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Hard-Headed Google Head


Two months after the encounter with SkullMeramon, Matt and Jun's apartment

"Ugh, why me?" Davis groaned as he stumbled round the living room on crutches.

"Oh don't be such a baby, just a few more times and we're done" Kari encouraged, helping him stay steady by keeping a hand firmly on his shoulder.

"Physical therapy sucks" Davis muttered, continuing his trek around the room.

"You're the one who pushed too hard and made bad injuries worse y'know" she said with a giggle.

"Hmph, last I checked I got these injuries saving a damsel in distress" he said with a smirk.

Kari swatted his chest playfully "Still made you injuries worse..." she trailed off, realizing that it was her fault he'd been hurt so badly.

Davis leaned over, nearly losing his balance, and bumped her shoulder "Hey, I never said it wasn't worth it Kari."

Kari smiled warmly at him "Well at least you're back to normal. Going an entire week and some change without your bubbly hard-headed attitude was killer."

Davis shook his head "Never thought I'd hear those words. Alright, one more lap right?"

Kari nodded, putting her hand back on his shoulder as they did the lap. Once he was done, Davis flopped down on the sofa, groaning in exhaustion. Kari joined him, curling into his side, placing her head on his chest and looking up at him "Hey you."

Davis looked back down at her and grinned "Hey gorgeous."

Kari grinned at him "Funny how things turn out, huh?"

Davis laughed "Yeah, no kidding. Man, to think I got so mad about a simple misunderstanding."

Kari shook her head "You had every right to be mad. It wasn't fair, the way I..."

Davis cut her off with a brief kiss, pulling back to smile warmly at her "Don't even worry about it, it's in the past."

Kari bit her lip ass she gazed up at him "You promise? I don't want anything to come between us now that we're together."

Davis pushed some hair out of her face "I promise."

They both grinned, and leaned in for another kiss. They nearly jumped out of their skin when Matt came out of his room, still dressed in his night clothes, casually looking at them and saying "No baby-making on my sofa." He cackled when both teenagers blushed a deep red, glaring at him.

"Are you just now waking up, Matt?" Davis asked, trying to change the subject.

Matt nodded, putting some coffee in the pot by the stove "Yeah, long night. Gig ran on longer than we expected/"

Kari smirked "Oh is that all? You and Jun weren't misbehaving at the after party?"

Matt nearly fell flat on his face, making Kari and Davis burst into laughter. He was about to make a snide comment when there was a knock on the door. Matt sighed as he walked over to unlock the door, opening it and saying "Oh, it's just you Yolei. Come on in, the brats are in the living room."

Yolei shot him a curious look, before shrugging and walking into the apartment, smirking as she saw Kari curled into Davis' side on the sofa, saying slyly "You two look cozy."

Davis blushed a little, scratching the back of his head as Kari just stuck her tongue out at Yolei, making the older girl laugh. "Like you have any room to talk Yolei" Kari said, raising a brow "I mean have you seen yourself with Ken?"

Both girls giggled, and Davis groaned playfully "Talk about being head over heels."

They all broke down into laughter at that, making Matt scowl as he stalked back to his room with his coffee "Keep it down ya schmucks."

Yolei just looked at Kari and Davis curiously, but they merely waved it off with smirks on their faces. Shrugging, Yolei sat down on the chair nearby, saying to them "Anyway, what're you two doing today?"

Kari tapped her chin "Well, nothing I guess. He already did his therapy for today."

Yolei smirked at Davis "More like put through his paces.""

The girls giggled as Davis just crossed his arms, muttering "Yeah yeah, whatever."

Kari smiled fondly at him, placing a kiss on his cheek "Aw, we're just teasing."

Yolei nodded, a smile on her face "Yeah don't worry, you'll get us back when your legs are 100% again."

Davis smiled at them "Thanks. Anyway why the interest Yolei? Got something in mind?"

Yolei nodded excitedly "Actually, Cody came up with the idea. There's a festival on, and he suggested we go check it out together!"

The couple on the couch glanced at each other and nodded "Alright, sounds like fun" Davis said.

Kari nodded "You wanna leave now?"

Yolei nodded, smiling widely at them "Yep! I'll text TK, Tai and Izzy to see if they wanna come."

Davis groaned slightly "Wait, please don't tell me I have to go around in the wheelchair."

Kari smiled at him, kissing the corner of his mouth and saying brightly "You heard the doctors! Two more months of physical therapy and you can kiss that wheelchair goodbye!"

"This is humiliating" Davis said dejectedly as Kari wheeled him through the crowds, the rest of the gang there as well.

