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(Konohagakure No Sato, October 9th 10:11PM.)

A lone figure stands hidden inside an empty and unused training ground nearest his current destination. The figure is an imposing 7 Feet tall with short navy blue spikey hair, blue scaled skin with muscles thicker then tree roots. His gills under his eyes leading around his cheeks to his neck stay closed as his black charcoal colored eyes stare into the endless void of the night. A cloak is drapped around his entirety black as night with red nimbus shaped clouds on it. Strapped to this mans back is a very long 8 foot sword wrapped in bandages with a 2 foot long handle that has a rather disturbing handle ornament in the shape of a skull. The blade itself begins to shift and make small noises that sound like clicks and ticks drawing the attention of said man. The man in question, Kisame Hoshigaki. Kisame has been Ill for sometime now and knows that while he will live he will no longer be strong enough to weild his favorite and loved blade Much longer. Instead of bitching and complaining about how life is unfair The shark like man decided long ago to leave Samehada I the hands of someone who could one day surpass him but also someone who Samehada liked. Hearing the clicks and ticks of the blade draws his attention from his staring and just he just nods to the blade before speaking.

"Ahh so you can sense our target? That's good. Well atleast we wont be here much longer. Hey have you found someones chakra that you have taken an interest in yet? I may not like Konoha the village but the Shinobi inside it might be halfway decent." Kisame speaks to his sword. Only to get more clicking and ticks as a response.

"Ah so you have found someone who might have gotten your interest. Do you know where it's leading?" Kisame asks only to get silence for a few moments before it clicks once.

"Ah I get you Samehada. Not close enough to really get a location. Keep an eye out when we're on our way outta here and if we come by it i'll make sure to leave you with him along with a note. Hey has the memory seal I placed on you finally intigrated?" Kisame asks his now named blade Samehada. He gets a few ticks in response while he chuckles softly.

"Good, Who ever gets to be your wielder needs to be as good if not better then me. I wont have your name run through the mud by being used by some Bakamono who can only swing you like a club. Oh would you look at that our targets here." Kisame says as a figure walks into the training ground with a katana soaked in blood. The man in question is Itachi uchiha.

"Itachi . . . I see the deed is done then. My leader has told me to come and recruit you. I'm just glad you got our message from Danzo to meet me here. Shall we depart?" Kisame asks and the stoic uchiha just gives a curt nod not really in the mood to speak.

"Good then lets go. I don't want to be in Konohagakure longer then I have to." Kisame says as he hands Itachi Uchiha his cloak. The cloak is the exact same as his own only a slightly smaller size. As the two leave the training ground they stick to the alleys and darkened streets weaving and running at a moderate pace as to not draw attention to themselves. As they are running they come upon the red light district as Samehada begins clicking and ticking rather violently sticking scales and spines into kisames back gently to get his attention.

"Hold up Itachi, Samehada has found something." Kisame says as the sword begins to click and tick again making Kisame's eyes widen and turn his head in the direction he's told to. Staring kisame in the face is an apartment complex about three stories tall with some graffiti put to one of the doors. Kisame does as samehada asks and races towards the complex. Itachi following close behind wondering why kisame has suddenly raced towards it.

"Are you sure the chakra lingering in the training grounds is this one Samehada? I won't think less of you if you made a mistake." Kisame says only to be answered by being poked in the back with some scales again.

"OW!, jeez I was only kidding lighten up. Okay lets get inside where are my lock . . .it's unlocked." Kisame says confused only finding out that he had to gently push the door to see it slide open. Walking into the rather run down and beat up appartment Kisame and Itachi walk in as Itachi begins to sweat. He slowly grabs a kunai in his off hand while leaving his on hand ready to grab his Katana. As kisame makes his way into the bedroom he lays eyes upon a small child no older then 5 years old. Seeing the child on such a large matress brings Kisame to question where the kids parents are.

"Samehada I hate to break it to you but the only thing here in this place is a 5 year old gaki. I highly doubt that . . .huh?" Kisame says as his sword moves and clicks again.

"Yes but. . .what?" Kisame says again once more confusing Itachi as he stares at the large sharkman and the sword that is apparently moving on its own accord.

"Oh alright I guess i'll trust you. So this kid is going to be the one huh? Alright samehada. . . I'll do what must be done." Kisame says as he pulls samehada off his back and readies it towards Naruto. Itachi acts immediately and gets infront of kisame pointing his katana towards Kisame.

"What are you planning on doing to Naruto-kun?" Itachi asks in a rare show of emotion and concern.

"Huh? The kids name is Naruto? Is it supposed to be Fishcake or Maelstrom he was supposed to be named after? Ah what ever look, I'm sick Itachi and due to that I will soon lose half my strength. I wont be able to wield Samehada anymore. So rather then cry about it me and Samehada came up with a plan to give her to the one that she and I both like. She thinks this kids Chakra is the one that intrigued her the most so far. Samehada can eat chakra even when it's not actively being used or channeled. So i'm gonna let her get a taste of this kids chakra to see if this is the one she found while here in konohagakure's training ground we met at." Kisame says somewhat appeasing the uchiha. Itachi lowers his Katana and gives a nod before stepping aside. Kisame smilse and once again points Samehada at Naruto only to have a blue mist like substance coat naruto only to be drawn towards Kisame's sword.

Once the fog like smoke touches Kisame's sword the sword goes berserk squaling and clicking, shaking and ticking like crazy before wiggling out of kisame's grip and clumsily crawls it's way into the bed close to the child. The sword itself just gets close enough to the boy to draw more chakra from him. As if on instinct the boy does something none of them expect and wraps his arms and legs around the deadly bandaged blade pulling it closer only to snuggle into it.

Kisame sees the scene and smiles happily at how peaceful the child looks and how happy Samehada is to be held by him as well as how much she apparently loves his chakra. Sighing a bit disheartened he looks towards Itachi.

"You obviously know this gaki Itachi so tell me about him. I need to leave a note explaining what he has and how to take care of it." Kisame says drawing Itachi's attention away from the scene infront of him.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is 5 years old and is an orphan. His birthday is tomorrow and is a village pariah due to . . . certain circumstances surrounding his birth. He has no friends, No loved ones besides the Sandiame and only wishes to gain attention. Although no one has taught him how to read or write he learns things quickly enough and masters them faster then anyone else. He taught himself both of those as well as advanced trap making and evasion along with stealth. Right now he's good enough to hide from chuunin to low jonin. Give him time and he might be able to hide from ANBU or even a Kage. The only person he seems to have any relationship with is The third Hokage. I was once an ANBU charged with guarding him. Is that enough?" Itachi asks hoping to get out of Konoha before the massacre is discovered and hoping to hold out his information till he gets to his destination in Ame.

"Yeah thats enough. . . .Samehada I may not be able to understand you anymore since you have chosen a new wielder but I know you can understand me. Take care of yourself and the kid okay. I'll write the note now. It's been real fun samehada so . . . I'll miss you." Kisame says and light pats the bandaged blade before grabbing a pencil and some paper and quickly scribbling a note on it. Kisame looks towards itachi and gives a nod before heading out of the apartment. Both Itachi and Kisame leave Konohagakure at a pace not even Anbu could keep up with and are soon enough out of konoha and nearing The land of Fire's borders.

