Elusive State Title: Elusive State

Author: Amy Fortuna (peacefulpassion@hotmail.com)

Rating: G

Category: Poem, POV

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jedi, and I don't make a dime.

Archive: master_apprentice, SWAL; anywhere else, just ask, I won't say no.

Series: No.

Spoilers: Yes, for TPM.

Summary: Obi-Wan wonders.

Feedback: Does Obi-Wan want his master?


Night in the city that sleeps not...
I watch the lights, silent, move outside
And I drift, sense all dreams and eternity
Bound up in the souls falling from the air.
In a universe of trillions what I do
Matters not, I'm certain of this, yet it matters.

What could the hopeless dreams of a lonely Jedi-
Lonely and lost since you are gone beloved-
Do to change this maddening dance that has been here forever?
And the river that carries my heart is flowing
Stern and silent into the endless oneness of the sea.
I am alone in the quiet dark, yet I will not weep.

Pour down over me, love, like rain endlessly
Touch me in any way you can-speak to me.
Stand beside me, love, without you I am not.
And I drift into dreams of what was and could have been
Love stronger than my weakness, self broken frail
Only living truly with your serenity beside me.

You, my half, my whole, my self, my Light-
Be to me like the rosy dawn of a new day.
Only awaken in my bed and hold me.
And then this elusive state I call mind will know peace.
But you have drifted away into the Force
And I alone stand here to watch the universe fly by.