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Ages: Davis, Kari and TK - 16

Yolei and Ken -17

Cody - 14

Matt, Jun, Sora and Tai - 19

Joe - 21

Mimi and Izzy - 18

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Hard-Headed Goggle Head

Odaiba General Hospital

Kari sighed, stretching out and leaning further into the recliner next to the hospital bed. She propped her elbow on the arm of the chair, putting her head in her palm, scanning the body of the person lying in the bed. Davis had been in a medically induced coma for the past four days, and was supposed to wake up soon."Hopefully" Kari thought to herself, reaching out to brush some hair out of his face. For what felt like the billionth time Kari ran over the events that had led up to Davis' near-death injury. From her conversation with TK to the battle with SkullMeramon. Sighing again, Kari leaned back, rubbing her eyes. "I should really get some sleep" Kari thought as she closed her eyes, resting her head on the bed, interlacing her fingers with Davis'.

Tai and Matt watched from the doorway, closing the door quietly before moving over to a bench nearby. Tai sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose "How did it get this bad, Matt? Why couldn't I do anything to prevent this from...?"

Matt placed a hand on his friend's shoulder to silence him "Don't. Don't beat yourself up for this, Tai. It was not your fault. It wasn't anyone's fault. Davis did what he had to do to save Kari. But he's alive, he'll be okay. Focus on the positive."

Tai nodded, dragging a hand over his face "I know Matt, thanks. I'm just worried about Kari is all. I mean she's barely said a word to anyone and hardly ever leaves his side."

Matt smiled a little "About time, right?"

Tai managed a small laugh "For sure. It's still incredible Davis never figured it out."

Matt chuckled "Oh please. Davis is more dense than you ever were. I'm more disappointed in TK and Kari for putting the kid through so much grief."

Tai nodded again, scratching the back of his head "How's Jun?"

Matt's face fell "She's a mess. She and Kari have been switching off who comes and goes, but I told her she needed to go home and sleep. She'll be here soon enough, she's freshening up first. You were right Tai, this really is a big ol' mess they got themselves into."

Tai patted Matt on the shoulder "Why can't they be more like us, Matt?"

"Now that's a scary thought" teased Sora as she and Mimi walked down the hallway towards the two boys.

"Where's Kari?" Mimi asked, looking around the hallway. Tai placed a finger over his mouth as he got up and opened the door to Davis' room a little, letting the girls see that Kari was asleep.

"Aw..." Mimi said with a small sigh once Tai shut the door "That is too cute."

Sora nodded, smiling "For sure. I wonder how Davis'll react when he wakes up."

Matt smirked "If he wakes up and she's curled up like that I'm pretty sure he'll fall back into a coma."

That all laughed lightly, appreciating the joke for what it was worth. They stopped when Joe came down the hall with Izzy and Cody in tow. "Any change?" Cody asked hopefully.

Tai shook his head "Not yet. But the doctors said it shouldn't be long now, so..."

Joe nodded "Makes sense. Still, I don't think we should all stand here in the hall" he finished, jerking his thumb behind him towards the waiting area.

They all nodded, and as they found themselves seats they saw TK, Ken and Yolei walk through the door. Yolei was the first to pipe up "How is he?"

Matt shrugged "Much the same, honestly. Doctors took him off the strong stuff this morning, should be waking up in the next cougple hours."

TK nodded "Are we allowed to see him?"

Tai, Matt, Sora and Mimi chuckled, making TK frown "What is it?"

Ken looked around the group, realization dawning on him, making him smile, clearly amused "I think maybe we should let him rest for now. Something tells me he's in good hands."

Yolei frowned, then suddenly caught his meaning, grinning widely "I agree with Ken, let's wait for a little bit."

TK cast one more look down the hallway that led to Davis' room, and sighed, moving to take a seat in front of his brother. As they slipped into comfortable conversation, some about Davis and others about life, Tai closed his eyes, thinking back to what had started the thing that led to this mess.

One week earlier

"Seriously Kari" TK said as they walked down the street on the way to school together "When are you just gonna tell him?"

Kari sighed, replying "Soon TK, I promise."

TK shook his head "That's what you said before when I asked. And the time before that. And the time before that. And..."

"Alright, alright! I get it!" Kari cried, exasperated.

TK sighed "Y'know, he isn't gonna stay interested forever. He's still the only one who hasn't figured out our little ploy."