(Konohagure No Sato October 10th 6AM)

Naruto uzumaki had slowly woken up to the sound of birds chirping inside his apartment on his nightstand. He sighs knowing that no matter what he wont be able to shut the things up so he resided to just let them do what they do. Naruto yawns and stretches a bit feeling a slight weight on his arm and leg. To tired to register that he slides his arm and leg away getting to the edge of his bed. Naruto stands up and stretches once more only to feel something poke against his back from the bed. He pushes it away with his hand only to have it once again poke against him. Naruto finally having enough of it speaks up.

"Oi you stupid raven leave me alone and stop pecking me." Naruto says turning around only to be met face to face with a 7 foot long bandaged up sword aiming at him laying on his bed. Naruto stares at the massive item on his bed a little worried. The sword itself shifts in the bed and lunges forward poking him again as if to gain his attention. The bandages on the sword seem to open up revealing a lot of downward facing scales that seem to click and tap against each other before the bandages point to a note on the nightstand.

Naruto following the bandages pointing sees the note and picks it up hoping to find out what is going on. What he reads makes his eyes widen in major surprise.

Dear Gaki,

My name is Kisame Hoshigaki. The sword you'll undoubtedly be fondling when you wake up is Samehada. Samehada is a very special sword in many respects and as such needs to be treated with care and respect and be very well taken care of. I may not have known you for long but something about you has caught Samehada's attention and as such I heeded her wants and left her to you as a birthday gift. Once you touch her hilt she will merge with you allowing you to speak with her. And don't look at this paper like I'm an idiot thinking" Oi but it's a sword it can't think or have wants." Samehada is special because she is a sentient sword and as such is her own living being. Once you and her merge only you will be able to wield and hear her as she will painfully reject anyone else by way of stabbing them with spikes impaling what ever is used to hold her. Now once the merging is complete a seal I wrote on her hilt will activate and flood you with memories. Memories of all my knowledge on Ninjutsu, Seals, Taijutsu and even my very own Kenjutsu style. It will be your job to meditate and seperate the memories as best as you can to learn from them. Samehada will help you with it as best as she can so long as you treat Samehada right Gaki. If you don't treat her as best as you can you will be seeing me in the future and it will not be pretty. Anyway Happy Birthday Naruto. I hope you'll bring not only Samehada but your own name to glory someday soon.

P.S. My newest partner Left a seal on the back of this paper. Pump Chakra into it and you'll get his Message. If you don't know what Chakra is yet, Just grab Samehada and you'll have basic knowledge and access to it.

He couldn't believe what he was reading. Someone, somewhere had given him a birthday gift. Him the so called "Demon" The "Monster" The one that everyone hates inside this Kami forsaken village had given him a birthday present in the form of an awesome sword. Looking towards his bed once more He noticed the sword slowly clicking and tapping it's scales against itself. He walks over and smiles at the blade before talking.

"Hello Samehada, I'm Naruto, This note says that you like me?" Naruto asks the sword only to be answered with a lick to the cheek from the sword. The lick freaks naruto out a little bit when he feels that the lick made him feel somewhat tired. He ignores it for now and smiles.

"The note said that you're now my sword and all I have to do is grab your hilt. Is it okay with you if I grab it?" Naruto asks only to get a response of clicks and ticks he assumes means yes. Naruto reaches forward and grabs hold of the swords hilt. In that instant Samehada sucks itself into Naruto's body merging with him making Naruto shudder in pain and agony for a brief moment as he feels himself fall onto his back thinking he was betrayed. Only to then hear a soothing coo inside his head that made him relax. As he relaxes his body stops aching and twitching as he feels a very warm and tender sensation inside his stomach that soon spreads throughout his entire body. Naruto lets the feeling flow through him and soon enough Samehada emerges from naruto laying on top of his chest.

Naruto in a state of bliss at this point just sighs contently as he reaches down and grabs Samehada's hilt and to his surprise finds that the blade is light as a feather. He slowly places Samehada onto his bed and looks at her before smiling some.

"Samehada what did you do to me? It hurt so much at first but then it felt so good and relaxing. It felt warm and kind. It felt like . . . . Like something I see kaa-sans do for their souchi's." Naruto asks the sword only to hear a very angelic feminine voice inside his mind.

"Gigigigigigigigi Gigigigigigigigigigigigigi" (I altered your body to be able to lift me and gave you access to your chakra. And the changes I made should be finished soon.) The blade had said although to all others they only would have heard Clicks, taps and ticks from the blade.

Naruto smiles some and nods at the sword. He thinks back to the note written to him by a man named Kisame Hoshigaki and smiles. He's going to have to find and thank that man sometime in the future. Remembering about the seal that was mentioned Naruto looks towards Samehada and walks to her hilt looking it up and down.

"Samehada, The guy who gave you to me said he left a seal on you. Where is it? I want to learn how to take care of you as quick as possible." Naruto says only to then drop onto the floor in pain once more as his mind is assaulted with visions. Memories that are not his own. Memories of fights he's never had, Things he's never done. Like himself turning into a giant great white shark like hybrid eating the flesh and limbs of mutliple people. His fingers shooting out thick globs of water fast enough to explode skulls like water balloons and even trapping people inside water balls and slowly crushing them to death with it. One even of him summoning 5 sharks made of water that completely massacred untold numbers of people before exploding.

Naruto Just grabbed his head in agony and sighs as his charka spikes and flares multiple times as the memories assault him. Grunting some he sighs as it finally stops and his mind feels strange. Looking towards Samehada he hears her giggling at his pain and walks over to her lightly patting her bandaged surface getting a gentle coo out of her.

"Alright Samehada . . .The note said you'll help me with understanding the memories. So please lets get to a training ground and see if I can't make you happy and get myself started on training. Just you wait Jiji, I'll become strong enough and hopefully get into the academy to make you proud." Naruto says finally happy to have something to call his own. Remembering the note he picks it up and stuffs it into his pockets before grabbing Samehada's hilt and lifting the blade to rest on his shoulder and blitzing out of his apartment to the training ground he used yesterday to try and get access to his chakra the way his Jiji had told him how to.

(5 month time skip.)

True to it's word in the letter. Naruto had help sifting through the memories of who ever Kisame was and what he left for Naruto to master. Had Naqruto been dumber or a bit less mature he would have thought someone might have played a prank on him by cobbling together some made up Kata's

and calling it training. A prank that would have been paid back in full with interest. Simply because no one pranks the prankster king from hell.

In the time Naruto had Samehada he had learned first and foremost about how to take as good of care as possible of her. Meaning he fed her chakra constantly. He used the memories passed to him to remember suiton manipulation training and chakra control exercises of all levels. In doing so he was able to clean Samehada of dust and debris simply by manipulating his suiton elemental affinity to soak Samehada before swinging her a few times to let the water scatter away from her and with the water so too did the dirt and debris from training.

However this day his training was different. Samehada refused to help him do anything, refused to continue helping or giving advice so long as he remained in his current state. That state being a quivering mess at what he had just done. Naruto had just killed 5 civilians all of whom were about to torture him. Samehada strapped to Naruto's back warned him of the danger to his person and on complete instinct alone from the memories still rampent in his mind Naruto had acted faster then the untrained eye could see and with in an instant . . . .the would be attackers were shredded and shaved by samehada's blade as if they were nothing.

