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STG Report on the Dagger, Tetrimus Rakora

Master Data Litigator 00429-Zhau, to the ZEROPOINT and to the STG Master

STG-Master-Being, your request for League-of-Zero interface/investigation into unit Rakora subunit Tetrimus-exile has been processed. Release authorization was approved by the ZEROPOINT via the SIX.

Reminder: Interface files cannot be stored on any non-volatile flash storage. In case of data violation all elements of this report will self-wipe and replace with a stock STG datafile.

Translation of data arbitrage provided by Master Field Agent Korals.

Report from Master Field Agent Korals:

I've never actually seen a League report before, and even now I'm astonished to be working on this. As instructed, I've dispatched Senior Agents to verify what we can of this and combine it with our own information.

As the League reports are written in an excruciatingly obtuse style I have rewritten most of this report. Despite the unparalleled abilities of the League, I would still consider that this document, like any other STG report, cannot be all inclusive with details, but instead provides high-order information that can be queried in depth at a later time.

From what the League has determined about Tetrimus, he's possibly even more dangerous than we originally suspected, and he already has a Black-Collapse Nine danger rating. I understand that we only utilized the League's... specialists... after several attempts by our own teams failed utterly.

I'm putting this one's classification at Black-Nine with a Red-Flag-Tab alongside. I strongly recommend physically destroying the media and all copies once you have completed whatever it is you requested this report for.

Caution : Read FIRST:

From what the League puts into the report, the bulk of information gathered was from deep penetration hacks, nanite-built bug surveillance, self-replicating nanite monitors (?!) and 'penetrated-mental assets' , which is not exactly clear.

We've augmented this with what media reports, police reports, eye-witness accounts, and partial scans that we have on file. We also took the liberty of retrieving his military records from the turian Ministry of Deeds.

Without a doubt, Tetrimus is the single most lethal combatant in the known galaxy at this time. While a very few powerful and lucky individuals have survived combat with him, no one – ever – has beaten him or even managed to drive him off. He has slaughtered Spectres, Praetors, biotic specialists, war priestesses, special forces units by the score, and the Wheel only knows what else.

Tetrimus is a biotic of simply staggering skill, with power and biotic reserves that would not be out of place on a millennium-old war priestess, combined with brutal special forces combat knowledge and lethal skills in combat engineering, hacking, poisons, and more.




Formal Titles: Mouth of the Shadow Broker. Formerly Primarch's Fist, formerly Master Evoker of the High Cabal of Palaven.

Nicknames: The Dagger, the Nightmare in the Dark

Race: Turian (suspected partial or even full conversion borg, uncertain)

Age and sex: 87, male. Two children, deceased.

Wealth: According to the League, Tetrimus has over seven hundred million credits spread across a dozen accounts and front companies, as well as unknown amounts of hard specie (gold, eezo, diamonds) stashed on dead worlds or distant asteroids.

He is also surely well in command of the resources of the Broker Network, which is guesstimated at upwards of sixty billion credits.

Psychological Summary: Based on the information from the League, Tetrimus falls on the extreme edges of the Cruel/Disdainful quadrant of Villainous personalities, a very rare result and one that even Tetrimus pushes to the edges of nearly falling into the pure Malevolent personality quadrants.

Tetrimus despises life, and hates almost everything. He is particularly hateful of turian honor concepts and the meritocracy, but anything approximating valor, courage, mercy or especially altruism amuses and enrages him at the same time. Tetrimus' psyche is highly fragile and he constantly seeks reinforcing values, ideas and outcomes to justify what he has had done to him – and what he has turned himself into.

Tetrimus, if the League is correct, literally cannot feel or possibly even understand fear or mercy. Fragmented scanner readings indicate he's done something to his brain, with possible cybernetic or nanonic implants clearly visible.

Military Summary: Taken in by the cabals at age 19, graduated as a strike cabalist at 24. Crushed an entire separatist spy ring at 26, stopped assassination attempt on the Primarch at 27, and assisted Spectre Venn Takarsin in the Elevorr Incident at 28. Was promoted to High Evoker (at 28, the youngest ever) and was handpicked to lead the Primarch's Fist strike force at 30.

Spent over twenty years as commander of the Fist, promoted to Master Evoker at 34 when he stopped turian extremists associated with Facinus. Worked closely with Aethyta Vasir on an assassination of clanless asari leader working closely with Facinus, and took part in the Small Succession War at age 40.

When the Relay 314 incident hit, the Primarch's Fist was assigned to take out General Williams on Shanxi in the initial invasion. It appears his unit was setup to fail in that attempt, although there is still no clear indication of why the Primarch would allow his most powerful cabal to be captured. The League's best information suggest the Primarch was planning to claim the Fist had been sent down as a diplomatic team and was ambushed to head off possible interference from the asari.

What is known is that Tetrimus was very nearly killed, and his entire team was killed. How he managed to escape is still a mystery, but the League's data indicates its almost certain that Broker elements embedded in the Turian assault forces got him out of the system and into medical care.

Education: Standard turian education until 18. Military recruit training prior to entering the cabals, then standard cabal training. Graduated University of Palaven with degree in chemical engineering and studied at the Salarian Institute of the Mind with a focus on biotic force shaping.

