Title: Serendipity

Author: sllebswap

Characters/Pairing: Miura Haru and Dino

Type: OneShot/Drabble Collection (InComplete)

Genre: Romance/General/Humor

Word Count: 5335

Rating: T (Contains content not suitable for children)

Disclaimer: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira-san.

Summary: CEDEF Agent Miura Haru and Cavallone Boss Dino have known each other for a very long time, haven't they? Loosely interconnected one shot/drabble series. Multi-verse. D86.

Verse: CEDEF!Haru AU

Chapter Last Revised on: 07/05/19

fortune days

She began to move forward, unhesitating even when one of the guards started to pull the trigger at her, since-

He didn't get the chance to unload his weapon.

A lightning-like flash of blinding gold, followed by the sound of a deafening crack, and before the man knew it, his semiautomatic laid in three precisely cut pieces on the floor. The braided, Flame-resistant leather of the Cavallone's bullwhip quietly returned to its owner's side, tip coiling on the ground like a faithful serpent.

Dino was as calm as could be as he spoke.

"I'd appreciate if you do not harm my companion. She has an important task to see to."

Haru did not waste time and followed up by darting over to the still gaping guard. She jabbed the tip of her hand in his jugular, her digits coated with a ghostly green, electrifying aura of the Lightning Flame. The man dropped like a rock, body twitching uncontrollably like he had just been tased – which he had.

The brunette took a brief fraction of a second to check that the man was indeed down before heading for the other guard, her movements deft and agile. It was hard to track her – one moment, she was still half a room away, and the next, in an incredible burst of speed, she was already a few steps away from the second man.

"Remember, Haru-dono, fighters like us depend not on our physical strength, but in our unparalleled ability to move."

Basil's patient explanation still quietly resounded in Haru's mind, the older CEDEF having mentored and trained Haru back when she was still new to the job. Her Boss possessed much experience, and had been invaluable in teaching her the ropes, and she followed his instructions instinctively by now. He was an excellent teacher.

"However, our speed is also linear, so unless we know our opponent's position beforehand, we cannot use it to maximum effect. Therefore, we must first bait our opponent into place, and then-"

Angling her body subtly in a way that implied she was heading straight at him to knock his block off, it didn't take her opponent much other incentive to jump out of the way, and that was exactly what she had been waiting for.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

The moment he jerked to the side, her hand was already there where he would be, and he practically ran into the Lightning Flame, knocking himself out, his weapon falling impotently on the floor beside his convulsing form. Like his colleague, he would be incapacitated for at least a day, but he would keep his life.

Haru exchanged a quick glance with Dino, and even the Fierro Boss looked surprised and increasingly pissed that his guards had been taken out so easily by the deceptively slight and petite female. But he had bigger fish to fry right now, namely his fellow Don. The Fierro activated his Sky Flame and prepared to engage in battle. His Flame might not be as pristine as the Cavallone's, but he was damn well still able to give the latter a good run for his money.

"Don Fierro," Dino sighed quietly, as if he was not in danger of getting a face full of Sky Flames at any moment. "I really wish that we can discuss this in a calm and rational manner."

"Screw you, Cavallone! Quit spouting your pacifistic bullshit and get over here so I can beat your face in!"

Haru was confident that Dino could handle the other Boss on his own, and so she quickly crouched down and started to pet over the felled guard for her next objective. Said next objective was more than willing to help her along. Callista paced to the side closest to Haru and hurriedly shared her information.

"In the inner left pocket, the key's in there!"

Haru found the object promptly, and one look behind her ascertained that her partner was finally engaged in combat. He did not require her support, though; expectedly, he was doing well enough, and seemed like he was trying to fight his opponent to a standstill as opposed to decisively defeating him through the excessive use of force.

Haru darted over to the door of the cell, and as she unlocked the gate, she addressed her charge.

"Callista-san, we're very happy to find you safe. Are you fit to travel? Are you injured anywhere? Please let me know if you're suffering from any ailment that inhibits your movement, and we'll make special arrangements to transport you to safety."

The door swung open, and the pregnant female all but flew through the entrance with a speed and agility that belied her current ungainly and heavily expectant form. Haru was nearly bowled over by the expression of gratitude and relief shown to her. She quickly found herself in a death grip as the shaking woman clung onto her for dear life.

