When they got to the hall, Harry drank the polyjuice potion and walked out of the room he took it in. Andrew grabbed his arm.

"Hermione why aren't you ready?" Andrew asked nervously to Harry.

"Excuse me?" Harry then realized; something had gone wrong.

"Come on Hermione! You know you're not ready," Andrew dragged Harry into a room, but let go of his arms when he saw Hermione and Snape already in there.

"Um..." Andrew said as Hermione and Snape looked at the two, and Harry stared at Hermione.

"Hermione!" Harry said, a bit annoyed.

"Who are you?" Andrew and Snape both asked Harry.

"Oh my..." Hermione said, thinking as fast as she could; it was useless. She could not think.

"Um... I'm Hermione!" Harry tried to sound like her, but just sounded squeaky. Andrew pointed his wand to Harry.

"Once again, WHO ARE YOU?"

"Um... Um..." something happened and Harry's scar began to show.

"Potter," Snape said and walked towards Harry, pulling his wand out. Harry kept backing up as Snape came closer, and Hermione tried to pull her father back.

"Daddy! Don't hurt Harry!" Hermione yelled. Snape paused when he heard "daddy."

"He doesn't belong here, imagine if the Lord saw him..."

"If I saw who?" an icy voice asked.

"Um... Um..." Harry ran out of the room, Hermione tried to follow, but Andrew grabbed her and would not let go.

"LET ME GO!" Hermione screamed as Voldemort and Snape headed after Harry.

"I can't do that, Hermione," Andrew said.




"No," Andrew said as Draco walked in.

"So, Harry is here? Hermione, didn't you know better?"

"DRACO! MAKE HIM LET GO OF ME!" she ignored Draco's comments and continued screaming. "DRACO!"

"We can't do that Hermione, my parents, as well as Voldemort would kill us if we interfered."

"I'd rather die," Hermione said quietly, and then they heard someone scream


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