"That's why you've gotta go." He says, softly "You and Wolfe."

"Reboot in two minutes." The Computer yells

Rose stares at him, uncomprehending.

"Back to Pete's world." He points at Pete "Hey, we should call it that: Pete's World." He turns back to Rose "I'm opening the Void, but only on this side. You two will be safe on that side." Rose continues to stare at him. "And then you close it. For good?"

"The breach itself is soaked in Void Stuff, in the end it'll close itself. And that's it. Kaput." Rose is just starting to realise what this means.

"But you stay on this side...?" Rose starts

"But you'll get pulled in." I interrupt, worried over the Doctor

The Doctor holds Rose's gaze for a moment before he runs over to the magnaclamps. Rose stays put, looking like she's been slapped around the face. "That's why... I got these. I'll just have to hold on tight, I've been doing it all my life."

"I'm supposed to go." She whispers

"Yeah." The Doctor says

"To another world, and then it gets sealed off." Rose continues


It's obvious he doesn't want to talk about this.

"Forever." Rose says before she laughs at the absurdity of the idea "That's not gonna happen." A crash from outside shakes the building. "We haven't got time to argue, the plans works, we go in."

"No, I'm not leaving him!"

"Neither am I!" I yell, rushing over to the Doctor

"I'm not going without her!" Jackie yells, tearfully

"Oh, my God. We're going." Pete orders

"I've had twenty years without you, so button it. I'm not leaving her." Jackie yells

"You've got to" Rose tells Jackie

"Well, that's tough!" Jackie battles

"Mum..." Whispers Rose

"Reboot in one minute!"

"I've had a life with you for nineteen years. But then I met the Doctor and... all the things I've seen him do for me. For you. For all of us. For the whole... stupid planet and every planet out there. He does it alone, mum." Behind her, the Doctor is watching her with terrible sadness in his eyes as he silently takes a button on a chain out of his pocket. "But not anymore. She takes my hand and backs away from Jackie, towards the Doctor "'Cos now he's got us."

The Doctor loops the chain around Rose's neck.

"What're you...?" Pete quickly presses the button. We all transport to a much darker room.

Rose looks around. "Oh no you don't. He's not doing that to me again." She clutches my hand and presses down on the button. We return to the Doctor's side. The Doctor grabs Rose roughly by the shoulders, stooping slightly so he can look straight into her eyes.

"Once the breach collapses, that's it. You will never be able to see her again. Your own mother!"

"I made my choice a long time ago, and I'm never gonna leave you." The Doctor stares at her for a moment, stunned.

Then, without warning, his arms slide around her back and he pulls her close, one hand guiding her head to his mouth, pressing a kiss to her lips.

She lets out a surprised squeak before she starts kissing him back, their months of side stepping each other coming together in one passionate kiss. I stare in shock as they cling to each other.

He is the first to pull away, but their eyes lingering on each other's lips.

Both seem a little shocked at what just happened.

"Systems rebooted." Announces the computer, breaking the moment.

The Doctor snaps into action.

"Those co-ordinates over there, set them all at six." The Doctor orders, pointing at a computer Rose does as she's told, still in shock.

He watches her walk to the computer. "And hurry up." He orders,

Rose leans over the computer, taking her button from around her neck and glancing at the Doctor nervously.

"Wolfe, watch this screen, if any alien shows up let me know

"We've got Cybermen on the way up!" I yell seconds after glancing on the screen

"How many floors down?"

"Just one."

The screen shows the Cybermen marching up the stairwell.

The Doctor taps in a command on the laptop.

"Levers operational." Announces the Computer

The Doctor grins.

"That's more like it, bit of a smile! The old team...!" Rose laughs

"Hope and Glory, Mutt and Jeff, Shiver and Shake!" he grins as he hands a clamp to her. "Wolfe come here!" He orders as Rose asks

"Which one's Shiver?

"Oh, I'm Shake." He dumps the clamp on her. Next moment, they've both attached them to the wall next to the levers on opposite sides of the room.