"Thank you, thank you for coming for me, both of you!"

Haru briefly petted the other female's back in a comforting manner before she pulled back. "We'll get you out of here soon, Callista-san. Come on, let's go while Don Cavallone-san is dealing with your brother."

"Is M-Marco here too?"

Haru shook her head as she started to guide Callista carefully around the battling Bosses. So far, the two were avoiding the use of large-scale power moves in light of the confined space they were in.

"No, desu. But he really wanted to come. Don Cavallone-san had to assign some of his men to quite literally sit on your husband to keep him from coming along. He's waiting for you back home, desu. He has been very worried about you, Callista-san."

The heavily pregnant woman sobbed with obvious relief at the knowledge that her mate was safe.

"Oh, thank goodness, I-"

Her words were cut off when Haru spotted the flying projectile of a hastily strewn brick coming straight at them. She threw herself before her charge even as she moved the latter out of the way.

"Watch out!"

Hissing softly as the block of burning stone impacted her shoulder, Haru nevertheless continued to herd the other woman out of the hidden room and towards the stairs. Her shoulder throbbed and ached; it was going to be bruised and stiff come morning, but she was still functional and could carry out her duty for now, much to the displeasure of the Fierro Don. The man was starting to struggle more with his Cavallone counterpart, who had not appreciated his underhanded attack on Haru and Callista whatsoever.

"It's rude not to pay attention to your guest, Don Fierro," Dino's calm drawl preceded the lazy flick of his whip, the sharp bite of the weapon enough to deter his opponent from his furious attempt at stopping the women.

The Fierro bit off a particularly nasty epithet in response and glared hatefully at his fellow Mafioso, skittering backwards away from the long reach of that dratted bullwhip.

"Callista!" he yelled at his fleeing sibling instead. "Callista! If you know what's good for you, you'll get back into your cell!"

Callista did not have time to reply, as Haru was deftly and expediently bundling her up the stairs, calling out behind her as they cleared the obstacle of the pair of dueling Bosses.

"We're going ahead first, Dino-nii!"

"Yeah, go ahead," Dino responded, not taking his eyes off of his raging opponent for even a moment and blocking each and every of the other man's increasingly erratic attempts to get to his sister. The Cavallone's countenance was almost serene, but his gaze was sharp with focus, a fiery flare of Sky Flames igniting along the coiling, serpentine length of his weapon. "I'll finish up here."

And that he was doing well enough. The blond looked like he was still trying to fight his opponent to a standstill rather than with extreme prejudice, and contrary to popular belief, it was much harder to stay one's hand than to decisively beat down a foe.

That aside, Haru really wished that Dino-nii would quickly defeat the Fierro and catch up to them before their transport out of here arrived.

Ushering Callista-san out of the walk-in freezer and the pantry, Haru took the lead once they were out in the open, heading down the hallway in a direction that would lead to a side exit out to a dense garden forest where a few of their allies were covertly waiting in a getaway vehicle ready to whisk their objective away to safety. Their movements were significantly slower due to Callista's condition, but Haru was patient with the other female as the latter tried her best to keep up. The CEDEF agent kept her senses on alert, well aware that a general alarm should be raised by now. She was unsurprised when they almost ran right into a small group of Fierro men heading straight for them from the other end of the passageway, but she frowned all the same.

She would not be able to deal with this group and protect her charge at the same time.

A few paces behind, Callista gasped, already breathing hard from the exertion and the rising stress. Not good, desu. Haru threw her arm out and halted their advance, swiftly running through the mental blueprint of the villa that she had in her head even as she stared down the men charging right at them, yelling demands for her to cease and desist as they hefted threatening weapons. The brunette started to back away from the incoming horde, still herding her charge protectively even as her mind finally hit upon a location which they had passed earlier-

That area will be more easily defendable...

"Sorry, Callista-san. We 're going to make a temporary detour, desu!"

The women backed into an alcove after making a sharp turn, and Haru made sure to keep Callista as far in within the hollow nook as possible before she whipped around and got ready to defend them both. Her hands lit with a ghostly green light, crackling with Lightning Flame as she prepared for battle. The entryway to the alcove was a lot narrower and could only allow at most a person to go through at a time, which would be advantageous in neutralizing the advantage of numbers that the enemy had on their side.