Kari nodded "I know. Hell, even Tai figured it out. Which was weird because I was half expecting him to find Davis and beat his head in. Surprisingly enough he's okay with it though."

TK chuckled, saying "Yeah, was kinda odd. Guess it's because he knows Davis would always treat you right. Still, makes me a little nervous to think how he'll react when he finds out that all our flirting and 'affection' was an over exaggeration to mess with him."

Kari laughed nervously, but the pair froze when they saw said boy standing next to a wall as they walked past a nearby street, his eyes wide. He stood frozen to the spot, having only heard '...think how he'll react when he finds out all our flirting and affection was an over exaggeration to mess with him.' Without giving either of them a chance to talk, Davis turned on his heel and took off towards school. Kari stood there for a moment longer, her mind racing. What hit her hardest, however, was his eyes: betrayal, hurt, sadness, rejection and, worst of all, contempt. Contempt for her. For TK. For their innocent game that had grown out of control. She was snapped out of it when TK shook her shoulder, looking at her sadly and saying "Come on, let's go or we'll be late." Kari nodded, making a mental not to talk to Davis at school.

Her plans were foiled, however, when as soon as she tried to get his attention Davis stood up abruptly and asked to be excused to the nurse's office. After a light scolding for not taking better care of himself, the teacher allowed him to leave, much to Kari's dismay. She next saw him in the hallway, but when she and TK tried to get his attention, Davis merely shoved TK aside hard in the shoulder, earning confused glances from everyone in the hallway. Davis was the star player of the soccer team, and a shoo-in for team captain next season. He was one of the most popular guys in school, and at 5'10", dark chocolate eyes, a seemingly permanent tan and shoulder long crimson hair (that was kept up by his treasured goggles) he had become the topic of conversation for many of the girls at school. None of that mattered too much to Kari though. Well, it did when she heard the sluts gawking at his muscles at soccer games. No, what she cares about was who he was, what he stood for. He was the reason they had survived Kimeramon and Malomyotismon. Without him, they'd all have fallen victim to Malomyotismon's tricks and wouldn't have been able to stop him. It was these things, and also his unwavering courage and incredible value of friendship that made Kari fall for him.

She decided she might have a better chance of waiting for him by the soccer fields. However, she found out from Kenta (Davis' best friend on the team) that Davis hadn't come to practice, and was off somewhere blowing off steam instead. "Did you say something too him or something? I've never seen him so down" Kenta asked with a raised brow.

Kari but her lip "He really looked that down?"

Kenta nodded "Yeah, it was kind of weird. He's always so peppy and happy. Whatever happened it must have been serious for him to skip out on practice. Davis says it's how he stays sane, it's his outlet for all that negative energy he hides."

Kari nodded bleakly, understanding perfectly well how much Davis loved soccer. "I don't know what's up Kenta" she lied "but I'll let you know once I have an idea."

Kenta shrugged "I wouldn't worry too much, he bounces back from everything pretty well."

Kari managed a smile, waving as she left to go find TK and head home. She found said blonde hanging out by the front gate of the school. Spotting her, TK walked towards Kari and before he could even ask she said sadly "I couldn't find him. Kenta said he skipped practice."

TK's eyes went wide "What? But he never skips soccer practice!"

Kari sighed "Oh man, TK. I feel like I messed up big time."

TK frowned, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder "It'll be alright Kari. He's Davis, there's absolutely no way he can stay mad at you for long. Or avoid us, for that matter. We'll just have to find the right time to talk to him."

They walked in silence the rest of the way home, saying a quick goodbye before heading their separate ways; TK to the street that led to his complex and Kari to her own complex. Once she had opened the door and walked in, Kari let out a deep sigh, nearly jumping out of her skin when Tai casually walked around the corner and said "That's a deep sigh there little sister, what'd you screw up this time?"

"Tai! Don't do that!" She screamed, trying to get her racing heart to slow down.

Tai chuckled, and replied "Oh relax short stuff."

"Seriously, don't you have better things to do than bug me?" Kari scowled.

"He doesn't, trust me." a voice said from behind the boy.

Kari's face turned into a wide smile "SORA!"

Sora grinned, running over and pulling the girl into a hug "Good to see you, Kari. College has been o lonely without my little sister."

Tai smirked "You mean my little sister Sora."