Naruto currently sitting on his bed just curls up mentally berating himself for what he did. Calling himself the worst possible of names that have been thrown at him since his birth. Samehada still strapped to his back talking to his mind to calm him down.

"I . . .I killed them. I didn't mean too but . . .I just . . .it happened so fast I . . .I." Naruto says softly to himself until he finally calms down enough to know that he's not the only person in his room. He hears clicks and ticks once more before his eyes open.

"S-Samehada. . .please don't hate me. . I'm sorry I didn't mean to kill them I. . ." Naruto begins only to be cut off once more by tapping and gurggling.

"B-But same-hada I" Naruto once again starts only to be interrupted once more by calming clicks and coo's.

"Y-You really thinks so? B-But I . . .I killed those men . .. you must think I'm the. . ." Naruto says only to have some more coo's fill his mind before some slight rasping was heard as Samehada's scales begin to tenderly rub Naruto's back.

"Y-You don't? You really don't? . . .Samehada thank you so much please i'll do anything just don't be mad anymore. . . I'm sorry about the way I acted. . . I didn't know what I was doing. It was like I was a shark in a frenzy. I just acted on instinct and the next thing I know . . . .5 people were dead. I felt so guilty about it I . . ." Naruto starts only to stop himself before remembering what they were planning on doing to him. He thinks for a minute before samehada speaks up again in her usual way.

"S-Samehada. . . You knew this would happen didn't you? You knew that this training would make me like that?" Naruto asks only to get an affirmative click.

"B-But why. . .why did you keep it from me?" Naruto asks only to get a few taps and gurgles once again.

"Oh, I see. . . thank you samehada for telling me. I'm happy to have you with me Samehada and i'll do my best to not only bring your name glory but my own as well. Fuck these villigers and fuck those bigots and assholes who only call me names and pick on me. I wont stand for it anymore. Samehada with you at my side i'm sure no one could harm me when i'm finished with training. I may have killed those people but they deserved it. . . I don't think i'll ever like killing. But i'll be damned if I don't do it to atleast protect myself. My self and you that is Samehada. I'll gladly die if it means keeping you safe." Naruto says with as much conviction as a 5 year old can muster. The act bringing the sword to giggle at how cute he looks. Samehada just clicks and taps talking to Naruto and assures him that she'll be with him every step of the way and that she'll never leave his side.

Naruto smiles and takes Samehada off the floor and wall he leaned her against and lays her in his bed hilt down and blade pointing up. He lays her right next to himself and just wraps his arms around her before cuddling into the bandaged scaly blade.

"I love you samehada. I'll do my best to show you that I'm worthy of wielding you. Lets continue training tomorrow. I'll do my best thats the promise of a life time. And I never break a promise." Naruto says with a happy smile before drifting off to sleep. Oddly his blade is silent the entire time. Merely basking in the glow, the warmth, the true feeling of serenity and peace she gets from devouring and tasting her wielders chakra. Samehada hearing his words just remains silent and content knowing that he was already worthy to wield her and this only makes her want to remain by his side even more. Unknown to the blonde Samehada manifests her mouth and lets her tongue out. Her tongue lightly slides against Naruto's whiskered cheek licking it a few times as a form of kiss before She returns to her normal activities.

(2 years 7 months. 3 full years of Naruto owning Samehada.)

Naruto had grown immensely. After three full years of nonstop training both mentally and physically Naruto had grown in size and muscle density. His deit changed to that of what Kisame used to eat and his training was compounded with the effects of Naruto's denser and more abundant and potent chakra. He now had twice as much as Kisame had when he was at his strongest point. Shortly before giving Samehada up to him. Naruto's height was nothing to scoff at as he stood at a respectable 4'7" on par with a few older children who were just graduating from the academy.

Naruto had spent a considerable amount of time training himself mentally as he meditated to filter the memories to correctly benefit from them. An after effect of his work was himself obtaining a few of Kisame's traits and personality. Namely his appitite for certain flesh and even his foul mouthed and confident ways. The physical side of training was no different as Naruto had grown in that aspect more then any other. When he first accessed his chakra it was at the size of high chuunin due to his uzumaki heritage. And with it being so dense and powerful inside his small frame it was compounded to be more like low jonin Reserves. After the full three years of training. He had Kisames Chakra pools already and they were still growing.

Naruto had Arrived at the academy dressed in his newly bought clothing that he had tailor made by his Jiji. Hiruzen had to hide himself with a genjutsu in order to see the full extent of Naruto's torture at the hands of the village when buying goods and services. Hearing about how he was treated by local merchants was one thing but seeing it first hand had the Hokage in a rage after just the 1st store. Hiruzen specially ordered everything Naruto had on his person just as a way to show he was sorry about not being able to stop the merchants sooner.

Naruto's cloths if you could even call what he was wearing that were some of the most technologically advanced shinobi gear the elemental nations had ever seen. Naruto's gear was a mixture of black and deep pale grey with deep blue trim to outline all the edges of the surface of the ceramics and fabrics. The fabric itself was solid black underneath the grey ceramic protective plates that outlined the gear Naruto wore. The segmented ceramic plates had been tested and created by someone the sandiame had deemed insane for his ideas and inventions which seemed to defy the laws of the Shinobi Nations. His ceramic plates were not only fire and to a lesser extent explosion proof but they offered damn great protection from Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon and again to a lesser extent Katana's, wakazashi's Daito's and many more weapons. The suit Naruto wore was a full set of torso, Gauntlet, pants and boot armor. While armor was not usually used anymore due to weight being key when in a battle for a shinobi this suit was amazingly revolutionary. The lightweight ceramics made the suit itself very agile and flexible while keeping weight to a damn small minimum. The suit itself only weighed about 35-55Lbs. As such it was light enough not to weight down experienced shinobi but durable enough to ensure the safety of the one inside.

Sarutobi had multiples of the suit made simply for Naruto only. He had three made and shortly after the third suit was delivered the maker of the suits had died. Hiruzen looked into it and it turned out that the man had Killed himself in the most insane way possible to keep his research and inventions out of the hands of those who would use it for the wrong reasons. What was left in the wake of the madmans self destorying explosion had been big enough to force a renaming of the area. No longer was it known as Mount Kage. It was now known as kages Crater.

Naruto wearing that suit while having Samehada stuck to his back with chakra gave Naruto a look that showed brutality. The way he looked scared most civilians away as the way the armor looked made it seem as though Naruto was built like a body builder. The only thing denoting that the armor was indeed recognizable was the blue Uzumaki swirl on the left pectoral plate. Samehada as she fed off Naruto's chakra felt at ease in Naruto's hands happy that he was her wielder. Samehada had begun to click and tap away in a conversation with Naruto to remind him of a few things.

"Gigigigigigigi gigi gigigigi" (Naruto-kun, You must remember that it's 7 in the morning. The academy starts in half an hour. Remember what Jiji said would happen if you were late.) Samehada speaks to Naruto in her usual way only to draw questioning glares and looks from the civilians as they only hear clicks, taps and a few gurgles.

"I know samehada I know. But I won't ever let anyone take you away from me. Not even Jiji. Besides we're only a block away. We take a left and we'll right there." Naruto says smiling happily. he has found himself becoming very attached to Samehada in the short time he's had her. He smiles at the memories of the good times he's had with her before he feels something strange in his gut. He feels butterflies and a strange warm sensation when thinking of her. He shrugs his Shoulders deciding to ignore it before reaching the academy building. Walking inside the Academy he gets to his room number with a smile and sits in the very back closest to a window and tenderly lays Samehada on the desk infront of him before he begins to pet the bandaged blade drawing an almost pleasured coo from the sword.

