Aaaarrr! In honour of "Talk like a Pirate Day" here be a Sheldon-Penny (only as friends) yarn! Together they appear in a special episode of "Fun With Flags". Everything belongs to Chuck Lorre and friends.


Just before "Talk like a Pirate Day" Penny had an audition for a small part in a movie about Pirates, a third-rate copy of "Pirates of the Caribbean", she had to learn some lines for her audition. For the next few days she would go round saying "Ahoy there me hearties", "I'll make you walk the plank for this", "raise the Jolly Roger". That got Sheldon talking about the "Skull and Crossbones" Pirate flag and once Sheldon got talking it was difficult to stop him. In desperation Leonard suggested that this could be a great topic for "Fun With Flags" as "Talk like a Pirate Day" was coming. Sheldon thought it was a great idea and started to do even more research on Pirate flags. As Penny was still speaking Piratese Sheldon asked if Penny would like to appear with him?

"Aye Cap'n Sheldon, that be a grand idea. I can be your shipmate on this voyage."


September 19th "Talk like a Pirate Day". Penny really got into the spirit of the day, she got Pirate costumes for herself and Sheldon to wear for "Fun with Flags." When Sheldon objected to the costumes Penny said

"Aaaarrr,you scurvy dog, if you don't wear this fancy garb I'll keelhaul you."

So Sheldon wore the costume. Then it was time to record, Leonard helped Sheldon get the flags ready and Amy was going operate the video camera. Leonard and Amy had to suppress giggles seeing how their partners were dressed but then everything was ready. Sheldon, Penny and the flags were in place and Amy pressed record.

Penny: "Ahoy there shipmates, here be a special Pirate 'Fun with Flags' with Cap'n Doctor Sheldon Cooper."

Sheldon: "Ahoy there, and good day Fun with Flaggers. In honour of 'Talk like a Pirate Day' we have a special show today on Pirate flags. My actress friend and neighbour Penny is assisting me today, you can see she is really getting into her part."

Penny walked into shot carrying a Skull and Crossbones flag: "So Cap'n, what about the old Jolly Roger then?"

Sheldon: "As you can see Penny is displaying the Jolly Roger. In the early 18th century golden age of piracy this flag would be raised as Pirates attacked other ships. Of course not all Pirate flags had the skull and crossbones and not all were black and white."

Sheldon then showed lots of other examples of Pirate flags and he prattled on for 10 minutes about different Pirates and the flags they used.

Penny: "Cap'n, haven't Pirate flags been used more recently?"

Sheldon: "That's right Penny. In 20th century wars, most recently in 1982, naval submarines would fly a Pirate flag on their return from a successful patrol."

Penny then joined Sheldon on the sofa as Sheldon brought "Fun with Flags" to a conclusion.

Sheldon: "So there shipmates, this concludes this special 'Fun with Flags', as usual you can make comments on the website. I would like to thank first mate Penny for her assistance."

Penny: "Aaarrr, goodbye shipmates and smooth sailing."

Sheldon: "This is Captain Doctor Sheldon Cooper signing off."

Amy stopped recording and said "Cut! Well done Cuddles and Bestie."

Penny said "I am glad that's over, I am sick of all this Pirate talk, I hope I never have to talk in that ridiculous way again."

Then Penny's phone rang "Hello, yes this be, I mean this is Penny Hofstadter. You mean I got the part! Raise the Jolly Roger starts filming on 1st October, see you thaaarrrrr!"