The earpiece positioned over Haru's ear crackled, and the voice of one of Dino-nii's men could be heard over the transmitter.

"Miss Miura, we're in position and ready to receive you and Boss. Have you secured Signora Terranova?"

"Affirmative, desu. Callista-san is with me, but Dino-nii is staying behind to take care of Don Fierro. Also, we'll be…delayed."

"I see. Would you like us to provide support, Miss Miura?"

Haru narrowed her eyes as the Fierro guards finally reached them. Those men had to sheathe their firearms, unable to use them in this skirmish for fear of accidentally harming the sister of their Don…and the CEDEF agent had anticipated as much. This handicap would make them manageable enough for her…she hoped.

"It's okay, desu. You've already ventured in too close as it is. We don't want to risk a turf war. Please hold your position and wait, desu."

And then there was no more time to talk as the first of the guards descended on them. After one last, quick check to make sure that Callista was as far back as she could out of harm's way, Haru flung herself at her opponent, darting under an incoming fist with an uppercut of her own, moving so quickly that he did not have the time to put up a proper guard against her. As with the previous individuals whom she had fought, the man dropped the moment her Lightning coated fingers touched his bare skin, and he was out like a light. Then she was lunging straight for the next soldier fighting to get past his defeated comrade only to get slapped across the face for his efforts. He convulsed as if hit by a jolt of fifty thousand volts, and Haru efficiently dealt the same with three more of his colleagues before the remaining lot finally wised up - fighting her at close range was not a smart idea.

They were unable to get at her via unarmed combat, they could not shoot at her at the risk of accidentally injuring the woman behind her, and so they were at an impasse. Haru sank into a defensive position, her eyes all but silently daring the guards to come at her. She was not the best offensively, but when it came to defense, there was none better in the entirety of CEDEF. Finding the best chokepoints, utilizing her environment to her best tactical advantage, making use of deceptively simple skills and methods to achieve great effectiveness…there was a reason why she was usually relegated to protection and escort, with the occasional search and rescue thrown in for good measure. She had a talent for it.

Haru knew that this was not a situation in which she could hole herself in with her charge and hope for the best. The more time passed, the faster the opportunity for escape would slip away, and these guards did not have to do anything else but keep them penned in here until more help arrived. By then, the number of the Fierro men attempting to retain their Boss's sister had dropped to three, but Haru could see that they were already calling for backup through their intercoms. It was now or never.

"Hahi, Callista-san, follow me closely, desu! We're leaving!"

"Y-Yes, I'll keep up!"

Haru hurled herself out of the narrow entryway of the chokepoint and immediately went straight for the jugular of the guard closest to her. An electrifying touch against the throat immediately felled the burly, much larger male, and she ducked adroitly beneath an incoming fist of the next, seemingly floating out of the way of the forceful punch before she pirouetted sharply and made use of the second man's momentum to shove him away from Callista-san and herself temporarily. Sinking into a fluid crouch, she extended her leg and swept it right under the third guard, tripping him and causing him to knock himself out when he landed on his head against a wall. Whipping around sharply to address the last man standing, she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Please move out of the way, desu."

Despite the politely worded request, Haru did not look like she was asking. With no backup anywhere in sight, in the face of the grim looking Lightning Flame wielder still bristling with righteous indignation and burning with a determination to complete her mission, the man wisely and silently yielded. Haru confiscated his firearm and briskly escorted Castella-san ahead of her – the path was clear and they quickly made their way to the side of the villa after turning down a few passageways. They would be coming upon the side exit very soon at the next turn if Haru's mental map of the property was accurate-

The sound of urgent footsteps echoed behind them in pursuit, and Haru immediately jumped around and got ready to defend herself and her charge, growing tense as green Lightning licked at her fingers once more. She was not the best at using her powers for long periods of time. It tended to exhaust her as she wasn't built for withstanding long fights, but there was no choice right now.

"Callista-san, please make sure to stay out of range, desu. Be prepared for everything!"

Fortunately, the individual that appeared around the corner was not a foe, and he looked just as relieved to see them as they did him.

"Hahi, Dino-nii!" Haru slowly eased out of her battle-ready mode, but her eyes studied the male carefully and she did not allow her Flames to die completely. She was also careful to keep herself between the blond and Callista-san…just in case.

