He's such a restrained man. He's effectively locked away all weapons that can be used against him. So well he's hidden everything. Back before I killed Voldemort, before the war ended, when he was still my teacher- I hated him. I can't deny that. He was as much an enemy as Voldemort himself. No. I thought worse of him because he was an enemy that I saw on a daily basis. If someone were to tell me that there would be a day that I didn't hate this man, I would hex them.

I knew very little about the magical world, and I regret saying that I still lack certain knowledge. Which is difficult since I am now a teacher to the next generation of witches and wizards. Defense against the Dark arts. I'm the first DADA teacher that has stayed on for more than a year. I am also the youngest at 18. Though I am not the most talented my fame has allowed me to bypass many of the requirements of becoming a teacher. Parents happily choose the boy who live to teach their children. I still insisted on becoming qualified while teaching. I loathe using my fame to my advantage, but this castle is the only home I have ever known. I feared leaving it.

He returned to teaching potions after he recovered from Nagini's bite. I was certain he was going to die. I think he was certain as well. That's the only reason he opened up. That's the only reason I know he is a good brave man. He is also a restrained man. I have offered him friendship countless times since the war has ended. He refuses me. He refuses to consider any relationship other than one of hostility between us. He refuses to even eat in the great hall since we would be at the same table. He's avoided me as completely as possible.

I'm concerned. Knowing Snape, of course he'd be pissed at losing some of his bravado, but he's borderline hiding from me. I hate to say it, but I'm worried. Sometimes he doesn't even teach his classes for a week at a time. He never has a reason to give for his absence. The rest of the staff grumbles and complains and wonders why he is treated special- the details of the final battle were blurred. For the sake of his pride, I never told anyone the true details of what we thought were his last moments. On my word, he was not locked away. I'm sure Minerva knows most if not all of the truth, since it was her to offer him his old position back. She now takes Dumbledore's place.

"Harry, you look troubled."

"Severus is missing classes again. I don't think he missed teaching a single day when I was a student. It's not like him."

"He has his reason Harry." She gives me a knowing look.

"Does he also have his reasons for avoiding me?" When she doesn't answer I continue. "You know what happened that night don't you?"

"Yes. I questioned Severus on what exactly happened. I knew Severus's was on the side of light, but Dumbledore was not the one to tell me. I was his teacher. You are aware that he was bullied considerably. Severus was a small and quiet child. He never initiated any fight, but he was often in them. Sharp, but back then he bit his tongue. As long as no one interacted negatively with him, he left everyone alone. I would not believe that small child would harm anyone unprovoked. I knew of how he fell from the light and returned. I trusted him even without any proof."

"Headmistress, could you please tell me. You seem to know Severus well. Please. Just tell me why he hates me. It doesn't make sense. He saved me. He risked his life numerous times to keep me alive and safe, but then he acts like he hates me. I don't understand him." She calmly takes a sip of her tea. Despite her age, her eyes are still young. They twinkle at me much the same as Dumbledore's often did.

"You were raised in a muggle household. I'm sure you are aware that there are many things about the magical world that you do not know."

"Yes. I've been wanting to improve myself in that area, but I do not even know what I don't know." She nods.

"I quite understand. Now. Listen carefully. Try to understand." Her eyes are smiling. "I gave my word that I would not tell you certain things about Severus. I am always true to my word. As your past teacher I cannot allow you to continue ignorant of the world around you. I have a book. I've marked certain chapters that I believe will be enlightening to you. I suggest you borrow this book and read it. You might very well be tested on the subject." She stands and grabs a book off her desk. She has planned to give it to me before I even walked into her office. "I am doing this for his well-being. I do not believe that man knows what is best for him, but I am hoping that there is someone who does." We finish our tea in relative silence. The moment the last drop is drunk, I take the book and go to my chambers.

I settle into my bed and look at the cover for the first time. Index to the magical world. The book is thick and warn with time. There are bookmarks sticking out of the top of the book, I flip to the first one. The pages are yellow, but it is still clearly legible.

All witches and wizards are born with a specific biological make up. Unlike in muggles witches and wizards can be divided into three categories. Betas, Alphas, and Omegas.