"Press the red button." He orders.

"When it starts, just hold on tight. Shouldn't be too bad for us but the Daleks and the Cybermen are steeped in Void Stuff. Are you ready? Wolfe You stay with Rose and you don't move, you hear me?"

"Yes, Dad." I answer

We get into our positions beside the levers.

"Let's do it!" the Doctor yells

I cling to the clamp as Rose and the Doctor push the levers upwards and then hurriedly take hold of the clamps.


The area is filled with the white light once more, but this time, there's also the sound of a strong wind. The Daleks are sucked through the window, smashing through the glass as they are pulled into the white light and back to the Void

We hold on to the clamps tightly, struggling to hold on.

"The breach is open! Into the Void! Ha!" Shouts the Doctor

Millions of Cybermen and Daleks hurtle into the Void.

Rose smiles across at the Doctor as they are billowed by the wind. Suddenly, their is a small explosion of sparks and the lever on Rose's side moves back into the off position. The smiles fade from their faces. "Offline."

"Turn it on!" The Doctor yells as the suction is starting to ease.

Rose reaches for the lever whilst trying to maintain her grip on the clamp, but it is just slightly too far away. She strains to reach it.

My stomach is lead as I realize that this is my vision. She falls into the void saving us. After watching the Doctor kiss her, finally facing the feelings they've been hiding for so long, I can't let them separate.

"I've got it!"

I yell, letting go and sliding to the lever, grasping it tightly

The Doctor and Rose watch, full of dread. Rose whimpers, eyes wide.

"I've gotta get it upright!" I yell, pushing the lever upwards, groaning with the effort. Finally, I manage to push the lever upright.

The Doctor watches with his heart in his mouth.

"Online and locked." The Computer announces

The suction increases once more. But now, I have nothing to hold on to but the lever.

"Wolfe, hold on!" Screams the Doctor

But the Void pulls at me, making it near impossible for me to keep her grip. I cry out with the effort.

"Hold on!" Rose shrieks.

All of my strength is almost spent

The Doctor stares at me, terror in his gaze. He's horribly powerless, reaching out to me in vain.

Time seems to slow

"Dad! Mum!" I yell, knowing I only have a couple of seconds before I fall into the void.

"I love you. I love you so so much. You made my life worth it, You made me special and I love you. Finish Harry Potter. See the universe Together. Be together… Rose and the Doctor, as it should be… I promise…I promise I will find you again…I love you."

With one last cry, my grip finally slips, and I am pulled inexorably towards the Void, crying out. The Doctor screams my name as I am pulled away from him. Rose is sobbing and shrieking incomprehensibly. I shut my eyes, resigned to my fate, when suddenly I hit something solid.

Looking up, I see Pete.

I look over at Rose and the Doctor, their faces masks of horror, for a half second, before Pete and I vanish.

I gasp as we land in the alternate universe.

Slamming my hand on Pete's button, it doesn't work.

"No." I whimper, walking to the wall, placing my palms on it, tears running down my cheeks. "No…Mum…Dad…"

"It's stopped working. He did it. He closed the breach." Pete informs us, emptily

"No..." I sob. I press my cheek to the wall, trying to reach through the void to find my parents again.

For a couple seconds I feel the pain they're feeling, before it fades, and I slide down the wall, heartbroken.

Pete, Jackie, Mickey, watch me uncomfortably, at a loss for words.

"You'll live with us dear" Jackie comforts me, as she takes Pete's hand in hers "Don't you worry. You'll have us." She adds

I continue to sob, before I turn back to them, my face soaked in tears, and shakily stand up.

Jackie offers her free hand and so does Mickey.

I walk towards them, and take their hands.

"Come on sweetheart."

We start walking away, but I pause for a second, looking back over my shoulder at the wall

Goodbye Dad

Goodbye Mum

I turn away, and follow everyone else down the stairs, in silence.

To be Continued...

See Book 2: The Doctor's Love (Coming Soon!)