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Harry accessing the force through combat remember harry has always thrived under pressure when he was learning the patronus he could barely produce a mist against a pale imitation of a dementor but under pressure against hundreds of dementors he managed to make a fully corporal patronus that drove them all back. He thrives under pressure, it was the same with the basilisk.

Hunter had thought his training before accessing the Force was hard but it was on a whole new level after that. The first thing he had learned was 'learning how to learn' a fancy way of saying using the Force to permanently improve one's memory and reaction time. The next thing he had learned was how to remove the need for sleep, this was done by first making so he got used to only having the minimum amount of sleep then use the Force to decrease that time even further. It took six months but now he could go to sleep for two hour and feel like he spent all day lying around doing nothing. But because of that he had very little free time as he was only allow half an hour of a sleep a day given that he needed no more. The rest of the day involved being trained in anything and everything from politics to arts, lightsaber combat to dancing.

An Emperor's Hand was meant primarily for infiltration as well as combat, unlike his inquisitors who while well trained in combat, had little to no training in other anything else such as arts or politics, in short they could not survive without the emperor or somebody giving them orders at a consistent rate. A Hand on the other hand could survive for months if not years on their own. Though unlike an inquisitor they were not well known kept hidden from the galaxy to allow them to be as effective as possible, where as an inquisitor was always seen if they were on duty, their moves over dramatic and showy used to remind people of the power of the empire, but in reality it was a complete bastardization of a real Force user's power. Only having enough training in the Force to kill padawans and some lesser knights. Hunter was currently practicing one of his lessons, using the force to peer into the future, he was supposed use the Force to guess what number the random number generator would land on. 'Seven no eight no fifty two no-' Hunter was forced out if his thoughts by a sudden vision.

An old version of Hunter dressed in a strange set of clothes that he could not get a clear picture of, as one second it was a set of red armor than a blue robe than a purple jacket or black battle robes constantly changing, ran through long confusing hallways an unknown target.

"Hunter!" he heard Mara call but he could not figure out where she was.

But it seems his vision self-could as he immediately changed direction going down a another hallway before responding. "Mara! What happened?!" he asked as he ran up to her.

"It was trap, he was expecting us." She gritted out as he saw the severe burns across her body.

"Hold on I can get you help!" He begged, but Mara just laughed.

"Hunter you know as well as I do that I'm not getting any better." She spat out some blood. "he played with me the entire time. I thought I could actually beat him on my own but I was wrong." She reached her hand up to his cheek and gave him a loving stroke. "I love you Hunter, I just wish I could have been a better sister." With that said her arm fell to her side and her body went slack, her chest stopped moving and her eyes stared at nothing.

Hunter felt rage rush through him and he reached for his side where a strange lightsaber hilt sat pulling it of his belt. When he ignited the saber it was not red like his current one, or even blue or green. It was pitch black so dark it seemed to absorb the light around it making the surrounding area darker.

The Hunter who was watching panic wondering how this had happened and it seemed the vision responded to his desire. As the image changed from a dead Mara to a two lightsabers clashing one purple and one blue but he was unable to see who was fighting his vision was obscured by shadows then in a flash of blue he heard Mara cry out in pain.

Hunter was then snapped out of his vision in a panic. "MARA!" he cried surprising the emperor who had decided to teach the boy himself today he was even more surprised when said child vanished in a loud crack and a distortion of space.

Mara jumped off her bed and drew her lightsaber as soon as she heard a loud crack. She only lowered her lightsaber when she saw it was her brother who had appeared, Mara had to wonder how he got in as the doors were still closed and none of the other secret entrances were open. Then she noticed the tear tracks on his face. "Hunter what's wrong?" but the child did not respond instead he just rushed forward giving her a hug. She immediately returned the hug understanding that her brother needed comforting. This was how they were when emperor found them, Mara hugging Hunter and gently rubbing his back in an attempt to soothe him.

"My dear what happened?" The emperor asked as he entered the room for once not lying about being clueless all he knew was that Hunter had a vision that made him panic then he was gone, suddenly on the other side of the palace something that even with the Force should have taken at least ten minutes.

"I don't know Master, Hunter just appeared in my room crying." She said confused worry evident in her voice. Mara looked to him for guidance clearly worried about her brother.

"Let me try to talk to him my dear." He offered before Mara nodded and carefully pried off Hunter her before leaving the room. "What is wrong Hunter?" He asked kindly. "What did you see?" sniffling Hunter seemed to think about it for a moment before describing his vision to him.

"That sounds like Jedi young one."

"Jedi?" Hunter questioned he had heard the term before but he had no idea on what one was.

"A Jedi is a horrible being, they took young infants from their parents and train them to be emotionless killers and any who questioned them or tried to be their own person was killed." Darth Sidious explained completely aware he was also describing himself.

"That's is horrible!" Hunter said feeling as the Jedi were the kind of monsters parents told their children about. "Why didn't anyone try to stop them."