Employment: Currently, is the public face of the Shadow Broker. (Some believe he is the Broker, but that is not likely).

Significant Family: All living relatives except his brother are dead, most executed by the Primarch after the Relay 314 incident.

Overall Threat Rating: Black-Collapse Nine.

Historical Notes:

Tetrimus vanished from sight (and indeed was thought to be dead) for almost three and a half years after the battle of Shanxi. The murder of the former Primarch's sons in 2159 and the brutal assassination of sixteen of his clan members was almost certainly his work, and several other incidents around that time are also likely his work.

However, he only publicly emerged in late 2160, where he engaged the asari criminal Waveloss, who had refused to work with the Broker. Tetrimus destroyed four armored vehicles and tore open a forty foot wide hole into the reinforced bunker HQ of Waveloss, slaughtering over fifty of her guards and agents before engaging the matriarch in an insultingly short fight that ended with her torn apart by his Beam biotic strike.

Over the next decade, Tetrimus was highly visible as the premier strike agent of the Broker, but also as his liaison to various parties (including his message to the SIX in 2175 and to the Council). He demonstrated his sheer power in 2170, where he clashed with Matriarch Benezia T'Soni in a battle over a valuable Prothean artifact, actually driving her off and claiming victory, and utterly crushing the force of Nightwind operatives sent after him.

Tetrimus was partnered with the so-called Left Hand of the Broker, the equally terrifying Tazzik, and both were deployed in 2178 to crush the Vanden Pirate Cartel that had broken away from the Broker's influence to work for Aria.

It was the strike on Vanden that deeply alarmed almost everyone with his biotic strength, including feats such as taking down gunships on foot with biotics and tearing apart most of a major metropolitan area in his battle with "General" Gar, the krogan commander. After this battle – which was widely vidcast from spycams inside the Vanden spaceport – almost no one was fool enough to fight Tetrimus directly.

His actions during the Benezia Incident were sketchy – he definitely took part in some aspects of the effort to identify Saren and Benezia as the primary actors, and rumors place him at a fight on the Citadel alongside Shepard. According to testimony from several sources he was on Omega during the Burning, and engaged with a strike-team of several of Shepard's old team mates as well as Aethyta Vasir and several Remembrance Dancers, killing or incapacitating them all.


Extremely difficult to determine.

Tetrimus is a hateful being who has turned his back on almost every aspect of turian society and culture, and is described by those who know him as deeply cynical, skeptical and in some ways angry at society itself. Ascribing motives to him is something the League is amusingly bad at, since their grasp of emotional context is... theoretical at best.

Based on the data we do have, our best determination would be that Tetrimus wants revenge – on humans for his injuries, on turians for leaving him to die, on asari for saving humanity from being destroyed, and perhaps even against literally everything. He does not care much for money or power (despite having large amounts of both), has never been known in the past thirty years to have any kind of sexual or romantic interactions, and actively enjoys killing artists, musicians and other creatives to amuse himself.

Organizations and Affiliations:

His only known affiliation is with the Broker Network.


Strongly recommend reading this section multiple times before even planning to engage Tetrimus in combat.

Tetrimus is an extremely powerful biotic combatant. On top of that, he was a master marksman and skilled combat engineer, trained heavily by the best turian instructors, and has decades of special forces and deep strike experience. On top of that the League is convinced that he is at the very least a partial conversion cyborg, with heavy indications he may be fully converted at above sixty five percent.

His demonstrated abilities – blindingly fast speed, perfect cloaking, barriers that can deflect even point-blank heavy missile and railgun fire, exquisite marksmanship and clearly unnatural strength – is only made worse by his wide array of biotic abilities.

Tetrimus is usually lightly armed, with a re-chambered acceleration heavy repeater pistol of unknown manufacture. This weapon has a revolving heat-sink chamber and a four mm bore, which is gigantic for a pistol. The weapon can fire extremely rapidly and Tetrimus often employs advanced phasic/explosive rounds with an acidic or corrosive effect. This agent is also highly toxic and can kill in under a minute.

Tetrimus wears a voluminous black robe, which obscures any body armor or cybernetic plating he may have, but given the fact that he has walked off even shotgun blasts its very likely he is heavily armored. What cyberware he may have is unknown, but at the very least he has a cybernetic rangefinder, some form of thermal cloaking, and most likely some of pulse disruption nullifier.

Specific Tactical Methods, Ground Combat:

Long range: Tetrimus has a noted preference for long range combat, as it allows him to maximize his combat abilities. He typically prefers to enter combat from stealth (using his cloaking device and own skills) and to strike from heavy cover, using long range biotics. He will usually open with his Beam attack, which is an instant kill on anything it hits, doing heavy damage to those nearby. From there he will engage in the use of flares and disrupt, mixed in with the use of throw to hurl heavy objects.

Those attempting to close range will be met with omni-mines and drones, along with heavy blasts of warp-fire. Tetrimus is very adept at the sword kanquess and will freely use it to re-position himself if needed, but tends to move back into cloaking and strike from another angle.

