Title: Serendipity

Author: sllebswap

Characters/Pairing: Miura Haru and Dino

Type: OneShot/Drabble Collection (InComplete)

Genre: Romance/General/Humor

Word Count: 1129

Rating: T (Contains content not suitable for children)

Disclaimer: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira-san.

Summary: CEDEF officer Miura Haru and Cavallone Boss Dino have known each other for a very long time, haven't they? Loosely interconnected one shot/drabble series. D86.

Chapter Last Revised on: 05/09/16

You're never going out of style

She lifted a hand and waved in greeting when she ran across him along one of the vast hallways of the Manor that late afternoon, on the way out to fulfill her own duties. He smiled easily at her in return, exuding that disarmingly friendly, boyish charm even though at twenty six, the Cavallone Decimo was anything but a boy. If she was any other female passing him by on the streets, surely Haru would have been reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess by now. But no; the young woman had grown up surrounded by dangerously capable and ridiculously attractive men who all too often casually paraded around in two thousand dollar Italian suits like models prowling down a fashion catwalk – she had developed some form of immunity over the years, for her own peace of mind if nothing else.

That didn't mean that Haru could not appreciate the pleasing sight of a sharply dressed man, and her smile warmed just a tad more, returning the amicable gesture freely.

"Hahi, Dino-nii! Has your meeting with Tsuna-kun ended, desu?"

Over the years, he had become '-nii' to her, though she was not the only one amongst the primary Vongola members to address him as such. He was her senior and she also respected him – certainly more than she did the collective group of dumbasses who ran their Famiglia, for sure. She hadn't forgotten all the assistance that he had sincerely provided them, consistently supportive and nurturing through all the crazy time travelling, dimensional hopping adventures that their Juudaime had inadvertently dragged them into one after another.

He had always looked out for them even when he didn't have to, to an extent often above and beyond that which was required of him, and so Dino-nii was Dino-nii, in as far as Haru was concerned. And that was that.

The Cavallone Don whom she called 'brother' nodded at her greeting/question.

"Hey, Haru-kun. Yes, it concluded, and not a moment too soon. Hayato had gotten quite disgruntled towards the end." His command of the Japanese language was impeccable, and was only faintly accented as he replied in her native tongue with ease, his tone a rich, mellifluous baritone. Amused fondness colored his response, and Haru thought that this man would always regard all of them with nothing but familial warmth. She huffed exasperatedly at the begrudging antics of the Storm Guardian.

"Hahi. That fussy smokestack. Tsuna-kun already told him that he didn't have to sit in but he insisted…" She shrugged and eyed the blond curiously. "Will you be staying for dinner, Dino-nii? Kyoko-chan is making katsudon this evening and it'd be a pity if you missed it."

He shook his head, expression faintly regretful at having to reject the dinner invitation.

"I've got another meeting with the Napoleoni Famiglia to attend. It's best to cement this temporary ceasefire before their Boss can change his mind again."

It wasn't uncommon for the Cavallone Famiglia to be the one to reach out and bring new, potential mafia clans into the ever expanding fold of the Vongola Alliance, and this time was no different. Haru inclined her head in understanding.

"Ne, you're always working so hard, Dino-nii-" she broke off then, chocolate brown eyes sharpening on something his throat level; he could not help but notice. Her brow furrowed ever so slightly, before smoothing over once again. She sidled right up to him, and he eyed her curiously.

"Hm, Haru-kun?"

Her gaze flickered up to meet the older male's matter-of-factly, even as her hands were already reaching towards his neck.

"Your tie, Dino-nii," she explained simply, pointing out the reason for her action. "It's crooked. Bend down a bit and let Haru help."

It didn't sound like a request – in fact, she was already tugging decisively on his designer tie, and was in the process of undoing the Windsor knot which was slowly coming apart. Her deft fingers quickly unraveled the rest of it and swiftly smoothed out the expensive Italian silk. Bemused, the much taller man obliged his petite Vongola ally – it was not as if she wasn't already getting her way.

"Trust Haru; Haru has been doing this for years," she uttered in an absent fashion, her eyes fixed on what she was doing, working agilely and surely on an elegant Van Wijk knot that quickly came into shape thanks to her familiar knowledge of the various different ways to style a necktie. She, after all, had been helping the younger children like Lambo and Fuuta with the assembling of their outfits whenever they had to attend formal functions. Sometimes, her assistance was even also needed with a few of the older Vongola, who really should know better by now, she mused with consternation.

"I can do up my own ties too, you know," the Cavallone commented mildly then, even as he held still for her to finish up the rest of the design. Reborn had been very thorough when it came to instilling proper manners into his students, and so they made an almost comical sight; how this powerful Boss was allowing himself to be bossed around by this slip of a young woman, pun intended.

"Haru is happy to help, even if only a little. Don't worry; Haru promises to make Dino-nii look good, okay?"

Within less than a minute, the brunette was done, tightening the neck loop accordingly for the last time before tucking the small end away out of view. She surveyed her handiwork with a careful eye to make sure that the positioning was correct before she finally stepped back with satisfaction, her self-assigned task completed. She beamed at the Cavallone, dimpling with pleasure at his improved appearance. Her companion had a faintly odd, bemused look on his face, as if momentarily caught off guard, but Haru did not pay too much attention.

"Haru is right; Van Wijk looks really good on Dino-nii! Now, you're ready to meet the Napoleoni Famiglia and fight the good fight." She raised her right arm exuberantly, fist clenched in a fired up, encouraging gesture. Her eyes met his golden ones, and her smile was bright and cheerful like the sun.

He could not help but flash her a grin in return, straightening to his full height even as he effortlessly buttoned up his suit.

"A good luck knot then, Haru-kun?" Amusement threaded his tone once more, and she tipped her head a bit further back to meet his glimmering gaze. He was really tall, she thought faintly. She schooled her expression to one of faux solemnity, though her eyes danced with teasing.

"Yes, desu. All the luck for Dino-nii, so even if Romario-san is not nearby, then Dino-nii will still not trip over himself and accidentally start a turf war."



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I did not quite expect to be writing again for this fandom, but here I am. I was randomly browsing through the KHR archive when I got to thinking that Dino/Haru has an interesting potential, and one thing (or rather 'think') led to another, and before I knew it, this fic quite literally came into existence all on its own. I'm still unsure of what I'm intending to achieve with this mini project/experiment, but hopefully it won't snowball into a monster piece like 'Of Sparrows and Princes.'

But we shall see how things go.

No promises, though!


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