Sora and Kari stuck out their tongues at him, and Tai laughed, saying to Kari "So anyway, how was school tiny?" The look in his eye, however, gave the girl a chill, like he already knew how school had been.

Kari's expression dropped, and she looked at her brother guiltily, saying "Jun called you didn't she?"

Tai sighed, motioning for her to come into the living room "That she did."

Kari merely nodded, and was guided to the sofa by Sora, who gave the girl a sympathetic look. Tai sat across from her on the coffee table, asking "Davis isn't the type to just skip out on soccer practice Kari, and considering Izzy told me that he all but smacked TK in the hallway and ignored you all day. So, what happened this time?"

Kari bit her lip "He overheard me and TK this morning on the way to school."

Tai furrowed his brow in confusion "What the hell about?"

Kari turned her head away, and said "About how we've been teasing him by trying to make him jealous ever since TK moved back to Odaiba..."

Tai face palmed "Are you serious Kari? You were still going on with that crap?"

Sora frowned "You said you were going to stop that before we even graduated Kari."

Tai sighed, standing up and moving to sit in the nearby chair "Boy oh boy, you really know how to make a mess of stuff, don't you Kari?"

Sora frowned at him "Oh, leave her alone, Tai. It's clearly just a misunderstanding, right Kari?"

Kari nodded "There's no way he heard the entire conversation. If he had...well, it would've ended differently."

Tai and Sora exchanged a knowing smirk, and Tai asked teasingly "Is that right? And just why would that be Kari?"

Her blush answered their question.

Later that night Kari was on the phone to Yolei, who had called after being told by TK the news on what had happened.

"I can't believe he actually overheard you. How jacked up is that?"

"Ugh, I know. And of course the only thing he hears is that we were going out of our way to make him jealous. Not the part about...well y'know."

"The part where you admit that you've liked him for the past three plus years now?"

"Yeah, that part."

"Damn girl, you dun goofed."

"Tell me about it. I texted him like, a thousand times, and he hasn't responded. The only person who's actually talked to him is Jun."

"Whoa. Now those are words I never expected to hear."

"I know right? I really hope he's just decompressing right now. I'll try talking to him tomorrow."

"He is Davis, Kari. I don't think he has the capacity to stay mad at you."

"Tai seems to think otherwise."

"What do you mean?"

"Tai's under the impression that because we kept our ruse for so long, Davis is going to take it a lot harder than we think."

"Honestly Kari? I'm sorta in Davis' corner here."


"Not trying to say I don't feel for you girl, just saying that the poor guy's had enough on his plate recently without this drama."

"Wait, go back. What's been happening with him? We've barely seen him recently!"

"...don't tell him I told you. It's funny, of all the people he could have talked to, it was me he called. Listen, I really shouldn't be saying this Kari, but I guess you should know. Davis has been suffering from really bad pain in the muscles in his legs recently. He got hurt during one of his games and tore some muscles in his legs. Unfortunately, him being the guy he is, he didn't say anything to anyone until he collapsed during practice."

"Oh my god, are you serious?"

"Yeah, it's been rough. I mean, you heard about his mom and dad right?"

"Jun told Matt and Matt told Tai and Tai told me, yeah. Something about them splitting up right?"

"That's what happened. He lives in Jun and Matt's apartment now though, his grandparents are paying for the therapy and painkillers for his legs."


"Please don't tell him I told you, Kari. We're finally on good terms now. No fighting or bickering. I don't want to lose that."

"I didn't know it meant so much to you, Yolei."

"Davis had always been there for us, Kari. When Ken and I were ready to break up, I never expected him to call me to see if I was okay. But he did, and he helped me and Ken figure things out. So I decided then that I was going to make sure that Davis and I became better friends."

"That's...actually really cool."

"Anyway look Kari, please be careful with him. His heart's probably in a thousand pieces right now, don't hurt him any more than he already is, I'm not sure he can keep shoving stuff down anymore."

"I know Yolei, I know."

"Alright well g'night girlie, see you at school."

"Good night Yol." Kari placed her cell phone on her bedside table, letting out a sigh as she rubbed her eyes. She turned off the light, lying back and closing her eyes. She thought back to Davis, and what had been going on with him, unbeknownst to the others. "Tomorrow" Kari thought "I'll talk to him tomorrow."

"I swear, it's like he's turned into a ghost!" Kenta exclaimed at lunch, exasperated by the lack of Davis' presence.

