Black Family Ties

C1: Talk of Love

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A/N: Another HP story that was floating around for a while. It will use most character from my Bonded Souls series, but this is not the third part of that series, far from it in fact. A lot of sensitive topics will show up, so you have been warned in advance.

Relaxing in his bedroom during his vacation between fifth and sixth year, Fabian Black was thinking back about everything that had happened so far.

He was thinking about their Dark Lord that had returned thanks to Potter, who had been so stupid to fall for the obvious trap two years ago.

His two mothers Bellatrix and Eliza were currently at a Death Eater meeting to determine the plan for the future, which left him alone with his twin sister Fleur and their younger sister Gabrielle.

Everyone thought that Lord Voldemort was a heartless maniac, but the truth was he looked after his own very well.

"Are you awake brother?" Fleur asked through the door.

Deciding to prank his twin sister he silently slid under his covers and kept quiet, knowing she would come to check on him if he kept quiet.

Slowly the door opened and Fleur smiled at the sight before her. She loved her brother dearly and would do anything to make him happy.

She snuck into his room and crawled onto his bed, straddling her brother with a smile. She bent down and gave him a soft kiss. "Wake up brother dearest, our mothers have returned from their meeting and have something important to tell us."

"Can't move, there is a beautiful woman sitting on my waist." He said with a soft groan.

She slapped him lightly on the shoulder and rolled off of him. "Are you saying I'm getting heavy?" She asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Fabian smiled and rolled over so he could face her. "Of course not my dear sister. You know how much I love having you close, but when you straddle me it is kind of hard to move."

She blushed and kissed him softly. "You know brother, one day soon that sweet talk of yours may ensure that I will never let you go."

"Well, that kind of fits with my plans of never letting you go, so I think I'll keep my sweet talk up, just for you." He said with a smile.

Fleur smiled at that. "I'm serious Fabian, you know what you mean to me. I don't want to lose you to some girl."

He smiled and pulled his sister close. "And you won't Fleur, you mean the world to me. If I could I would stay with you forever."

She blushed a little at that. "We'll talk more about this later, we don't want to keep our dear mothers waiting after all."

He smiled and gave her a last kiss before he rolled out of bed, Fleur right on his tail.

They made their way down to the den where their mothers were waiting for them, both of them not at all surprised when Gabrielle was already there.

"It's about time you two came down, what took you so long? Couldn't keep your hands to yourselves again? You know how we feel about that." Bellatrix asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"We kept it rather tame mother. Fabian had fallen asleep and had some trouble waking up." Fleur said with a soft smile.

The two women smiled at that. "As long as that is all that happened. You two know we find you a bit too young for something more than what you already share." Eliza said with a smile.

They both smiled at that. "We know mother, and you know we wouldn't dare betray the trust you have placed in us." Fabian said honestly.

Eliza and Bellatrix smiled at their children, who were almost exact copies of them. Fabian looked a lot like Eliza, except for his raven hair color and green eyes, that was clearly something he had inherited from Bellatrix, along with a great deal of her often sadistic personality.

Fleur and Gabrielle on the other hand had a lot of similar features as Bellatrix while they had inherited Eliza's blonde hair, blue eyes and her caring personality.

"Please children take a seat, we have a lot to tell you. As you know our Dark Lord called us over today to present himself to his faithful's again. He intends to finish what he started almost twenty years ago and he has requested our help in rebuilding the movement, as well as the inner cirlce. This means that our home will play host to the new inner circle and perhaps even the Dark Lord himself, until he is ready to make his move. He requested to speak with the both of you over the course of the holiday, and we hope we are right in assuring him it would not be a problem." Bellatrix said softly.

The twins shared a look with each other and smiled at their mothers. "We would be honored to speak to the Dark Lord mother, we will help in any way we possibly can." Fleur said with a smile.

"And you Gabrielle, will you answer the call of our Dark Lord as well?" Eliza asked softly.

