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Prologue - The Anniversary

"Leomon! Noooo!"

That's when it started, I think. When Jeri screamed. That was the moment Takato snapped. Never mind that it was almost ten minutes later that Megidramon was created, Takato's first steps toward the dark side started then.

WarGrowlmon was the only digimon in any condition to fight, and though I'd never admit it, our strongest digimon, but Beezlemon made short work of him, beating him into the ground no matter what cards Takato used. WarGrowlmon's end was near, we knew it. But Takato, consumed by his rage and frustration, refused to give up.


I was shocked when WarGrowlmon actually began to digivolve. I knew by the sound of Takato's voice though, that whatever digimon came out of this was not going to be the most friendly thing in the world. When Takato's D-Ark shattered, I knew that the digimon created would be pure evil. But I wasn't prepared for Megidramon. No one was. Not even Takato.

It was ironic that Megidramon and Takato were still linked, even without his D-Ark. They were united in a thirst for blood. Beezlemon's blood. The battle was an intense flurry of shots and blows, but in the end Beezlemon was on his back, Megidramon coiled around him like a snake. It took all of Beezlemon's effort to keep Megidramon from biting him in two. Then Makuramon came. I couldn't hear the words spoken, but it was obvious that it made Beezlemon pissed. He reached out with one hand and grabbed Makuramon's head and squeezed, obviously trying to delete him, but he never got the chance.

Takato still controlled Megidramon.



The blast of fire that came from the dark dragon's mouth lit up the cracked and cratered area, and I instantly felt a blistering heat. I think it would have cremated us all instantly if Taomon hadn't raised a shield. It took all she had left and she dedigivolved to Viximon.

When we could see again, there were only two things in the crater. A crying Takato and a dazed Guilmon. Takato said something I couldn't hear, gently patted the dinosaur's head, and began walking towards us.


That was Jeri. Jeri was screaming at Takato. She looked like she hated him. Jeri. Hating Takato. That was something I never thought I'd live to see.

"Wha…?" Takato's Goggleheaded nature was showing at this point.


Takato said nothing, he didn't even sob though you could see it in his eyes it was killing him. Guilmon didn't look like he understood. Takato looked at the rest of us pleading for anyone to say something. To this day I wish I had said something then. I wish anyone had said something. But we didn't. We were all too shocked at what happened. Even Terriermon was speechless for once. So Takato turned around and started walking the other way. He turned back just once when he reached Guilmon and locked eyes with me. It was then I really knew what was happening I think.

I'll never see my Gogglehead again.

My Gogglehead. It was then I knew I was in love. But he was leaving. And as Guilmon waved goodbye to us before for following Takato, Viximon started crying too. I didn't stop her. I felt the same way, even if I didn't show it.

We retreated then. We were forced to. If we couldn't take on Zhuqiamon's servants, then what chance did we have against Zhuqiamon himself?


It must have been five nights later; we were waiting for the Ark to arrive. We slept, and when we awoke there were two digi-eggs in the center of camp with a small note.

I cannot apologize enough for my actions. These are Impmon and Leomon's eggs. I can only hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me in time. I will not be back for some time, if at all.


Jeri cried happily as she crushed her partner's egg to her chest. I looked in my pack for something; I don't remember what, maybe I was just trying to get away from Jeri's happy craze. After all, I wasn't that happy, Gogglehead wasn't coming back. Anyway, I found something in my pack. A pair of goggles, and a small note.

I'm giving my goggles to you Rika. I didn't think you'd want that mentioned in the note the others read. I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry about a lot of things. You don't have to do anything with the goggles. Just keep them. And maybe think of me occasionally. And please, Rika, try to get along with the others. Don't bottle yourself up again, or you'll just be another life I've destroyed and I don't think I could take that.

Your friend forever,
Takato T. 'Gogglehead' Matsuki

The others have seen the goggles attached to my belt of course, but they think I bought them as a way to remember him. They don't realize that they're his goggles.


Ryo and Alice were almost an item before we got off the Ark. Henry and Jeri got together about a year after the D-Reaper. I think it started when Henry began checking up on her every few days. He started because Takato would have done the same. Two years ago Kazu and Kenta moved. I'm not sure where they are now, but they send letters and e-mails through Jeri every so often. I try to keep my promise to Takato, but being the only single among two couples doesn't work well, and Susie's in elementary school.

We found out at the end of the struggle with D-Reaper that Jeri's rage that day was in part a product of the D-Reaper. There was something about Takato it feared. Which was why its combat agents destroyed the Matsuki Bakery. His parents didn't make it. We held the memorial for Takato after we laid his parents to rest. The memorial itself is a life-size replica of Guilmon sleeping, with a sleeping Takato propped up on him, the whole thing was done in an onyx crystal, and was placed in Guilmon's shed in West Shinjuku Park. They built it because they believe he is dead, destroyed by the chaos, destroyed by the D-Reaper.

But I don't believe it. There is something inside me that says he's not.

Even now, four years to the day after he was declared dead, with Renamon keeping the others away, holding his goggles tightly, I can't believe he's dead. I don't think he's alive. I know he's alive. I know he'll come back.


Simple. I have his goggles. If he wants them, and I know he does, he'll have to come back to me to get them.