"I know right? It's Friday for love of the soccer gods!" said Hikaru, another member of the team.

"He hasn't been at practice at all?" TK asked concerned.

Kenta shook his head "Not once. Which could be the whole te...ack!" He was cut off as Hikaru elbowed him hard in the ribs.

TK frowned, and said "This is getting weird now. I mean, he's been skipping class all week, he won't answer our calls, he hasn't come to soccer practice and we can't even get his sister to open the door and let us talk to him"

Kari stayed silent, pursing her lips as she picked at her lunch. To say Davis had been avoiding them would be a gross understatement. No one had seen Davis at all except for Matt and Jun, and Matt was staying close mouthed about it to everyone but Tai. And all Tai had done was to say to leave it alone. Kari sighed as she thought about how screwed up everything had gotten. Yolei nudged her friend in the side "Hey, you holding up okay?"

Kari shook her head "I can't shake this feeling that something's gonna happen, Yol. Something bad."

Yolei shook her head "Nah, you'll see. That hard headed goggle head will come around."

Kari nodded, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath when her D-Terminal beeped. She glanced at the email form Tai and frowned. Yolei looked at her as did TK, and Kari spoke up, saying "It's Tai. He wants us to meet up at Izzy's place after school. Says it's important."

Kenta and Hikaru shared a look, and said "Digital World stuff?"

TK nodded "Yup." Before they could continue, however, the bell rang for them to return to class. Agreeing to meet up at Izzy's as soon as school ended, they all went their separate ways, the bad feeling Kari was having growing in the pit of her stomach.

They met up after school and rushed over to Izzy's, stopping short when they saw Tai waiting outside for them, Sora glancing between him and the door nervously. "Before you guys go in" Tai said, his arms folded and his gaze downcast "I want you guys to promise me something."

TK frowned "Sure, Tai, anything."

"Look...Davis is inside. I convinced him to come in and help out." Before Kari could bolt through the door Sora stepped in front of it. She placed a hand on the younger girl's shoulder "Look Kari, we think it's better if you and TK leave him alone. He's had a rough week."

Kari was about to protest when Tai put a hand on her shoulder and said seriously "I mean it Kari. Leave the poor guy alone for now. He's had a lot to deal with this past week."

Begrudgingly, Kari and TK agreed to leave their friend alone. Satisfied, Tai opened the door and all five went inside. They went into Izzy's living room, and the others turned to greet them. Kari spotted Davis standing against the wall, looking like hell. The bags under his eyes made it look like he hadn't slept at all in days, and he was wearing a brace over his left knee and calf. He deliberately ignored the entrance of her and TK, although he smiled weakly at Yolei when she went over to speak to him. Yolei punched him lightly in the shoulder "Hey you, how ya feelin?"

Davis smiled at her "Better. Body picked a hell of a time to start acting up."

Yolei frowned "Your leg muscles again?"

Davis nodded "Yeah I tripped up and fell down some stairs on my way to school on Monday."

Yolei looked sadly at him "Was this before or after...?"

Davis shook his head "Look, I really don't want to talk about it, Yolei. I need to focus on whatever this meeting is for."

Yolei nodded, patting his shoulder and saying "Well if you need to talk, you know where to find me."

"Alright everyone! Listen up! We've got a big problem in the Digital World. Nothing like Malomyotismon or the Dark Masters, but still a threat" Tai started, getting everyone's attention. "Izzy?"

Izzy nodded, typing something into his laptop and spinning it around, showing them a picture of a SkullMeramon. "This ugly son of a gun, SkullMeramon, has been terrorizing some of the smaller villages around Primary Village, but Elecmon's worried he might attack them next."

Matt picked up where Izzy left off "Which means that all of the digi-eggs are in danger, so Gennai called Tai and I and asked for our help."

"So what's the plan then?" Cody asked from his spot next to Ken on the sofa.

"We'll split into two teams and see if we can't track down the guy. Team one will be Matt, Davis, Ken, Yolei and Joe. Team two will be Myself, Sora, Kari, TK, Cody and Mimi. Izzy will run tactical support from here. We'll meet up with our partners once we get to Primary Village" Tai finished, getting nods of understanding from the rest of the group.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Davis said, earning surprised looks from several people "If the Digital world's in danger, then it's our job to save it. No point in standing around doing nothing here."

