Anguirus 2000

Prequel to Godzilla X Gamera X Gyaos: Great Giant Monster Wars

By H.R.C. Stanley

Chapter Zero - Prologue: 1955

In the year 1954, almost half a century ago, Japan suffered a terrible attack by Godzilla. The capital was a battlefield; only the courage of the men who gave their lives saved the country from complete destruction. That battle was the first real battle that the Self-Defence Force have had to fight since their foundation in that same year, 1954.

In 1955, the following year, a second Godzilla dubbed 'Gigantis' and a new creature entirely duelled in the outskirts of Osaka. Gigantis fell and the new creature emerged victorious, but not for long as the SDF trapped the Kaiju in a massive iceberg and buried it alive, never to be seen again for a long time.

Since then, the country of Japan has enjoyed a long period of prosperity. However, such peril had not disappeared. In 1995, 40 years after the attack of Gigantis and the other mysterious monster, new deadly predators known as Gyaos awoke from their millenium-long slumber. But yet another Kaiju known as Gamera saved Japan from such, and eventually continue his duty as Guardian as he fought against Legion in 1996 and Iris in 1999.

In 1998, another giant monster attacked New York City and was merely defeated by American Air Forces, the experts claimed it was Godzilla they fought, but the Japanese have doubted since then. Two years afterwards, in 2000, another creature similar to the previous, possibly an offspring, travelled to Australia and defended it from a strange yet menacing insect-like creature.

However, 45 years since the defeat of Gigantis, the creature that stood up to that fire monster may awaken at last from his icy slumber to save the Earth from a greater calamity that might threaten humanity, if not life itself altogether.

He's the Guardian of the Sea, his name is Anguirus...