I gasp, trying to catch my breath as I duck into a small shop, and hide amongst the clothes.

"She went this way!" I man yells and the lackeys chase after him, down the street, past me.

I pant, not even having enough air, to breathe a sigh with relief. Once I am sure they're gone, I leave the shop and head down the street, making sure to hide amongst the crowds and avoiding eye contact with anyone. I duck into the nearest alleyway and find a lovely looking pile of plastic bags full of shredded paper. I carefully climb into the pile, building it up in front of me to hide my little body.

Finally feeling safe, I lie there, waiting for darkness to fall.

Suddenly, I hear a very familiar sound echoing over the alleyway.

It sounds like the heave-ho-ing of a very familiar police box.

I hurry from my hiding spot, looking for the sound, desperately. I duck behind some trashcans and peer into the back of the alley, where to my astonishment, the Tardis had formed.

I watch with tears filling my eyes as Rose exits the Tardis after the Doctor, and he takes her hand, entwining their fingers before they take off, running past me, and into the street.

When I am sure they're gone, I go to the Tardis door and try to open it. It doesn't budge.

I press my hands against the door, and start whispering to it

"Hi. My name is Tempestas Malus Lupus Filia Superuenientibus. I know you don't trust me and you have no reason to, but I desperately need you to believe me. I know what the future holds. I can see time, both the future and the past and I know he needs me. I am four years old, but my mind is far older. Please let me in so I can help." I beg, but the Tardis beeps back and I hear in my head her challenge Prove it.

"The Doctor regenerated after kissing Rose to remove the essence of time from her soul when she became Bad Wolf. She was devastated at his change and didn't trust him for a while until they defeated the Sycorax. He wanted to take her to Barcelona, the planet not the city."

The door to the Tardis clicks open, and I slip inside.

It's more amazing than any of the visions I have ever had about it.

"You're beautiful" I tell her, and she purrs with thanks.

"I have a secret to tell you about Rose and The Doctor, but you can't tell them anything. Not yet at least." I tell the Tardis "But you're going to have to tell them when I'm gone. Do you promise?"

The Tardis beeps consent

"I'm their daughter. When Rose absorbed into her the essence of Bad Wolf, and the Doctor kissed her, mashing their souls together, in another dimension I was created. My name branded into the mind of anyone who ever touched me, was in Latin; Daughter of Oncoming Storm And Bad Wolf. I usually just tell people my name is Tempest Wolfe. It keeps things simpler, though I go by Wolfe. Haven't you noticed how much I look like my Mum?" I ask, grinning I have waist length blonde hair, and when I smile, and I am truly happy, my tongue sticks out between my teeth. My eyes are The Doctor's though, because they are not only the same shade but they see time as well.

"I travelled to this dimension with Torchwood. They…they…" I trail off, unwilling to continue my sentence.

The Tardis beeps again, this time in warning They are returning. There is a hallway on your left, inside There's a small closet. Hide there until we leave. I'll let you come out when we move somewhere else.

I dash into the bedroom and turn to slam the door shut behind me just as the Tardis door opens.

I turn around, breathing a sigh of relief. I slide down to the floor, laying on it, as I listen to the muffled voices of Rose and the Doctor.

I catch the end of what The Doctor says "Further than we've ever gone before!"

Smiling at that thought, I soon drift off to sleep as the Tardis starts to move.

I awake to a loud bang. My eyes fly open and I shoot to my feet. I realize quickly that the noise I heard was the Tardis waking me up.

Slowly, I open the door, and walk out into the hallway. The Doctor and Rose have their back to me, as they watch The Lion King on one of the Tardis monitors.

"Hello" I call, because I have nothing better to say.

Rose shrieks, and The Doctor is on his feet, tossing her behind him, and brandishing his sonic screwdriver.

They freeze when they see me- a painfully small little girl, with big brown eyes and waist length blonde hair.

Rose relaxes immediately, but The Doctor doesn't trust me yet.

"What is your name?" he demands

I freeze as I quickly realize that if I tell them my full name they will suspect something

"Wolfe." I answer simply. "My name is Wolfe. I am four years old, though I am smarter than a normal four year old. Back home, I am an orphan. I am a human…" I wince

The Doctor gets down on his knees, so he's eye to eye with me.