Betas: Betas make up the majority of the magical population at nearly 80 percent. Betas are similar to muggles in that, the females conceive and the male sire.

Alphas: Alphas exist in the top 10 percent of the magical population. All Alphas are male and are marked by the strength of their magic. Alphas often accomplish great and near impossible feats with their many talents. All Alphas have an Omega mate that will find them by their eighteenth year. All Omegas find their mates aside from in the case of death. Though Alphas are not drawn to their mates in the same way, once the consummation is completed, Alphas are able to sense their mate as easily.

Omegas: Omegas make up the last 10 percent of the magical population. Omegas can be either male or female, and any omega can conceive a child. Omegas are marked by their ability to conceive. An omega will first experience heat when their alpha mate reaches their eighteenth year. Heat happens as often as once a month to as infrequent as once every three months. An omega's heat lasts for approximately one week at which time their body is optimal for conceiving their mate's child.

The paragraph about Alphas and the one about Omegas is circled. I flip to the next marked section.

An Omegas heat:

An Omegas heat lasts for approximately one week's time, during which the omega can only thing of breeding and conceiving their Alphas offspring. This can be a dangerous time to the Omega as their body emits pheromones that attract Alphas. These pheromones intoxicate any Alpha in its radius. Omegas experience their first heat when their Alpha comes of age. When an Omega's Alpha reaches eighteen, the Omega's body goes through a change ensuring that he or she is able to conceive a child.

Regardless of the Omega's age, their sexual maturity is linked to that of their Alphas. An Omega's first heat is also the first that an omega's body is able to ejaculate. Omegas will seek out their mates during this first heat unless restrained.

During heat, an Omega has little control over their body. In the case of the Omega being male, they need not worry about lack of lubrication during heat. If an Omega is unable to find their mate during heat, they will remain unable to satisfy their urges. Regardless of the number of orgasms the Omega achieves, the need for sexual release will remain.

I stop reading. Severus is an Omega. That's why he's missing class. Whoever his mate is, he's reached the age of eighteen. Minerva gave the book to me. I must be Severus's Alpha. He's been missing class because he's been going into heat, and only Minerva knows that. He wouldn't want me to know this. He's such a controlled man. He's been going into heat. He's been losing control over his body to desires he's unfamiliar with. Of course he'd be avoiding me. The person that he's been going into heat over.

I leave the book on my bed while I go up to Minerva's office. I don't even bother knocking before I enter. She has a cup of tea in front of her and across from her. She's been expecting me.

"I think it best if we make this meeting short? I'm sure there are places where you feel you need to be."

"Severus has missed the past several days of classes. Does that mean he's been in heat?" I don't even bother hiding why I'm here.

"He went into heat Friday. Though it is personal information, I have noticed that Severus's heat normally lasts five days and it happens once every twenty-three days. If that trend stays true for this one as well, then he will be dealing with his last night as we speak."

"What is the password to his chambers. You know for in cases of emergency right?"

"I do know. In any ordinary situation, I would not tell you. You are his mate. You have come to that conclusion completely on your own. I feel justified that I did not spoil his secret, but this is a serious matter. I implore you to not act brash. Severus is an Omega and you are his Alpha. If you enter his rooms then you will surely see him in a state not normal of him. You will also be unable to control yourself to any great extent. His scent will intoxicate you, and you will desire to consummate your union. I will tell you the passwords to his chambers- though once he comes down from the high he will likely be seething at the both of us. Are you sure about going to his rooms tonight? If you wait until tomorrow, he will be in a better frame of mind to talk about the future. He will not be capable of proper speech tonight."

"He needs me. He's been needing me and I just didn't know it." She nods. She hands me a small silver key. I'm not sure why, all of the rooms have passwords, but I don't ask.

"Phoenix tears."

I practically sprint to the dungeons. Never mind the nauseous pit in my stomach. I've never done more than a bit of heavy petting. He didn't want me to know. I mean, I know him and my father were at odds, and I know that he sees me as a young no-nothing brat. He has every right to not like me. Why is it me. Why am I his mate. I pause outside of his door. He's not going to tell me. He hasn't yet; I'd be willing to bet he plans to never tell. If he really doesn't want me to know, then maybe it's best if I pretend that I don't. I've never thought about having a relationship with him. I'm not opposed, but I've honestly never even considered it.

