he groans as he begins to wake up that was one helluva dream and this has got to be the worst hangover ever he thought as he opened his eyes and saw and well heard when he tried to move that he was cuffed make that shackled to the bed and he thought i this some kinda joke as he used his vampiric strength to snap the chains like they were paper mache and he thought thats strange usually it takes a liittle effort to snap chains and then he thought that wasnt a dream was he realised his subconcious voice sounded younger yup definetly wasnt a dream he then also realized he was un-armed and probably have to remake my gear he then saw a twinkle in the corner of the room he got up and walked over to it and he saw his pig-sticker.i grinned and picked it up and twirled it expertly and said yup i still got then heard footsteps and hushed voices but with his vampiric hearing he had no problem deciphering it who do you think he is,do you think hes dangerous,probably did you see those muscles he probably benches the bench,and what about that sword he had its unlike any ive seen before and its sharper than a razor i touched and next thing i know my finger starts to bleed,we shackled him with blessed and holy-water infused iron and just to be sure i had them enchanted with a weight to think i broke through em like they were should probably go check on him your right rin c'mon yukio. rin and yukio huh well i geuss ill wait for them here i thought after all why run if they seem shady i can snap there necks like twigs before they even see that i've moved at 4 minutes later the door opened when they saw i was standing up one made a move for his gun while the other just looked at me and faster than they could blink i'd allready taken the gun unloaded it and tossed it back to him and yawned while he looked at me in shock and fear and i said your probably thinking that if i could do something that fast why didint i just kill the reason is that i dont know where i am and if you could help me out that would be great and then ill go find what was the name of that order uh true cross knights or uh ummm knights of the true cross thats one of them said with a trembling voice well your actually at true cross academy right now you just appeared in a flash of blindingly bright light unconsious we took you here to question you when you woke up the shackles were just a i understand now i said well i know its a little soon to ask this but i actually came here to join you guys i then told them my story about who i was and where i was from and about my er occupation and about what i was and about Frost and the reapers and of course about the daystar and how i died and the light saved me and said i was needed in another world and about everything else that was even remotely they processed this information one said im rin and thats yukio of course its not official yet but the more the merrier i always say.
welcome to the family they both said at the same course will need to check with mephisto pheles our headmaster i said do i stay here or do i come with you to this seemed to think it over for a moment and said you should come with try anything funny i can snap your necks before you can even looked at each other and then at me and started chuckling nervously.i then broke out into a full blown laugh and said you shoulda seen the look on your faces and they started to laugh as well and i thought these guys werent so bad even though they were nowhere close to my level,hell whistler could could have put a bullet between there eyes faster than they could say i said lets go to that we were on our way to mephistos office they then said that he was more that a little eccentric and i said i fought the blood god and won im pretty sure i can handle anything he could do or say.a tingle suddenly went up my spine and the first thing i was taught by whistler is to always trust your instincts and said instincts got me out of a few jams and right now they were telling me that something bad was coming and soon so i instinctivly tensed up and got ready to be ambushed by someone or something.i could tell rin and yukio noticed this and said are you alright and i said something is coming something very dark and very powerful and it was getting closer by the the room windows were blacked out by some kind of black liuquid and the lights went out and i knew it was a ghoul i told the okumeras about this and i used my vampiric night vision to find them i grabbed them by there wrists while i was being extremely careful not to break anything they still grimaced in pain and i said as quietly as i could sorry im still getting used to my strength and i ran down the halls until the windows started to lighten so i turned off my night vision and said that was a hand reached out of a nearby shadow and tried to pull us in so i simply sent my fist through the opposite wall and shown sunlight on the shadow-hand and said that was close and lets hurry and get to pheles's office and soon so we could find out how a demon got into the academy since it was warded out the ass and only the full-fledged exorcists and the professors had a key and of course pheles after all he made the seals i geuss ill just ask him when we get to his office i thought to myself.
on the way to the office the okumera brothers thanked me and said if i hadnt punched through the wall to let the sunlight in they wouldve probably died and that they owed me there lives and had there freindship or at least true freindship is something i thought i never would have had.