She smiled and nodded. "Of course mother, what kind of Black would I be if I didn't." She said softly.

The two women smiled at their three children. "Very good, I see we have raised you well. The Dark Lord will be here in two days along with your Uncle Lucius, Aunt Narcissa and Draco. We expect all three of you to be on your best behavior." Bellatrix said with a slight smile.

"Yes mother, aren't we always on our best behavior when we have guests." The three said in unison.

Eliza and Bellatrix smiled at that. "Now girls, I believe you two had some shopping to do, why don't you two go and prepare while I have a word with your brother." Bellatrix said with a smile.

The two girls nodded and quickly made their way back to their rooms to change.

Bellatrix took a seat across from her son and looked him in his eyes, seeing a lot of herself in the green depths. "I think you know what I am going to say, don't you Fabian?" She asked softly.

He only nodded, he knew this talk was coming for a while now, but he was dreading the outcome of this talk. "Of course I do mom, but if I'm honest I'm dreading the outcome of this talk."

She smiled at him. "It's not as bad as you think my son. You know I have always seen a lot of myself in you, and I think you know my own relationship with your Aunt Cissa when we were younger. We don't disapprove of what is flourishing between you and your sister, but I have to ask you to be careful. With everything that has already happened and will still happen, you two will both need someone to love. But having said that, there will be no inappropriate behavior until you are both seventeen. So that means no sex in any shape or form. We know that you will turn seventeen while you are at school this year, but we hope you can contain yourselves until you are at home holidays. We also know that you two can't keep away from each other, so we will allow holding hands, kissing, cuddling and we will even allow you two sleeping together if you wish. Can we trust you and your sister with that?"

He smiled brightly at his mother. "Of course you can trust us mother. we wouldn't dare betray your trust and thank you for allowing this."

Bellatrix smiled knowingly at her son. "There is no need to thank me my son. We know you love your sister very much and I'm sure she loves you just as much, and I'm pretty sure you two have been in love for a very long time. Just treat her right, like we have taught you and I'm sure you two will be very happy together." She said as she move to hug her son.

It was commonly known that both Eliza and Bellatrix loved their three children more than anything, but both women couldn't help but play favorites just a little bit, Fabian tended to draw towards Bellatrix while the girls gravitated towards Eliza.

Fabian relaxed in his mother's arms and smiled. "What's wrong sweetie? You know you can tell Mummy everything." She asked when she saw a bit worry in his eyes.

"You know me too well Mum, I'm just nervous about meeting the Dark Lord, what if he doesn't approve of me?" Fabian asked softly.

"Sweetie, you are my son, and I know you will be a perfect fit in the Death Eater ranks, and I will be right beside you the entire time." She said softly.

He smiled at that. "Thanks Mum, I love you." He said softly.

"And I love you my son." She said before kissing his cheek softly, smiling as he blushed lightly. "There is no need to be embarrassed son. It's not the first time I've seen you nervous or scared, remember when you were little and there was that terrible thunderstorm. You crawled into bed with us, and I held you all night long, until you were calm again." Bellatrix said as she slowly rocked her son in her arms.

He smiled and relaxed a little. "You have always managed to calm me down Mum, one look from you is all it takes to settle my nerves, whether it's school or anything else."

Bellatrix smiled at that. "You three are the lights of our lives, there is nothing we wouldn't do to ensure your comfort and happiness. And you know you are my favorite, because you are basically a younger, male version of me, which explains why you love Fleur so much, she is a younger version of Eliza."

"Well that's most certainly true, even at school some people say I remind them of you." He said as he cuddled into her arms a bit.

This surprised Bellatrix a bit, since it had been a while since he did this, but she would be lying if she said that she didn't enjoy it. "And who says that Fabian?" she asked once they had rearranged themselves on the couch a bit, so that her son was resting comfortably against her.

"Mostly the boys in our House, and Uncle Sev of course. The others are just too afraid of me to say something about it, although I have seen Longbottom shooting me a glare every once in a while." He said with a slight smirk spreading across his face.

