Ode to the Queen

Summary: The seas have never been friends of Narnia….

Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing. The Pevensies, Narnia, and Narnia's lore all belong to CS Lewis and his Estate.

Does thee remember the tale I told
Of the youngest Queen with hair so gold?
Tis a crime to talk of her these days
Or when she was lost to the deep sea's ways.

Be still, my child, or I shall not tell
How the blue seas wove their silken spell.

Down she went one night to swim,
Her heart set on that fatal whim
Oh, had her brothers warned her thus!
She would not still be lost to us.

How they wept, and how they prayed!
How they hoped she had not strayed!
But alas, my child, the choice was made.
And our Queen was the price that was paid.

Gone is the shore, gone too is the sky
Behind a wall that was built so high.
To keep Queen Susan locked deep within -
Or as a sign to those who may try their way in?

No one knows, and no one will say
What became of Queen Lucy that day

Upon the wind, when the air blows cold
Remember the Queen with hair of gold
Her brothers still weep at the stone shore
But alas, Queen Lucy is no more.

Author's N: I decided to try my hand at another AU poem; and this little thing came out! I'd love to know what you all think