Tai grinned, glad that his protégé seemed to be willing to forget what had happened, even if only for a while "Couldn't have said it better myself Davis."

Without another word, they all pulled out their digivices, and Tai yelled "Digi-port, OPEN!"

They arrived in the Digital World and decided not to waste any time. After meeting up with their partners the group split up, Davis' group going one way and Tai's another. It wasn't long before Tai's group found the rampaging SkullMeramon, tearing down trees and setting fire to a nearby forest. "Hey! Cut it out!" Tai yelled, running up behind the behemoth.

"Who the heck're you supposed to be?" SkullMeramon asked as her turned around to face them.

"We're the ones who are gonna stop you!" Tai yelled, pulling out his Digivice. The other did the same, and began to have their partners Digivolve.

Agumon warp Digivolve to...WarGreymon!

Biyomon Digivolve to...Birdramon! Birdramon Digivolve to...Garudamon!

Palmon Digivolve to...Togemon! Togemon Digivolve to...Lillymon!

Gatomon Armor-Digivolve to...Nefertimon, the Angel of Light!

Patamon Armor-Digivolve to...Pegasusmon, Flying Hope!

Armadillomon Armor-Digivolve to...Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge!

SkullMeramon smirked "Oh please, bring it on!"

"He's just an Ultimate WarGreymon! Keep him busy and let the others take him down!" Tai yelled, moving to a slightly safer location so as not to get caught in the middle.

"You got it Tai! Terra Force!" WarGreymon yelled, going in to strike at SkullMeramon. To everyone's great surprise, however, SkullMeramon merely raised its fist, using its chain as a shield to completely block the attack. "What the hell?!" TK yelled, as SkullMeramon tossed WarGreymon away. Their Digivices began to beep, and Izzy's voice came over them "Guys, I have bad news. Somehow SkullMeramon's managed to get his hand on chrome Digizoid, and he's used it to somehow power himself up to the point where he's on par with any Mega!"

"Are you kidding me?!" Cody yelled, feeling a little helpless.

"Well then there's no way around it! TK, Cody we need Shakkoumon!" Tai yelled, as WarGreymon went in for another attack.

"Right Tai! Let's do it Cody!" TK yelled as Garudamon and Lillymon were thrown down to the ground. "You got it TK! Armadillomon, let's rock and roll!" Digmon and Pegasusmon de-digivolved and headed over to start the DNA Digivolution process.

Patamon Digivolve to...Angemon!

Armadillomon Digivolve to...Ankylomon!

Angemon, Ankylomon DNA Digivolve to...Shakkoumon!

"Nefertimon, let's try something else too!" Kari yelled as Nefertimon de-degivolved back to Gatomon.

Gatomon Digivolve to...Angewoman!

"Let's do this guys! We need to stall this freak until the others get here!" Tai roared as WarGreymon charged in.

"Terra Force!"

"Justice Beam!"

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Flower Cannon!"

All of their attacks struck the massive Digimon at once, causing a massive amount smoke to billow out over the area. Tai was about to cheer when a dark voice cut through the air, striking fear into the young people gathered. The evil Digimon chuckled, and said dangerously "Is that really all? Let me show you some real power!"

"Blazing Iron Whip!"

The devastating assault of chrome Digizoid chains slammed into the unsuspecting Digimon, forcing everyone but WarGreymon and Gatomon back to their Rookie forms. "That's impossible!" TK cried, scooping Patamon into his arms.

"Nevertheless, it's what's happening. if he really is as strong as a Mega then right now Tai's our only chance." Cody said, holding Armadillomon close.

"Give it up you weakling!" SkullMeramon said with a smirk, smashing his fist into WarGreymon's back. The force of the blow tossed the Mega level Digimon into a nearby cliff face, and he struggled to get up. "Oh no, WarGreymon!" Tai yelled, fearing his partner's safety.

"Metal Wolf Claw!"

MetalGarurumon leaped over the edge of the cliff, slamming into SkullMeramon and managing to knock the Digimon back, stunned. "Tai! Guys! Are you okay?!" Matt called, running down the side ledge towards the others. Tai sighed in relief when he saw the others, running over to meet them. "We're okay, but this guy is seriously bad news!"

Ken nodded "Izzy told us. Davis, we need to...!"

Davis cut him off, raising his D-3 "Way ahead of you! Veemon! Let's do this!"