Bellatrix laughed at that. "Well that's his problem then isn't it, even if his parents are in St. Mungo's for life because of me."

"They deserve it for betraying us all by siding with the Order, I just hope to do something equally satisfying before everything is said and done." He said softly.

She wrapped her arms around her son's waist and smiled at him. "I'm sure you will my light, perhaps we could make it you and your sister's first raid, maybe cause some chaos at the Weasley's?"

He smiled and nodded at that, already envisioning it in his mind. "Now I can't wait to go on my first raid, do I really have to wait another year?" He asked softly.

"Unfortunately yes my sweet, we can't risk you getting caught using underage magic outside of school, there is too much at stake for some slip up. I promise you the day you turn seventeen I will personally accompany you and your sister on your first raid." She said with a soft smile.

"I will look forward to that Mum, I would love to learn from you, you're the best after all." He said softly.

Bellatrix smiled and blushed at that. "Thank you dear, but you praise me too much."

"Nonsense mother, most of the Death Eaters fear you and your very name strikes terror in the students and staff at school. I'm proud to call you my mother." He said with a smile.

"You're too sweet my son, thank you." She said before kissing him softly.

He blushed brightly but relaxed into the kiss none the less. While his mothers were known as a heartless and cruel woman to most of the Wizarding world, within their home she was quite passionate and affectionate with all of their children. He moaned into the kiss and turned around in his mother's arms.

"So passionate as always. You really are a son of mine." She said with a smile.

His blush darkened a bit at that. "Don't be embarrassed my son, remember what we've told you. We all love you and we just express that love a bit more physical than other families." She said softly.

"I know that Mum, but you are such a beautiful woman that I can't do anything else but relish in the love you show me." He said softly.

She smiled at that. "You really are a charmer Fabian, I'm sure you will make your sister a very happy woman."

He smiled at her and cuddled back into her arms, both of them smiling softly as they talked.

A little while later Eliza and the two girls came back into the den, where Fabian had fallen asleep against Bellatrix, who was slowly and comfortingly running her fingers through his hair.

"Is Fabian okay love?" Eliza asked softly as not to wake her son.

Bellatrix nodded after receiving a kiss from her wife. "He's fine my love, just a bit tired, a lot has come up while you were away, and we both needed closeness, and at some point he just fell asleep against me. I trust there were no problems during your shopping trip?" She asked softly.

Eliza smiled at that. "None at all my love, everything went swimmingly, we ran into Cissa and Draco, and she sends her love." She said softly.

Bellatrix was about to respond when the bundle in her lap that was her son groaned softly as he woke up. "Well good afternoon sweetie, how did you sleep?" Eliza asked with a smile.

"Oh hello mother, how long have you been back?" He asked softly.

She smiled as he sat back up to address her properly. "We just came back dear, but you still haven't answered my question. How did you sleep?" She asked again.

"Sorry mother, I slept well, thank you for asking, although I didn't mean to fall asleep." He said softly.

Eliza smiled at her son. "That's quite alright son, I know from extensive personal experience how comfortable my wife is to cuddle up against." She said with a wink.

He blushed a little at that. "Don't be embarrassed sweetie, I was merely teasing you. But I believe your sister wanted to ask you something, am I right Fleur?" She asked her eldest daughter.

Fleur smiled and nodded at her mother. "Yes indeed mother. Fabian, I was hoping you were free to talk for a bit?"

"For you my dear sister, I will make time, but I can hear that you would like some privacy, so may I suggest we go to my room?" He asked politely.

She smiled and nodded as she took his offered arm as they walked up to his room, both of them smiling shyly at each other.

When they arrived into his room they immediately took a seat on the bed, since that was where they were most comfortable.

"So Fleur, you wanted to talk?" He asked once they were comfortable.