I don't hate him, and I'd wager that he doesn't hate me either. Not hating someone isn't necessarily grounds to bed them though. Maybe he doesn't want to be intimate with me and it's just his instincts. I still plan to go inside his rooms and see him without all of his guards. I just need to make sure that I'm prepared for the consequences. If he doesn't hate me now, he might after tonight. He will be willing, but only because biologically he has no choice.

It shouldn't be possible, but I can smell his scent from through the door. It bids me inside. Tempts me to throw away all thoughts. I can only imagine the strength it will have when it is not muffled.

"Phoenix tears."

The scent hits me before the sounds. There is another door and I know that's where he is. I still have some semblance of control though this scent demands that I remove my clothing and satisfy urges that I did not have before I opened the door. I fight against them. The sounds are just as arousing.

Loud unabashed moans echo off the walls. The entirety of his chambers much have a silencing charm; I could not hear him previously. I stand there and listen. I can imagine what he looks like right now. I can image what he must be doing to pull those sounds from his tight lips. I push the door to his bedroom open and it doesn't even creak from the movement.

I don't know what I was expecting.

But this wasn't it.

Curled in the center of his bed is a man I would almost swear I've never met. It doesn't wholly look like Severus. This cannot be the perpetually composed man that I know. His skin is as pale as I imagined it to be, but his body is lithe and long. His left hand snakes between his legs and rapidly jerks himself off. He hasn't even noticed my presence. His right arm is at an odd angle and I see that his wrist is shackled to one of the bed posts. His long legs are trembling and he's lying in a pool of his own cum. Just as he opens his eyes and looks at me he screams his release. More cum joins the ever growing puddle under him. Tears are wetting his face.

"Don't look!" he shouts. His hand has abandoned his still erect penis and now his fingers furiously stretch his ass out. "Don't look. Ahh. Don't look." Even as he says the words his legs are spreading to give me a better view. My hand is on the door frame to hold me in place. I want to fuck him into the mattress. Breathe. Don't lose it yet. "Don't look." His hips are instinctively thrusting forward against nothing. His chest and shoulders are covered in a sheen of sweat. The majority of his dark hair fans out on the pillows, but some strands fall across his face. Dark eyes are shiny from tears.

"You're my Omega." I notice his erection twitch at my statement.

"Alpha please. Ahh." He's rocking faster. "Leave. Don't come closer. Leave Alpha. Don't look. Can't stop." He's pulling at the bonds trying to leave the bed and close the distance between us. He's panting all the while still pulling at his restraint.

"Do you want free Severus?" She gave me the key to release him. Did he not even trust himself with the key?

"No. Please. Just leave." I wet my lips as delicious pale fingers open himself. "I can't stop. Leave while you are still in control of yourself. Don't watch." Every inch of skin from his cheeks to his shoulders is glowing a healthy red. His stomach is lean. His pink nipples stand out against the pallid skin of his chest. I have the urge to taste those small buds, to take them into my mouth, to bite them until he screams. My grip on the door frame intensifies. I cannot take another step or I will lose control, even now it's unbearable. Those tiny buds are erect- tempting me.

"Severus stop fingering yourself."

"I can't. It hurts." His fingers work faster.

"If you do not do as I say then I will come closer. If I do that, then I will not be able to control myself. If you want me to stay where I'm at, then do as I say. I want you to play with your nipples. I'll stay here and watch. I won't move any closer as long as you continue to do as I say."

I watch his fingers pull out of himself reluctantly. They are slick with some sort of lubrication. The hissing sound he makes when his thumb ghosts over his right nipple is almost enough to make me cum.

"What is that on your fingers Severus." He's not looking at me in the eyes.


"Did you go out and buy some since you knew you would be in heat." He's shaking his head.

"Omegas produce lubrication naturally during heat. It's normal for Omegas."

"So then you are wet for me? Is this how you've been dealing with your heat. Locking yourself away. Avoiding me. Handcuffing yourself."