Penetrating such a barrage of attacks to reach medium range may be pointless, as he is very likely to drop back into long range as soon as he can.

Medium range: If corralled or otherwise constrained into medium range, his Beam power is unlikely to work – it takes time to target and use, and at medium ranges the intensity of the biotics required can make 'ripples' in his cloaking and reveal him to a target.

As such, he will focus more in direct biotic attacks, use of traps and drones to delay and sandbag foes, and switch to the batarian crush power to immobilize enemies. Once immobilized he will usually drop warpfire on them before using a second biotic attack to cause biotic explosions.

As with long range, Tetrimus will attempt to force attackers back rather than allow them to close range, and almost never closes range himself.

Short range: In the extremely unlikely event Tetrimus is forced to close to short range, his immediate reaction is to perform head-shots from his pistol, flares at point blank range, and grenades (particularly radiological grenades or other toxins). Tetrimus will employ speed and distraction tactics, before closing in to kill targets either with a direct application of warp fire to the chest or face, or using lift and throw to knock targets back or off of ledges / pits etc.

Tetrimus does not, based on League information, like fighting at short ranges. However, that should NOT be mistaken as a weakness or inability to do so – given his strength and speed an attack at short range is extremely likely to result instead in the attacker's death. Tetrimus has shown an ability to channel biotic energy, somewhat like a barrier field, along the length of his claw dagger, which allows him to block and parry asari warp sword attacks.

Likewise, Tetrimus has a powerful set of overload and EMP attacks for close-range attacks by heavy mechs or battle-suits.

Warning Advisory: Every STG file on extremely dangerous combatants attempts to point out the lethality of the subject. In many cases, Agents have ignored this advice, despite the fact that only the most dangerous of enemies would be given a stand-alone file.

The killing power of Tetrimus is enough that the warning bears repeating. Tetrimus is NOT beatable by a standard STG team, regardless of strategy and tactics. Nineteen teams – over a hundred and sixty of our best agents – bear witness to this fact.

Tetrimus routinely engages and kills the most powerful known combatants. He has killed Remembrance Dancers in melee combat, he has out-powered asari war priestesses in biotics, he has taken out Deathwatch and Blackwatch teams by the score. The best assault methods to use against him would be wide-scale attacks – tactical nuclear devices, orbital bombardment (preferably with antimatter torpedoes) and dropping large amounts of debris (several buildings should do the trick).

Physical Abilities:

Tetrimus uses a cane and seemingly walks slowly and with a limp. However in combat he moves powerfully and swiftly – the League believes his persona of a frail physical form is a complete lie.

His speed is very fast even for an augmented being, and his reflexes are excellent. He has demonstrated anomalous strength in short bursts, and has not ever been seen to tire or show fatigue of any kind.

Tetrimus's face and presumably body show scars – deep burn marks, melted plates, and a damaged mandible. Given his wealth and access, these could have been healed decades ago, and its clear they are left in place on purpose. Despite this, do not assume his damaged areas are any more vulnerable.

His cybernetic eye can apparently (per League information) seen in both infrared and UV, and possibly other more exotic spectra. The rangefinder may be linked to some kind of weapons link system, as his capabilities with his pistol are legendary.

Mental and Psychological Notes:

Prior to the events at Shanxi, his intelligence was measured as 58 out of 70 on the turian scale, or high average. Tetrimus has employed large teams of specialists in the past to perform analysis and research information for him – he appears to be an excellent 'high order' analyst and information broker but has little patience for small details.

Psychologically, he's a psychopath, whose only response to almost everything is either treachery or violence. Why he obeys the Broker is implied by the League to be a matter of logic rather than respect – its possible Tetrimus does not feel he can defeat the Broker in combat (which raises frightening questions about what exactly the Broker is if even Tetrimus will not fight him!)

Based on our own analysis, Tetrimus sees his goals and ideals as the only possible outcome and responds violently to any challenge to his beliefs or supremacy. While he can be fairly charming and capable of negotiations, he rarely indulges in such unless faced with vastly superior force.

His psyche is likely fragile, both due to trauma and the fact that he is sunk so deeply into the shadow world of the Broker – direct psychological attack is probably more likely to succeed than direct combat.

Notable Allies:

Aside from the Broker, Tetrimus has worked in the past with several other professional assassins, such as Aethyta Vasir, Shift, and the like – some of them he even considers possible useful allies (although not friends.)

Political and Social Notes:

Tetrimus has not played an active role in politics in the Turian Hierarchy in over thirty years, but the vastness of his 'crimes' and the fact that the Primarch's Circle blame him for several deaths means he is certainly of political interest to the Hierarchy.

Tetrimus himself rarely stated his political beliefs in the past, but has tendencies towards racism. He disdains most batarians and finds humans distasteful at best, even if useful.



The following advisories are considered mandatory reading.

Combat of any kind is not recommended.

I cannot think of a single reason why any STG team would ever be deployed against this murderous lunatic again, but it cannot be stated strongly enough that encounters with him not planned out in advance is an excellent way to be brutally murdered.

Heavy anti-biotic equipment, confined spaces, and dedicated sniper teams are recommendations if forced into combat:

Alongside the above, high-power explosives would also help.