She blushed and nodded at him, taking a deep breath before starting. "I know Mum had a talk with you, and Mom had a similar talk with me. You know I love you more than anything in the world but I can't live with the thought of losing you to another girl someday. I want to be the woman in your life and in your bed." She said softly, but clearly nervous.

He smiled and pulled his sister into his arms. "Fleur, please calm down a bit. Yes, Mum had a talk with me, and she said they don't disapprove if we want to be together. we just can't have sex until we're both seventeen, but everything else is fair game. So Fleur, my sweet sister, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked softly.

She smiled at her brother. "Yes Fabian, I would love nothing more than to be your girlfriend. But what did Mum mean when she said everything else but sex is fair game?"

"It means we can kiss, hold hands and cuddle together whenever we want. She even said we could share a bed if we wanted to." He said as he pulled her into his arms.

Fleur smiled brightly at that. "So that means if I wanted to do this, I could." She said before kissing her brother deeply and slinging her arms around his neck.

He moaned into the kiss and guided them down to the bed, Fleur ending up on top of him. "I love you brother, and I'm glad we can finally be together, because I couldn't have handled it if another girl stole you away from me." She said once they had to break it to breathe.

"You know that no girl could ever compare to you baby. You have always been the one for me, although I knew at some point I would lose you to some boy." He said with a soft smile.

"Never my dear brother, no boy can compare to you. You are the only one worthy of having me." She said before kissing him again.

Without conscious thought they let their hands roam across each other's bodies, groping any part they could get a hold of.

"We should probably stop before we break our promise to our mothers, you're making it hard to control myself." She said softly.

"We're just touching love, that's not against the rules." He said with a smile.

She blushed at that. "Do you know how many times I've dreamt of you calling me that?" She asked softly.

He smiled and kissed her. "Probably as many times as I have dreamt of holding you in my arms like this."

She smiled and rolled over, his arm coming to rest across her waist, which only brightened her smile. "Shall we take a quick nap before dinner my sweet?" She asked softly.

"I would love to take a nap to you baby." He said before placing a loving kiss against her neck.

She smiled and cuddled in closer to her brother, falling asleep quickly afterwards.

A few hours later they were woken up by the bedroom door opening, and a soft gasp that obviously came from Gabrielle. "I almost couldn't believe it when Mom said you two could start dating each other. but I know how you two feel for each other, so I can't be anything else but happy for you." She said as she jumped onto the bed and hugged her siblings.

They both smiled and hugged their sister tightly. "Thank you Gabby, your support means a lot to us." Fleur said with a smile.

She smiled at that. "You two have always supported me, so the least I can do is show my two siblings the same support."

The two smiled at her. "We're family Gabby, that means we will always be there for you." Fabian said with a smile.

"I know brother, but it is nice to hear it anyway. But Mum send me up to get you two for dinner." She said softly.

They nodded at that. "Then we better not keep them waiting." Fabian said before he gave Fleur a quick kiss and then rolled of the bed.

The two girls smiled and followed their brother downstairs, after Fleur had done a very quick touch up of her make up.

After dinner Gabrielle went upstairs to do some pre-reading for next schoolyear, while Eliza and Bellatrix kept their twins back a bit. "So do tell, how was your talk this afternoon, is there anything we should know?" Bellatrix asked softly.

They both smiled and nodded. "Yes mother, we talked about everything we needed to and being the sweet boy he is asked me to be his girlfriend." Fleur said while a blush crept up her cheeks.

The two women smiled at that. "And I take it you said yes dear?" Eliza asked with a knowing smile, to which Fleur nodded.

"Well as we said before we don't disapprove of you two being together, as long as you abide by the rules we set for you. So no sex until you're both seventeen." Bellatrix said softly.

"But we can touch right? Because now that I can show him how much I love him I don't think I can restrain myself." Fleur asked softly.

"As long as you keep it chaste in public we're fine with everything. So yes, you may touch when you are in private, and even sleep naked together, since we know how much you two love to do that." Eliza said with a smile.