"It was the only way to not seek you out."

"Why didn't you?" His pinching those beautiful buds between his thumb and index fingers. Each time he roles it between those digits, his eyes glaze over. Severus doesn't answer me. His narrow hips are trembling. "Were you ashamed to be seen like this? You wouldn't want anyone to see you lacking all control. Maybe you were ashamed that I'm your Alpha."

"I already knew it was you. I knew before you even started school here. I knew when you were still an infant that you were my Alpha. I just didn't think it would play a role in my life. I wasn't supposed to survive the war." He looks delicious. "Please. Let me touch myself. It hurts so bad."

"You won't be able to satisfy yourself. Only I can do that, but if I come any closer then I will not be able to stop myself. You are all tied of for me. You wouldn't be able to get away. I could taste you till I'm content." Loud whimpers break me from my trace. "Neither of us would be able to stop in the middle. You're already at your limit. Need I remind you that you didn't want me here. You don't want me to help you. You were going to hide this from me as long as you were able."

"It hurts." Most of his body is raw from continual rubbing and touching.

"Why did you hide this from me. You've even admitted that you've known for a while. Tell me. Answer my question and then If you want me to leave then I will and if you want me to join you then I will do that. Answer my question Severus, but hurry. I'm at my limit too."

He's such a restrained man. To see him like this is almost enough for me to come undone. He's feverish and wanting. Wanton and needy. Lewd. Impossibly lewd. He's not talking, in fact he's biting his lip. He just looks unsure of himself. "Severus?"

"I don't have any good answers. You will not like any of the ones I have."

"Tell me anyways." I exhale as his hand returns to fondling himself. "You have a reason for everything you do. Just tell me. Then I will do whatever you want."

"It's too new. I couldn't ejaculate before you reached eighteen. I cared very little for sexual release. It's too unfamiliar. It's too soon. Too fast. I shouldn't even be alive."

"Keep going Severus." I'm not sure if I'm asking him to keep talking or keep touching himself. It doesn't matter.

"I don't want another master." He is fully crying now. "I know it's not the same, but my entire life I've always had a master. Death was going to free me of that cycle, now I'm reliant upon someone else. I'll need you every time I go into heat, and you'll come because I'm your Omega. My scent will draw you in regardless of how you feel. If we are not careful I could even conceive a child. A child of an ex death eater. She would be ridiculed and isolated from her peers because of the stupidity I had as a child. It's too much. To many potential threats."

"You didn't say the word." He's panting.

"What word?"

"That you are afraid." His eyes are wide and wild. "That's what it all boils down to. You were scared of what could possibly happen. You aren't against us mating, just afraid of what might happen. Your heat must be really distracting you because you gave me so many clues just now." I take a step into the room. His body stiffens, but I continue. I can't back out any longer. "You are afraid. You are an Omega that is afraid of being an Omega, but I am your Alpha. I will protect you. I will keep you safe and loved. You also inadvertently told me that you would like to have a child- a little girl. Everything. All of your reasons boil down to you being afraid."

"Don't come any closer."

"I'm not going to hurt you Severus. Isn't that what you're afraid of. That I'll hurt you." He's curing into himself. "But I'm not a child anymore. I know what kind of hurt you are actually afraid of. If I touched you roughly, I'm sure you would tolerate it and likely not be overly bothered, but I could hurt you. Couldn't I Severus. I could use this power over you to humiliate you. I could take advantage of your times of weakness. Or. I could just simply neglect you. I could refuse you. That's what you were afraid of. You were afraid of going to me- at possibly the most vulnerable time in your life- and me turning you away. It would have broken you. Wouldn't it?"

My hand lays flat on his back soothingly. He doesn't respond, but I have my answer. I'm kneeling on the bed in front of him. Taking the silver key, I unhook the cuff. I'm shimmying out of my clothing when I notice that he's stroking himself faster. He can't wait any longer either.

"Don't come any closer."

"Severus. It's too late. I'm not going to hurt you. Not in any way." He's rocking his hips. "You've been waiting for me for a long time." He's stroking himself unable to stop.

"Don't look. I don't want you to see me like this." I kiss him chastely.