"Wow, this is so cool" Sora said, standing very close to Tai.

TK smirked at them "You know, Davis and Kari are bad enough, but I think it's time you two come clean."

Both Tai and Sora blushed, and Tai muttered "Shut up blondie."

Kari smiled, leaning over and kissing the top of her boyfriend's head "He still looks cuter than any of you though, even in a wheelchair."

Davis blushed slightly, while Tai and TK deflated, leaving Yolei, Sora and Kari to giggle at their benefit. Sighing, Davis looked out at the water in the bay, admiring the beauty of his hometown. Tai noticed it and smiled at his protégé, saying "You alright there buddy?"

Davis turned and nodded smiling at his mentor "Yeah I'm alright Tai."

Tai nodded, but TK glanced down at Davis a little more, studying the boy. The past two months TK and Davis had buried the hatchet not long after the latter had been admitted to the hospital. Spotting a nearby dock, TK moved over to take Davis from Kari, saying "Mind if I cut in here?"

Kari raised a brow at him, but stood aside anyway, patting Davis' shoulder, joking "So long as you don't try and steal my boyfriend, then alright."

TK placed a hand on his chest in mock disappointment "Oh well, worth a shot." That had everyone laughing as TK steered the goggle head towards the dock. They walked on in silence for a bit, before Davis said "It's beautiful. The city I mean."

TK nodded "Yeah, it is."

Davis sighed "I can't believe all that's happened to me TK."

"Yeah, it's been a hell of a past two months."

"More than that, I can't believe that I went from crushing on Kari in elementary school to becoming a hero of the Digital World. Now I'm stuck in a wheelchair because I got reckless."

"No Davis, you got stuck in a wheelchair because you're a hero. Because you're still crushing on Kari. Those aren't bad things man, they make you who you are. The difference? Now Kari's crushing on you back. About damn time too if you ask me."

"Oh yeah? And here I thought you and I were rivals for her heart."

"Ew. She's like my twin, bro. Sure we thought about it, but just because Hope and Light are compatible doesn't mean they're more compatible than Light and Miracles."

"So I guess I was just being a massive pain in the ass huh?"

"It's all good. We didn't exactly help the situation by teasing you so much."

"Maybe so, but letting my jealousy compromise my friendships was childish."

"Wow Davis, that's mature of you. Never thought I'd see this side of you."

"Heh, well only for you TK, but if you do tell anyone I'll have to kill you."

"Hahaha! Well then it'll be our little secret. Seriously though, what's eating at you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Cut the crap man, something's bugging you. I can see it in your eyes."

"...promise not to tell Kari?"

"On my life."

"This whole thing...I nearly died TK. Almost got myself killed. It scared me, waking up in that hospital with no idea on how I got there. I was about to freak until I saw Kari sitting there, holding my hand. I guess what I'm tryin to say is that it's not just...crushing anymore. When I saw SkullMeramon about to get her I just...I dunno, it was like all the pain in my legs was gone, and all that mattered was keeping her safe."

"Oh boy, I know where this is going."

"Okay, now what do you mean, you blonde sage?"

"Hey now, I'm more the warlock type. Anyway, what I'm saying, you dashing hero you, is that you're in love."

"Well I mean yeah, but..."

"No not the standard teenage definition of love my good man, but the real thing. The stuff that makes your heart ache in your chest. The stuff all those old poets go on about. And it looks like you got it bad."

"Wow. I guess I do. Somehow, I'm okay with that."

"Hey now, look at it this way: she's clearly into you too. She hardly left the hospital while you were there, I had to cover for her at school a bunch and take her homework to her."

"...I dunno how I'd have dealt with all this crap without her."

"Well then there you have it! Finally, another Digidestined couple! Because my brother and your sister don't count. And somehow Yolei being the only other one of us in a relationship doesn't sit right with me."

"Hah, I can see that. She's a really good friend though, so I promise you she's totally got the right to PDA."

"...I'm glad you're okay Davis. And that we're finally, honestly, friends."

"Me too, TK. Me too."

They both sat there for a while, enjoying some light conversation as the sun shone over the water, giving the city of Odaiba a gleam that was mesmerizing.

"So spill Kari, how's Davis doing?" Sora asked as she, Yolei and Kari wandered around.

"Better than I thought he would. He's going stir crazy in that wheelchair though" Kari replied as she looked at some keychains with funny designs on them.

Sora nodded "Yeah I'll bet. Poor guy, will he be able to play soccer again?"