Shortly after his arrival more students begin flooding into the classroom chit chatting it up and breaking off in groups and sitting close to one another. After the kids are all seated a bell rings and two people walk into the classroom. Both of them wearing chuunin vests and decked out in normal shinobi attire. One with silver hair wearing a bandana headband and the other wearing a normal headband with brown hair in a pulled back ponytail with a scar across his nose.

Both of the instructors look around the room and smile at the students they have. Introducing themselves the teachers step out of the way and have the students come up in groups of 9 to introduce themselves As the class had seperated into the groups of nine Naruto and his group are called up last to introduce themselves and Naruto grabs hold of Samehada and straps her to his back walking to the front with the others. Where they begin their introductions.

They are going by alphabetical order So naruto knows he will be third to last and decides on what he is going to say as the others give their introductions.

"My name is Shino Aburame I hope to learn alongside you all and to hopefully be on a team with some of you." He says as he adjusts his dark sunglasses. Naruto smiles as he sees the tall and stoic Kid thinking he could maybe see himself enjoying class with people like him. Samehada seems to agree as she taps and clicks a few times gaining the attention of both instructors and some of the students in his group.

"My name is Choji Akamichi, I like food, family, my friends shikamaru and kiba and I hope we can all be good friends." The chubby kid says as he begins to eat a new bag of chips. Samehada just makes a few gurgles drawing naruto's attention only to whisper to her "Later okay."

"Hi I'm sakura Haruno and I like my Sasuke-kun and hate Ino-buta. And all of you can forget it cause I will win sasuke's heart." Says a pink haired girl Naruto can only assume is part Banshee due to her loud screechy voice. Samehada seems to agree with Naruto as she moves about and clicks in disgust at her introduction. Drawing looks towards itself in the process.

"M-My name is H-Hi-Hinata Hyuga. I. . I like my family, My cousin N-Neji-kun and I hope to make friends here too." The bashful girl says all the while having been stealing glances at Naruto once in awhile. Samehada gives a low growl at that though. How dare she sneak glances at HER wielder all the while drawing attention from everyone again.

"Hi i'm Kiba Inuzuka and this is Akamaru. 'bark' And were here to prove we're the alpha males here in class. I like Akamaru, my sister and mother and training." The inuzuka says as Samehada just makes a gagging sound to indicate she wont like him at all.

"Troublesome My name is Shikamaru Nara. I like cloud watching, sleeping and thats it." Naruto could see that the Nara the entire time was piecing things together about him and his sword which was making noises. Samehada simply ticked and tapped her scales making Naruto smile.

"Hn My name is Sasuke Uchiha remember it as I am above all of you. You are all only here to serve me and to give me what I want as I am an elite and as such am better then you." Naruto merely frowns at this and decides then that if given the chance he'll gut the Uchiha like a trout and say it was an accident. Knowing that no matter what this asshole would most likely stab everyone in the back if it got him what he wanted and would only cry like a baby if he didn't get it. Samehada merely wiggles and clicks a few times.

Before Naruto finishes his train of thought Samehada pokes and jabs Naruto with her scales gaining his attention. "Ouch Samehada what's up? Huh oh right. Hello everyone. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and this" Naruto lightly and tenderly pats Samehada on her hilt giving her a loving rub up and down her hilt bringing Samehada to give a long drawn out coo that sounds more like a moan. "Is Samehada my sword. I like Samehada, training and making new friends. Don't try to anger me though Samehada wouldn't like that at all." As if to bring the point he was making home the sword itself growls in a rather feral manner while the bandages and sword itself move and convulse making most of the clan heads except Shikamaru, Sasuke and Shino move away in shock.

"Hi i'm Ino Yamanaka and I like sasuke-kun, training in my clan techniques and gardening. I hope we all have a fun time learning together." Ino Says before backing away form Naruto even more. When she finishes with her introduction Sasuke pushes her aside and walks up to naruto.

"Hey you. Blonde with the sword. Give me that stupid thing. It'll be in better hands with me." Sasuke says only to get a group of girls the pink one included to screech in agreement.

"Sasuke was it? How about no. Samehada is not a stupid thing. She is a very beautiful and powerful sword that was given to me on my birthday 3 years ago." Naruto says as he tries to calm the now growling Samehada.

"I don't care what it is. You give me that sword right now you clanless loser or I'll make sure to take it from you." Sasuke says arrogantly.

"Yeah again I'm gonna have to say fuck off emo king. You're not getting my partner Samehada. You want her you'll have to take her from my corpses cold, unmoving dead hands. . . And even then good luck cause I would have glued her to my corpses cold, unmoving dead hands. And even if you somehow get past that She'd just stab you to death with her spines and drain your chakra dry to the point it kills you." Naruto says as Samehada hiss's and gurgles in agreement before Naruto pats her bandages giving them a tender rub. Drawing another coo from his blade making everyone in the room blanch at the show of affection and the reaction the sword gives making them think the sword itself is alive.

"Now I wont entertain this notion any longer Uchiha. Get out of my face cause no matter what happens you will never get my beautiful Same-chan you hear me?" Naruto says before realizing his slip up and blushing deeply before heading back to his seat to let the teachers begin their lessons. The silver haired Chuunin looks at Naruto a bit angerly at the way he had spoken but sighs knowing he was right about sasuke.

"Naruto-kun please can you do me a favor and watch your language. Also please Apologize to sasuke for calling him emo. And sasuke-kun please say sorry for demanding Naruto-kuns things." Mizuki says as Naruto sighs and nods telling the emo king he was sorry. Sasuke merely stays quiet and gives his trademark Hn making Mizuki sweatdrop.

"Alright now that that is out of the way . . .uhh Naruto . . .would you mind telling us whats up with your sword and what it was doing?" Iruka says a little angry that he has the demon brat in his class. But having heard the hokage out decided along with Mizuki to give the demon boy a CHANCE and be unbiased.

"Huh? Oh Samehada is a special sword that was given to me by her previous owner 3 years ago. She was a gift for my birthday and has been with me ever since never leaving my side. I don't really know much about her past or how she came to be but I don't question it at all. Also only I can understand what she says but to everyone else it would seem unintelligible. Now can we continue with the day or am I just gonna have to sit here for hours and watch as this wheezing 95 pound bag of dick tits here eye fucks my sword scheming how to make her his." Naruto says pointing to sasuke making both Mizuki and Iruka stifle a laugh before nodding and returning to the lesson of the day which is mostly to gauge where the students are in terms of skill.

(4 Years Later)

As days go by and seasons change. So too did Naruto while in the academy. No longer a well toned child of 4'7" Naruto now stands at a massive 6' even. His old ninja gear and suit had special seals written to grow as he did so as to never havea need for much else. Loving the suits he was over joyed to see that they would fit no matter how big he had gotten. Naruto remembers his time when he was first training in the academy and chuckles at what he had discovered as well as trained to do.