Dino looked vaguely amused by his partner's caution, but also approving at the same time. The blond had his bullwhip coiled loosely in one hand, the braided leather still faintly aglow with Sky Flame, temporarily subdued for now but had shone blindingly like the sun earlier in combat. He looked unharmed despite his previous battle with the Fierro Boss, and the fact that he was here now must mean that the other man had been beaten, though likely left alive to avoid any further retaliatory repercussions from the latter's Famiglia.

"Is everything alright?" the blond asked as the reunited group started to move once again to the designated meeting point.

Haru nodded, flicking her attention to the Cavallone after a cursory check on her surroundings. "Yes, desu. We got a bit held up. Has Dino-nii settled up with Don Fierro?"

Dino responded with a rueful half grimace. "Ah. Let's just say that he's taking an involuntarily nap right now and that I'm going to have to come over here again in a day or so to offer apologies and smooth over ruffled feathers."

Haru tactfully refrained from commenting. Diplomacy with the less savory members of the triad was not her forte. "We better get out of here before backup arrives."

Dino agreed. "Let's go. I dealt with a team of Fierro men on the way here, probably bought us some time." The CEDEF agent nodded and sped up a bit to lead the way, leaving the Cavallone to escort their charge. The blond flashed their newest member a reassuring smile, and his voice was gentle as he spoke. "Hello, Callista. It's regrettable that we're meeting under such sorry circumstances. How are you holding up?"

The pale Terranova missus hugged herself and mustered a flitting smile in response. "I've been better, but I'll live. And so will my baby. Thank you for coming to rescue me, Don, and thank you for keeping Marco away from…from this."

There was a slightly muffled hitch of hysteria in the young woman's voice at the end, but she recomposed herself with an admirable effort and willpower, no small feat for someone who had just endured a traumatic abduction at the hands of her own bloodkin. She was scowling as well, torn between anger and residual remnants of fear, but most definitely stressed.

"I-I never wanted Marco to know that I came from the Triad," she whispered, anguished. "I tried so hard to keep it from him, and now he knows. Now he probably hates me for keeping this truth from him, and for lying to him…" The mother-to-be was starting to fret with anxiety, but Dino did not allow her thoughts, wild and highly inaccurate, to escalate.

"Callista, give Marco some credit. Your husband loves you, and he's been worried sick the last couple of days. Let's get you home safely, okay? You shouldn't be running around like this when you're already this far along in your pregnancy."

They were already out of the house by then, and were making their way across the garden and towards the small, service road where the rest of his men were waiting. There was no one in their way, surprisingly enough. Or maybe not.

The Fierro Famiglia was not a big Family, at least nowhere near the size of the Cavallone. Then again, there were not many Famiglia out there who could rival the Cavallone when it came to power. To add to the chaos, Romario had also taken some of their men, all carefully disguised, to various parts of Fierro territory to stir up trouble and divide their strength. It was a distraction that had worked all too well, and the gambit had paid off.

Not a few minutes later, the trio finally broke into the clearing where a getaway vehicle waited, hidden in the shadows. Haru paused at the edge of the foliage and waited for her partner to bring up the rear with their charge. She exchanged a look with him.

"Dino-nii, please wait here with Callista-san while I make sure that it's safe, desu."

The CEDEF agent slunk off like a quiet wraith, heading towards the blacked-out sedan with brisk feline fluidity. She only stopped when she got to the driver's side and bent over to look into the wound down window, ascertaining the identity of the ones who had come to receive them. After a tense moment, she lifted her head and caught Dino's attention with a look, nodding subtly and waving them over. They were Cavallone members, and uncompromised. Dino wasted no time ushering Callista towards the vehicle, and within seconds, they were all in the car and rapidly on their way out of Fierro land.

Haru did not allow herself to relax until their vehicle finally turned onto the driveway of the Cavallone Villa a few hours later, where Callista-san would be reunited with her anxiously waiting husband. Her mission was coming to a close, and thankfully it was one with a good ending.