They both blushed at that. "Thank you for your understanding, it means a lot to us." Fabian said with a smile.

The two women smiled knowingly at their children. "Why wouldn't we my dears, it will not be the first time in either the Black or Malfoy families, and it won't be the last. Love comes to us all in a different way, and we are happy that you two have found it in each other." Bellatrix said with a smile.

"But having said that, we must ask you to not be to upfront with your relationship at school, while most of the older families will understand, most students will not. And while we know from personal experience that it will be difficult, but we also know that you two are quite capable of working from the shadows. At home you are of course free to do whatever you want." Eliza said with a smile.

"And of course we will inform Severus of the events in two days so he can help you as well." Bellatrix said with a smile as Fleur cuddled into Fabian's side.

"I know you two are dying to spend some quality time together, so we just have one more thing we need to discuss. We know you two will want to spend as much time as possible together, so we want to offer you two the chance to share a room until you have to go back to school." Eliza said with a smile.

The two shared a look and then nodded at their mothers. "We would love that Mom, thank you." Fabian said with a bright smile.

The two women smiled at that. "We thought you would say that, so I had Edi take Fleur's clothes into Fabian's room, since I know how much you love his bed." Bellatrix said with a smile to her daughter.

Fleur blushed slightly at that, knowing how many times she was already caught sleeping in his bed.

"We'll talk some more in the morning, for now I think you two should prepare for bed, it's been a long enough day already." Eliza said in her motherly voice.

"Yes mother, have a nice night and we'll see you in the morning." Fleur said after hugging them both.

After Fabian had done the same the two siblings made their way upstairs, both of them blushing slightly at each other every time they caught the other's eye.

As they entered the bedroom Fleur fell in his arms, kissing her brother deeply. "That went better than expected, wouldn't you say my dear brother?" She asked with a bright smile.

He nodded at her. "It went swimmingly my sweet, I couldn't wish for more at this point." He said softly.

She smiled at that. "Oh I can think of a few things I would wish for at this point baby, but unfortunately I can't fulfill those wishes until we're seventeen." She said in a husky tone.

He shivered in excitement at her words. "The things you do to me baby are truly indescribable." He said softly.

Fleur smiled mischievously at her brother. "Try to describe them my love. I would love to hear what I do to you." She whispered in his ear.

"When you talk like that I get the urge to throw you down on the bed and make you mine in every way possible. You get me so hard that it's almost uncomfortable." He said softly.

She smiled at that. "Then I suggest we get in bed before we go too far my love. But it is nice to see I have such an effect on my dear brother. And I have to admit that I'm curious to see how you have matured." She said with a wink.

He blushed a little and pulled his shirt off, while Fleur slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

When she unzipped her skirt he stopped her. "Let me do that baby." He said softly.

"Only if I can take off your pants as well baby." She said before kissing him.

They took each other's clothes off slowly, almost treating it as a form of foreplay, and soon enough all they had on was their underwear, with Fabian pitching an obvious tent in his pants. "You're gorgeous my angel, the epitome of feminine perfection." He said softly.

She blushed at. "As are you my brother, you have such an amazing body." She said softly.

He smiled and pulled her close as he pushed her panties down and she unhooked her bra before pushing down his underwear.

Once they were naked Fleur gasped softly when she saw his dick. "You've matured nicely brother, that is quite an impressive tool you've got there." She said before they crawled into bed, cuddling up to each other immediately.

He smiled at that and pulled her close. "Thank you baby, you've filled out great as well. But I'm kind of tired after today, would you mind terribly if went to sleep already?" He asked softly.

She smiled and kissed him softly. "Actually brother, I would welcome it. Walking around in Diagon Alley all day, and then that talk with Mum really tired me out. But I have a request to make. Would you slide that impressive dick between my thighs, that way we can be as close as possible while we still follow our Mom's rules." She said before turning around.

He smiled and did as she asked while he wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her against his body.

