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Alternato hated it here.

He hated the darkness. The sound. The evilness. The scariness. Being evil after all, stuck inside the spookiness of the Subconscious, he wanted to do something to five little people - "emotions" to be exact - to get revenge for making his life ruined. He wanted to get out of this place. He felt like a creep inside this evil place. He didn't want his life like this anymore. He wished that he would find a way to escape this place. But what about the guards? No fear. Alternato's body suddenly disappeared into nothingness, making himself invisible, which is one of his special powers; part of how he was made.

Alternato levitated up in the air and glided through the creepiness of the Subconscious. He looked around the place and let out a quiet little smirk. So long, darkness. Hello revenge, Alternato thought to himself. He had a feeling that this was going to be good.

Alternato was happy to be himself, with his superpowers and all. Being in a horror movie as a evil villain with powers made him feel good, but was this a little too much with a twelve year old - Riley is the name - being terrified of him? Was he really that creepy to deserve to be in a place like this? Again, Alternato hated that place and wanted to leave right now. He wanted his life to be better than this. He has the power to turn invisible, so what could possibly go wrong? He won't be caught, right?

Alternato had all types of powers. From being see-through to strength, he felt like he could never be defeated. Alternato was able to fit right between the cracks of the Subconscious gates where the guards stood talking. He was able to slowly sneak past the guards, but with one little error of a guard feeling a weird presence.

"Did you hear something?" one of the guards, Dave, asked with a nervous and concerned look.

The other guard, Frank, shrugged. "Must've been the wind," he said casually. Dave nodded in agreement and the two guards continued with their conversation, leaving Alternato breathing quietly in relief, as he continued to glide into the Mind World.

He has never felt this great in his life. No more scariness, creepiness and darkness anymore! He felt greatness inside of him. How come he has never done this before? He thought his life will be better, as soon as he uses his cursing power - his main power of his movie - on the five emotions. Now that was revenge that Alternato was looking for!

Those little pip-squeak emotions will be sorry for doing this to me! Alternato thought to himself. Especially that purple lanky scaredy-cat.

Fear; that one emotion that caused Alternato to become like this. Making him suffer through this. Thinking of him made Alternato more angrier, making him plan on immediately putting the curse on Fear before the others. But how will he do it if the guards were able to feel his presence? What if Fear feels it as well, making the curse not work? The curse only works if the emotions aren't looking or if they're asleep. If someone looks, the curse won't be able to work, ruining everything Alternato has planned to do.

This will be harder than Alternato thought it would be.


"And we're out!" a yellow gleaming emotion said one night. She looked at the shelves at Headquarters, showing many happy memories, along with some mixed memories and other normal memories. Today was still a great day for Riley! The emotions have worked hard and they were exhausted for the day. "Woo hoo! That's what I'm talking about!" the happy emotion, Joy, said excitedly. "Another great day! Nice job, you guys! Let's send these memories to Long Term!"

Joy pressed a little button with her foot and the memories were rolling out of Headquarters, making the emotions look at them with amazement. When everything was gone, and the memories were rolling down the recall tubes, everyone got ready for bed, with a purple emotion on Dream Duty: the one and only Fear.

As he was grabbing a chair to sit on, Alternato, not being seen because of his invisibility, was glancing at the windows of Headquarters, waiting for the right time to do the curse. He saw Fear, the one he has really wanted to put the curse on, dragging a chair to the console and sitting on it, waiting for the boredom to begin. Alternato wanted to do his evil laugh; the same laugh he has done in his movie, but he didn't want anyone to hear him, just in case. But one question: how will he get in? He can only go through small little cracks. He couldn't go through the sides of the windows at all so he looked around for any type of entrance. With his luck, he found one. It was where the Train of Thought stops at to deliver items. Well, lookie here, Alternato said with satisfaction. Maybe this won't be so hard.

Alternato used his see-through powers to go through the cracks of the door and he was officially inside. He felt a little nervous but it was worth a try. He found Fear watching a Rainbow Unicorn dream, with a bored look on his face. This was definitely the right time, because he looked like he was trying to stay awake.

This is going to be good, Alternato said with a little excitement. He started to slowly glide towards the cowardly emotions, hoping that he won't fail the curse. Alternato was about to grab his forehead, which is how he has to do the curse, when he heard the purple emotion gasp with a start. His eyes popped up, and Alternato nervously backed away. He knew that Fear felt his presence.

Fear looked around, wondering why that presence was familiar to him. His heart started beating more as he continued watching the dream, as he starts to shake a little.

Alternato took a deep and quiet breath, ready to try again. He tried to stay a little further away from Fear, planning to touch his forehead a lot quicker. But the same thing happened. Fear did a little yelp and looking around again, shaking a lot more now.

I knew this will be hard, Alternato thought to himself with annoyance. If this won't work, his whole plan will be ruined. He wanted the most revenge on Fear! Will his plan really be ruined like this?

Alternato felt concerned that this won't work very well. He went a lot slower than he did, but nope, Fear still keep feeling him, being more scared than usual.

"W-Who's there?!" Fear said nervously.

Alternato knew it. He won't be able to put the curse on Fear. Most of his plan was ruined. But he can do the curse on the others, right?

Alternato flew up a railing and looked inside the emotion's rooms, where four of the emotions were asleep. Alternato went closer to the first victim, who was Sadness, closing his eyes to see if Sadness won't be able to work as well. But he saw Sadness sleeping peacefully. Alternato did an evil grin and slowly touched her forehead.

He was in luck! The curse worked on the other three, and as Alternato left Headquarters, he did a little smirk.

That stupid coward is lucky to not be cursed, Alternato thought to himself. But he won't know what will be coming!


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