Yolei shook her head "It's not clear yet. The added strain on his already injured muscles was really bad, he's lucky he can walk at all apparently."

Kari sighed "Yeah, but the physical therapy seems to be working."

"At least that's some good news" Sora said, looking up at the sky.

"So anyway, when are you gonna fess up with Tai, Sora?" Yolei asked with a smirk.

Sora blushed, and said quietly "I dunno, I'm just not sure where he and I stand honestly. He's so dense it's ridiculous."

Kari giggled "Sora, you've got to stop waiting on Tai to get a clue and take the first step yourself."

Sora raised a brow "Like you did with Davis? Oh wait, you didn't."

Yolei threw her head back and laughed "Oooh, at was good one Sora."

Kari pouted "At least I'm with Davis, Sora. You're still painfully single."

Yolei tried to suppress a laugh but ended up snorting "Okay kitties, claws away."

Sora sighed "I guess I'm really going to have to do this myself huh?"

Yolei grinned and nodded "Before some evil Digimon shows up to blow stuff up and Tai goes all superhero."

Kari glared at Yolei "Not funny."

Sora and Yolei sweat dropped "Too soon. Got it."

Tai sighed as he and Matt walked around the festival, chatting idly about life. Tai had managed to drag Matt out of his apartment with the threat of sending Jun to do it instead. "Tai, if you don't tell Sora how you feel about her I swear I'm gonna beat you with Davis' crutches."

Tai groaned "Come on man, I'm working on it. Besides, I'm not even sure she likes me back."

Matt glared at Tai "Dude, she practically hangs all over you whenever the two of you are in the same room together."

Tai shook his head "I haven't noticed."

Matt groaned "That's because you're more dense than a brick."

Tai crossed his arms "Thanks, best buddy."

Matt sighed "Tai, you've been in love with this girl for years now. It's time you step up and take control of your love life before she stops being interested."

Tai sighed as he spotted the girls over by some gift shops, settling his gaze on the girl in question. She looked over and smiled at him, sending him a small wave. "I guess Matt's right" Tai thought "I'm gonna have to man up."

TK and Davis found the others at a pizza parlor nearby, and made their way over. "You two were gone an awful long time" Kari said playfully, scowling at them "Davis if you're cheating on me with TK..."

TK and Davis both made a motion to vomit, glaring at her and saying at the same time "EW."

Everyone laughed at the joke, and they settled back into comfortable conversation about school and life events. After a little while, Tai nudged Sora, motioning to the balcony nearby. Sora nodded, slipping out of the booth and following him out. Kari and Davis spotted them as they snuck away, grinning knowingly at each other and intertwining their fingers under the table.

Out on the balcony Tai and Sora leaned over the railing overlooking the bay in comfortable silence, Tai breaking it by saying "Sora, there's something I need to say. Something I should've said years ago."

Sora bit her lip, catching his eye as she subconsciously held her breath. Tai scratched the back of his head, blushing as he said "I uh, I'm not good at this...you know, being sensitive and...wordy I guess. So the truth is...I lik you Sora. I have for years. And I'm sorry if you don't feel the same, or if this ruins our friendship but I can't pret-!" He was cut off as Sora quickly closed the distance between them and planted her lips on his. She smirked as they broke for air "Y'know, for a guy who claims not to be wordy, you talk way too much."

Tai grinned widely at her, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her deeply.

Everyone smirked at the new couple as they returned to the table, and Davis banged a hand down on it to get everyone's attention. Once they were all looking at him he sat up straighter and cleared his throat "I wanna make a toast. We've all been to hell and back at some point or another, but we're all here. Without you guys" he squeezed Kari's hand meaningfully under the table, making her smile at him "I dunno how I would've made it through the past few months without your support. So, to end my ramble, I'll toast with this: Friends till the end."

Everyone grinned widely at that, and raised their glasses of soda, saying at once "Friends till the end." They once again settled back into comfortable conversation, and Ken leaned over to his best friend, saying "To think, when all this started you, Yolei, Cody, Kari and TK were mostly strangers, and I was an enemy. Now we're the best of friends. And who knows? Maybe some day soon the Digimon'll be able to join us here too."

Davis grinned "You're right. I'm glad I was chosen to be a Digidestined. It's given me the friends I always wanted, and some pretty sweet and heroic memories to boot. Plus..." he trailed off, looking at Kari as she and Yolei chatted excitedly with Sora. Ken nodded, smiling as he gazed lovingly at Yolei. Suddenly Davis said quietly "I'm gonna marry that girl one day Ken. Just you wait and see."

