Black Family Ties

C16: Epilogue

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A/N: Well here it is, the epilogue and thus the end of this short but still crazy journey. I hope you enjoyed the story and I will see you for another one.

Six Years Later

Fabian and Fleur were woken up by the rhythmic bouncing of their six year old twins on their bed.

"What are you two doing up so early." Fabian asked softly as he caught their daughter Victoire in mid-air and parked her in his lap, while their son Orion cuddled up to his mother.

Victoire blushed a little at that. "We couldn't sleep anymore, and we kind of wanted to crawl in with you, but Orion wanted to wake you up." She said softly.

"Why doesn't that surprise me. But it's okay, we needed to wake up anyway, why don't you two go wake up your Nana's and then we'll see you downstairs." Fleur said softly.

"Okay Mommy." The twins said before bounding out of bed and making their way to their grandmother's room.

Fabian smiled at his wife. "It still amazes me how good you are with them sweetie." He said before kissing her.

Fleur smiled and kissed him back. "I'm not the only one who is good with them love, you are an amazing father to them both. They adore everything you do with them, and I couldn't be more proud of you."

He blushed as he got out of bed to get dressed, much to the amusement of his wife, who followed him quickly after.

Once they were dressed, they made their way to the living room to see their two children sitting next to their grandmothers, who were still not fully awake, while Andromeda and Narcissa were already fully awake and cuddled up on the other couch.

"Thank you for sending the two hellions to wake us this morning. We really appreciate it." Bellatrix said sarcastically.

Fabian smiled at that. "Sorry Mum, we figured you wouldn't mind it since you won't be seeing them all day."

It was well known that all four grandmothers loved their grandchildren more than anything, and they never missed an opportunity to spoil them if they got the chance.

"You know we would be happy to babysit them. It's really no trouble at all." Eliza said softly.

They smiled at that. "We know Mom, but why don't you come with us to the Hotel today. We have a new chef that is supposed to be one of the best in the state." Fleur said with a smile.

Eliza and Bellatrix shared a look and smiled at them. "You know, that is actually not a bad idea, but I hope you won't mind if we drive ourselves, since Andy and Cissa probably want to come as well." Bellatrix said softly as she looked at her two sisters, who merely nodded.

"Then we best take the Hummer so we can take 'mione and Dora as well. Because they said wanting to bring Rose and Celesta as well." Fabian said with a smile.

"Does that mean we get to spend the entire ride together again?" Orion asked softly.

Fabian smiled at his son. "If Auntie Hermione and Auntie Dora are okay with it, of course you will, as well as an entire day at the hotel. But we'll ask them when they come down."

The boy nodded and cuddled a bit more into Bellatrix who wrapped an arm around her grandson's shoulder, which made him blush slightly.

A little while later Hermione, Dora and their two girls entered the living room, Rosalind and Celesta smiling brightly as they saw their grandmothers cuddled up in the couch.

"Good morning everyone, sorry we're a bit late, the girls had a little trouble waking up this morning." Hermione said with a smile.

"That's okay 'mione, but we really need to go, otherwise Gabby and Luna will have a fit again." Fleur said with a similar smile.

Hermione and Nym smiled at that. "Would it be a problem if we hitched a ride with you then, our car is in the shop." Nym said softly.

"Of course not Nym, we were actually just talking about that, since our mothers want to come as well, although they will be driving themselves." Fabian said with a smile.

The two women nodded and ushered their children to the car, although they didn't need much encouragement, since the four children were as thick as thieves since the moment they could talk. Nym and Nym smiled and followed their cousins to the car.

When they arrived at their Black Water Hotel, the children got increasingly more excited, and it took Hermione a lot of effort to keep them calm, much to the amusement of her wife.

By the time they got out of the car, the children sprinted inside, eager to see their two Aunts again.

"Calm down children, and be careful with Auntie Luna, she is eight months pregnant after all." Hermione said with a smile.

"We will Mommy." Rosalind said softly.

"Then go and have fun in the garden, but don't disturb the guests." Fabian said with a smile.

Orion and the three girls smiled and nodded before running inside, closely followed by their parents.

As they entered Gabrielle was already waiting for them with her hands on her hips and a quirked eyebrow. "You sure took your sweet time. Do you know how many people come in during this time of year?" She asked sternly.

Fabian smiled and gave his sister a hug. "Sorry sis, but it really wasn't our fault, but we're here now." He said softly.

As ever Gabrielle relaxed in her brother's embrace. It had been that way since they were little and they had gotten even closer in recent years.

"I'm sorry if I came across a bit strong Fabe, but Luna is jumped up on pregnancy hormones and it is busy as hell. I just want to take her home and take a rest." She said softly.

He smiled and Fleur hugged their sister as well. "Then do that Gabby, we wouldn't want you two to be burned out even before your son is born. Take all the time you need. We can handle everything for a few months." Fleur said softly.

Gabrielle smiled at that. "Thanks Fleur, we had been meaning to talk to you about that." She said softly.

The twins smiled and after giving their younger sister another hug, they made their way into the office, where Luna was typing away furiously.

"Hey Lu, want some help getting up?" Fabian asked softly.

The blonde smiled and nodded. "Thanks Fabe, it's getting a bit difficult to get around these days." She said as she took his hand to stand up.

He smiled and gave her a quick hug. "We know, that's why we arranged for you and Gabby to have some time off." He said with a smile.

Luna smiled at that as her wife came into the office with her coat. "Hey love, you okay?" Gabrielle asked softly.

"Of course darling. I have you to take care of me after all." Luna said softly.

Gabrielle blushed and took her wife's hand as they walked out of the office, where their nieces and nephew were waiting for them.

The two women gave them all a tight hug and promised to see them again soon.

The four children smiled and watched together with their parents as Gabrielle and Luna got into their car and drove off.

They were a bit sad to see their Aunts go, but understood why they did, they were getting another nephew in a few weeks, and all of them were excited to meet him.

The children were quickly ushered off to their own private room on the top floor by their grandmothers, while the others divided the duties.

Once that was done Fabian took his place behind the reception desk and smiled to himself.

In a few short years his life had changed so much, with his two children that he loved more than anything, his wife that never ceased to show him how much she loved him and the life they were now living. He had never imagined that seven years ago when they started this journey together that he would have the quiet life they now had, and it was all thanks to his families drive to see their ties to their own never broken. The Black family ties were stronger than ever, and he couldn't be happier with how things turned out.

Of course he had done some questionable things during the final battle, but no one would ever know exactly what. The last thing he heard was that Voldemort had fallen a few years ago, and that the Magical Community in Britain was slowly rebuilding.

In the end what they had done to make sure Voldemort would stay in power had failed, but he couldn't be bothered with it. He had the life he had always dreamed of, with the woman that held his heart by his side, and he wouldn't change it for all the power in the world.