The moment she emerged from the vehicle, the small group of people waiting at the entryway of the villa surged forward. Haru stepped aside to let Dino-nii and Calista-san out of the vehicle as well, and the latter was quickly swept into the arms of her frantic spouse. Haru tactfully looked away from the emotionally charged reunion, happy that her rescuee was safely where she belonged. The brunette did not mind fading into the background as more people came forth to offer their support and relay their sentiments of relief and delight to Callista-san and her husband.

Haru was already reaching for her phone, firing out a quick message through the secured device back to her Boss – current head of CEDEF, Basil – to let him know that the assignment had been completed successfully and with no reported casualty on their end.

It would not take long for Basil to give her next orders, that much she knew from experience. If there was work for her to do, she would be out of here and heading towards her new mission in less than an hour. If not, she would probably put up at either Dino-nii's place or a nearby inn for the rest of the evening, before making her way back to CEDEF Headquarters the next morning. It had been a long night.

Haru stood loosely at attention, watchful but out of the way of the main crowd, ready in case where she was needed.

Speaking of Dino-nii, the man in question was just dismissing a couple of his men to their tasks. He had been receiving their reports as they updated him on their myriad responsibilities, but he eventually caught sight of her, the sole Vongola representative in this mostly Cavallone gathering. He went up to join her.

"Haru. Thanks for your assistance tonight."

Haru glanced askance at the blond and shook her head, deflecting his appreciation. "Haru is delighted to help, and Haru also had the rare opportunity to work with Dino-nii – Haru is honored, desu," she offered softly and sincerely. The man rubbed the back of his neck at her earnest regard, vaguely embarrassed. He also could not deny that it was flattering; the way her chocolate brown eyes shone with admiration as she looked at him.

"I'm lucky to work with you too, Haru-kun. You handled yourself well. Speaking of which, Callista and her husband would also like to thank you once all this excitement dies down, so you'll be staying the evening, right?"

Haru's phone buzzed, and she excused herself to read her Boss's message to her.

Good job. There's a new assignment. Report to the Lazio base for further instructions.

Haru fired off a quick reply to acknowledge the directive before slipping the phone back into her pocket. Returning her attention to the Cavallone Decimo still patiently waiting beside her, she shook her head again, ruefully offering her apologies.

"Hahi, Haru has to leave very soon, desu. Haru has another mission coming up, so…"

Dino watched the young woman for a moment. Missions were missions, necessary when they happened and unavoidable, but

"What about your shoulder?" he asked. "You hurt yourself earlier, didn't you."

It wasn't a question more than it was an observation. He vividly recalled how she had pushed her charge out of the way from the Fierro Boss's impulsive attack and had gotten clipped by the intensely burning brick in the process. Haru lifted her hand to her bruised arm tentatively at the reminder. She also appeared surprised that he had even noticed…and remembered.

"Hahi, Haru is fine, desu. It's not broken or dislocated, or anything-"

"You'll be sore tomorrow, and you're already holding yourself a bit stiffly right now. You're not combat ready to take on another mission," he admonished gently. "Did you report your condition to Basil?"

Haru was starting to feel like a chastised rookie, much to her growing embarrassment and chagrin. She bit her lip. She hadn't thought that her condition would be obvious to the extent that even Dino-nii could see. Of course a battered shoulder would affect her performance in a mission. In the event of a battle, her ability to react to danger would be compromised by her physical handicap, minor and insignificant as it was now. In a fight, every second counted, and she could get herself, or even her allies, injured. Or worse.

"I'll let your Boss know that you're injured and will need some time to recuperate." It wasn't a suggestion coming from the blond, currently in concerned Boss mode, so Haru did not even try to protest as the man sent off a text to Basil, relaying his assessment of her physical condition.

Poor Haru could only nod meekly, knowing that he was right. A subtle attempt to straighten her injured arm had only resulted in sharp twinges of discomfort radiating from the abused joint, and Haru grimaced glumly. She was going to be blue and black tomorrow…

"Sorry, Dino-nii," she uttered contritely, and he looked up at her after his short communiqué with Basil, basically thanking the latter for loaning one of his agents for this rescue mission, and also making a brief mention of how Haru had gotten wounded while in the process of defending her charge.