"Because anyone who tried were labeled criminals and pirates or part of a cult." Palpatine told him not entirely lying. "Did I ever tell you the story of the first 'dark' Jedi?" the emperor asked putting a slight mocking emphasis on the word dark showing that he did not believe he was really dark, Hunter shook his head and the emperor smiled. "His name was Xendor he was known to be a great and innovative thinker. He thought why should he limit himself to just what the Jedi approved. So he went to the council and asked to explore the Force further many other stepping forward and agreeing with that they should study all sides of the Force. But the Jedi did not approve over and over again the Jedi refused to allow him to explore the Force. Eventually he decided they would not hold him back any longer. Going to the ruling council at the time he resigned from the Jedi Order with several other Jedi following in suit. Him and his acolytes left the order to settle on a peaceful garden world to study in the many ways of the Force for years they lived a peaceful prosperous existence, then the Jedi came. Like army of death came and massacred almost all who followed his teachings leaving no survivors, even the young children who had been born during the separation were not spare as they had been tainted by darkness. Those that survived fled to the republic trying to warn them of what happened but the Jedi lied saying that their leader was a war monger causing a long and bloody war and all because the Jedi did not like people who were not under their control." Hunter looked horrified by the end of the story, he had been told that the empire while not the nicest was like a stern parent doing everything it could to make sure it's children grew up healthy and strong, and if that meant punishing them on occasion then so be it.

"But that won't happen to Mara will it?" Hunter asked scared for the fate of his sister.

"Fret not my child for the future is ever changing, but if the Force sent you this vision than that means only you can stop it." Hunter gained a determined look across his face.


The emperor smiled he been looking for a way to increase the boy's training schedule without making him resent him. "The way everything is done, power." Emperor Palpatine told him. "But know it will not be easy, you will curse me and you will hate me but in the end everything will be worth despite the sacrifices you will have to make, the thing you may do."

Hunter just nodded determined. "I will destroy everything that stands in my way."

Sidious smirked, "Then let us begin your real training."

Hunter threw himself into his training like never before mastering lightsaber combat at the rate of prodigy, as well as most combat aspects of the Force at least the ones he knew of. He never told Mara about what he saw no need to make her worry. According to the emperor the fact that his outfit was constantly changing meant it would be incredibly hard to change that future as if he was just wearing the same clothes throughout the entire vision it meant it was just a single path that could possible be avoided as easily as never wear anything that looked similar to that but because it was constantly changing meant that it was down the path of many futures and that more likely than not the vision would come to pass.

Despite the emperor's best efforts Hunter was not convinced that the Jedi were all evil after all the great schism had happened over twenty thousand years ago he could not believe that nothing had changed. It was in an ironic twist of fate that it was Darth Vader who convinced him of the 'truth'. Hunter was training with him in lightsaber combat when decided to ask Vader knowing he would not lie to him as if Hunter decided to turn traitor Vader would kill him in an instant.

"The Jedi are horrible being who only care about their own power and tore families apart just because they could." Vader explained. "Before the empire rose to power and brought stability to the galaxy the Jedi had taken a small child from the rubble of a building and once finding out she was Force sensitive refused to give her back to her mother, claiming she was a Jedi now. They changed her name and moved her off world that mother never saw her child again." Vader said before telling another story. "Another time the Jedi trained to defend the peace and freedoms of all life used an army of slaves to fight their war. It was a Jedi who created the clone army and Jedi who attacked first and started the galactic civil war." Vader did consider all the Jedi involved to be idealistic weaklings and cowards even Anakin Skywalker, Padme was only there because of Skywalker's idiocy. "Everything the Jedi have ever done has been for their own gain till they finally made a mistake when they tried to overthrow the emperor, in a bid to claim complete power over the galaxy.I too once believed in the foolish Jedi till the emperor showed me the truth." Vader finished having most likely said more in that single conversation than he normally did in a week.

After that Hunter had become pensive Vader was well known for not sugarcoating anything and he considered lying beneath him. With his mind now made up Hunter had decided he would destroy the last of the Jedi.

AN one thing i find annoying about prequel starwars crossovers is that young Pre-attack of the clones anakin is almost always shown as a creepy stalker, and where does this come from I get attack of the clones but they made innocent little Ani from the phantom menace a creepy little pervert and what is their excuse 'remember how he acted with padme in attack of the clone' oh you mean that thing that happened 10 years later. The kid was trying to impress the the girl he liked by showing her C3PO and same with the podracing (also to help the Jedi But one thing at a time.) and 'how creepy he was on the ship' you mean the nine year old who was leaving the only person to ever truly love him to an unknown future, and who felt cold in the empty darkness of space when PADME came up to him not the other way around and gave him a blanket to keep warm and he gave her the necklace as a gift because news flash: Kids get crushes really easily. Ok he was being a kid nothing about that was wrong or evil. And then they make him an overly cocky little shit while he was training at the temple even when someone else his own age was clearly better, that is not why anakin was cocky he was overconfident because he was the best of his age group completely surpassing all of them despite the fact that they had years on him in training and experience, he was a prodigy among prodigies. Plus bash the Jedi philosophy if you want god knows i hate it but when you make every jedi a blind dumbass who is outsmarted by a five year old with no real political experience or street smarts than come on. I get it people you have opinions but when you go in depth about why blank is awesome actually show us why the jedi are not, through their actions not just because i said so. For example i show the emperor being a master manipulator not just say he is one.

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