In the Distant Past. . .

A mysterious island suddenly appeared in the sky one day, high above the ocean. Four godlike beings went and claimed its awesome power for their own. Many people say that it was, in fact, those four who raised the isle in the first place, in order to attack human kind.

The wicked ones were called Sinistraels. They possessed the horrific powers of Destruction, Chaos, Terror and Death. These beings named their island Doom Island, and the castle that sat in its center was called the Fortress of Doom.

But all hope was not lost. One man stood against those demons to protect the world. He was the fiery haired warrior named Maxim. In his hands, he held the legendary Spirit Sword Sargus, the only blade that could disrupt the Sinistrael's energy. At his side stood his wife, the sorceress Selan. Also fighting with him were the swordsman Guy, and a squirrel warrior named Artea.

Together, the four took a flying ship called Excerion and headed for the Fortress of Doom. Once there, they sought out the four Sinistraels, and killed them. But Selan was mortally wounded in the battle. Her last words were a wish, to stand with Maxim on their land and to hold her infant son one more time.

Suddenly, a glass bridge in the chamber collapsed. Guy and Artea were stuck on the opposite side from their allies. Although Artea could have brought them all to safety with a Warp spell under normal circumstances, the distance between him and Maxim was too far. The young warrior ordered his comrades to escape and spread the news of victory, while he stay to die with his beloved.

Artea and Guy took it upon themselves to travel to the western lands, where Doom Island fell into the sea. With them, they took Selan's aunt and the couple's infant son. If ever another crisis involving the Sinistraels or Doom Island occurred, the only one who could win would be someone of the blood of Maxim. Although the burden would be great, the boy and his descendants needed to carry it.

* * *

Ninety years passed since these events took place. . .

* * *

A redheaded boy with violet eyes runs into the inn. He was about eight- years old, and had on a gray sleeveless tunic, blue breeches, and leather boots. The boy has dirt smudged all over his face and clothing, as if he had been out rolling in it all afternoon. Needless to say, the old innkeeper wasn't too happy about this. He gave the boy a scolding glare.

"Lyle Rehbart Reon," scolds the man, "Where did you go today that you got so dirty?" "Awwww Roman, I just went to the caves to do a little exploring," Lyle whined.

Roman exclaimed, "Lyle! It's dangerous there! I told you never to go out of town by yourself! What if a monster came up and attacked you? You're just a little kid."

Lyle gave his foster grandfather a smile. "It's ok, there's no monsters out there. There hasn't been any since the days when the heroes came from over the ocean with my ancestor, and began to train great warriors to kill them all off."

It often surprised Roman about how much the young boy knew, and how mature he was. His father had been like that too, as had his grandfather - - who had been Roman's best friend in life. The old man assumed it had something to do with the blood of Maxim. Since the descendants of the fallen hero had to carry on his legacy, they were forced to grow up a little too fast. Not that his legacy or having to grow up ever stopped Lyle from getting into trouble.

"Still, if something were to happen to you, your dead mother and father would cry," Roman said, "As would Meria. Do you want to make Meria cry Lyle?"

"No, I don't want to hurt Meria anymore. She's already lost her parents, just like me. Meria doesn't need no more grief," Lyle replied.

You see, there was a war between the Kingdom of Alekia - - where Lyle lives - - and the Kingdom of Sheran - - which lay just beyond the caves. Lyle's parents had fought in the war, but were both killed. But before they died, they had made an arrangement with his mother's best friend that stated that Lyle would marry her daughter when they grew up. In the end, both Lyle and Meria were orphaned at the tender ages of five and six years old. That was two years ago.

Before Roman could say anything else, a young girl entered the inn. She seemed to be about Meria's age - - seven - - and had medium length blond hair and blue eyes. The girl wore a blue sundress, and a pair of sandals. Her cloths were filthy, and she showed signs of hunger and exhaustion.

Roman exclaimed, "By the gods! What happened to you child? Are you hurt? Where are your parents?" But the little girl just hid her eyes, seemingly afraid of what he asked.

Lyle then tried his luck. "Hi, my name is Lyle, what's yours?"

"Rasha," she whispered, "My name is Rasha."

"That's a nice name. Hey Rasha, I want you to meet someone else. She's really nice, and I'm sure you'll both get along just fine. Meria, are you here," he called down.

At once, Meria came down the stairs. She was a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Her long sleeved dress was blue, with a white frilled dickie that had an embroidered heart in the middle. The stockings on her legs were white, and she had on black shoes.

Lyle stated, "Rasha, this is Meria. Meria, I'd like you to meet my new friend Rasha. I just know that the three of us will be good friends."

Meria shook Rasha's hand. "Hello, my name is Meria. Let's both be friends."

* * *

This chance meeting by the descendant of Maxim, and the one with the name that means "one touched by death" would forever change the course of history. But nine years would pass before anyone knew exactly what Lyle's role in history would be.

- - - -

This is only the introduction to the epic tale. The reason Rasha's name means "one touched by death" will be explained in the next chapter. Note to all, I really don't care who falls in love with Lyle in any of my fics (a rare occurrence, usually I have a favorite and hang on to it like a lioness to a gazelle). It's just that Rasha fits the part of Lufia the best. My second fic, which I'm currently thinking up ideas for, will be a Rasha/Migel fic. I just can't think of whether I want Fam or Ihrie with Lyle.