"Harry." I take his hand.

"This doesn't change anything Severus."

"It does though. My children… our children, their grandfather is…" My hand closes around his.

"a powerful wizard who passed away during the war. For now that's all they need to know."

"Harry, you don't understand…" his eyes scan over the document again. "it was like reading an autobiography. Being bullied… only having one friend… being afraid to lose that friend…" I kiss his cheek and then his fingertips.

"And if someone were to molest you, I would want to take revenge too." I wrap my arms around him. "He was a human Sev. We just didn't realize that until now. He was flawed and corrupt in ways, but I understand why he did some of the actions."

"He wanted to keep me from… falling into the same trap my mother fell into." Severus looks to the sharp nosed goblin. "When did you receive this from him."

"The last night of the war. His private owl arrived with it. He has left everything he owned to his only son. I suspect only the people in this room know of his connect to you Mr. Snape. He destroyed all evidence at the ministry and I was the only one who had dealings with him. He left me in charge of his estate."

"Harry, I want to go home. I can't… no more today." I nod.

"I understand." Speaking to the goblin I force my tone to be even. "We will return at a later date to settle the rest of our estate. I wish to keep Severus's finances separate from my own- if that means not alerting the ministry, then so be it. We would also like to keep this… fact a secret." The goblin bows.

"Very well, sir." Taking Severus's hand, we leave. If any witch or wizard sees his hand in mine, they do not question it.

Immediately inside Severus strips the clothing from his body. He walks naked to our room and stretches out on the bed. It isn't an invitation to touch him, but a cleansing of sorts. He lays on his stomach, long pale legs stretch out for miles. Arms gently folded under his head. Body like liquid. Walking over to him I kiss his shoulder then his neck.

"Nothing has changed Severus."

"My father killed your parents."

"Yes. He did."

"Because of me."

"This isn't your fault Severus."


"Come here." I pull him on my chest and naturally he folds his long body into mine. "My father was a bully. My Aunt and Uncle were abusive. Does that make me dirty?"


"The sins I've committed, the choices I've made- good and bad, that is what defines me." My fingers weave into his hair. "You've done bad things, but you've also done many good things. Voldemort made his choices, and you have made yours. You are not accountable for the things that he has done." I can feel tears wet my shirt, but I don't mention it. "Nothing has changed. You are still you." I pull away from him and kiss his softly. His eyes are still misty, but he's calmed down. "Are you hungry?" He nods slowly. "Alright. I'll cook us some early lunch, and afterwards we can go pick up the kids. First you have to get dressed or I might just jump you." I kiss him again and he's laughing lightly.

It's difficult to pull myself from him, but I do. Opening up his drawers, I find a pair of panties and gently slide them up his legs. He exhales shakily when the soft fabric brushes his hardening shaft. Not today though. Too much to be done. Next I slide black knee high stockings over his shapely legs. I kiss his ankles once I finish each leg.

"Do you want a dress or skirt today?" He's biting his bottom lip.

"Skirt please." I smile softly at him and go retrieve an outfit. The skirt hugs his hips; I love how this black ruffled skirt looks on him. For a top, I snag a red halter top. He's showing so much of his beautiful pale skin. "Harry. Please. I don't like my wrists to be exposed." He's squirming uncomfortably.

"It's just around me Severus."

"Still." My left hand weaves it's fingers around his. I then pull his wrist to my mouth and suck at the tattooed skin. "Harry! Don't!" Instead of listening, my tongue traces the pattern.

"I will not ask you to show this to other people, but I will not let you hide it from me. This isn't something I want you to be ashamed of. You took this mark to keep me safe. Do you regret that?"

"No… but I did so many things that I do regret because of this mark." Rivers are staining his face. "I'm just like him. I'd do it all again to keep you safe. I killed people Harry. I killed people, and I'd do it again to keep you safe. I'm just like him!" I continue kissing that blemish on his arm. I wish I could take this from him. It's a part of him though. Even if I could find a way to remove the mark, it would always be there.

"I'm like him too then. I wasn't lying earlier. If someone tried to hurt you or my children, I would kill them. Just stopping them wouldn't be enough. Severus, you aren't alone. I understand what it's like to be obsessively protective." I kiss his tears. "Just around me. You don't have to hide anything from me." Hesitantly he nods. "Come chat with me while I cook." He follows me into the kitchen. I take out a pan. "How does breakfast for lunch sound?" He nods.

"I would like some scrambled eggs." He sits on top of the counter close to me.

"Are you ready." He doesn't answer right away. "Our wedding is coming up soon. Are you ready."

"I'm not entirely sure. Most of the plans have been arranged, but emotionally, I'm a bit drained. I would really prefer us not make this a big agenda."

"If only you had told me that we could have gotten married and not have left it for me to find out on my own. I'm going to go to the Daily Prophet. I'm sure Skeeter will be ecstatic to know that she is invited to my wedding. The only question… should we leave it as a surprise and let people die of shock when they see you in a wedding dress, or should we let people know ahead of time."

"Harry, don't you think you are being just a bit petty. I was afraid to tell you… is it fair to punish me for something like that. Especially with that… other punishment." I've made it a point to not cum inside of him a single time- aside from our date night when he practically seduced me.

"Sev, this isn't about punishing you. I want all of the wizarding world to know that you are my wife. I don't want to hide you or our family. One day our children- Az at the very least- will start Hogwarts. I want it to be old news that we are together by that point. People will find out, and some will make a big deal of it, but eventually it'll be old gossip."

"Much of the wizarding world still hates me. They especially will if they figure out that Tom Riddle was my… my.."


"Yes. That. I do not want my children or you to suffer prejudice just because of the choices I have made." I finish cooking and spoon a section of the eggs on Sev's place. He takes it into his lap and eats small bites.

"So. You suggest we hide this and our children grow thinking they should be ashamed of who their parents are." He shakes his head furiously.

"No. Not of you. They have no reason to be ashamed of you. Me though."

"If you keep talking like that I'll have to spank you." His face reddens, but he stops talking. "Severus. I'm not ashamed of you. Azalea, Begonia. They aren't ashamed of you. Clover's still little, but he wont be either. And Azalea actually knows some of the things you've done. She still loves you. She isn't ashamed and she never will be." His fingers hold the spoon gently.

"Do you think I'll ever be able to forgive myself." I kiss his cheek gently.

"No. I think you'll hold on to the bad you've done for the rest of your life." I brush my lips against his. "But that regret is what makes you a good person."