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I tried not throw up as Brennan carried me to the Helix, knowing, even in my semi-conscious state, that vomiting would make matters worse than they already were. I was covered in blood from head to toe like sick red paint, some of it Thorne's and some of it mine, though the two were indistinguishable. I knew it was hard for Brennan to carry me, because I was so slick with the blood and curled in such a tight, painful ball, but he didn't complain and I tried not to, though an occasional whimper escaped even my firmest control as Brennan ran down a flight of stairs. Dimly I realized that Emma was running along side us, probably to wipe the memories of anyone who happened to see me, and some detached part of my mind pictured Jesse or Adam coming behind with a towel or something to wipe up blood.

Finally we reached the Helix and I got put down and leaned against the wall. Blinking to clear my vision, I looked to my right and saw Brennan hovering next to me.

"Sorry I messed up your shirt," I said weakly, nodding towards the large stain on his black t-shirt.

He glanced down and touched the spot, then smiled at me. "Its okay. I have others."

I looked at myself. "Tell Jesse I'm sorry about his pants, too." The jeans were beyond repair, so saturated that they probably weighed three times more than they should.

Brennan reached out to touch my cheek, despite the blood. "We don't care about the clothes. We care about you." His tone was so genuinely caring I almost felt like crying, and I looked away, trying to shift to a more comfortable position, and succeeded in sending a wave of nauseus pain up my side.

"Not gonna try that again," I muttered when it passed. Then I realized that Brennan had gotten even closer and looked extremely worried. "I'm okay, Bren, really. I promise."

"I don't believe you," he informed me with an expression that was almost a smile. "But I think you might live."

I made a face. "Darn. After I worked out all those funeral arraignments." That got a laugh out of him, and I was glad to see him relax.

Adam, Jesse and Shalimar thumped onto the Helix, followed by Emma, who had been waiting outside.

"How ya doing, Danny?" Shal asked, trying to keep her voice upbeat, which I appreciated.

"I'm aight," I replied, giving her a half-smile.

"Hang in there, k?" Jesse said, taking the controls and pushing buttons.

"I'm not going anywhere," I assured him. I dropped my head onto Brennan's shoulder when we took off, and fought the sleep that my body desperately wanted. I had lost control twice in the same day, and got it back as well, which was tiring in itself. That coupled with the shock of the wound was exhausting. Realizing my problem, Brennan began talking to me, about nothing in particular, just trying to keep me awake. His rich voice just lulled me more, but I understood his need to do something to help, and gripped his shirt in silent thanks as he talked on.

I woke up in my bed sometime later, feeling much better. The bloody clothing was gone and replaced with another pair of Jesse's pants and another tank top, this one black. I lifted the hem of the shirt to look at the neatly stitched two-and-a-half inch cut on my abdomen. A clean wound, Adam had said, missing my stomach by millimeters and my spleen by less than that. Not as deep as it had first appeared, it was healing nicely and quickly, thanks to the fact that my metabolism is faster than a normal human's, but I still had to be careful in my movements, lest I tear the wound open again.

I slid out of bed, being truly careful, and walked out of my room, my nose locating Brennan's scent easily. He was in his room, probably still trying to assign blame to himself for what had happened to me. I had tried to explain that it wasn't his fault, that he could have done nothing to stop me, but I had had very little time for that between first aid and bed, and I meant to set him straight now.

He was sitting on his bed trying to read his poetry, but his eyes weren't focused on the page and I could tell his mind was far away. I watched him for a moment from the doorway, and when my eyes had gotten their fill I knocked quietly on the door frame.

He looked up and smiled in welcome. "Hey, sleepyhead. Come on in." He put the book away and sat up.

I returned his smile and moved to sit on the end of his bed, across from him, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me to sit next to him, close enough that I should have felt uncomfortable, but didn't, instead relishing the warmth his body provided. His fingers twined with mine and for a moment we sat as I watched his thumb stroke the back of my hand.

"It wasn't your fault, Brennan," I said, knowing the moment had to be shattered for an instant.

He shifted uncomfortably. "I should've been able to stop you," he said, more to himself than to me.

I sat up and turned my body so that I faced him, needing him to believe me. "You couldn't have. Nothing could have. Not you, not anybody. I was pissed off, Bren."

He smiled wryly. "Bit of an understatement," he said, reaching up to caress my cheekbone.

I wouldn't be diverted. "You'll stop beating yourself up about it?" I locked eyes with him.

He nodded and moved forward; this time I didn't turn away and our lips met, gently at first and then with the urgency built up of waiting, of delaying something you so desperately wanted. For as much as I had been telling myself otherwise, I wanted the dark-haired elemental quite badly just then, and it was becoming exceedingly clear that he felt the same, as he cupped my shoulder and rolled me onto my back.

"This isn't being careful," I panted when we came up for air, but made no effort to pull away.

He planted a trail of kisses down my neck, making me shiver. "Adam didn't tell me to be careful," he muttered against my lips. "You just hold still."

"To hell with that." Quick as the blink of an eye, I rolled him over and held his shoulders down, smiling mischeiviously into his eyes. "YOU hold still."

Emma smiled as she severed the link between her mind and Danny's before things became embarassing, glad to have had her suspiscions confirmed and equally glad to have two of her friends so happy. Briefly she touched on the sleeping minds of Adam and Shalimar, both of whom were sleeping off yesterday's ordeal. Shalimar was having a nightmare about the carnage Danny had made Thorne, so she sent her a calming vision. Adam was so deeply asleep he wasn't even dreaming, which was a rare thing for the troubled genius. Everyone had been more worried about Danny than they had let on, but Danny was fine now. At the moment, better than fine.

Happy, Emma squirmed slightly in her bed, which made Jesse rouse enough to wrap his arms around her before dropping off again, breath warming her ear. She sighed and turned to kiss his forehead before settling herself for sleep.

After all, her mind noted whimsically, tomorrow is another day.

Author's Note: About the stab wound. I am no doctor, being a fourteen year old freshman with no life, but I looked at my book of human anatomy and the spleen and the stomach reside roughly side-by-side on your left and I'm saying Thorne's knife slipped right between them. And I know it takes a normal human much longer than six or seven hours to be able to do much of anything after being stabbed, but I speed up Danny's metabolism so that I could get on with the story and not bore you with a lot of "Oh, my stomach, the pain, the agony, I'm going to die..." REVIEW!