Veemon came charging forward, Wormmon hot on his heels as they got ready to DNA Digivolve.

Veemon Digivolve to...Exveeemon!

Wormmon Digivolve to...Stingmon!

Exveemon, Stingmon DNA Digivolve to...Paildramon!

"Desperado Blaster!"

Paildramon began to engage SkullMeramon, and Tai looked at Matt, saying "Come on, we need to do the same!"

Matt nodded, looking at his partner and saying "You ready MetalGarurumon?" THe massive metal Digimon wolf nodded, and glanced WarGreymon "You ready buddy?" WarGreymon nodded "Oh yeah! Time to get to it!"

WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon DNA Digivolve to...Omnimon!

Davis and Ken shared a look, and nodded, after which Davis yelled "Paildramon! Kick it up a notch!" Paildramon nodded, and let Omnimon take over for a moment.

Paildramon Warp Digivolve to...Imperialdramon! Imperialdramon change to Fighter Mode!

Yolei and Joe ran over to the others while Matt, Tai, Ken and Davis ran to help their partners. "You okay guys?" Yolei asked, Hawkmon trailing behind her.

Joe frowned, Gomamon perched on his head "Is anyone hurt?"

TK shook his head "We're alright, but that SkullMeramon is one seriously tough customer."

Cody nodded "Yeah no kidding, WarGreymon was barely holding his own."

Armadillomon retreated further into Cody's grasp "It's been a long time since we had to face a Digimon this tough."

Patamon nodded from TK's head "Yeah, it's weird how strong he is, I mean he's only an Ultimate!"

Sora shook her head "Never judge a book by its cover I guess."

Yolei spotted Kari, a worried Gatomon at her side, watching intently at Davis as he and Ken dodged a stray chain as it whipped over their heads. Kari bit her lip as Davis fell to a knee, Ken yanking his best friend to his feet, and the sinking feeling in her stomach that she'd had all week increased "He's hurt Yolei, he shouldn't be out there! Why!? Why is he puhing himself so hard?!"

Yolei cast a worried glance at her dear friend and her boyfriend before kneeling down and pulling Kari into a hug "Because he's our leader. Because he's our friend. Because...well because you're in danger, and he couldn't live with himself if anything happened to you."

"Positron Laser!"

"Double Shot!"

Both Digimon were trying as hard as they could to take down the behemoth before them, but out from the smoke he came out unscathed again.

"This is insane!" roared Omnimon

"We can't give up now!" yelled Imperialdramon as they staggered back to their feet. By this time the others had made their way over to the four boys, and Ken handed Davis off to Joe, who helped the younger boy correctly support his injured legs. Kari raced over, and was about to say something when Omnimon and Imerialdramon slammed inot the ground, de-digivolving into Koromon, Tsunomon, Minomon and Veemon. They were all shocked until Tai screamed "GET DOWN!" as SkullMeramon charged up another attack.

"Metal Fire Ball!"

They all ducked, except for Kari, who was frozen in fear "This is it. I'm gonna die."

Tai looked on in fear, Matt holding his friend down, as they all screamed "KARI!"

She however, only said one word as she found herself being tackled down, feeling the heat of the attack rush over her, "Davis."

The crimson haired boy had grabbed her at the last second, biting down hard on his lip to keep from screaming out as the flames scorched his back, the bones in his left forearm breaking as the fell down a chunk of the ledge to the ground below. Once the blast had cleared, the rest of the group ran down the side of the ledge and over to Kari and Davis. Kari just stared at Davis as he collapsed next to her, one eye closed in pain. Somehow, Davis managed a smile, and asked "Are you okay Kari?"

Kari teared up, and placed a gentle hand on his face "You hard headed idiot, you could have been killed."

Davis winked at her, grimacing in pain as she gently pulled his head onto her lap "Worth it."

Kari just smiled at him, leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead when the other reached them. "Oh my god, Davis!" Tai yelled, sliding down and looking down at his protégé. Joe came runnignn in behind him, already pulling an advanced first aid kit out of his messenger bag. Veemon came bounding up to Davis with Gatomon in tow, tears in his eyes. However, they all froze when they heard SkullMeramon laugh evilly, and say "Just give it up kids. You gave me a good work out, but it's time to end this little game."