Naruto found that during this time he can simply reflect on what he knows and likes and recalls his stregnths. He thinks on his affinities and likes his suiton the most. He finds that his favorite Suiton techniques are Kirigakure No Jutsu (Hidden Mist Jutsu.), Suiton:Goshokuzame (Water Release: Five sharks Frenzy), Suiton:Daisuisen (water release: Great Water Drill), Suiton:Teppodama (Water Release: Gunshot). All three of them are very powerful due to his denser then normal chakra and Naruto has mastered the use of nearly all of Kisame's Suiton techniques to the point he doesn't even need to use hand-seals to use them. A MASSIVE plus when fighting against other Shinobi as he would be able to use and pull off Jutsu without wasting time. He has many more favorites from his Suiton Affinity but has taken to like those four the most.

Especially Teppodama, He found it kind of hilarious that with his suiton affinity being even greater then the nindaime's he could launch the bullets from anywhere on his body so long as he channeled the chakra correctly. It was a real fun way he found out about it to. He had Mizuki and Iruka with him at ichiraku ramen eating some lunch to say sorry them both for tar and feathering the emo king and getting the classroom all messy. Both Mizuki and Iruka had given Naruto a chance like the sandiame requested and both of them found that they liked the boy immensely. He was funny, kind and courteous. Was always tender and careful when dealing with civilians and others who weren't quite at his own level of skill in the shinobi arts and even offered pointers to help them get stronger. These kind of actions made them both question what was real for awhile until they decided Naruto simply couldn't be a demon.

Naruto was walking into the classroom for the final time as gradution would take place right that day and he couldn't wait. Walking into the academy Naruto takes his seat next to the window in the back of the room once again laying Samehada on the desk as tenderly as possible before softly rubbing up and down her blade length getting her to gurgle and squeal in happiness. Before having her calm down as the others enter the room including his favorite teachers.

"Okay class today is the day of the graduation exams please take your seats and get ready. The first portion is a written test and will be handed out shortly." Iruka states as Mizuki begins passing the tests out one by one to the students. When he gets to Naruto Mizuki smiles sadly whispering "sorry" before handing him a test that most jonin wouldn't be able to answer correctly. Ignoring it Naruto gives his teacher a happy nod as Samehada bounces up and gives mizuki's hand a gentle pat to let him know they both forgive him. Naruto sighs and just decides its best to not give a hell anymore and answers everything before the test is given to the front to be graded. After about an hour the written poriton of the test is ended with all the kids having finished.

The class is pushed outside for the shuriken and Kunai poriton of the test with Mizuki being the one out with the class Iruka grades the test papers.

"Alright class this is the Shinobi tools portion of the test. Each of you will take 10 Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon and even Ninja wire and use them to take out the test dummy. I will be grading you in points which reach from 0 to 800 with a possible 200 points as a bonus. 1000 Being a perfect score but the highest scorer gets a special prize of a brand new sectioned tools belt. Each bag on the belt has a special seal on it filled with 5000 kunai, shuriken and senbon where as the Ninja wire Spool has over 100 miles of wire inside it's seal. Now lets start with Ami You're up." Mizuki says charting down how well the students do in this portion of the test.

As was expected the civilians did marginally well where as the clan heads all did marvelously. Shino, Shikamaru, sasuke and Naruto were the highest scorers. Shino with a dead even 500. shikamaru with also a dead even 500 Sasuke only gets 580 where as Naruto gets a perfect 1000 points. 800 solid points with all the normal ninja tools of the trade and the bonus 200 points for nailing all the most vital instant kill spots on the dummies. As such he wins the belt with a fox like grin.

In a rare show of emotion in public Naruto quickly hugs Mizuki giving his sensei a heart felt thank you. Mizuki in turn hugs back and chuckles happily at Naruto's antics and ruffles his blonde spikey hair before the class heads to do the Taijutsu spars. Where once again Naruto wins the tournament gaining a rather nice set of chakra weights and bandages. He smiles at how Giddy Samehada is now that shes knows that he simply decided to win the fight to make sure he got the bandages for her. It makes Naruto blush as her tongue slides out of her formed maw licking his whiskered cheeks. He just nervously smiles and pats Samehada before taking the old used bandages off her form revealing her scaled appearance. Her deep blue scales shimmering in the sunlight as the constant use of his suiton techniques through her leaves her soaked in water some of the time.

His eyes looking up and down his beloved sword Naruto tenderly pats and rubs her scales lovingly drawing out more loving coo's before he gives a curt chuckle and starts applying his newly won bandages up and down the length of her form. Once comfortably bandaged in the new set he won Samehada clicks and ticks happily at the feeling of the soft material. She once again speaks with Naruto.

"Gigigigigigigigi gigi gigigi."(Naruto-kun thank you so much for the new bandages. They feel so good against my scales.) Samehada speaks in Naruto's mind.

"Y-Yeah no problem Same-chan. I'm just glad you're happy. . . .I'll do anything for you, you know that." Naruto says with a serious expression on his face even though it's tinted red with his blush.

"Gigi gigigi gigi." (Thank you Naruto-kun. You sure know how to make a sword blush.) Samahada says to Naruto who in turn just looks away embarrassed and blushing again. Silence reigns between the two until they once again go inside the academy to complete the last portion of the graduation test.

Onto the last portion of the exam was the ninjutsu portion. A total fucking joke if Naruto ever saw one. Only three jutsu were needed and they were all so easy he had forgotten them shortly after mastering them. The only one's he would really need were Henge and Kawarimi as they could save your life. His Henge's were honest to god transformations and his Kawarimi's were so precise he could replace himself with a speck of dust over 50 meters away. the entire class was being called one by one to do them and one by one the students returned with their headbands.

As Naruto is called he is sure he can pass easily knowing that now the academy can't fuck with his tests anymore. He'll just use every variation of clone he knows to pass the exam and if he is still failed it would look like the academy instructors are fucking high. After a simple chat with Iruka and Mizuki Naruto does the three jutsu required and passes with flying colors. Getting a headband and tying it around his neck he smiles some and rubs Samehada's hilt in a loving and tender fashion getting the blade to coo once more. As naruto leaves the academy he heads towards Ichiraku ramen leaving Mizuki and Iruka to evaluate the tests of the remaining Students.

(Hokage's office with Iruka and Mizuki.)

"Hokage-sama we have the results of the graduation tests and are here to see you about setting up the teams with their sensie's." Mizuki says with a smile holding Naruto's test which although what most jonin applicants to ANBU take still has a 95% as its grade.

"Oh really? How did the students do?" Hiruzen says with a smile as he cleans his pipe.

"Nearly all the class passed. Mostly the clan heads and Naruto-kun. Which is really no surprise." Iruka says happily before placing the forms on the desk. As they go through the students and Hiruzen begins pairing them with their respective sensei's he comes up to naruto's name and thinks for a minute on where he should be placed.

"Iruka, Mizuki where do you think I should place Naruto?" Hiruzen says after seeing a few teams who could have a spare member for back up.

"Well Hokage-sama in all honesty I don't think Naruto really needs a sensei. More of a . . .partner." Iruka says thoughtfully knowing that Naruto's skills easily passed his own as well as Mizuki's.

"True Iruka but we don't want him to be paired with just anyone. Think about what it would be like if we Paired Naruto with Anko" Mizuki says with a chuckle as the three imagine what that kind of pairing would be like.

(Collective vision of their current thought.)

"Hey Hokage-sama Whatcha need from us?" Anko says with a grin as Naruto just stands next to her with the same grin as her.