"Don't hide yourself. Let me look. Let me see you." My fingers reach between his legs to press into his needy hole. "You've been unable to touch yourself both places because of the handcuff right? Let me take care of that." My finger glide into him easily. "You really are wet for me. You don't even need to be prepared. You've been doing that for the last five days. I'm sure you're ready to be taken." I'm petting his head. He's flushed and not speaking. "But first, help me get ready. Can you suck me off a bit?"

"I don't. I've never. This is all so new. That was my first… I've never."

"Shh. Tonight is a night for firsts." I kiss him again and marvel at how he quickly submits to me. "You're going to suck me Severus. You don't have to be embarrassed, just do everything I ask you to. Open your mouth Severus. Nice and wide." His jaw relaxes and I can hear him panting open mouthed. "Good. Just like that." His pale tongue is hiding just behind his teeth. His shaking breathing is tempting me to thrust down his throat… no. "Keep your mouth open. Just do everything I say." He nods not wanting to close his mouth while speaking. My hand grasps my hard cock. I stroke myself eye level with him. The way his tongue peaks just out of his mouth wanting a taste is completely arousing. I give him what he wants.

I rub the leaking head of my dick against that wet muscle. I notice how he's pulled a pillow into his lap, and I notice how he is repeated humping against it. "Do you like how I taste on your tongue." He's humping faster. "How about it. Do you want more? Do you want to give your first blow job?" His cheeks only flush. I stroke myself on his tongue and then lace the fingers of my other hand into his hair. "Suck the head of my dick into your mouth." His mouth closer around me just enough to follow my instructions. "Good. Use your tongue on the underside of my dick." His eyes are clinched shut as he follow my instructions. His hips never slow. "Severus, your mouth is so hot." I pull his hair needing him to take me deeper but not being able to voice it. Thankfully he understand. When I pull his hair again I do so unintentionally harder. I didn't mean to, but before I can apologize he's moaning around my cock. "Do you like that Severus. Do you like me pulling your hair?"

He's whimpering now. I'm petting the top of his head. He's bobbing his head and sucking me wonderfully. I continue lightly pulling his hair noticing his reactions each time. Tensing of his shoulders, body spasms. Both of my hands are tangled in his hair and he's loving it. He loves when I slam down his throat. He loves when I yank his hair and pull him off of my dick. He loves when I rub my cock against his cheek. Each time I pull out, he open his mouth inviting me back in.

Once I'm down his throat again I pull his hair and tilt his head. "Open your eyes. Look at me while we do this." Dark pools shyly look up at me. "That's right baby. It feels a lot more intimate when you don't close your eyes." I pull my dick from his mouth and rub it against the corner of his lips. "You didn't answer. Do you like when I pull your hair." When he doesn't immediately answer I yank hard on those dark tresses.

"I like it. I like it." His eyes are misty.

"The heat must be unbarable. You aren't even trying to act coy." Precum is spreading over his dry lips and he licks it away.

"I want more. My Alphas seed needs to fill my belly." His mouth is wide for me. I slam in no longer able to restrain myself. He doesn't care. He moans around me as I hit the back of his throat. The pillow is drenched in cum. This thought only spurs me to fuck his mouth faster.

"I'm pissed that you didn't come to me. We could have been doing this much sooner. You wasted so much time hiding from me." I'm close. I watch as his fingers thrust in and out of his ass. He is ready for me. Soon my mate. I'll take you there next. "Are you ready for me to fill your belly now Omega." He's nodding and sucking faster. I yank his hair and he whines as his mouth released my dick with a pop.

Spurts of hot cum hit his face. I continue to stroke myself letting more jizz hit his cheeks. "You said…"

"I can't let you spoil your dinner with snacks, but I promise you will go to bed with your belly full." He's licking his lips trying to drink whatever cum he can. "I'm going to fuck you Severus. I'm going to take your virginity." He's nodding rapidly. "And after I get done taking your virginity, I'm going to fuck you again. And then again. I'm going to make up for all the time you wasted hiding from me, and each time I'm going to cum inside of you."

"Alpha. If you do cum inside. I could conceive a child." I lay him on his stomach.

