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"When Anita Met Roger"

By TwilightSparkle3562

Chapter 1

"An Unordinary Spring Day"

My story begins in London, not so very long ago. It was a time when the world was changing from the old, traditional life to the new, modern life. Gone was the age of the war that had thrusted out great empire into the great test along with our allies, an age that I lived from the time I was five to the time I was eleven. Now, here I was, the daughter of a Royal Air Force fighter pilot who died for our kingdom living her life like any other high spirited British woman.

If you were wondering whom I was, well, my name is Anita, Anita Campbell-Greene, an artist of sorts at 25 years of age. I lived in a small flat near Regents Park, which was perfect for an artist like myself.

But, I didn't live alone.

I had a companion named Perdita, a Dalmatian that I had be given as a present from graduating from boarding school. You might say that Perdita was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me. I was a girl who lived through hardships in the form of not only losing my father, but my mother died in a car accident after graduating. Ever since then, art had become my life. It was a way of expressing my feelings of the world around me, but there was to be something out of the ordinary that would change my life forever.

It all started on one spring day when the sun was shining brightly and the memories of winter had all been nothing more than a distant memory. This was also an important time for me as well. I had recently been looking at working as an Art Historian at the University College and the time was drawing nearer and nearer for my impending interview.

"Miss Campbell-Greene," I said to myself as I rehearsed for the impending interview while clad in nothing but a buttercream bathrobe and pink slippers. "What made you want to take up an interest in art?"

"I was inspired by the world around me," I answered to the paper I was holding. "Art has become an expression of sorts as a way of coping with everyday life. I want to inspire as well as to show London and the rest of the world what I am capable of in showing my style."

After saying this mock answer, I let out a damning sigh and slouched down in the kitchen chair. This was to be the most important interview of my life, a chance to work at something I enjoy doing and I was about to blow it. Perdita gave a questionable look at my despair, not knowing what I was doing.

"I just don't know, Perdita," I said, placing the paper down on the table. "What am I doing wrong? As if you could tell me. It's almost as if I am destined to not get this job."

All Perdita could do was nod her head and let out a few small barks in reply. Perdita was the only true companion that I could express my feelings to and get advice in return. But, Perdita was only a dog and I was a human woman who couldn't speak dog.

"But, it's more than that, isn't it?" I sighed getting up and walking over to a picture of me and my parents after the war was over. "I need more than a job in my life, Perdita. I need a man, a man that I could lean on and love with all my heart. Mother always said that women with a career has a better chance of getting a man than those who don't work."

It was then that a thought came through my head to help me cope with my situation. I always believed that a walk in Regent's Park and taking in the fresh spring air would be a good way to cope with my problems and deal with ridding myself of these anxieties that I was having.

"Perhaps a walk in the park will do us some good," I said to myself. "But, it wouldn't be until later on today, Perdita. I've got to continue praying for the success of my impending interview."

Now, I did have a job working as a secretary for a small Art gallery at the British Library. It wasn't much, but it was something that would hold me over until the next big thing came along.

"Dear God," I said, looking over at the cross that hanged over my sofa. "I hope you can provide me with the strength to get this job I so desperately want and to find me the man of my dreams."

It was then that I looked over at the clock and knowing that my boss at the Library would be wondering where I was. So, I went to my bedroom and went through my closet, searching for a respectable outfit to wear. I then noticed a spring suit that I had bought a few days ago to wear to the interview at the British College.

"Perhaps it is a good day to wear this," I said to myself, taking my suit out of the closet and hanging it on the back door of my bedroom as I grabbed some undergarments before going into the washroom for a warm bath.

Upon finishing the bath, I put on a clean white bra and a clean pair of white cotton panties to cover the private areas of my body before sliding on a white half-slip over my panties to help protect the skirt of my suit from sweat. As I finished putting on my undergarments, the telephone rang and I dashed over to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Miss Campbell-Greene," said a male voice on the other line. "It's Mr. Paddington from the Art Department of the British College of London. How are you on this fine morning?"

I couldn't believe that this was the British College of London calling me. My initial thought was that this was nothing more than a joke. Someone needed to pinch me and wake me up from this dream I was having.

"I'm lovely, Mr. Paddington," I replied, gasping as I sat down on the bed. "Is there something that I can do for you?"

"Well, I was wondering if I could meet with you after lunch tomorrow," he said. "I had a cancelled meeting and I thought that this would be a good time to interview you for the job of Art Director here at the College. Can you make it in after lunch tomorrow?"

Part of me wanted to jump up and down, but I knew that any monkey business would end up costing me this opportunity that was given to me.

"Um, of course, Mr. Paddington," I said. "I just need to let the people at my other job know…"

"At the British Library?" he chuckled on the other line. "I will let my friends over there know for you, Miss Campbell-Greene. Thank you and goodbye."

"Goodbye," I remarked, hanging the phone up with the shock of me being interviewed still going through my mind.

However, I couldn't think for very long as I needed to finish dressing before going into work at the library. After putting on a clean white button down blouse, I carefully slid on my brown skirt over my white slip and tucked in my blouse. Then, I sat down and did my hair and makeup, still thinking over the impending interview that would take place the next day.

"Anita Campbell-Greene, Art Director," I thought to myself as I put my long red hair into a bun. "I like the sound of that very much. At least today I can get a feeling of what tomorrow will be like while dressed in this suit."

So, I finished my hair and makeup before sliding on my brown suit jacket and tying a dark blue scarf at the collar. I then made my way down the stairs and slid on my black high heels before putting on a dark blue hat with a dark yellow flower on my head, completing my ensemble.

"Tomorrow is the day that my future is decided, Perdita," I said, bending down to rub her face. "Say a prayer for me, will you dear?"

Perdita reached out to lick me, but I quickly backed away so as to not ruin my makeup. So, I grabbed my black purse and with one final nod to my pet, I walked out the door and made my way over to the British Library, not knowing of the events that would transpire later that day…