It was not in Dino's place to supersede the chain of command in CEDEF, but as a close and trusted ally of the Vongola, it wasn't unusual for him to make reports back to Basil whenever he had credible information to share. The current leader of CEDEF was also not the kind of Boss who would recklessly risk the wellbeing of his subordinates unless the assignment was an extremely urgent one…so sure enough, not a couple of minutes after his text was sent off, he received a reply back from the younger man, and Haru did, too.

The brunette grimaced again as she looked at the message that her CEDEF boss had sent her, not entirely surprised that she had been told to sit out the next mission. She sighed, shoulders slumping slightly, at the faint note of rebuke that could be read in her Boss's text. To be more precise, it was that gentle disappointment that never failed to get to Haru that no amount of anger, yelling or corporal punishment could achieve. Basil reminded her of Tsuna sometimes, only that her CEDEF Boss was even better at administering guilt trips than the Vongola Decimo. It would have been easier to resent Basil's subtle machinations if not for the fact that the man usually guilted his subordinates…for their own good. Like now.

Still did not make Haru feel any better, regardless.

Dino eyed the young woman who was still staring at the screen of her phone with a visible furrow between her brow, the corners of her lips pulled down. She looked rather unhappy, all considering.

"I've been pulled off the mission…" She lifted her gaze to him, still frowning slightly.

"That's good," the blond responded. "I hope you realize that you're aren't leaving the manor tonight, Haru-kun. Get some rest, and when you feel better in the morning, I'll see to getting you where you need to be."

The Cavallone's offer mollified Haru a little. "Thank you, Dino-nii," she uttered, and then there was no time for her to say anything else as the Terranova clan suddenly seemed to remember her presence as well as her role in the rescue of their family, and the brunette and her golden haired companion quickly found themselves surrounded by a bunch of very grateful people intent on thanking both herself and the Cavallone on this successful rescue. Haru was taken aback by the expressions of gratitude from the close-knit Terranova family, and this time, she did not brush away their thanks, knowing from experience how important this moment was to Callista-san and her family.

"Hahi, Haru is only doing her job, desu. And Haru also did not do much; Dino-nii did the lion's share of the fighting, desu."

"Well, and you did the lion's share of the protecting, which was the most important aspect of this mission, mind you," the blond in question interjected mildly in response, and she just stared at him again, not too sure what to make of his casual compliment.

At last, she ducked her head, cheeks warming at his acknowledgement. Haru could see why Dino-nii was so popular amongst his own men as well as with all those who worked with him.

"Marco, go and see to your wife. She needs you most, now," Dino commented, understanding. The other man nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, Don. Thank you too, Miss Miura. My wife and I both owe you a debt that we cannot repay. If you ever need anything, please let me know. My family and I shall do our best to help."

The man hurried into the house to his spouse's side, and then Haru was studying the blond beside her solemnly. He looked at her too, a bit amused by her serious contemplation.


She tipped her head to the side, as they both started to trudge into the Cavallone villa. Haru would not deny that the offer of a good night's rest now sounded too good to say no to.

"Dino-nii is very kind, desu," she commented at last, and his brow lifted.

"Hmm? I thought you'd be more peeved at me for interfering with your mission."

She shook her head quickly at his assumption.

"Of course not, desu! Haru only has herself to be unhappy at…" she mumbled, trailing off. "Haru needs to get better. If Haru didn't get hurt, then Dino-nii will have no cause to interfere, desu. Haru is still not strong enough."

Once more, she was starting to frown, though he did not let her remain that way for long. The blond paused and looked intently at his partner.

"It's not wrong to want to keep improving, Haru-kun, but don't be too hard on yourself. We work in teams for a reason, to support each other during assignments. You were a reassuring source of support on this mission. I look forward to relying on you again in the future."

Once again, his frank compliment flustered her, just a little. He smiled faintly. This young woman was unexpectedly charming, with her brave and honest nature.

"C'mon. Let's get you a room so you can clean up and get some rest. You should probably take some painkillers too, or you're really going feel it in the morning."

"Thank you, Dino-nii," she murmured, and there was a brief, companionable silence before Haru spoke again, a bemusing realization occurring to her.

"Hahi…Dino-nii is…like a mother hen, desu…"


Her lips twitched up at his visibly stumped look. He had always been a fascinating figure to her, and this mission had only ensured that her admiration and respect towards him had grown even more.

"Nothing, desu. Haru looks forward to working with Dino-nii again also, desu."


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