"Ah yes Anko, I need you and Naruto for a special assassination mission.

"Oh a hit you say? You want us to make him suffer or end it quick and quiet like?" Anko asks licking her lips.

"I'll leave that up to you. Just make sure you give him and his little gang a taste of fear." Hiruzen says taking a puff on his smoke.

"We could take out his tongue." Anko says.

"With a knife." Naruto says finally speaking up as Samehada gurgles in agreement.

"Remove his heart." Anko says with a sadistic grin.

"Yeah with a knife." Naruto says with an equally sadistic smile.

"Bigger knife." Anko says as she licks her lips while turning to face Naruto.

"FUCKIN KNIFE" Naruto says excitedly as Samehada clicks and ticks with joy.

"Yeah this may actually be a bad idea." Hiruzen says as he wastes no time and presses a button on his intercom.

"Hello?" The voice asks.

"Yeah uh Ibiki-san you wanna call the spooky twins home before I throw 'em there?" Hiruzen says with a questioning tone.

(End of shared vision.)

The three occupants of the room shiver in fear at the thought and laugh heartily at the truth of that kind of future for the blonde if influenced by both her and Ibiki. Deciding whats the harm they just sigh and sign Naruto into Kakashi's team roster until they can find a suitable partner for naruto to fight with. With that the three soon begin working on the next few teams consisting of all the clan heirs.

(The next morning.)

Naruto wakes up as the beams of the morning sun shine into his room. Nauto groaning a little bit just sighs as he opens his eyes to look around his room. His eyes meeting a sight he has come to cherish over the years. Samehada, His Same-chan. At first when they were first starting out with his trianing he didn't really think of things being so rough going. The hellish abuse he suffered steeled him for her training as well as the memories of what was supposed to be the right things to master. As the days wore on Naruto found himself only talking and hanging out with Samehada. Her angelic voice at first only held an edge of anger and disappointment before they found what was wrong and fixed it. When it was fixed he soon found her voice to be comforting and caring. Always there to push him to keep going when he fell and no matter what she had always cheered him up when he was sad and made him feel loved when he was alone.

Naruto looks at himself a little embarrassed due to his predicament. He knows what he feels is wrong but he can't deny that he feels this way. He's in love with Samehada. Ignoring his feelings for the most part he stretches and gets ready for the academy knowing he's getting his team today. He straps Samehada to his back chuckling to himself as he hears small snores coming from his sword letting him know that his sword is still sleeping.

Naruto races out of his apartment bumping into a rather gorgeous woman. She's a rather tall woman with dark crimson red hair. A few shades darker then blood. Her toothy smile seeming to show they look like sharks teeth. Her two front bangs are tied and rolled into a strange fashion making them not only frame her face but seem to extend upwards like horns adding an air of exoticism to her. Her attire is that of a normal Civilian consisting of blue jeans, a rather baggy shirt to hide her curves and a jacket loosely on her person unzipped and blue in color.

Naruto looks at the woman and smiles happily at who it is. He quickly hugs the woman who gently hugs back with a chuckle.

"Hey Naruto-kun how are you doing?" The woman asks with a soft tone that a mother would give her son.

"I'm fine Ameyuri-chan. I'm about to get my team assignment today so I wanted to get their early maybe put my new sensei in his place beneath my foot." Naruto says chuckling as Ameyuri ringo just smirks.

"Ha, that's my boy. Make sure you don't change to much under their teachings. I'll miss my potty mouthed little souchi." Ameyuri says with chuckle as Naruto smirks evilly.

"Oh please like those pencil dicked assholes could even hope to control my language. The thought alone is a laughable exercise in futility with just a funny as hell punishment." Naruto says as he gives ameyuri a fox like grin.

"Oh and what would that be my little Bouya?" Ameyuri asks.

"FUCKIN KNIFE"Naruto says grabbing Samehada's hilt while pulling out a kunai as a sadistically evil grin spreads across his face.

"You've been hanging out with Anko to much Naruto-kun." Ameyuri says with a laugh.

"Yeah I know but I like her. And Ibiki is really just a teddy bear. They treat me like real friends would. So did the procedure work?" Naruto asks solemnly hoping that his hunch was correct.

"Naruto. . . .even after I told you not to worry about me you went against my wishes and found that special quality in your blood. . . Yes the treatment worked. Your blood healed every last little thing wrong and I wont die. . .hell I could even go back to being a swordsman if I wanted. I'd only need my Kiba blades and I'd be one of the most powerful kunoichi in the elemental nations again. Thank you Naruto. . . .I honestly can't think of anything to do to begin repaying you. But here's a start." Ameyuri leans down and kisses Naruto's head softly before waving him off.

"The kiss was only the beginning Naru-kun. I'll give you your surprise gift when you get back from training with your team and sensei." Ameyuri says with a happy smile at her adoptive son Naruto as he hugs her gently and nods.

"Thank you kaa-chan. . .Thank you so much for taking the treatment. I don't know what i'd have done if I lost you." Naruto says before getting a hug from ameyuri.

"Oh hush you little shit snack. You're gonna be late for the academy. Now make sure you kick your sensei's ass and don't forget to eat the lunch I made you. You need to be able to grow up to be and strong in the coming months for when you finally take on C-rank and above missions Souchi." Ameyuri says with a nodding naruto saying "Hai, Hai." repeatedly before he leaves the apartment. Ameyuri smiles happily before heading inside her own apartment which is right next door to Naruto's. She opens the case currently on her bed revealing her old Seven Swordsman uniform and Hitai-ate. Her Seven swordsman attire is completely different from the others. Seeming to be comprised of a many collared armored long sleeve jacket and strange blue cargo pants that extend only to the ankle where as her stocking seem to be stitched to them.

Ameyuri just smiles some and at the old uniform she used to wear during the purges. She sighs knowing that she can't go back. Atleast not yet. She smiles and puts all the gear on her person minus the headband. She decides it's time to once again get herself up to snuff. Afterall, If she's to convince the Hokage to accept her into his ranks she needs to be up to the task. Not to mention she needs to regain her blades from that thieving bastard who stabbed her in the back and left her for dead near Konoha all those years ago when Naruto had first found her.

"Soon you traitorous bastard. . .You're blood will soak the earth beneath my feet as I destroy everything you have made for yourself. Nothing will stop me from regaining what was stolen. And once I have them back. . .Nothing will stop me from doing what is needed." Ameyuri says thinking of her plan. Soon a knock is heard at her door and she chuckles softly thinking Naruto might have forgotten his lunch and accidentally locked himself out of his apartment again.

"Naru-kun did you forget your. . . " Ameyuri looks at the cat masked ANBU infront of her doorway with a surprised face.

"You're not Naruto-kun but I wont say no to a date if this is a confession." Ameyuri says with a simple smile and a soft tint of pink as she says it in a softly mocking tone.

"Very funny Ringo-san. Hokage-sama has agreed to see you please get dressed and come with me." The Neko masked Female says as Ameyuri nods and walks into her apartment getting dressed before leaving with the ANBU to the hokage's office.

(Konaha Shinobi Academy.)

Naruto walks into the academy and once again just lays Samehada on the desk infront of him lightly rubbing her bandaged form earning a gentle coo from her as she begins waking up. After a few minutes of waiting the other students all pile into the classroom bustling with noise and conversations as they ask and wonder what they will learn or who will be teaching them.

