with great force as her moans get louder and louder. Before long he empties his seed in her.

"Want to try something different?" Penny asks after finally catching her breath.

"Okay." Stuart says pulling out.

"Lay down." Penny says.

She stands on the bed then turns around. Then lowers herself on him.

Reverse cowgirl nice, Stuart says as he watches Penny's well rounded backside lower until she lowers her pussy on to his dick.

She starts to rock and before long Stuart is thrusting and massaging her breasts.

Oh god this is so intense, he's like a animal, a sex animal. Who knew?

"Oh shit Stuart, you're so good. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." Is all she could get out.

Did she just say I was good? Oh I'll fuck you harder.

Before long Penny's voice was bouncing onto the hallway,

I hope the guys hear. Especially Leonard. Bet he won't still want Penny knowing that I fucked her like crazy.

Before long she cums and not long after he cums in her pussy again.

She rolls off and lays next to him.

"I had a nice night."

"So did I."

Not long Penny falls asleep.

Giving Stuart a smile on his face.