What happened next stunned everyone. Davis, breathing heavily and groaning in pain, stammered to his feet, D-3 in hand, and glared at the massive Digimon. "We're the guardians of the Digital World. We never back down. Where there's a will there's a way! You'll never beat us! Let's show him Veemon!"

"You got it Davish!" Veemon yelled, as he charged forward, leaving everyone else in shock. Just then, a magnificent gold light emanated from Davis' D-3, and the Digi-egg of Miracles appeared.

Veemon Golden Armor-Digivolve to...Magnamon, the Radiance of Miracles!

The fight from then on out took a much different turn. Whereas before the attacks of SkullMeramon were dealing more damage than the other Digimon could take, Magnamon's defensive capabilities rendered the Ultimate's powers useless. As they saw Magnamon countering back, Kari suddenly glanced over at Davis, just in time to catch him as he collapsed. After much back and forth, Magnamon managed to punch a hole in SkullMeramon's armor, and yelled "IT'S OVER FOR YOU!"

"Shining Gold Solar Storm!"

The golden beam punched through the hole in SkullMeramon's armor, and before he could say anything else he burst into data. However, there were no cheers of joy as Magnamon de-digivolved into Demiveemon and bounced over to his partner, who was being held tightly by Kari. "Hey Kari?" Davis asked hoarsely.

"Shh, you need to rest." Kari said, trying not to focus on the sight of his charred back and broken arm.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been mad at you, I just..." Davis said, guilt and sadness etched onto his face.

Kari couldn't old back anymore, the tears began to flow freely down her cheeks, as she said "No Davis, please don't. It's not your fault, it's mine. I'm the one who made you feel this way. The truth is Davis...I love you. I do, and I'm so sorry for what happened, I never wanted to hurt you, I..."

Davis silenced her by running the back of his working right hand on her cheek, and saying softly "You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear that."

Kari laughed through her tears, taking his hand in hers as he closed his eyes. This however, caused her to panic, as Joe made his was over to the "Joe! Something's wrong with Davis!" Joe frowned as he looked over Davis, rubbing his hand over his mouth. "Tai! Matt! We need to get him to a hospital now!" The other two boys nodded, and they took off as carefully as they could, using Nefertimon, Pegasusmon and Birdramon to fly back into the human world and from there they took Matt's car to Odaiba General Hospital. Jun had joined them there after her shift at work had ended, a nervous wreck. The doctors stabilized him as quickly as they could, informing Jun and the others that he had suffered from third degree burns and small lacerations on his back and torso, had broken his left arm (a clean break), and had unfortunately put a lot of strain on his already injured calf and thigh muscles. He would, however, make a full recovery with some assistance from his friends and light physical therapy.

Odaiba General Hosptial, in the Present

Kari blinked awake slowly, keeping her fingers interlocked with Davis' as she sat up, gazing fondly at him. She nearly jumped out of her seat, however, when she noticed he was awake, gazing at her like she had been gazing at him. "And I thought I was the tired one" Davis said with a grin.

Kari shot up, pulling the boy into a tight hug, which he gladly returned. "You big dummy" Karis choked out, trying not to cry "Stop being so reckless."

Davis rubbed her back, ssaying softly "Yeah well, it was the least I could do for being such a jerk to you and TK all week."

Kari managed a laugh, pulling away to look Davis in the eyes "Davis, you weren't the jerk. I was. I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I..."

Davis shook his head "Don't worry about it. I hope you and TK are happy together."

Kari just raised a brow at him "What? Davis, I'm not with TK. He's like my twin, it'd be too weird if we went out."

Davis frowned "Then why were you guys so hell bent on teasing me?"

Kari sighed, then smiled at him with a light blush on her cheeks "Because it's you I like Davis."

Davis just sat there, in total shock, stuttering "Y-you mean t-that?"

Kari giggled, leaning in and brushing her lips against his, locking them in the moment for what felt like forever. Eventually the need for air became too much and they broke apart, each with a wide grin on their face.

"Wow" Kari gasped out.

"That good?" Davis asked, panting slightly.

"I dunno, let me try again" Kari said, leaning in and once again kissing him. They were broken from their trance, however, when Tai cleared his voice from the doorway. "If you two are quite finished" he began, raising his brow and crossing his arms, "Then we'd like to see how you're doing Davis." THe blushes on both Kari and Davis' faces were enough to make the entire gang burst out laughing.

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