Ken nodded, grinning and saying "I'll be your best man if you be mine, buddy." They grinned at each other, fist bumping to seal the deal.

Odaiba, 24 years later...

"MUSUKO! KISEKI! LET'S GO!" Kari yelled from the bottom of the stairs. She sighed as she checked the time, knowing that if her boys didn't hurry up they'd be late for school. She leaned against the bannister, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Good morning beautiful" Davis yawned as he descended the stairs. Kari smiled brightly at him, leaning up to kiss him briefly before saying "You should go back to bed, honey. You don't have to visit any of the restaurants today right?"

Davis shook his head, wrapping his arms around his wife "Nope, but Vee's not exactly a light snorer, and after you and Gatomon leave he tends to sneak into our room and start snoring up a storm."

Kari giggled "Maybe I'll bribe her into sticking around a little longer, she can always make her way to the school without me, or do something else I guess."

Davis chuckled "Nah, that's alright. Besides it means I get to kiss you goodbye. And yell at our sons. Speaking of which..." he pulled away from her, craning his neck and yelling up the stairs "MUSUKO! KISEKI! GET DOWN HERE NOW OR I WON'T BRING YOU LUNCH TODAY!"

After a very brief silence, the two boys came tumbling down the stairs, their partners hot on their tails. "Anything but that dad!" said Musuko, the splitting image of his father, as his own Demiveemon jumped around anxiously at his feet.

"Yeah, we're sorry!" added his younger brother Kiseki, who looked more like his mother.

Kari and Davis shared a victorious smirk, as Davis sighed in mock irritation "Fine, but I better not find out this happened again, or your ramen intake will drop to just one night a week." That little detail had been Kari's mandate, in order to make sure their sons ate something other than noodles all week every week.

Kari kissed her husband on the cheek as she, the boys, their Digimon and Gatomon left the house, rushing to make it to school on time.

Davis sighed, stretching as he walked into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. As he passed the small table in the hallway he paused to pull out a photo album, taking it with him into the kitchen. He smiled as he flipped through the pages, stocked full of photos. it started with pictures of Davis and Kari in school, during the early years of their relationship. The next few were of Davis, after his victorious return to soccer, the year Ken transferred to Odaiba and together they took the national title. Then of graduation, and Kari's admittance into her choice college, Davis choosing to go part time to business school. Tough years to be sure; between school and his noodle cart business Davis and Kari had struggled, but in the end made it work.

Next was Tai and Sora's wedding. Kari as a bridesmaid and Davis as a groomsman. Snippets of Davis' first restaurant opening, and Kari's first day as a teacher. Fast forward to the birth of Tai and Sora's twin children, Ichigo and Taka. Matt and Jun were Ichigo's godparents, while Davis and Kari were Taka's.

Davis paused, looking fondly at pictures of the night he had proposed to Kari. They had been on a group picnic in the Digital World, celebrating the birth of Tai and Sora's children, as well as Matt and Jun's wedding, and the official announcement of Izzy and Mimi's engagement. Ken and Yolei had gotten engaged, but had not set a date. In the middle of the celebrations, Davis got down on one knee and offered Kari the ring he'd spent three years saving up for. She answered yes so quickly everyone thought that she hadn't said it before she'd pounced on Davis.

Fast forward to Ken and Yolei's wedding, Davis as best man and Kari maid of honor. To the birth of Matt and Jun's daughter, Hana. After much begging on Jun's part, Matt had agreed to name Davis the godfather. Then to Ken and Yolei's first child, a daughter named Chishiki. Once again, Davis and Kari were named the godparents.

The next few pages were filled with photos of Davis and Kari's own wedding, which they'd had in the Digital World as well, with Ken as best man and Yolei as maid of honor. Veemon was dressed up in a hilarious little suit, while Gatomon had screamed bloody murder but relented and worn the little white dress Kari had gotten her. It had been the third happiest day of their lives, behind the birth of their two sons.

The next page was a collection of photos that followed Kari's pregnancy with Musuko, and his birth. Then of her pregnancy with Kiseki, and his birth. Ken and Yolei were Musuko's godparents, and Tai and Sora were Kiseki's. After that the album was stock full of family photos; vacations, weekends, first days at school, baby moments and other small things that were special. Davis smiled as he closed the album, draining the rest of his coffee and placing the book back on the table in the hall. He smiled to himself "Yup, gonna need some more pages soon. They're growing up so fast now."

Davis smiled even wider as he thought back to the day his life changed, the day it took him down this path. "And to think" he said to himself "All this started because of a simple misunderstanding."

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