After a few more minutes pass of the classroom in disarray Iruka and Mizuki both walk in rather beat up and bandaged. Naruto sees this and immediately growls rather ferally along with Samehada who also growls in a rather feral tone shutting everyone in the classroom up. They know when they hear that dual growl shit is going to hit the fan.

"Who did it?" Naruto asks them both as they sweat drop before sighing.

"It was someone from a secret faction of ANBU thought dismantled. They stole the forbidden scroll of seals and we were tasked with hunting them down with a few Jonin. It's why the village was on lockdown last night." Iruka says as Mizuki sighs when Naruto pops up infront of them.

"Thats not all is it? Tell me what happened and where they were headed. THEY CAN'T HIDE FROM ME AND YOU KNOW IT." Naruto's rather beastial qualities coming forth to the surface. His training having created them as his body is soon encased in a dark red aura as he grips samehada who growls and ticks in agreement with him. Having spent time with both these men has made her open up to liking them. There chakra may taste salty or just plain oily to her but they made Naruto happy and that alone was reason enough for her to like them.

"Naruto it's not a big deal. There plan was stopped, The perpitrators were dealt with and the scroll was returned to the hokage. The only thing that strikes us as odd was it was set up to frame you Naruto-kun." Mizuki says popping his knuckles back into place as Samehada licks his hands. Her regenerative saliva healing what it could as Naruto fills her with his Chakra as a special treat.

"Fine, But i'm seeing Jiji later to get the full story." Naruto says with a growl.

"Oh shut up Dobe like you could do anything." An arrogant and bratty voice speaks up from his seat.

"Shut the fuck up uke-chan" Naruto says making Sasuke growl in anger.

"Naruto Language." Iruka says a little scoldingly.

Naruto sighs and nods ignoring Sasuke for now. Opting to get him back later by pranking the living shit out of him with some expired milk, a faulty toilet and an explosive tag on the septic pipes of the academy. Naruto merely relaxes as Iruka begins his congratulation speech with Mizuki as they begin laughing a bit at the surprise their students have when they begin telling them of past teams and how fast they died when not taking things seriously. Soon Iruka and Mizuki begin telling the students who their teams are.

Naruto having tuned out everything up to this point opting to think about how to get revenge on both the strange ANBU who hurt his family. Naruto is broken from his thoughts by Samehada.

"Gigi gigigi gigigigigigi gigigigigigigigi gigi." (Naru-kun calm down, We can deal with them later. Right now all you need to know is they are okay and alive. A bit worse for wear but other then that They are fine none the less. Take solice that you can still be with them cause some times you don't even get that.)Samehada says to Naruto through their mental link. Though to everyone around Naruto all they hear are ticks and taps of scales.

"I know Same-chan I know but still. . . I don't like that they were hurt. They're like family to me especially Mizuki. You know how he used to think and even what he revealed to me. Even after that he still couldn't believe he used to think of me that way. We've been like family ever since that Suiton: Teppodama Contest we had." Naruto says with a sad smile.

"Gigigigi gigigigi gigi gigigigigigigigi gigigigi gigi" (I know Naruto-kun but still. Cherish the time you have with them Cause they might not always make it back alive. You know the horrors of being a ninja from Kisame's memories and even my own teachings. Now then why don't we cheer up huh? You're name was just called.) Naruto bristles at this when samehada finishes and He looks towards the front.

"What was that Sensei?" Naruto asks Mizuki.

"Ah I said team 7 will consist of rookie of the year Sasuke Uchiha, Kunoichi of the year Sakura Haruno and the dobe of the class Naruto Uzumaki. Under the tutelage of Jonin Kakashi Hatake. Sorry Naruto-kun but you know how it is." Mizuki says patting Naruto's head softly.

"Yeah, yeah. But if I wake up in the middle of the night and that uke-teme is anywhere near me I can't promise his life wont end." Naruto says annoyed that he was given Dead last as his title due to the council and academy teachers hating his guts.

"I understand Naruto. Now team 8 will consist of Kunoichi of the year runner up Hinata Hyuuga, Shino aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka. Your sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in rotation from last year under Maito gai so on to the last team of team 10." Mizuki says looking towards Iruka.

"Team 10 will Consist of Ino yamanaka, Choji akamichi and Shikamaru Nara. Under jonin Asuma Sarutobi. Feel free to laze about till lunch as this will be the last time a lot of you will be here. After lunch your Sensei's will come by to pick up their teams." Iruka says leaving the classroom after that with Mizuki to get their pain prescriptions filled.

After hours of relaxing and sleeping lunch had come and everyone left the room to get something to eat. Naruto however merely Shunshin'd to the hokage's office.

Once inside the old man looked at naruto's expressio nand sighed knowing what was gonna happen. Hiruzen merely offers Naruto a seat and then places the scroll of seals on the desk infront of himself and naruto.

"Naruto I know what you're going to say and ask. Please know that the perpetrators are dead. And the scroll is safe." Hiruzen says.

"I don't give to fucks if that shitty scroll is burned nor that those assholes were killed. What I want to know is why no one told me Iruka and mizuki were injured. You know I could have helped them." Naruto says very angry.

"I know Naruto-kun but we couldn't bother you. Not with this. It was made to look like you stole the scroll and you know what would have happened if you were with others on that mission. Now before you start ranting. . . I need to tell you something VERY important." Hiruzen says with a dead serious facial expression.

"Hai hokage-sama what is it you need to tell me?" Naruto knowing that this is serious as Hiruzen never uses that face unless it's deathly important.

"Naruto the scroll of seals. . . it's a collaboration of all past hokage's and their techniques. All of them forbidden one way or another and are very powerful. They could cripple Konoha if they got out. . . .The scroll itself is owned by the current reigning hokage unless otherwise stated in a will or living will. This scroll . . .As of this moment is now yours." Hiruzen says shocking Naruto to the core as he looks upon the scroll.

"The scroll is yours. As stated by the yodaime's will. If he were to die one Naruto Uzumaki shall inherit the scroll and all it's contents to use as he sees fit. Naruto. . .i wanted to keep many things secret from you cause you were weak and weren't going to be able to handle it. But now you're nearly as strong as most Jonin with the chakra capacity of a monster rivaling that of even the gobi WITHOUT the Kyuubi inside you. But now I guess I can finally get this off my chest." Hiruzen says as he looks towards the faces of the hokage-monument.

"Naruto, You're father was the Yodaime Hokage of konoha Minato Namikaze. Your mother was Kushina uzumaki of Uzushio. . . .Your mother was a weapons specialist of the highest caliber and she was able to not only kill and destroy legions of Shinobi by her self she was able to single handedly man handle and beat every last member of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shu."(Seven Ninja Swordsman of the mist.) "In kenjutsu alone and make them look like genin fresh out of the academy." Hiruzen says shocking Naruto and Samehada. Naruto smiles some as he looks at Samehada who confirms what Hiruzen says due to having fought at Kisame's side when that happened. Naruto knowing the memory all to well.

"Jiji . . . Thank you uh is that all? Cause I have to meet my team again to wait for our sensei. I'll take the scroll now too." Naruto says getting a nod from Hiruzen who hugs the boy happy he wasn't angry. Naruto merely seals the scroll away into one of the seals on his newly won Belts storage seal Buckle which was shaped as two strange weapons in an x formation. Naruto gets To the academy seeing Ameyuri beating one of the instructors over the head constantly with the blunt end of a 2x4 only to race up and ask what was wrong.