"Isn't that the point of an Omega. To breed. I'm going to turn you into a mommy. I'm going to fuck you so often you'll stay pregnant. We are going to have so many children that it will rival the Weasley's. Isn't that the purpose of an Omega, Severus? To conceive their Alphas child. I want a big family. I want to see you swollen with my child." Every word I say has him spreading his legs wider for me. "You wanted a girl first right?" He's slowly nodding. I flip him around where he's on his back. "I heard that the best position to conceive a girl is missionary. Do you want to test that?" I'm already sliding inside of him. His knees are bend and I slide a pillow under his hips. Every time I thrust in his eyes roll back. "How does it feel to lose your virginity to me?"

"I didn't know it was possible to feel like this." His eyes are glazed over. "Please. Deeper."

"Wrap your legs around me. I'm not pulling out of you until I'm sure I've knocked you up. I'll just fuck you over and over."

His long pale legs lock onto my hips and force me deeper inside of him. "I want to be claimed. I've waited so long."

"My sweet Omega. You are starving for my cum. I'll feed you till you're swollen."

"There!" He's shouting but I neither speed or slow my thrusts. Instead I lay the palm of my hand over his flat abdomen.

"You have a womb that will be full soon. You never answered. Is that what you want. Do you want to be a mommy?"

"Yes. Please. Knock me up."

"How many children do you want Severus."

"As many as we can. I want to be a baby maker. I want to be a mommy. I want you to put a baby in me. As many and as often as possible. Yes. Yes." He's screaming, but he's meeting every thrust.

"Such a slutty Omega. Everyone is going to know when they see you swollen with my child. Everyone is going to know that I've have my dick up your ass. Everyone's going to know that you're my omega and that I've fucked you. Every time you get pregnant again, everyone will know that you opened yourself to me."

"I don't care. I don't care who knows. Please give me what I need Alpha. I need to breed. I need to feel what it's like to carry your child." My fingers are in his hair again. I'm sucking at his neck and he stretches his neck for me. "Cover me in love marks. I want everyone to know."

"If you keep talking like that I won't be able to last."

"Then cum. I've waited for so long. Please."

"Soon let me enjoy this. It's my first time as well."


"Do you like that. Do you like knowing that you're the only one."

"Yes. Yes. Alpha that makes me so happy. I want to be the only one to ever have you." His hands are under his knees forcing them to bend more. "Deeper please. I want more. Faster."

"You are so needy." I crash my lips against his and enjoy how his tongue plays with mine. I can feel his erection against my abdomen. Every time I slam deeper into him his dick twitches. I pull his lips harder to mine. He moans while I pull his hair. Severus pulls away first to scream his orgasm. Loud panting fills the silence of the room. "I'm close Severus. Just a bit more." He's whimpering as he rests his cheek in my palm. He's so tight around me.

"Don't pull out." Severus pleads.

"Of course not Severus. I promised to knock up my Omega and I plan to keep to my word. Are you ready for me Severus?" So close. "If I cum in you right now I just know you'll get pregnant." He's whimpering.

"Please. Cum inside. Please." He surprises me by connecting our lips together. I can feel passion and desire and desperation. I can feel loneliness. He wants this. He needs it. He swallows my moans then pulls away licking his lips. His lips are swollen. His eyes wet from tears. His body is covered in a layer of sweat. He looks impossible beautiful.

"Sev. I'm cumming!" I can't hold back. I can hear him groaning as I empty myself in him. "You feel so good Sev."

"Harry." He's whimpering as I soften inside him. When I pull out he looks at me and smiles softly. "So tired Harry. Finally. I came and felt satisfied."

"You won't have to fight through your heat alone anymore Severus. Tomorrow I'm moving into your rooms."

"Yes." His eyes are already trying to shut. He's finally sated after countless heats alone.

"You aren't going to hide your heat from me anymore." He's smiling softly. Tiredly.

"Thank you Alpha. Love you." The last words are tiredly mumbled and I'm not sure he's realized he's said them.

"I love you Omega." He falls asleep still full of my cum ensuring that in nine months he will give birth to my child. The first of many.