She moaned as she felt him throbbing against her and slowly moved his hand upward to her breast. "That feels a lot better than my waist doesn't it baby?" She asked softly.

"It feels amazing love, I could fall asleep like this every day for the rest of our lives." He said softly.

"And we will my love, and soon enough we will be even closer." She said with a soft smile.

He smiled at that and placed a soft kiss against her neck. "I think we should go to sleep before we can't stop ourselves anymore baby." He said huskily.

She smiled and kissed his hand before placing it back on her breast. "I agree love, because as you might feel I'm getting quite wet from your cock between my thighs. So let's see where our dreams take us tonight."

He placed a last kiss against her neck and cuddled in closer to his sister, both of them falling asleep with smiles on their faces.

The following morning Fleur woke up with a smile on her face. She had the most wonderful dream she had ever had that included her brother and when she felt his body behind hers she had to sigh contently.

She felt him stir a little and carefully turned around in his arms, so she could look at him when he woke up.

As his eyes fluttered open he smiled at his lover. "Good morning my princess, how did you sleep?" He asked softly.

She smiled and kissed him softly. "I slept amazing baby, being in your arms is better than I could have hoped. I also had the most amazing dream. How did you sleep?" She asked with a smile.

"Like a baby my love, having you here really helps calm me down." He said as he pulled her close.

Fleur smiled and kissed her brother deeply, letting her hands roam across his body, which got a nice groan from her brother.

"Love, if you keep going like this I don't know how much longer I can control myself." He said softly.

"Then don't brother, we are forbidden to have sex, but last time I checked touching each other doesn't count as sex." She said in a husky voice.

He smiled and slowly moved his hands to her breasts, while one of her hands tangled themselves in his hair and the other went further down his body. "Already hard baby, would you like me to do something about that?" She asked softly.

Fabian nodded and kissed her as she slowly started moving her hand up and down his dick, which got a loud groan from her lover.

Not wanting to be left behind Fabian moved one of his hands towards her pussy, smiling when he felt she was already wet from him. He slowly started fingering her and kissed her deeply as she started moaning loudly.

"Your fingers feel amazing brother, how are you so talented at this?" She asked softly.

He blushed a little at that. "Mum taught me, she figured this would happen sooner or later, either with you or another girl, and she felt I had to know how to pleasure a girl."

She smiled at that. "So mother taught you how to pleasure a girl, did she let you touch her?" She asked with a moan.

He nodded at that, while his blush darkened gradually. "You know how Mum is, she believes in teaching by example." He said softly.

"So how did it feel, did she feel as good as I do?" She asked as a blush also developed on her face.

Fabian kissed her softly and smiled. "At first it felt weird, but it felt surprisingly normal, although you feel infinitely better, Mum wasn't nearly as wet as you are, although I could hear her moan and play with her breasts. But I get the feeling this isn't the first time you gave someone a hand-job."

She blushed at that. "Mom taught me. Apparently she and Mum have a strap-on dildo they use which feels exactly like the real thing, so she let me practice on that. But I get the feeling they have been planning our potential relationship for a very long time." She said softly.

"I'm relieved that it was Mom who taught you and not some random boy, because you know I will curse any boy would dares to touch you." He said possessively

She smiled at that. "I will do the same to any of those bimbos at school, you are mine and mine alone." She said before kissing him.

"As you are mine my sweet sister." He said huskily.

She opened her mouth to respond but all that came out was a loud moan as she shuddered against his fingers, while at the same time she felt him come against her stomach.

Both of them were panting heavily and were unwilling to break the contact. "That was amazing brother. Now I really can't wait until we are seventeen and I can feel that dick moving inside of me." She said before kissing him.

"And I can't wait to feel your tight pussy around my dick baby, but it's best if we honor our mother's wishes." He said with a smile.

She nodded and cuddled up to him. "How about we take a shower before breakfast baby?" She asked softly.

"You read my mind love." He said before picking her up off the bed and carried her bridal style to the bathroom.