"This 200 pound sack of assholes called you a demon spawn and claimed that I shouldn't care about you. You forgot your lunch again Naruto." Ameyuri says with a warning tone to her voice only to grab Naruto by the ear and drag him into the academy past the currently bleeding and unconscious instructor. The both of them make it to the classroom alone and begin eating together talking about what was happening. When naruto dropped the bomb.

"So it turns out my mother was Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto says with pride happy to know who his mother was.

Ameyuri spittakes on her tea soaking Naruto making Naruto give her an Unamuzed look as he wipes his face clean.

"YOU'RE MOTHER IS WHO?!" Ameyuri screams at him in surprise.

"Yeah My mom is Kushina Uzumaki. Did you know her?" Naruto asks with a hopeful tone.

"Know her? Shit she kicked my ass HARDCORE!" Ameyuri says laughing before she looks towards Naruto.

"Who would have thought My little bouya was the souchi of the Crimson death maiden." Ameyuri laughs before hugging naruto tightly.

"i was once part of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shu. Naruto me and all 6 other members met your mother once. We spent months together. Granted that was only after she kicked our asses so hard we nearly died. She made us look like chumps. . . You have her skills you know." Ameyuri says hugging Naruto into her rather Ample chest nuzzling into him.

"Your mother taught all 7 of us how to better use our swords. How to truly be swordsmen. My blades were the dual Katana's the Kiba Blades. They controlled the very lightning in storms with no chakra what so ever. They were deadly and your mother used them to such an extent that NONE of us could believe it. She was able to weild all 7 blades masterfully as if it was an art form. You're the same with Samehada. I thought it was suspicious you had her lat name and skills. This confirms it though." Ameyuri says happy she can fufill her promise at long last to the red headed woman who changed her life.

"Naruto-kun I promised Kushina Something before her and us of the swordsmen parted ways. I promised her that if something were to ever happen to her that I would watch over her child or children if she ever had any. I got word she was going to have a baby boy. When I got word she died and her child was gone I swore to look for him and fufill that promise no matter what. I was going to leave the village when I was healthy enough and thanks to you I was able to get over my sickness and do just that. But now I don't need to leave the village cause of what you did for me." Ameyuri says wiping tears from her eyes as she hugs naruto closer.

"Who'd of thought my foul mouthed little bouya was the one I was looking for all this time. The one person I could see as my own flesh and blood . . .haha well lifes funny that way Neh?" Ameyuri asks getting naruto to nod as Samehada growls at the closeness of Ameyuri and Naruto.

"Oh hush you finless shark. I'm just hugging my souchi-kun. I wont steal him from you." Ameyuri says with a happy smile. Getting Samehada to calm down and naruto to blush with a thoughtful expresson. After lunch Ameyuri leaves Naruto telling him she'll tell him the other secret when she gets back to the village after a few months. Naruto waving by to his Mother figure just smiles as the sight of her with the Konoha Headband on her head brings him to smile. Sitting in his seat as the others arrive soon the sensei's arrive and begin taking their students away leaving only team seven as the ones in the classroom.

Naruto having been completely annoyed after waiting for an hour past the time merely stands up and walks to the door.

"Hey naru-baka what the heck are you doing?" The banshee asks.

"I'm leaving." Naruto says ignoring her screeching and the emo's annoyed expressions to head to his training grounds. He has better things to do then watch a love struck fanbitch suck up and kiss the ass of the biggest faggot in konoha while waiting for his dumbass teacher to show up. When at his Training ground Naruto begins his training in Kisame's Taijutsu style using a few dozen shadow clones as his testing dummies. Meanwhile at the academy after another 2 hours the door finally slides open revealing a tall lanky man with gravity defying silver hair.

"Team seven?" The jonin asks getting a nod from the only two occupants in the room.

"Where's the third member of the team?" The man asks a bit confused wondering if he left to take a leak.

"The dobe left after the first hour. Not sure where but I don't care. Lets just go." Sasuke says only to have a wave of water slam into him from behind as Naruto gets into the classroom through the window.

"I'm back" Naruto says annoyed as Sasuke gets up and growls at the blonde.

"Stupid Naruto-baka you hurt sasuke-kun." The pink haired girl says getting Naruto to deadpan at her.

"I knocked him down with a water shunshin. That emo cocksucking Dumbass should have moved." Naruto defends himself only to have a tick mark appear on the jonin's head.

"Language Gaki." The man says.

"SUCK A COCK." Naruto yells at the silver haired man only to get a second tick mark to appear on the Jonin's head.

"I'm your sensei so you better listen to me blondie." Kakashi says as Naruto finally remmbered his name.

"Oh big fucking whoop. Would you just shut up and get introductions over with already. I have shit to do." Naruto says.

"Oh like what Gaki?" Kakashi asks.

"Why don't you ask your mother after I fuck her stupid?" Naruto says getting Kakashi even more pissed off.

"FINE Introductions go like this. My name is kakashi, I have many likes, and many dislikes including insubordinate little shits with blonde hair. My hobbies Hmmm never thought about that and my dreams yeah?" Kakashi says still angered.

"Now you go Pinkie." Kakashi says trying to clam down.

"I'm sakura Haruno and I like. . . .(looks at Sasuke) My dislikes are Ino-bunta (ino-pig) And NARUTO-BAKA (Naruto idiot). My hobbies are um . . . .(looks at sasuke again and blushes.) And my dream. . . (She looks at sasuke and squeals.)" Sakura finishes with Kakashi smiling.

"Good she likes sasuke. I can use that." Kakashi thinks to himself.

"Now you Brooder." Kakashi says with a smile getting a Hn in response.

"My name is sasuke Uchiha, remember it cause it means i'm your better. My likes are few and my dislikes mean nothing. I have no hobbies besides getting stonger and my dream I don't have one I have an ambition and it is to kill a certain man." Sasuke finshes getting Kakashi to smile under his mask.

"Translation, My name is sasGAY. I like men and their dicks. I dislike women and all that they do. My hobbies are sucking cock while taking it in the ass. And my dream is to jump off a bridge." Naruto says pissing the three others off to no end as Naruto just stares blankly at them.

"My name is Naruto uzumaki. Son of the crimson death maiden Kushina uzumaki. My likes are none of your business. My dislikes are ALL OF YOU and plenty more idiots aswell as certain things. My hobbies. Hmmm you don't need to know unless you wish to join in on the fun. But you likely wont survive. And my dream. . . well Thats on a need to know basis and since none of you need to know you can just go FUCK YOURSELVES." Naruto says pissed off his Jiji would assign him onto this team. He was going to find out why after the meeting of his so called "team."

"Naruto watch your language you lying little shit. I'll have your liscence revoked if you keep it up. Now then, Meet at training ground 7 at 6 am for your true genin test tomorrow morning. Oh also don't eat breakfast or you'll most likely puke." Kakashi says with an eye smile before shunshining out of the area wanting to get away form the demon brat before he killed him.

"Asshole." Naruto says before leaving as he pats Samehada on the hilt while heading home. Naruto knowing that tomorrow things will surely change for him and his current dreams for the future. Not knowing how true that statement is as his mother figure is out on her Mission to get what was stolen from her and once she returns. Things will never be the same.

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