"Hi Wolfe. I didn't mean to scare you. How'd you get on the Tardis?" his voice is soft with care,

"She let me on.' I answer and The Doctor rolls his eyes

"I thought I told you to stop doing that!" He scolds the console and she beeps, not quite ruefully, but more cheekily.

He turns back to me "Do you know who I am?"

I nod, grinning, unable to stop my tongue from sliding in between my teeth

"You're The Doctor." I look over his shoulder at the blonde who is looking at me in interest "and you're Rose."

I suddenly realize that Rose and the Doctor are looking very shocked and I realize my smile must look just like Rose's. I immediately duck my head, smile vanishing under their gaze.

"I'm sorry, we didn't mean to stare." Apologizes Rose, quickly

"We're just surprised you know who we are." Explains The Doctor "And you have a beautiful smile."

I blush, and to my amusement, Rose blushes too, because we grin the same way.

"Thank you." I mutter, still embarrassed

"Here, why don't you come with me and we can have the Tardis check on you?" Offers the Doctor.

He takes my hand and I stiffen as I am overpowered by harsh, painful emotions. They burn inside me like fire and ice and I feel the most powerful guilt I have ever felt.

I see flashes of the robotic, emotionless aliens known as Daleks, I see an orange planet, Gallifrey vanishing, blowing into nothing. I hear the screams of the billions of innocent souls dying in an instant. I see a great war, a war of time and space, I see everything end and begin and I feel hate and pain and loss and guilt and suddenly I feel alone. Then, a beautiful blonde with a bright smile enters my vision and exasperation, and friendly love fills me. The more I hear her laughter and watch her dance about my vision in multiple adventures, I can feel my affection for her grows-

I watch as I am sucked back to normal times, after watching the Doctor's past. I blink, gasping slightly as I absorb the vertigo that comes with seeing time.

"Wolfe? Are you okay?" The Doctor asks, concerned.

I nod, silent as the most furious pity fills me for the Doctor, because that must be how he feels all of the time.

"Sorry. I must have spaced out." I lie

I can see in the Doctor's eyes that he doesn't believe me, but he doesn't question it.

"Come on then." He takes my hand again and stands up, bending slightly to continue holding my hand as he leads me to a medical bay, Rose following close behind.

When we arrive in the large room, I attempt to get on the examination table but I am far too short.

"Rose, will you lift her onto the examination table while I set up the tests?" The Doctor asks,

She takes me by the hips and lifts me up to the table, and as she lets go, her hand brushes against the skin where my shirt lifted up.

I stiffen again as I feel a devastating ache of uselessness. Flashes of people always telling me I'll never be special echoing in my ear. Then, I see a new man, who I recognize as the Doctor, all ears and leather. He takes my hand, eyes meeting mine. "Run" he whispers, and suddenly I am stumbling down a series of fear, shock, power, loss, and purpose. Fantastic. Fantastic. The word echoes in my ear, and a flood of affection comes with the word, with his face. Then, mistrust as a new face appears, but before long a powerful, magnetic love surges through me each time the new face smiles, or laughs-.

I am sucked back to present to the sound of Rose going "Wolfe? Are you okay?"

"Yes" I answer, blushing, looking up at her

"Hold still Wolfe, I am going to run a few tests on you. Don't move, I promise it wont hurt much." The Doctor says and I nod.

He takes my blood, sending it to the Tardis to analyze. Then he takes out his stethoscope, and worry fills me.

"This might be cold." he warns, as he places it upon my chest.

I meet his gaze, calmly as he listens to my heartbeat.

Suddenly, I feel ready to share one small secret with him. After feeling his empty guilt and loneliness, he needs to know.

He is about to move away, when I take his wrist, looking up at him with hope, and slowly move his hand, holding the stethoscope across my chest to the right side, eyes never breaking his gaze. His eyes widen and his mouth drops open.

"You have two hearts." he whispers, shock in his voice, and I know he is hearing the sound of my second heart thumping under my right ribcage.